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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 222

Chapter 222 - Two brothers

“Tsk tsk, I didn’t expect your divine body to only be gathered at such a tiny degree. However, that’s also something good. With such a small body, there’ll definitely be a different taste when playing with it!” The skinny one sinisterly said. Scenes of him catching Yu Yan’s small body in his hand as he played with it appeared in his mind.

Yu Yan’s facial expression went frosty cold. Although it’s hard for her mental state to be affected anymore, these two fellas still succeeded in enraging her.

“Luqian Sha, Luqian Mo. Back then, both of you chased me to the Black Spring in an attempt to seize my shattered Divine Spark and have been guarding the Black Spring for years. I never thought that both of you would still be alive! But today, even if I have to use my life force, I will kill you both!” Yu Yan coldly stared at Luqian Sha and Luqian Mo.

As she spoke, she transmitted her thoughts to Nie Li, ‘Nie Li, although they are only Legend rank pinnacle existences, their bodies have been bestowed with a curse and won’t be easily destroyed. One’s origin is a Scarlet Shark while the other one is a Ghastly Charmeleon. I’m not clear to what degree their cultivation is at, so you have to be careful. If you can’t fight them, I will use my life force to stall them, while you all run!”

Yu Yan’s divine body is still in the restoring state. Once she uses her life force, she might need an even longer time to gather her Divine Spark.

Nie Li was touched by Yu Yan’s words. After all, he has only just come to know Yu Yan. With her strength, even if she can’t beat those two demon beasts, escaping is still possible.

“You guys are discussing how to deal with us? Hehe, stop your pointless struggles!” Luqian Sha had a cruel smile on his face as he slowly approached Nie Li’s group. He’s different from Luqian Mo as he doesn’t have any interest in woman and only enjoys the joy of tearing people apart.

Ye Ziyun, Duan Jian and the rest entered into battle mode.

After feeling the powerful aura coming from their opponents, Nie Li let out a low growl and said, “Everyone, heed my orders. Duan Jian and Luo Ming, hinder the skinny one. The rest guard with care!”

Although Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the rest had their soul realm’s strengthened, they still haven’t stepped into Legend rank. Therefore, if they joined the battle, it would be very dangerous. However, in any case, his side still has five Legend rank experts.

“Yes.” Duan Jian did not have the slightest hesitation. He suddenly shot out and waved his Black Flame Sword towards the skinny one.

Luo Ming followed him from the back.

Nie Li gave Yu Yan a glance and said, “Sister Goddess, we’ll kill the fat one first!”

“Okay.” Yu Yan replied.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Luqian Sha was enraged. Nie Li wasn’t even putting him in his eyes. “What can you people do?! I’ll take a look to see how capable you guys are!”

The muscles on his body bulged as he waved his huge palm and attacked Nie Li. Heavy explosion sounds were emitting from every muscle being used.

Yu Yan waved her right hand and formed a huge fire wall in front of Nie Li.

“If you were at your pinnacle, perhaps I would fear your law of fire. But now, I will tear you to shreds!” Luqian Sha furiously roared as his arm tore through the fire wall. Two frantic water dragons were formed and were heading towards Nie Li.

Nie Li’s body suddenly transformed and turned into the appearance of a Fanged Panda. The current Fanged Panda is already completely different from before. It’s body is circulating with the laws of darkness and light, the body has also become larger. When the water dragon was about to hit him, the Fanged Panda opened its mouth and spat out a Yin-Yang Blast.

Light and Dark energy orbited around each other as they flew out. The explosion instantly shredded the water dragons into pieces.

Witnessing the scene before him, Luqian Sha was astonished. He actually sensed the presence of the laws of darkness and light from a human boy! Why would two laws of power appear in a single human body?

Ever since the Spiritual God battle, Luqian Sha and the rest have been constantly cultivating, trying to sense the powers of law in an attempt to snatch the powers of law from the human Spiritual Gods. If they weren’t so engrossed in their cultivation, they wouldn’t have carelessly allowed Yu Yan to escape.

However, no matter how much they tried to cultivate, the powers of law were too difficult to grasp. Even after experiencing the long years of cultivation, they had only just touched the gates to the laws of power. He never thought that a human kid like Nie Li would be able to grasp two powers of law at the same time.

Both the laws of light and darkness, are something they have yearned for day and night!

Something that he couldn’t obtain was taken by a human kid. Not just one, but two of them! This is simply untolerable!


Both of his eyes turned scarlet red as he swing his fist towards Nie Li. After Nie Li transformed into a Fanged Panda, although his body has become a lot more sturdy and large, he didn’t look the slightest bit clumsy. He exerted the Gravity Field on Luqian Sha and then dodged the attack.


Luqian Sha’s fist missed and the shockwave hit the ground far away. It instantly made the entire area covered in dust and a huge crater was shone.

Since Luqian Sha had missed, he didn’t react in time to change his position as Nie Li opened his mouth and spat another Yin-Yang Blast towards him. At this moment, even Yu Yan didn’t hesitate as she gathered a lump of fiery flames and shot it towards Luqian Sha, sealing his escape route.

Just when the Yin-Yang Blast and Yu Yan’s fiery flames were about to land on his body, he suddenly created an afterimage and flit across the Yin-Yang Blast. He then leaped and pounced towards Nie Li.

This Luqian Sha doesn’t seem to have any powerful far-range secret techniques. However, his physique is extremely astonishing and his speed is as fast as a bolt of lightning.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Nie Li, Yu Yan and Luqian Sha were fighting in a cluster. Although Nie Li’s cultivation is a little lacking, he has accumulated a lot of battle experience and has keen perception. This allowed him to be very skillful and fight even under such a huge difference in level.

Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the rest all stood far away. They are aware that they are not able to participate in such a battle. Even the two 1-star Legend rank experts under Luo Ming couldn’t join such a battle, let alone them. While the two were feeling anxious in their hearts for Nie Li, the rest continuously injected soul force from their soul realms into Nie Li’s.

Nie Li’s soul realm has drastically risen by several folds. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to hold out for so long.

After all, Luqian Sha is a Legend rank pinnacle existence!

Luqian Sha’s fast speed and powerful physique caused Nie Li to be utterly shocked. His attacks landed on Luqian Sha’s body several times, but he wasn’t able to inflict any damage to his body.

Even so, Luqian Sha doesn’t seem to dare to face Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast head on. After all, it’s form holds the laws of darkness and light, two powers of law.

The trajectory of the Yin-Yang Blast is very easy to predict; therefore, it’s not easy for it land on Luqian Sha.

“Yu Yan, you wretch, I’ll see if you can escape this!” Luqian Sha’s huge hand reached for Yu Yan.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Yu Yan snorted with her eyebrows knitted together as she summoned a blazing flame and attacked Luqian Sha, forcing him to move back from the attack and caused wounds to appear on his body.

Luqian Sha roared in rage as his body quickly underwent a transformation, turning into a huge beast. The appearance was very bizarre as it’s covered in a gooey black skin, looking like an aquatic creature that has limbs. His left palm was containing a formless energy as it reached for Yu Yan.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Invisible thread like energies wrapped around Yu Yan, causing numerous wounds on her body.

Yu Yan’s face instantly had a pained expression as she groaned, struggling to break free. However, she couldn’t break herself free no matter what. After all, her divine body was just recovered and her strength has only been restored to around 3-star Legend rank. Compared to Luqian Sha, there is still a huge difference.

“Hmph, trying to escape from my grasp? Fat chance! Yu Yan, if you obediently allow yourself to be captured, I will leave your divine body intact. Otherwise, I’ll make you experience having your Divine Spark shattered again!” Luqian Sha savagely laughed. Under his control, the invisible threads that bound Yu Yan got even tighter.

It’s as though he’s trying to completely crush her.

“Nie Li, quick, run!” Yu Yan said in an anxious voice as she prepared herself to utilize her life force energy.

“Damnable thing, have a taste of my hidden weapon!” A slight move of Nie Li’s hand and two Draconic Bombs shot towards Luqian Sha’s head and abdomen.

Watching the two round balls shooting towards himself, Luqian Sha let out a cold laugh as he made a grab for them. The two Draconic Bomb flew towards his right hand.

“Haha, these two metal balls couldn’t be some child’s toy, right? You’re trying to hurt me with something like this? It’s simply laughable!” Luqian Sha laughed wildly as he mocked Nie Li.

Nie Li gave a cold smile. These Draconic Bombs aren’t some ordinary metal balls. These are Dragon’s Soul Stones that have the laws of darkness and light sealed within! Before Luqian Sha’s laughter stopped, two terrifying explosions happened in his hand.

The horrifying energy instantly engulfed and devoured Luqian Sha’s right hand.

“Arghhh!” Luqian Sha issued a miserable shriek as his right palm was torn to shreds by the formidable power generated by the Draconic Bombs. He was also pushed back by the power generated by the explosions and his large figure toppled over.

During the explosion, Yu Yan escaped the constriction and immediately gave herself a flaming shield that protected her.

Seeing this scene, she was utterly stunned. She recalled what Nie Li said about the Draconic Bombs. Back then, she didn’t place them in her heart. But after witnessing this today, she never imagined that the Draconic Bombs would have such formidable and terrifying destructive power!