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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 228

Chapter 228 - Tian Ling

After the Golden Shield disappeared, Ye Ziyun looked around. The area was a complete mess. The people from the Wugui Family were either dead or injured, leaving only Wu Yu and Ye Han, who were some distance away, still standing.

Remembering the battle, Ye Ziyun realised that everything had been calculated by Nie Li.

The reason why Nie Li hadn’t used the Legend rank forbidden technique inscription scroll earlier was because he wanted to wait for the two Legend rank experts from Wugui Family. Nie Li was already prepared to use the Golden Shield the instant the Wugui Family used the Gauzing Sky Slash. Furthermore, had had already predicted that his opponents would underestimate the power of his Yin-Yang Blast. Because of all this, he managed to kill his opponents with one strike.

In terms of raw strength, Nie Li might not be a match for a Legend rank expert. However, Nie Li’s control over his own power and his ability to evaluate another’s strength, has already reached an extremely precise degree. He also had many other cards hidden up his sleeve. Even if the Yin-Yang Blast didn’t dealt with them in one strike, Nie Li could’ve used his Draconic Bombs or some other methods to kill the both of them.

Wu Yu and Ye Han were both dumbfounded and still couldn’t react to the situation. All of the experts who charged towards Nie Li were now on the ground. Those who were still alive were groaning in pain.

Nie Li directed his cold gaze towards Wu Yu and Ye Han, and headed in their direction.

When Nie Li was walking towards them, Wu Yu and Ye Han immediately tensed up. Wu Yu wielded his huge sword and was prepared for a fight. However, his palms were already drenched in a cold sweat and were shaking. He was obviously at the pinnacle of the Black Gold rank, same as his opponent!

Yet, why was Nie Li emitting such an overbearing pressure?

Ye Han took a step back. As he looked at Nie Li, Ye Han’s eyes flashed with a trace of fear. He was a part the Wugui Family! With their strength, they could obviously crush Glory City along with Nie Li. Yet, why did his plans fail time and time again?

Just who was Nie Li? Why was he able to wield such terrifying strength at such a young age?

Seeing Ye Ziyun, who was glaring at him with eyes full of hatred, Ye Han knew that if he allowed himself to be captured by them, he would definitely not be let go.

‘Ye Ziyun, did you know? Everything I did was for you!’ Ye Han thought inwardly. He was unwilling to die here like this and frantically searched for an escape. His eyes suddenly fell on the gaping entrance to an endless abyss that was only a short distance away. Ye Han ran madly towards that abyss.

Seeing his actions, Nie Li’s knitted his brows and immediately chased after Ye Han.

Although he knew that jumping into that bottomless pit spelled certain death, Nie Li wasn’t willing to let Ye Han go just like that. He had to capture him and let Ye Zong administer justice!

When he saw Nie Li chase after Ye Han, Wu Yu gave Ye Ziyun a glance, then immediately dashed off in the opposite direction.

Ye Ziyun took a glance in Ye Han’s direction, then clenched her teeth and swept a snow wind attack after Wu Yu instead.

“You want to kill me with your hands? I won’t let you! Even in death, it won’t be through your hands! Even if I, Ye Han, were to turn into a malicious spirit, I get back everything that I have lost!” Ye Han shouted as if he were deranged. Three poisonous wasps materialized in his hands and under his orders, dived towards Nie Li.

”Venom Sting Wasps?” Nie Li’s facial slightly changed. The Venom Sting Wasp was an extremely terrifying type of demon beast. The poison in its sting is very potent; even a Black Gold rank expert would easily lose his life. Furthermore, Venom Sting Wasps were quite hardy, capable of enduring all sorts of attacks, making them very difficult to exterminate.

Nie Li has no idea where Ye Han found something like this.

He pushed the Law Energy from his palms and attacked the three Venom Sting Wasps.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

The three wasps immediately exploded. In reality, Nie Li already knew the weak points of the Venom Sting Wasps and had sent three needle-like bursts of Law Energy into the their internals. The three wasps exploded from within, resulting in instant death.

Nie Li had reacted very quickly to the wasps; however, Ye Han had still managed to draw quite a bit of distance between them.

So even the Venom Sting Wasps were ineffective. Ye Han raced towards the abyss, sparing no effort.

Nie Li realized that Ye Han was about to leap into the abyss; it was already impossible to stop him at this point. Therefore, he rapidly merged with his Fanged Panda and spat out a Yin-Yang Blast.

The Yin-Yang Blast soared towards Ye Han and exploded. The formidable power engulfed Ye Han’s body. Impacted by the explosion of the Yin-Yang Blast, Ye Han violently spat some blood as flew into the abyss.

Nie Li skimmed the ground and landed at the edge of the abyss. He never thought that Ye Han would rather jump into the abyss than be caught by him. However, even if Ye Han hadn’t been killed by the Yin-Yang Blast, he would definitely be heavily injured. Add falling into this bottomless abyss, and he should definitely be dead, right?

Who knows what kind of demon beasts are lurking within this bottomless abyss? Ye Han probably won’t even leave a bone behind after they were through with him!

Nie Li remained silent for a brief moment, then looked towards the distant Ye Ziyun, who was chasing after Wu Yu. However, Wu Yu was a 5-star Black Gold rank expert; that short amount of time she had is insufficient for her to make him stay.

Nie Li immediately rushed towards towards them.

He couldn’t let Wu Yu escape, otherwise, it might bring another round of trouble for Glory City.

Ye Ziyun gave a soft roar as she gathered snow wind power in her palm. The energy turned into an ice sword that launched itself at Wu Yu’s back. This ice sword contained the power of the Blizzard Spiritual Gem. Once it struck Wu Yu, it would pierce through his body.

Just as the ice sword was about to hit Wu Yu’s back, it suddenly exploded into shards of ice.

A youth clad in white slowly floated down and landed beside Wu Yu.

“Young master Wu Yu, why are you here?” Seeing this youth, Wu Yu gasped for breath before he was able to stand firm, despite his heart still being in a panicked state. He had felt the amount of power contained in that ice sword. If he had been struck by that, the consequences would’ve been too dreadful to contemplate.

Luckily Tian Ling saved him.

Tian Ling looked at Ye Ziyun and calmly said, “Lady from the human race, I wonder, how did Wu Yu offended you to the point that you would use such methods to kill him?”

“The enmity between us is none of your business!” Nie Li appeared from the side as he answered on behalf of Ye Ziyun. He could tell that Tian Ling’s strength wasn’t as inferior as the others; he couldn’t see through it. Thus, he didn’t dare to blindly take action.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun didn’t dare to say anything rash, since she didn’t have a clue about this youth’s identity. However, she completely trusts Nie Li and sensibly stood beside him.

“The Wugui Family is a vassal family of our Northern Nether Family. If you guys want to kill the young master of the Wugui Family, you’ll naturally have to seek the permission of my Northern Nether Family.” Tian Ling unquestionably stated, as his gaze fell onto Nie Li and Ye Ziyun.

Nie Li fell silent for a moment. If he and Ye Ziyun wanted to kill Tian Ling, the fight would probably be very tough. The strength of this Tian Ling was deep and immeasurable. If they were to continue, reinforcements might come to aid Tian Ling’s side.

“Since the Wugui Family is a vassal family of Northern Nether Family, then this matter will end at this. I will settle this with the Wugui Family in the future.” Nie Li turned towards Ye Ziyun and said, “Let’s go.”

Nie Li and Ye Ziyun turned and prepared to leave.

When Nie Li and Ye Ziyun were leaving, Tian Ling slightly knitted his brows and was about to stop them.

Wu Yu hastily blocked his way and said, “Young master Tian Ling, although they only have the strength of Black Gold rank, they managed to kill two Legend rank experts from my Wugui Family! It’s not a good idea to provoke them!” Wu Yu was already frightened of Nie Li.

Upon hearing Wu Yu’s words, Tian Ling pulled back and gave an even deeper look at Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s figures. “How did you guys end up provoking those two?”

Wu Yu’s gaze flickered for a brief moment and said, “One of my subordinates had conflicts with them. I originally thought that I would be able to stick up for my subordinate. However, I never imagined that the two of them would be so powerful!”

Without the consent of his family’s Patriarch, he didn’t dare leak the information regarding Glory City.

Once the Northern Nether Family knows the existence of Glory City, it will definitely fall into the hands of the Northern Nether Family. In that case, they would receive all the benefits while the Wugui Family is left with the crumbs.

Tian Ling gave Wu Yu a glance, but didn’t say anything else. These sorts of feuds were simply too common in the Nether Realm, so it was completely natural that Wu Yu didn’t want to talk about it. However, Tian Ling was a little curious about Nie Li and Ye Ziyun. Since the two of them had such strength at such young ages, they should have decent reputations in the Nether Realm. So why hasn’t he heard of them before?

As Wu Yu stared at Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s retreating figures, his eyes flashed with a trace of maliciousness. This time, Wu Yu had suffered a great loss, even more so since it occurred just before the Master of the Nether Realm picks his disciple. It was unavoidable for him to be reprimanded when he returned home.

“One day, I will mercilessly crush the two of you beneath my feet! Especially that wretch, I’ll trample you when that time comes!”

Nie Li took Ye Ziyun with him and walked far, until he was sure that Tian Ling and Wu Yu were no longer in sight. He then let out a sigh of relief. Nie Li had sensed that Tian Ling’s strength was absolutely unimaginable. If they had engaged in a fight, it would’ve definitely been a fierce battle. At the same time, it would be normal for unexpected situations to appear. Therefore, it would be in their best interest to avoid conflicts with Tian Ling.

Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li and asked, “Nie Li, what happened to Ye Han?”

“He suffered a Yin-Yang Blast of mine and is probably dead,” said Nie Li.

Ye Ziyun’s eyes flashed with a trace of sadness. Ye Han was, after all, the foster son of her father. Although this was what he deserved, the kind Ye Ziyun still couldn’t help feeling pity for him. Even now, she still couldn’t understand why Ye Han would betray Glory City and attempt to assassinate her father. Her father had always treated him like his own son!

“Nie Li, let’s not tell my father about this.”’ Ye Ziyun said after pondering for a brief moment.

Nie Li glanced at Ye Ziyun and slightly nodded his head. He naturally understood what was in Ye Ziyun’s heart. She probably didn’t want Ye Zong to be heartbroken. Although Ye Han was only a foster son, he was still a child that Ye Zong had raised with his own hands.

“Ye Han deserved to die. Don’t feel sad for that kind of person,” Nie Li said as he patted Ye Ziyun’s shoulder. He then looked towards the distance. The battle that had begun at the edge of the lake was still ongoing and had now reached the center of the lake. Those people were still unable to finish off that zombie Jiao-dragon.