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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 246

Chapter 246 - Stewed Demon Phallus

Although these people belonged to different sects of the Draconic Ruins Realm, they all originated from the Tiny World. Therefore, it could be said that they still felt some camaraderie amongst themselves.

One of the white bearded elders sighed with sorrow. “The Demon Beast clan from the Tiny World was provoked by the Demon God Sect, which led to the massacre of humans and other living creatures out in the main world. Because of that event, the main world has not borne very many talented experts for almost ten millennia. Only a few other realms, like the Dreamcloud Realm, have had a few talents appear. Regardless, none of this makes much of a difference to the sects that each of us belong to. It’s as if someone tried to put out a burning cart of firewood with just a cup of water.”

The black robed expert laughed, “The Draconic Ruins Realm is vast and boundless, with countless other small worlds out there that can be used to recruit talented younger generations. Those fears are groundless. Even if the Demon God Sect is more powerful at the moment, if our sects were to join forces, they would no longer carry the advantage.”

“If you put it that way, I suppose are correct,” the white bearded elder sighed and lapsed into silence.

“I wonder which one from this batch has caught the eye of the Nether Master?” The beautiful woman smiled as she asked the black robed expert.

The black robed expert is naturally the Master of the Nether Realm. The general populace assumed that the Nether Master was the one who controlled Nether City; however, that wasn’t the case. The Nether Master was only the face of the group; behind him, there was a total of seven other experts.

These seven experts often recruited talents from various races and referred them to the major sects of the other realms, such as the Divine Feathers Sect.

At the inquiry of the woman, Xiao Yu couldn’t help looking at the Nether Master. Xiao Yu also wanted to know his answer.

The Nether Master pondered for a briefly before saying, “That youth called Nie Li.”

“Oh?” A hint of astonishment flashed over the beautiful woman’s face as she said, “Although the boy named Nie Li does have deep insight concerning inscription patterns, in terms of talent, he’s still a far cry from that white clothed youth. That white clothed youth’s talents are exceptional. According to my conjectures, he should have the fabled Supreme Physique!”

The remaining five experts were also a little puzzled at the Nether Master’s choice. In their eyes, the white clothed youth was definitely the best choice.

“If the Nether Master doesn’t want that genius, then it’s an opportunity for my Heavenly Note Sect!” The beautiful woman gave a charming smile.

The smooth and emotionless voice of the Nether Master responded. “We don’t necessarily have to choose the ones with the best talent. I sense that this youth is also exceptional.”

Although the others still have no idea why the Nether Master chose Nie Li, they didn’t doubt the Nether Master’s opinion.

A white haired elder turned to the beautiful woman and smiled, “After the Nether Master’s turn it’s the Heavenly Note Sect’s. Ling Yun, you’re going to choose that white clothed youth?”

“If I don’t choose him, then would everyone let me select two people?” The beautiful woman named Ling Yun pursed her lips as her eyes filled with expectation.

“Oh? The Divine Note Sect will also pass over the white clothed youth?” The remaining few looked at Ling Yun, a little astonished. They previously thought that Ling Yun would definitely pick that white clothed youth. After all, didn’t he have the greatest amount of talent from this batch?

“At my age, if I were to choose a handsome youth as my disciple, I’m afraid people would gossip. I sense that the two girls beside that youth aren’t bad. Why don’t you give those two girls to me?” Ling Yun smiled like a flower as she continued “With two girls as disciples, I could also have intimate chats with them.”

“Ling Yun is quite calculating. One for two, not a bad exchange.” The white haired elder laughed and continued, “Since Ling Yun already has such intentions, then we have no reason to object!”

“It seems that the white clothed youth will go to my Hidden Cloud Sect!”

“Then I’ll take the one with the Black Dragon’s bloodline!”

Inside the Black Infernal Tower, Nie Li and the others were entirely unaware that every single action of theirs was being observed and that their group has already been divided amongst those people.

As time elapsed, the Celestial Qilin demon beast’s endurance wore away under the intense burning of the black flames. It opened its mouth and cursed, “You little shits! If you have the guts, come and fight me instead! Let’s see if I don’t tear all of you to shreds, you sons of b*tches! Cowards who don’t have the guts to fight me, using only underhanded tactics...” The Celestial Qilin streamed profanities nonstop.

“I’ve never seen a divine beast with a mouth as rotten as yours!” Du Ze said, a little dejectedly. Was he really going to have to make a pact with a Celestial Qilin that had such a rotten mouth?

Nie Li has no idea how this Celestial Qilin was raised and where it learned so much profanity. However, he couldn’t be bothered about such things before he subdued it. After all, it’s not easy to find a Celestial Qilin demon beast!

The Celestial Qilin cursed for half an hour straight before its mouth finally dried up. The horrifying black flames continued to burn and looked as though it was trying to roast the creature. Although it has a powerful body, the black flames in this tower weren’t ordinary flames.

Nie Li appeared to be very calm. “In the meantime, we can resume our cultivation. It won’t be long before we get to see a roasted Celestial Qilin.”

The demon beast finally couldn’t stand the burning anymore and gave in. “Brat, why don’t we discuss the terms again?”

“Give me your blood first, then we’ll talk.” Nie Li lightly replied. “Otherwise, there’s nothing to discuss.”

The Celestial Qilin furiously snorted, “Giving you my demon blood is an absolutely impossible request! If I burn to death, then you guys can only dream about my demon spirit! I will definitely destroy it before I die!”

“You’re welcome to!” Nie Li shrugged and said, “So what if we don’t manage to take your demon spirit? You’ve killed so many of our kind that killing you here can also be considered serving justice. Although it’s a pity that we won’t be able to obtain your demon spirit, I’ve heard that every part of the Celestial Qilin is a treasure: demon scales, demon palms, demon beard, demon phallus, etc. I’ve heard somewhere that the demon phallus [1. In traditional Chinese medicine, the phallus of certain animals is used as treatment for male impotence.] of the Celestial Qilin is great nourishment!”

At Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er’s faces flushed red as they inwardly thought, ‘Nie Li is too vulgar.’

Lu Piao’s eyes lit up as he quickly moved to Nie Li’s side and asked, “Demon phallus? What’s that? Are they really great sources of nourishment? How do you eat it? Stewed? Roasted?”

Xiao Xue glanced at Lu Piao and said, “If there really is such a thing as a demon phallus, you should give it Lu Piao!”

At Xiao Xue’s words, Nie Li, Du Ze, and the others all gave Lu Piao strange looks and tried to hold back their laughter.

Lu Piao’s face was blank for a moment before he finally understood. His face turned red as he said, “Hey, don’t misunderstand! I absolutely do not have any medical problems associated with this! I won’t take the demon’s phallus anymore! You guys can have it!”

As the Celestial Qilin heard the group’s conversation, it felt a chill run down its crotch and couldn’t help clamping its legs shut. “You bunch of despicable and shameless people! I’m really infuriated now! Even if I die, I won’t let you get away with it!”

Lu Piao narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Celestial Qilin and said, “Sure! Before you die, you should destroy your demon phallus along with your demon spirit!”

At the words of Lu Piao, everyone couldn’t stop laughing. Lu Piao was really too ruthless with that move.

The Celestial Qilin’s face grew dark. Why did he have to encounter such a bunch of rogues? He thought about his own death and how his demon phallus was probably going to get stewed by someone. The mood that followed this though couldn’t simply be described as “depressed”. To think that a divine beast like itself would actually meet its end in such a manner!

Why hasn’t he reach adulthood yet? Why is he locked here?!

Otherwise, how could he possibly have been rendered to such a miserable state by the likes of Nie Li and his group?

Way back when, he had massacred countless experts, especially many Demigod rank experts. If he could kill a hundred, then he would be able to use his killing aura to refine his core and step into the Heavenly Fate Realm. However, he was beat up by an insane old man and was locked in this Black Infernal Tower. Thereafter, he never saw the light of day and continued to be burned by the black flames. Now, even Nie Li and his fellow brats were bullying him. It really was an example of “a tiger landing in the plains and was being bullied by a dog” [2. Chinese idiom. A tiger has come out of its mountain habitat and become trapped in the plains. It is so much of a disadvantage that even a dog could bully it.].

As he thought about his miserable circumstances and about his demon phallus being stewed after his death, the Celestial Qilin finally submitted. He said in a low voice, “I admit defeat, we can discuss the terms again!”

“There’s nothing much to discuss. Hand over your demon blood first. Otherwise, we have nothing to say!” Lu Piao said as he arrogantly pointed at the Celestial Qilin.

“Fine. I will hand my blood over, but you have to disable this inscription pattern array first.” The Celestial Qilin said as he gasped for air.

“Agreed!” Nie Li withdrew the inscription pattern array and stared at the Celestial Qilin demon beast.

The Celestial Qilin rolled its eyes and asked, “Where are you going to put the blood?”

“Use this!” Nie Li took a basin out from his interspatial ring and tossed it over.

The Celestial Qilin knew that Nie Li could reinstate the inscription pattern array at any time. It pondered over its situation a little, then bit its left forearm, and allowed the blood to flow down into the basin.

“Here’s the demon blood. How are you going to lay the Soul Seal?” The Celestial Qilin probed.

“I have to use the demon blood and lay the Soul Seal on your body!” said Nie Li.

“Since you have to lay the Soul Seal directly on my body, why don’t you come over?” The Celestial Qilin’s heart was filled with joy, but he remained calm.

“Sure I can go over, but you have to kick the demon blood over first. The blood of a Celestial Qilin is some excellent stuff. When your body transforms later, there won’t be any more demon blood. We have to first collect few basins full of it!” said Nie Li. How could he not know what the Celestial Qilin is planning? It obviously wanted him to get closer so that it could seize him.

The Celestial Qilin was indignant. “Absolutely not! Our demon blood is extremely precious. How can you guys be like this?!” The Celestial Qilin couldn’t figure out what Nie Li was planning; therefore, he didn’t dare hand his blood over.

Lu Piao snorted as he watched, “Kick your demon blood over quickly. Otherwise, do you want to say goodbye to your demon phallus?”

The Celestial Qilin felt extremely depressed. He hated it the most when people threatened him with his demon phallus!

He swept his eyes over Nie Li and the rest and could only submit in the end. He kicked the basin over.

The basin of demon blood fell between Nie Li and the Celestial Qilin, at about three meters distance. The Celestial Qilin raised its head to the group and said, “I carelessly kicked it too lightly. I can no longer reach it, so you guys have to get it yourself!”