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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 219

Chapter 219 - Two wrong dont make a right

Sikong Yi furiously roared as the energy that covered his body frantically surged and emitted a dazzling silvery cluster. In that cluster, a giant silver winged lightning bird appeared out of thin air with countless lightning bolts surrounding it as it charged towards Duan Jian.


A lightning bolt landed on Duan Jian’s body and he instantly issued a painful shriek. The lightning bolt had completely ignored his defences and directly impacted his soul realm.

“Kid, you’re still to tender to deal with me. Although I have to admit that your cultivating is very strong, it’s still too early for you to challenge me! With that said, die!” Sikong Yi gradually disappeared into the lightning bird as the bird cried out into the sky.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Pillars of lightning continuously bombarded Duan Jian’s body.

Although his body felt as though it’s tearing apart, Duan Jian clenched his teeth, relied on his powerful endurance and ferociously stared at Sikong Yi.

His wings vibrated and he slowly closed the distance between him and Sikong Yi.

“Impossible!” Sikong Yi had both eyes wide in shock. He never thought that Duan Jian would be able to flap his wings under the attack of such dense lightning bolts.

“Old fart, Sikong Yi. Speaking of which, I managed to accomplish this with your help. If it wasn’t for you guys torturing me day and night, I wouldn’t be able to have such a powerful physical body!” Duan Jian clenched his teeth tightly as he withstood the dense attack. He waved the Black Flame Sword in his hand and slashed it towards Sikong Yi.

Sikong Yi immediately dodged and furiously threw lightning bolts at Duan Jian. The lightning bolts turned into countless blades.

However, Duan Jian did not have any reaction towards these terrifying bolts. Although that horrible pain seems like it’s intending to thoroughly tear his soul realm apart, the hatred within his heart allowed him to maintain his consciousness.

Finally he had the chance for vengeance, how can he let it go so easily?

Duan Jian furiously roared towards the sky as black scales suddenly grew on his body and his wings grew bigger, reaching the size of six to seven meters. Black flames shrouded his entire body and his soul realm seems to have also undergone a transformation. An endless power was bursting forth from his entire body.

Under the baptism of those lightning bolts, Duan Jian’s soul realm had finally started to change. He had broken through the wall of Black Gold rank and rose from 5-star Black Gold rank to Legend rank. Adding on to the power of law that he obtained from Nie Li, his strength has reached an entirely new stage.

Legend rank!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sounds of explosion were spread out with Duan Jian at the center.

Sensing the fluctuation of this terrifying power, Sikong Yi’s face underwent a drastic change. He never thought that Duan Jian would actually step up at this moment. Before stepping up, he could already feel that he couldn’t suppress him. Now that he has stepped up, Sikong Yi was even of an opponent to him!

Sensing the changes in Duan Jian, Nie Li lightly smiled. In the past, Duan Jian was already at 5-star Black Gold rank and would soon break through to Legend rank. He never thought that the lightning bolts from Sikong Yi would allow Duan Jian to break through. The moment Duan Jian reached Legend rank, Nie Li could sense that an even higher level of energy entered his soul realm from Duan Jian’s.

Since they have formed the Soul Array, Duan Jian’s breakthrough will carry Nie Li and the rest along!

Feeling the power being released from Duan Jian’s body is no longer something he can withstand, Sikong Yi immediately dived down, trying to escape.

“Sikong Yi, you old rogue, where do you think you’re going?!” Duan Jian furiously roared as a giant Black Dragon figure appeared around his surroundings as he threw a palm down.

The berzerk-like energy used an unparalleled speed and impacted Sikong Yi, mercilessly smashing him to the ground.


When a huge crater was created from Sikong Yi’s body, his wings broke in half, spitting blood and looking very miserable. He used a secret technique of the Silver Winged Family and raised his strength to the limit. Even so, he still wasn’t Duan Jian’s opponent. After suffering that frightening attack, his cultivation has been wasted.

“How could I lose to the hands of Duan Jian? A bastard son!” Sikong Yi’s heart was filled with indignation and was unable to resign himself to the truth.

Sikong Yi raised his Black Flame Sword and he slashed it down towards Sikong Yi while he furiously roared, “Die!”

“Father!” When Sikong Yi was about to die, Hongyue flew over, waving her huge sword and got between Sikong Yi and Duan Jian.


Sikong Hongyue was pushed back and traces of blood leaked from her mouth. However, she continued to shield Sikong Yi as her gaze proudly stared at Duan Jian.

Duan Jian’s sword paused for a moment when he saw Sikong Hongyue’s unbending expression. He recalled something from when he was a child. He still remembered himself trying to protect his parents as though his life depended on it. However, his weak body couldn’t withstand those wolves and tigers of the Silver Winged Family.

In the end, under his wailing, his parents were killed. He witnessed the scene and yet, he couldn’t do anything about it.

How similar is the current Sikong Hongyue compared to the him of the past?

“I can let you go, but Sikong Yi, that old rogue, has to die! Get lost, otherwise, I will kill you along with him!” Duan Jian took a step forth and thrust his Black Flame Sword forward.


Black Flame Sword streaked across Sikong Hongyue’s neck and fresh blood flowed down. However, Sikong Hongyue continued to coldly stare at him, “Duan Jian, I never imagined that we, father and daughter, would lose to your hands. Kill as you wish. However, if you want to kill my father, you have to pass through me!”

Duan Jian stared into Sikong Hongyue’s pupils as his brain became filled with countless memories. His foe is before him and he could undoubtedly get the result with a slash. However, at this moment, he actually stopped.

He dreamt of taking down Sikong Yi’s head countless times, but at this time, he hesitated.

When Duan Jian paused, a long lasting sighed sounded, “Two wrongs don’t make a right. Sikong Yi’s cultivation has already been wasted. Even if you don’t kill him, he won’t have any standing in the Abyss Prison Realm. Furthermore, his life force has already been drained. He won’t be able to live for more than three days. Why don’t you let go of the hatred in your heart. If you place your hatred down, only then can you comprehend the Dao of heaven and earth......”

The voice was light and distant and the source couldn’t be found.

Nie Li lightly knitted his brows. A person came into his mind, did these words come from that insane old man?

Duan Jian looked over the surrounding area, but couldn’t see who the one saying those words. Seeing the miserable Sikong Yi and Sikong Hongyue, the hatred within his heart slowly dissipated. Sikong Yi’s cultivation has already been wasted, even if he doesn’t take actions himself, the other families won’t let him off. Sikong Yi will definitely die, henceforth, his vengeance could be considered fulfilled.

Duan Jian sheathed his Black Flame Sword as he slowly moved towards the direction of Nie Li.

Seeing Duan Jian’s actions, Nie Li sighed in his heart. Since Duan Jian was able to let go of the vengeance in his heart, his cultivation will benefit greatly in the future. Thanks to the old man, Duan Jian was able to let go of the baggage in his heart.

Watching the back figure of Duan Jian, Sikong Hongyue stared at him with a blank expression for a long time. Suddenly, she went frantic and screamed at his back figure, “Why didn’t you kill us?! Why didn’t you kill us?! Are you taking pity on us? We don’t need your sympathy!”

Duan Jian turned his head back and took a glance at the father and daughter, Sikong Yi’s eyes were filled with emptiness. He coldly said, “The reason I didn’t kill the both of you is because that would dirty my hands. I don’t want to become someone like you! However, there will definitely be someone that will seek justice from both of you!”

Hearing his words, Sikong Hongyue was stunned for a moment as tears flowed down her face. Could it be that she and her father were wrong for all these years?

This kind of doubt in her heart was even worst than being killed!

Sikong Yi and Sikong Hongyue sat on the ground in a dazed state. At this moment, even those people the Silver Winged Family couldn’t help putting some distance between them. They prepared to scatter and ran. Now that Sikong Yi has failed, their endings will definitely be very miserable if they continue to remain on his side.

“Duan Jian, I never thought that you would be able to let go of the emotions in your heart. Well done!” Nie Li patted his shoulders as he lightly smiled.

“Yeah.” Duan Jian nodded as teardrops flickered in his eyes. Raising his head, although the sky in the Abyss Prison Realm was ash grey, it’s still very wide. Father, mother, I have done it. From today onwards, I will definitely live my life well. Don’t worry about me in the underworld.

Not knowing from where, a sigh was heard from a far distance. This voice instantly made everyone’s hearts clear up.

Could it be that it’s that mysterious old man again? Since that old man was able to provide Duan Jian some tips, he couldn’t really be insane. Nie Li couldn’t understand what his motives were nor if he was a friend or a foe. Since the other party might be a successor of Emperor Kong Ming, it’s best to keep his distance away from him.

Yu Yan slightly frowned. From this sigh, she also sensed danger.

“Nie Li, let’s leave quickly!” Yu Yan’s voice entered into Nie Li’s ears.

“Okay.” Nie Li nodded.

Duan Jian raised his head and looked at Nie Li. Since his vengeance has already been fulfilled, from now on, no matter where Nie Li goes, he will follow.

“Since this matter has already come to an end, let’s leave!” Nie Li said after thinking for a while.

Suddenly, a well dressed youth walked to Nie Li, it’s Li Heng of the Divine Flames Family.

“Young master, do you still remember me?” Li Heng slightly cupped his hands.

“Naturally.” Nie Li nodded his head.

“Thanks for your help this time. If young master doesn’t despise us, are you willing to make a visit to my Divine Flames Family?” Li Heng said. He could see that Duan Jian is the follower of Nie Li. To be able to subdue such a powerful follower like Duan Jian, Nie Li’s identity would naturally be very respectable.

After pondering awhile, Nie Li said, “We still have some matters to take care of and will be leaving now.” Nie Li looked at the surrounding families and said, “I’m not from the Abyss Prison Realm. If all of you are interested in leaving the Abyss Prison Realm, then I will send a few people her and discuss the arrangements in a few days time.”

With so many families in the Abyss Prison Realm, their strength will naturally be very decent. With such a harsh living environment like the Abyss Prison Realm, they will naturally wish to leave it. If these families are able to move to Glory City, it would greatly strength Glory City’s strength. Afterall, there is still two Legend rank experts among these families and many Black Gold rank experts.

As for the mysterious old man, although he isn’t sure of the other party’s identity, he probably won’t take any action against Glory City. Furthermore, the opposite party has probably already known about the ancient teleportation array. That unfathomable power isn’t something he can withstand.