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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 227

Chapter 227 - Yin-Yang Blast x10

Wu Yu coldly snorted as Nie Li was spouting conceited nonsense. He slightly waved his hand and, as one, the three Wugui Family’s experts pounced towards Nie Li.

Nie Li released a furious roar as his body swiftly underwent a transformation, merging with the Fanged Panda.

Ye Ziyun used the Blizzard Spiritual Gem in her hands and merged with her Snow Queen. After merging, Ye Ziyun looked as though she was a goddess that had descended from the heavens. Countless icicles revolved around her, giving her an unmatchable noble and sacred countenance.

After Nie Li and Ye Ziyun merged with their demon spirits, Wu Yu and his group were slightly shocked. They originally thought that Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s strength would be, at most, 1-star or 2-star Black Gold rank. However, now that they had merged with their demon spirits, both of their auras multiplied by several times and ended somewhere between 4-star - 5-star Black Gold rank.

“Humanity’s Demon Spiritualists are indeed something.” Wu Yu’s eyes slightly narrowed. But so what if the opponents are 4-star to 5-star Black Gold ranks? They have two Legend rank experts on their side!

“Roar!” Nie Li swiped a raging palm towards one of the Black Gold rank experts as they pounced at him. Within his palm were flashes of lightning that hold unparalleled energy.

“Hmph!” The Black Gold rank expert sent a burst of energy coursing through his body as he intended to dodge Nie Li’s attack and return a far more fatal one.

However, just as he was prepared to take action, his body suddenly became very heavy and his movements became sluggish. Two masses of ice appeared from nowhere and coiled around his legs, instantly trapping his feet.


Nie Li’s palm strike landed on the expert’s head and sent him flying.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

The Black Gold rank expert rolled dozens of meters away and heavily fell into a ditch.

Nie Li glanced at Ye Ziyun, who was standing behind him, and couldn’t refrain from smiling. Ye Ziyun was indeed exceptionally intelligent. After familiarising herself with the Fanged Panda’s characteristics, she immediately found the best way of coordinating with him when using the Snow Queen’s power.

Another Black Gold rank expert suddenly appeared behind Nie Li and swung his huge sword in a ruthless chop towards Nie Li’s neck. However, his huge sword landed on an ice wall instead. Nie Li instantly turned around, widened his mouth, and spat out a Yin-Yang Blast. The second Black Gold expert was sent flying from the explosion.

In just two exchanges, two Black Gold ranks were killed, leaving only one left. Ye Ziyun promptly impaled him with icicles.

“Get rid of that woman first!” Wu Yu’s face was ghastly pale. Originally, he only intended to send three people to test their strength. He never thought that Nie Li and Ye Ziyun would be merciless enough to instantly kill them.

Their movements were concise and smooth, displaying an unimaginably frightening efficiency.

Nie Li himself was someone with a rich trove of fighting experience. When he coordinated with Ye Ziyun in that brief moment, there was almost a telepathic sensation that caused their coordinated effort to be several times more powerful than if they had been fighting alone.

The experts behind Wu Yu all charged towards Nie Li and Ye Ziyun with murderous looks on their faces.

Seeing this scene, Nie Li immediately summoned his katar soul weapon and took a defensive stance at Ye Ziyun’s side. Nie Li’s demon spirit is a Fighter-type, while Ye Ziyun’s is a Snow Wind-type. Coordination was very easy for them. As long as Nie Lie doesn’t allow anyone to reach Ye Ziyun, she would be able to send forth bursts of power that were several times greater than usual.

The Blizzard Spiritual Gem in her hands emitted a dazzling luster as she conjured a ferocious blizzard with her and Nie Li standing in the eye of the storm, surrounded by raging winds.

Although the blizzard was insufficient to repel those experts from the Wugui Family, the bone piercing chill still made their movements sluggish.

This blizzard, in addition to Nie Li’s Gravity Field, was able to weaken the Wugui Family’s experts by at least twenty percent.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Three of the Wugui Family’s experts charged into the center of the blizzard and fiercely clashed with Nie Li. Nie Li brandished his katar and engaged them, blocking their strikes.

An intense fight broke out. Even though Nie Li was surrounded and attacked from all sides, he was still very calm. With his vast battle experience, he could easily predict the movements of his opponents and optimally time his attacks. Therefore, he could face his opponents skillfully and easily.

Meanwhile, the Wugui experts became more and more unnerved as the fight dragged on. Every time they attacked, Nie Li would easily seal their movements. It’s as if Nie Li could thoroughly predict their attacks.

His every move was optimised to perfection.

He sealed their attacks and didn’t take the initiative to counterattack. He was preventing anyone from getting close to Ye Ziyun. This allowed her, who was behind him, to freely rain cloud-like icicles from the sky.

Originally, such an attack would consume a lot of soul force, quickly exhausting the user. However, with the Blizzard Spiritual Gem, Ye Ziyun’s soul force was seemingly infinite.

Beneath the storm of icicles, blood splattered in every direction.

Although only two Black Gold ranks were killed, the survivors were suffering severe injuries.

“You’re courting death! You think that you can hold us back like this?”

The two Legend rank experts of the Wugui Family shared a glance and descended from the sky, swinging the huge swords in their hands down with endless killing intent.

“Gauzing Sky Slash!”

The images of thousands of swords materialized, each afterimage filled with a wild sort of energy.

So this is the power of a Legend rank! The two Legend rank experts of the Wugui Family finally couldn’t take it anymore and have taken action!

Nie Li was waiting for this exact moment!

The moment Gauzing Sky Slash took form, Nie Li moved. With a wave of his right hand, he brought out the Legend rank forbidden technique inscription scroll and unsealed it. A golden shield appeared and enshrouded Nie Li and Ye Ziyun.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Several swords from the Gauzing Sky Slash concentrated themselves to one point of the golden shield, each ending in explosions.

Among all the shields in world, the Golden Shield held the best defensive ability. Furthermore, the special effect of the Golden Shield allowed the person inside to freely counterattack without being restricted by it.

As Nie Li unleashed the Golden Shield, he simultaneously widened his mouth and sucked in a big breath of air. His abdomen shrank as his chest rapidly expanded. Near his mouth, a black sphere and a white sphere of light were taking shape, growing larger and larger in size.

Yin-Yang Blast x4. Yin-Yang Blast x6. Yin-Yang Blast x10......

Each ball of light swelled to a size ten times larger than a normal Yin-Yang Blast, with a terrifying quantity of law power as he had emptied his soul force to create this.

The darkness and light revolved around one another as the two balls exited the Golden Shield and flew towards the Wugui Family’s two experts.

The two Legend rank experts were floating high up in the sky. The attacks from the Gauzing Sky Slash were so intense that the ground had become a mess, blasts of energy were ricocheting everywhere. The corners of their mouths leaked cold smiles as they thought that the Gauzing Sky Slash was more than enough to ensure the deaths of Nie Li and Ye Ziyun.

However, a golden colored shield was formed, blocking the Gauzing Sky Slash. When the blades landed on the Golden Shield, they were repelled.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s a Golden Shield!”

“How is that possible? That’s a shield that can only be used by Legend rank experts who have cultivated the Gold attribute!”

They never imagined that Nie Li would actually be able to use the Golden Shield to block their attacks. Before they could react, revolving black and white projectiles were hurled in their direction.

As the Yin-Yang Blast flew towards them, the two Legend rank experts first reactions were to summon their shields. Instantly, two black shields were formed around their bodies. The shield is a secret technique of their Wugui Family, the Sacred Gauzing Shield, and is capable of blocking a head-on attack from a Legend rank expert.

They believed that their shields were enough to block Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast, so they only raised their swords to prepare a round of counterattacks.

As he watched the Wugui Family’s two experts, Nie Li smiled. Their ability to perceive energy was simply too poor, obviously not on the same level as him. Though they were Legend rank experts, in the usage of energy, they are still far too inferior in his eyes.

A Yin-Yang Blast x10 isn’t something that can be dealt with so easily!

As it travelled, the black ball and white ball flowed to be one entity, then exploded on contact.

Each half of the Yin-Yang Blast only contained an energy that was ten times the usual. However, the power produced from their combined form was more than a hundred times that of the original! Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast was a special technique that had been formed from gathering powers of law!

The terrifying explosion instantly swallowed the two Legend rank experts. In the instant of contact, their shields were already shattered. The raging energy instantly devoured them.

Upon the Yin-Yang Blast’s impact, the two of them only had expressions of disbelief. How could those black and white balls of light hold such a formidable power? Even the Sacred Gauzing Shield didn’t stand a chance! They had greatly underestimated the power of the Yin-Yang Blast and now they were paying a painful price.

It was already too late for them to dodge it. The explosion sent them flying several hundred meters away, their bodies charred black.

The explosion from the Yin-Yang Blast produced a huge crater hundreds of meters in circumference. The shockwave was felt across the entire region. The rest of the Wugui Family’s experts had also been affected by the explosion and fresh blood gushed from their mouths, due to their heavy injuries.

Even the Golden Shield couldn’t withstand the power of the Yin-Yang Blast and finally collapsed. However, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun, who were inside the shield, were still safe. Even the grass under their feet was still good and well.

“Job well done.” Nie Li brushed his hands off as he withdrew the Fanged Panda, turning back into his human form.