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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 244

Chapter 244 - Celestial Qilin

As Nie Li and his party concentrated on their cultivation, the Demon Lord slowly stood up.

At that movement, Duan Jian gripped his Black Flame Sword even tighter and coldly stared at the Demon Lord, prepared to engage him in battle at any moment. Duan Jian had keen perception and noticed the trace of enmity that had flashed through the Demon Lord’s eyes when he made eye contact with Nie Li earlier.

The strength of this youth was deep and unmeasurable, but at the very least, he had definitely reached Demigod rank!

The Demon Lord had only glanced at Duan Jian before moving onwards to the third floor.

As he watched the Demon Lord leave, Duan Jian breathed out in relief. He sensed that the opposing party’s strength was definitely not as simple as his cover. If a fight really broke out, Duan Jian didn’t have very high chances of winning. However, since the other party only intended on heading for the third floor, there’s no issue between them. It’s better if they didn’t start anything.

Just as the Demon Lord was leaving, Cang Ming stood up. His actions were unusually identical to the Demon Lord’s, as he also headed for the third floor.

Cang Ming threw an enmity-filled glare at the Demon Lord. He could sense that the Demon Lord’s strength wasn’t inferior to his own. However, Cang Ming didn’t take the initiative to cause trouble and only proceeded to the third floor ahead of the Demon Lord. Cang Ming was a competitive person who always yearned for first place. Therefore, he simply had to enter the third floor ahead of Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord’s brows twitched, but he didn’t fight Cang Ming, instead he followed behind. The two of them walked up the stairs and gradually disappeared.

To stay on the second floor was already a very toiling task, not to mention walking towards the third floor.

As everyone watched, Mu Ye and Hua Huo both stood up one after another and headed for the third floor of the Black Infernal Tower.

Some of the powerful families’ Patriarchs could only obediently remain on the first floor. Although their cultivation had far surpassed Cang Ming and the rest’s, the Black Infernal Tower’s black flames completely negated their cultivation. Only those with powerful souls could proceed further.

Another dozen people stood up and headed for the third floor.

Nie Li’s soul continuously drifted in place as he entered a realm that could be described as a mystery within a mystery.

“Infinite has no beginning, no beginning can have no end!”

This sentence constantly echoed in Nie Li’s ears. As though encouraged by this chant, the vine in his soul realm sprouted more leaves and on one of the shoots, a flower bud condensed.

That bud swelled as though it would bloom at any moment.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Stirred by the chant, the three Law Energies constantly rammed the obstruction that blocked Nie Li’s way into Legend rank, like a tsunami slamming on the reef.


A powerful ripple swept throughout his soul realm. The obstacle between Legend rank shattered into pieces and the Law Energies surged in, flooding out in all directions.

It still wasn’t enough, even after filling Nie Li’s soul realm. It moved like the tide towards Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and the rest of the group.

This energy was simply too vast and majestic.

Although Nie Li had only moved from 5-star Black Gold rank to Legend rank, the thickness of his Law Energy was ten times greater for someone of his rank. The Law Energy also filled the soul realms of Ye Ziyun and the others.

Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and the rest who were cultivating suddenly felt a vast and majestic Law Energy squeezing their soul realms. They couldn’t help furrowing their brows. Their Soul Realms were unable to admit such powerful Law Energy. Under its pressure, their soul realms expanded uncontrollably.

After a while, Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and the rest opened their eyes and gasped for breath in huge lungfuls. Each of them was completely drenched in sweat.

They were unable to handle such huge amounts of Law Energy coming from Nie Li. However, this also made their cultivation rise by leaps and bounds. Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and Du Ze had immediately jumped to 2-star Legend rank, while Lu Piao and the others had reached 1-star Legend rank.

They all looked towards Nie Li, who was still cultivating with his eyes shut, and couldn’t help feeling a lingering fear in their hearts.

The capacity of Nie Li’s soul realm was simply too terrifying. The overflowing energy alone was already enough to fill their soul realms several times over. If their soul strength wasn’t as high as it was, their soul realms might have even exploded under the pressure.

“Nie Li really is a freak.” said Lu Piao, sitting to the side. That surge of terrifying Law Energy just now had nearly taken his life.

Nie Li abruptly opened his eyes and a divine light shot out. The current Nie Li had already stepped into Legend rank, in addition to controlling of three types of Law Energies. Even if he faced a Demigod rank expert right this moment, Nie Li wouldn’t be inferior to his opponent. Even he didn’t know the exact level of his own fighting power.

Nie Li calmly said, “Let’s head for the third floor!”

The terrifying aura that fluctuated from Nie Li’s body startled many Demigod rank experts on the second floor. Those Demigod rank experts couldn’t help turn their attention towards Nie Li, their eyes containing deep astonishment and dumbfoundedness.

They could feel a dangerous aura emanating from Nie Li’s body: something that even they couldn’t withstand.

This man must definitely not be provoked! This was the first thought that crossed each Demigod expert’s mind.

Under the watchful gazes of the Demigod rank experts, Nie Li and his group headed towards the third floor.

The third floor was only a few dozen meters in circumference. When Nie Li and his group stepped onto the third floor, a raging and deafening roar bombarded their ears.

This roar caused everyone’s facial expressions to change as they felt their eardrums being on the verge of bursting. When they turned their eyes in the direction of that roar, they saw that the walls were densely packed with a network of spiderweb-like iron chains. And the center of it all was a gigantic demon beast, furiously roaring.

Once the demon beast noticed that someone entered, it angrily struggled to break free from its restraints. However, the inscription patterns on the iron chains began glowing as a powerful energy picked up the demon beast and threw it against the wall.

Nie Li raised his head to observe the creature. This demon beast looked somewhat like a cross between a deer and a tiger, with long pointy horns on its head. Its entire body was also covered in black scales.

“Nie Li, what kind of demon beast is this?” Ye Ziyun asked through her shock. She could vaguely sense that this demon beast held the attributes of lightning and fire.

Lu Piao and the rest were so scared that they were trembling. The might of this demon beast was extremely astonishing and exerted a terrifying pressure on them. If it this demon beast wasn’t chained up, even with all of them together, they might not be able to defeat it.

Although this demon beast is chained here, it looked as though it could break free at anytime. Therefore, none of them dared to be careless. Du Ze, Duan Jian, and everyone else took out their weapons and prepared to engage it in battle.

When he saw that demon beast, Nie Li unexpectedly laughed and said, “Du Ze, it’s your lucky day!”

“My lucky day?” Du Ze was a little puzzled.

Nie Li’s gaze turned to the demon beast as he lightly smiled and said, “This demon beast is called the Celestial Qilin!”

“So that’s a Celestial Qilin!” Lu Piao’s eyes lit up and glowed with desire towards the Celestial Qilin.

“So what if it’s called the Celestial Qilin?” Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er were a little puzzled as they looked at Nie Li, Lu Piao, and Du Ze.

“Du Ze’s soul realm has the Heavenly Thundercloud form. Therefore, this Celestial Qilin demon beast is the perfect demon spirit for him!” Lu Piao explained from the side.

With Lu Piao’s explanation, everyone then understood Nie Li’s reason for telling Du Ze that it was his “lucky day”.

Du Ze knew that the Celestial Qilin was the most suitable demon spirit for him. However, until today, he never knew what it looked like. So a Celestial Qilin looks like this.

However, this Celestial Qilin was too powerful. Even if it was chained in this place, there was still no one who could approach it, not to mention kill it and obtain its demon spirit.

Electricity radiated from the Celestial Qilin’s body and its fur stood up on end. Its frame was five to six meters tall, with terrifying bronze bell-like eyes that deterred all. It angrily took a few steps and glared at Nie Li and his party, trailing its chains behind.

“The people that came to the third floor ahead of us couldn’t have been eaten, right?” Lu Piao asked as he cringed.

“The Celestial Qilin is chained up. How could it have possibly eaten anyone?” Du Ze rolled his eyes at Lu Piao and continued, “They probably went to a higher floor since it’s impossible to cultivate on this floor.”

“Nie Li, what is the level of the Celestial Qilin?” Lu Piao asked out of pure curiosity.

“This Celestial Qilin has yet to reach adulthood; therefore, this chain is able to bind it. As to what kind of level an adulthood Celestial Qilin is, even if I were to tell you now, you guys still wouldn’t understand it. Spiritual Gods can be considered Heavenly Fate Realm experts. Above the Heavenly Fate Realm, there is the Heavenly Star Realm, Heavenly Axis Realm, Dao of the Dragon, and Martial Ancestor. Even the most worthless Celestial Qilin could cultivate up to the 6-Stage Dao of the Dragon.”

At Nie Li’s words, everyone was stunned. Why were there still so many powerful realms above the Spiritual Gods? They originally thought that the Spiritual Gods were already the most powerful existences.

Previously, Nie Li didn’t tell them about the realms above Spiritual God because they hadn’t reached Legend rank yet; therefore, there was no point for them to know. As far as the experts of the Draconic Ruins Realm were concerned, Legend rank was only the beginning of real cultivation.

The power level of the Celestial Qilin blew Du Ze’s mind. Although the Celestial Qilin before his eyes had yet to reach adulthood, it still obviously had endless potential.

Nie Li went silent for a brief moment. Although the current demon beast that Du Ze had integrated with was also one with a God level growth rate, it simply wasn’t comparable to the Celestial Qilin whatsoever. Especially since the Celestial Qilin was extremely compatible with Du Ze’s soul realm.

Du Ze was one of Nie Li’s closest brothers. Since such a great opportunity to obtain the Celestial Qiling for Du Ze has presented itself, Nie Li will absolutely not let this chance slip by.

However, the Celestial Qilin before them wasn’t something that could be dealt with so easily!

The power of the Celestial Qilin was undoubtedly formidable. Even if it hadn’t reached adulthood, it still wasn’t something that an ordinary Demigod rank expert could confront.

Yu Yan sat on Nie Li’s shoulders and asked with concern, “Nie Li, you’re really planning on fighting that Celestial Qilin demon beast?”