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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 223

Chapter 223 - Green Poison Pearl

Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the rest that were watching from far away were also a little stunned, since they have no idea what just happened.

Luqian Mo, Duan Jian and Luo Ming, who were in midst of a fierce battle, also paused for a moment. Luqian Mo never thought that Luqian Sha would fall under Nie Li’s hand. His heart became anxious.

“I’ll kill you!” Luqian Sha furiously thundered. Over the last thousands of years, he never thought that the heaviest injuries he would suffer would be inflicted on him by a sneak attack of a kid like Nie Li. This filled his heart with anger.

At this moment, Nie Li coldly smiled as he shot six more Draconic Bombs from his right hand towards Luqian Sha.

Seeing Nie Li’s action, the surrounding people felt their scalps tingle and immediately backed off. They thought that Nie Li wasn’t a miser and threw so much around.

When Luqian Mo saw this, he wanted to provide assistance to Luqian Sha, but was hindered by Duan Jian and Luo Ming.

“Your opponent is me!” Duan Jian coldly snorted.

Before Luqian Mo could react, a terrifying explosion came from behind. A whistling sound was so loud, it almost seemed as though it was going to pierce through everyone’s eardrums.

The moment Luqian Sha just got up, the Draconic Bombs were already around him. His eyes flashed with fear, ‘Just what are these damnable things? Why do they have such formidable power?’ Since he just suffered a heavy injury, he couldn’t dodge this batch in time.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Luqian Sha was engulfed by the explosions from the Draconic Bombs and was sent flying. He eventually landed a few hundred meters away. After receiving so much damage from the Draconic Bombs, he probably won’t be alive for much long.

“Big brother!” Luqian Mo issued a raging roar as spikes grew from his body, turning into a huge lizard-man. The spikes on his body impaled Duan Jian and Luo Ming as he madly charged at Nie Li.

Luqian Mo originally thought that Luqian Sha’s strength would be enough to kill Nie Li and Yu Yan without any problems. He never imagined that Nie Li would take out those exploding black metal balls that he got from who knows where and defeat Luqian Sha.

They have been together for several tens of thousands of years and became inseparable. The relationship they had even surpassed ordinary brothers. When he sensed that Luqian Sha’s aura was about to die out, Luqian Mo became utterly crazy and pounced towards Nie Li in attempt to kill him as revenge for Luqian Sha.

Nie Li leaped backwards as he spat Yin-Yang Blast from his mouth.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The Yin-Yang Blast detonated in the air, however, Luqian Mo dodged them all. He roared towards the sky and spat a streak of venom towards Nie Li.

The venom was like a net being cast, sealing Nie Li’s escape route.

Nie Li’s figure rapidly shrunk, using astonishing speed to retract his Fanged Panda, and changed into the appearance of the Shadow Devil before vanishing.

*Plop!* *Plop! *Plop!*

The venom landed on the ground and emitted dissolving sounds while releasing white smoke.

However, the land was empty and Nie Li’s figure was nowhere to be seen.

“What’s going on?” Luqian Mo knitted his brows. His attacks earlier undoubtedly covered Nie Li and should have sealed his escape route. So, why did he suddenly vanish?

Yu Yan coldly snorted and instantly, a flaming meteorite was falling towards Luqian Mo.

Duan Jian from afar also charged up, waving his Black Flame Sword and engaged himself in another battle with Luqian Mo.

Nie Li moved outside the range of the venom before he reappeared. He hiddenly let out a breath of relief. Fortunately, he was fast enough at the crucial moment and dodged Luqian Mo’s attack. If it was someone with insufficient battle experience instead of him, they probably wouldn’t even be able to react at all.

The strength of these two fellas is indeed shocking. Previously, if it wasn’t for him tricking Luqian Sha with the Draconic Bombs, wanting to kill him in a fair fight would truly not be an easy task.

The moment Nie Li reappeared, two Draconic Bombs flew out from his hand.

“Duan Jian, dodge!” Nie Li barked.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Duan Jian immediately moved sideways.

*Boom!* *Boom!*

The two Draconic Bombs exploded near Luqian Mo,creating a powerful shockwave.

Even though Luqian Mo was able to dodge in time, he suffered some minor injuries from the shockwave. He leaped and pounced towards Nie Li again.

“I’ll see how many you still have, die!” Countless spikes instantly grew from Luqian Mo’s right arm as he flew towards Nie Li. The mysterious small metal balls that Nie Li used seems to be some sort of hidden weapon forged by an inscriptionist. The difficulty of manufacturing these special hidden weapons must be very high; therefore, there shouldn’t be much left in Nie Li’s hand!

The instant Luqian Mo leaped, fifteen to sixteen metal balls appeared in Nie Li’s hand and were thrown towards Luqian Mo.

Seeing this, Luqian Mo’s heart trembled. He never thought that Nie Li would still have so much Draconic Bombs left. He quickly moved to the side, dodging them.

Seeing his movements, another batch of metal balls appeared in Nie Li’s right hand and threw them madly at him.

Batch after batch, the amount of Draconic bombs seems to be endless. They were pouring down towards Luqian Mo.

“What’s going on? How does this kid have so many of those things?” Luqian Mo’s face turned green as he quickly dodged those metal balls.

Some of the metal ball fell onto the ground, but did not explode.

Seeing that, Luqian Mo instantly understood what’s going on. Nie Li is trying to trick him, it’s simply impossible for him to have so many Draconic Bombs. Among those, there must be lots of fakes!

Luqian Mo threw a palm in the air and one of the Draconic Bomb were shattered into fragments, but nothing happened. Luqian Mo coldly laughed, ‘So that’s the case!’ as he pounced towards Nie Li once again.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

The metal balls were still being thrown by Nie Li. Although Luqian Mo had intentionally dodged them, some of those metal balls still landed on his body.


When Luqian Mo’s defense was a little relaxed, a Draconic Bomb exploded beside him and the formidable power instantly broke through his defense, devouring his right forelimb.

Luqian Mo instantly issued a mournful shriek.

One finally hit the target. Nie Li’s eyebrow twitched, back then, when he was making the Draconic Bombs, he understood that the amount of Dragon’s Soul Stone was very limited. Therefore, he used some metal scraps to forge similar metal balls that had the same appearance as the Draconic Bombs.

Nie Li thought that if his opponent had their guard up around the Draconic Bombs, then these fake bombs would help lower it. However, he never imagined that Luqian Mo would fall for it so easily.

After Luqian Mo was hit, Nie Li took out a few authentic Draconic Bombs and madly threw them towards him.

Luqian Mo had just suffered an injury from a Draconic Bomb and couldn’t react when he saw more flying towards his direction.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

His shriek was drowned out in the exploding sounds and just like what happened with Luqian Sha, he was sent flying.

Once Luqian Mo’s aura disappeared, Nie Li let out a breath of relief. He finally got rid of those two troublesome fellows.

Raising his head, he realised that Yu Yan, Ye Ziyun and the rest were all looking at him with dumbfounded expressions. Nie Li rubbed his head as he wondered, ‘Is something wrong?’

They had no idea that Nie Li had something like the Draconic Bomb up his sleeve. The power of that thing was simply too frightening. It killed two Legend rank pinnacle demon beasts! They originally thought that they wouldn’t be able to get any advantages in this battle. Who would have expected Nie Li to bombard the place indiscriminately, sending the two demon beasts flying?

They did not recover from the shock even after a long time.

“Nie Li, what were those metal balls? Can you get me a pile of them?” Lu Piao smilingly said as he rubbed his hands. He already had his mind utterly blown by the formidable power of the Draconic Bombs. As long as he has a pile of those, he would also be able to make his opponent to suffer, even if he encountered a Legend rank expert!

“A pile......” Nie Li bitterly smiled incessantly. He had depleted his stash of Dragon’s Soul Stone and was only able to forge about sixty of them. How could he have a pile of them? If he did, he wouldn’t have needed to use those fake Draconic Bombs.

“Even if you don’t have a pile, giving me ten or twenty of those works as well!” Lu Piao chuckled.

“These things are useless in your hands. The power inside them can only be ignited by my laws of darkness and light.” Nie Li said as he bitterly smiled.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Lu Piao instantly had a disappointed expression on his face as he spread his hands out, “Fine then.”

It seems that his dream of bombarding Legend rank experts to death was fruitless.

“Nie Li, do you know the origin of those two demon beasts?” Ye Ziyun asked as she looked at Nie Li.

“Those two demon beasts were pursuing Big Sister Yu Yan!” Nie Li took a glance at Yu Yan and continued, “They are her enemy.”

As for the matter with Spiritual Gods, Nie Li still couldn’t understand it too clearly yet.

“So that’s the case.” Everyone suddenly understood what’s going on.

So those two Legend rank demon beasts were after Yu Yan.

“I’m sorry about that, everyone. To have placed you guys in such danger...” Yu Yan said apologetically.

Du Ze said, “It’s fine, Big Sister Yu Yan is too polite. Since we’re all comrades, helping one another is what we ought to do.”

Nie Li searched the remains for a brief moment and found three items. They were left behind by those two demon beasts. One was a Green Poison Pearl filled with terrifying venom inside. A thought flashed in Nie Li’s heart, ‘This is a good stuff’ as he quickly stored it. The second one was a Silvermoon Long Sword, a Legend rank item. Nie Li gave it to Du Ze. The third one is a piece of Black Dragon Scale. Although he has no idea how to use it, he gave it to Duan Jian.

After handling these items, Nie Li then said to everyone, “Let us hurry to the Nether Realm!”

The group walked towards the entrance of the Nether Realm.

The moment Nie Li and his group stepped into the Nether Realm, at the North Heavenly Ice Plains far from the St. Ancestral Mountains, a slender and tall figure was sealed inside some thick ice. The man was so handsome, the didn’t appear to be an ordinary person. The moment some laid their eyes on him, they would get a suffocation feeling and their hearts would stop.

He sensed something and suddenly opened his eyes.

“I never imagined that that wretch, Yu Yan, would be able to escape from the Black Spring. Those two morons didn’t even manage to look after her properly, not to mention letting her escape. They were even killed so easily. Useless!” His voice sounded as though it’s from ice that came from hell.