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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 241

Chapter 241 - Disciple Selection

The day passed quickly. At the gathering grounds, there were countless numbers of experts from various families of Nether City hovering in the air.

The seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands will soon open!

The experts of the various families were all extremely excited for this once in a blue moon occasion. If they could become the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm, they would have the power to reach the heavens in a single leap. Even if they couldn’t become a direct disciple, their identities and statuses would still be elevated to an entirely different level!

Many Demigod rank and Legend rank experts hovered in the sky as they prepared to charge into the Nine-Layered Deathlands at any given moment.

Nie Li and the others also gathered outside their tents. Above their heads, thousands of meters into the distance and dozens of meters up in the sky, Law Energy was being released into the surroundings and the silhouette of a giant door could already be vaguely seen.

That was the door to the Nine-Layered Deathlands!

Upon observing their surroundings, they saw that there were tens of thousands of experts up in the sky getting ready to charge in at anytime. Also, on the ground, there were many Black Gold rank experts, amounting to hundreds of thousands. Many of the people there were prepared to give the seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands a try.

The temptation of becoming the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm was simply too huge, so everyone was a little impatient.

“Nie Li, do we need to fight for a chance to be the first ones into the seventh layer?” Du Ze and the others asked as they looked at Nie Li.

“No need.” Nie Li shook his head and continued, “The Master of the Nether Realm definitely won’t choose his disciple based on who enters first. We just have to enter the gate before it closes.”

Luo Xiao and his entourage walked towards Nie Li. Luo Xiao gave Nie Li and his group a once-over as he said, “Nephew Nie Li, do you also intend to enter the seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands?”

“Indeed.” Nie Li nodded.

Luo Xiao sighed in his heart. Truthfully, he didn’t want Nie Li to risk himself by coming to such a dangerous place. However, he also didn’t have the right to stop him. He was worried that he would suffer Nie Li’s wrath if he tried to do so. After all, their relationship was only as cooperative partners. It was impossible for Nie Li to not join an event as huge as the selection of the Nether Realm Master’s disciple.

“If that’s the case, nephew Nie Li must take good care of yourself.” Luo Xiao cautioned, “Once inside the Nine-Layered Deathlands, we might not be able to cover your back!”

Luo Xiao himself also carried a hope for becoming the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm.

“Rest assured, Uncle Luo, we will do our best.” Nie Li lightly smiled.

Nie Li turned around and gave Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er a glance. They were also done with their preparations.

Roughly a stick of incense later[1. Approximately 50-65 minutes later], the huge door in the sky completed its gradual materialisation and a mysterious vortex appeared on it.

“The gate to the seventh layer has finally opened!”

“Let’s go!”

The first line of Demigod rank experts yelled as they charged into the vortex and rapidly disappeared. Those Demigod rank experts were all Patriarchs of some powerful families from Nether City.

Those who stood behind them followed quickly after.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Groups of experts entered one after another.

The flow of people looked like a river in the sky.

Luo Xiao said towards Nie Li, “Nephew Nie Li, it’s best if you guys stayed towards the back and entered with our experts from the Jade Seal Family. My group will enter now!”

“Alright. Have a safe trip, Uncle Luo!” Nie Li cupped his hands.

After bidding farewell to Nie Li, Luo Xiao led a group of experts towards the direction of the gate.

Roughly half an hour later, tens of thousands of people have already entered the gate. Nie Li turned his head towards Du Ze and the others and said, “Let’s go in now!”

At that moment, Yu Yan, who has been hiding in Nie Li’s sleeve, transmitted her voice to him. “Nie Li, you must be extremely vigilant once you’ve entered. We’re still unsure if the Master of the Nether Realm is a friend or foe. Try not to display too much of your power; only show the sufficient talent to be chosen!”

Nie Li’s talent was indeed too frightening. Now that Nie Li has comprehended three types of Law Energies, once he gains absolute control over them, he would become the most powerful Spiritual God in history. Not many Spiritual Gods would be willing to tolerate such an existence.

“I’m well aware.” Nie Li nodded. He seemed deep in thought. The Master of the Nether Realm was, after all, someone who has been to the Draconic Ruins Realm before. For those whom could cultivate the Heavenly Energy, what would they think of someone who could use three types of Law Energies? Certainly, sometimes the best course of action would be to hide one’s true strength. Nie Li’s motive for this trip was to have someone in his group chosen as the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm. As for himself, he would just go with the flow.

Nie Li and the others leapt after the Jade Seal Family’s group and entered the gate of the seventh layer.

Numerous sceneries flashed past their eyes. Desolate landscapes laid everywhere and countless corpses laid in the wastelands. Nie Li knew that these flashing images were glimpses of land from the first layer through the sixth layer.

During the time of the great war between the demon clan and the human race, there were countless deaths that left corpses lying all around the wilderness.

Nie Li thought back to when he saw the painting in the Death God’s ancient tomb. At the time, he had felt that there was a hidden meaning in it. There was no way that experts of two factions would ever fight to the death if each side wasn’t confident in their own victory. Perhaps it was related to the experts of the Draconic Ruins Realm.

A brief moment later, Nie Li and the rest stopped.

The area was filled with deep ravines. A circular inscription pattern formed under each person’s feet, allowing them to float in the air. Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao, Du Ze, and the rest of the group weren’t far away from Nie Li.

The horizon was dense with numerous experts from various families. Even still, experts continued to appear.

Such a large spectacle made Nie Li recall the Draconic Ruins Realm from his previous life, in particular the scene of the disciple selection of the various powerful Divine Sects. He wondered as to what kind of trial the Master of the Nether Realm would put on?

Nie Li’s eyes became distant as he went deep in his thoughts.

Before heading to the Draconic Ruins Realm, he had to get his hands on the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. Just based on his inborn aptitudes, it would be impossible to cultivate to the pinnacle level. However, because he once had the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, he had obtained a chance to reach that pinnacle level. The Sage Emperor’s influence had spread throughout many realms; he was the absolute supreme existence. If Nie Li intends to fight with the Sage Emperor, it wouldn’t be possible without the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

As he recalled that despicable individual, Nie Li’s heart became filled with rage and loathing. In his previous life, after he had reached the pinnacle level, he had gathered the souls of all of his loved ones, including Ye Ziyun, and was intending to restore them to life. However, as he was restoring their bodies, the Sage Emperor used a secret technique that sent endless lashes to their souls, until the souls dispersed into wind and smoke.

In addition to this, the Sage Emperor began massacring those who came into contact with Nie Li. Everyone was killed, regardless of whether they were actually related to him or not. All of this was for one reason: as the Sage Emperor had been performing calculations on natural law, he suspected that Nie Li would become his archenemy.

During that battle, Nie Li stepped up his rank at the very last moment, causing his cultivation to finally surpass the Sage Emperor’s. However, he still died in the battle against the Sage Emperor and the six Deity rank demon beasts.

In this life, Nie Li didn’t want the same thing to happen again. Aside from reaching that stage of cultivation before the Sage Emperor performs his calculation of the natural law, he now has Du Ze, Lu Piao, Duan Jian, and his other brothers at his side. He no longer had to fight as a lone wolf!

From the Tiny World to the Draconic Ruins Realm, it was just one more step that he had to take.

Just as his train of thought was at its most distant, several figures appeared in the air and proudly stood there. These experts all wore armour and were five to six meters tall with huge black wings on their backs, giving others a kind of endless pressure.

These should be the servants of the Master of the Nether Realm!

One servant’s voice coldly spread throughout the seventh layer, “We have just received orders from the Master of the Nether Realm. According to the previous disciple selections, there are usually large numbers of deaths in the testing process. However, this time, we will hold a special test that will spare many lives through the seventh and eighth layers. All of you should rejoice and thank the Master of the Nether Realm for being so merciful!”

At the words of that servant, the experts from the various family all showed joy on their faces. They were taking a huge risk in participating in the disciple selection of the Master of the Nether Realm. If they were even a little careless, they would certainly die. However, they had no idea as to why the Master of the Nether Realm would be so merciful in this round.

However, even still, the experts from the various families all exchanged hateful glares with each other. Even those from the same family were, at this moment, rival competitors. Regardless of who, once someone became the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm, he or she would be able to transform into a phoenix and fly in the sky.

At the same time, among the group of people, a demonic youth wearing a long white robe was quietly seated with his legs crossed. Hearing the words from the servant of the Master of the Nether Realm, the corner of his mouth twitched and revealed a disdainful smile on his face. This person is the Demon Lord who came to partake the disciple selection of the Master of the Nether Realm.

“Since when has the Master of the Nether Realm become so soft?” The Demon Lord laughed as he thought inwardly.

In addition, the Patriarchs from the various families also had astonishment on their faces. The past few times they had participated in it, there would always be countless deaths. They had no idea why the Master of the Nether Realm would choose to be merciful this time around. However, for them, it wasn’t a bad turn of events.

“I wonder what kind of test the Master of the Nether Realm will give?”

“No matter what kind of test it is, I must become the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm!” A sexy looking lady from a different race, wearing a red costume, snorted. Her appearance was different from a human’s. Her ears were spiky, with a purplish-red color to it, her dress barely covered her butt, and that astonishing arc and curved lines were accompanied by her pearly white and tight thighs, giving an intense impact. At the same time, the rest of her clothes were also extremely revealing and sexy, as if her swelled up chest was going to burst out at any second.

This lady from a different race attracted the attention of many.

“Who is this girl? She actually dares to be so arrogant?”

“You have no idea? She’s the daughter of the Infernal Bird clan’s Patriarch, Hua Huo! That chick has astonishing strength that even Demigod rank experts wouldn’t want to provoke. She’s part of a promising new generation that shows signs of surpassing Cang Ming’s generation! Rumor has it that once, there were several Demigod rank experts who provoked her and were wedged death between her thighs!”