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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 25

Chapter 25 - Winged Dragon Family

A group of people were walking on the street, with Ye Ziyun and Nie Li walking right behind the team.

"Since when have you known Chen Linjian?" Ye Ziyun asked. Looking at Nie Li, she seems to be trying to see through Nie Li.

"I don’t know him that well, we’ve only chatted once in the library." Nie Li shrugged.

"And he actually allowed you to join?" Ye Ziyun was surprised. Chen Linjian and her can be considered childhood acquaintances. They’ve known each other since they were young. Although neither of them could be considered very close, their relationship isn’t that bad either. Chen Linjian’s prideful character rarely places his peers into his eyes. Of course, Chen Linjian isn’t an annoying guy, otherwise, Ye Ziyun wouldn’t have bothered with him.

Thinking of all of Nie Li’s mysteries, Ye Ziyun understood it all. Although she doesn’t know what method Nie Li used to convince Chen Linjian, however since Nie Li is very resourceful, nothing is difficult to him.

Seeing how lovely Nie Li and Ye Ziyun were chatting and laughing away, this almost drove Shen Yue mad with jealousy.

In his view, Ye Ziyun can only laugh with him!

Nie Li supposedly snatched his spot!

Nie Li must die! Shen Yue’s expression turned ruthless. After going into the wilds, Nie Li can give up on going back to Glory City! But this matter mustn’t be known to others, especially Ye Ziyun. Shen Yue has already been mulling over on how to deal with Nie Li in his heart.

The group of people left Glory City, advancing forward on a rugged path on St. Ancestral Mountains.

The trip to Ancient Orchid City Ruins would take about five to six days of travelling. It’s still possible that they would be subjected to Demon Beasts attacks when camping in the wild.

But Nie Li’s has a natural accurate intuition for dangers combined with his experience from the previous life. Although currently he’s not even a bronze rank yet. But general demon beast wouldn’t be able to harm him. Not to mention that the route that they are taking is a rather safer route.

The strength among these 37 people is relatively decent Six have reached silver rank and the rest are all mostly above 3-star bronze rank.

Even Ye Ziyun has reached 1-star bronze rank. Therefore within the group only Nie Li and Shen Yue’s strength is the weakest.

However, the news of Ye Ziyun reaching 1-star bronze rank was not openly known to others, so others are still unaware of it yet.

After travelling for over 10 hours the group walked through the rugged mountain road. Nearing into evening the group arrived at a wide flat land. Chen Linjian glanced at the surroundings. With those tall trees the place would still quite hidden and said "Today, we’ll be camping here!"

Shen Yue walked towards the side of Ye Ziyun saying "Ziyun, why don’t we set out camp together? This way I can protect you."

"No need!" Ye Ziyun’s snow white face showed traces of displeasure. She doesn’t want to camp together with Shen Yue. Since the last incident, her image of Shen Yue had fallen from bad to the worse.

Ye Ziyun chose an area and camped together with several girls. Although Nie Li wishes to camp together with Ye Ziyun, he didn’t go invite a snub like Shen Yue. Therefore, Nie Li found a rather remote area and camped right below the tree’s shade.

The night deepened and a burst of insect sounds can be heard from the forest.

Drifting into his thoughts, Nie Li recalled back to the past. Wondering how his family is doing. Although he longed to return and visit his parents and relatives, he still endured that feeling. Holy Orchid Institute is a boarding school, other than members of the Major Family and Noble Family, any other students who secretly returns home would be punished. Furthermore, if his family knew that he ran away from school, they would also punish him severely.

Only after the test in two months will the students have one month time or so to go back home and reunite with their families.

Before the destruction of Glory City, even though Nie Li’s family is a little economy tight and in dire straits, they still got by day to day.

Thinking of the destruction scenes of Glory City, Nie Li tightly clenched his fist. In just a few years time, Glory City would be under the madness of attacks by Demon Beasts. He must definitely become a super expert before that happens, at least reaching black gold rank or even legend rank. Only then can he help Glory City to avoid the crisis.

Therefore, time is very tight and he wants to go according to his plan; enhancing himself step by step.

The next thing he needs to do is to get that Spiritual Lamp! Because that Spiritual Lamp is essential for his future training!

Nie Li sat down under the tree’s shade, operating his soul realm. His soul realm seems to have something hidden in it, which caused Nie Li to be extremely curious about it. In his previous life, he didn’t have this kind of feeling when he’s practising until now, but with Nie Li’s current cultivation, he is still unable to explore the depths of his soul realm.

The soul realm is originally misty, without an actual shape. With the strengthening of Nie Li’s soul force, the soul realm shone a faint cyan light, slowly forming into a spherical shape.

With in-depth cultivation and the strengthening of soul force, the soul realm’s shape will start to have some changes as [Heavenly God Technique] slowly plays its part.

Dead silence into the night.

Currently, in Glory City’s Winged Dragon Family.

At this moment, Xiao Ning’er is quietly staring out the window. In the noon, she received a letter from Nie Li saying that he’s going to leave for some time, instructing her to rest well at home and also giving her a prescription. After being massaged twice by Nie Li and practising [Lightning Winged Dragon Technique], her illness is a lot better. Therefore, wouldn’t be any problem in this short period of time.

Later, Xiao Ning’er learnt that Nie Li went to explore with Chen Linjian’s group and that Ye Ziyun also went along. Xiao Ning’er felt resentment. Why didn’t Nie Li bring her along?

"Miss, Master asked for your presence in the Main Hall!" A servant hurriedly ran in, speaking in an anxious tone.

Xiao Ning’er frowned, not knowing what had happened. She stood up and walked towards the Main Hall.

Winged Dragon Family’s Main Hall.

The house master of Winged Dragon Family, Xiao Yunfeng, is currently sitting on the front seat in the main hall. The two columns beside sat a total of six middle aged man. They are the cousins of Xiao Yunfeng and the Elders of Winged Dragon Family.

"Father, is there anything for why you are looking for me?" Xiao Ning’er said, slightly bend herself towards Xiao Yunfeng then her eyes swept past the six elders.

"We called you here because there’s something I want to ask you." Xiao Yunfeng’s face remained somewhat unhappy. Xiao Ning’er knows that this is must be because of the few uncles. Since becoming the house master of Winged Dragon Family, the three uncles haven’t been on good terms with Xiao Yunfeng.

The elder Xiao Yi sitting beside faintly laughed, "Niece Ning’er, I heard that some time ago, you paid large amount of money to acquire quite lots of Purple Haze Grass. Now that the price of Purple Haze Grass has already skyrocketed by several hundredfold, I fear that the price of those Purple Haze Grass has already reached hundreds of millions. With so many Demon Spirit Coin, our Winged Dragon Family’s comeback wouldn’t be long now. Niece Ning’er has made such huge contribution to the family, really is the lucky star of our Winged Dragon Family!"

Hearing Xiao Yi’s words, Xiao Ning’er understood what was going on. Xiao Yi heard from somewhere that she had bought a large amount of Purple Haze Grass, so he came to pressure her father, wanting to take a portion of the Purple Haze Grass!

Regarding this matter, Xiao Yunfeng is naturally unhappy about it. No matter how much Purple Haze Grass Xiao Ning’er has bought, this matter is not related to the family. This is Xiao Ning’er’s personal action! Therefore, how the Purple Haze Grass is being disposed of has nothing to do with the family!

But Xiao Yi didn’t give up, fixed on having Xiao Ning’er to give an explanation.

Xiao Ning’er stood proudly, having a firm expression and said, "Xiao Yi Elder, I spent my own money to buy those Purple Haze Grass, this matter doesn’t concern the family. Does it? Or is it that the herbs and armours bought by Xiao Yi Elder also needs to be submitted to the family?"

"You..." Xiao Yi never thought that the usually gentle Xiao Ning’er would refute him so fiercely.

What Xiao Yi didn’t know is that Xiao Ning’er’s image in the family had always been submissive. But after having contacts with Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er’s heart had undergone slight subtle changes. Nie Li allowed her to understand one thing: That when one encounters unfair things, one must stand and fight!

Xiao Yunfeng felt rather pleased upon hearing Xiao Ning’er’s words. He then looked towards Xiao Yi saying "Xiao Yi, what Ning’er said is correct, I believe that this is not an obligation of the family!"

Xiao Yi did not giving up and continued "This matter cannot be compared to ordinary matters, those Purple Haze Grass worth hundreds of millions or even billions of Demon Spirit Coin. It can greatly alleviate the family crisis and we wouldn’t be controlled by Sacred Family anymore." Xiao Yi looked at Xiao Ning’er, tempting, "If Ning’er contributes the Purple Haze Grass to the family, then Ning’er Niece wouldn’t need to marry to Shen Fei anymore!"

Truth is, Xiao Yi didn’t think that way, conning Xiao Ning’er to surrender the Purple Haze Grass first before deciding anything else. As for marrying Shen Fei or not, that doesn’t depend on their decision, but depends on the Sacred Family.

The remaining five elders also agreed with Xiao Yi’s suggestion. If the Purple Haze Grass is placed in Xiao Ning’er’s hands, then it wouldn’t have anything to do with them. But if it was contributed to the family, then the whole family will also benefit from it. Even the two elders that usually stand on Xiao Yunfeng’s side also had the same thoughts.

Seeing the situation, Xiao Yunfeng guiltily glanced at Xiao Ning’er and sighed.

Xiao Ning’er felt wronged in her heart. Why does she needs to be sacrificed every time when the family experienced difficulties? Where did the others go to? Luckily Nie Li had already taken the Purple Haze Grass away from her. Xiao Ning’er said boldly and confidently, "Those Purple Haze Grass were bought on behalf of a friend, and everything was given to him before the price of Purple Haze Grass sky-rocketed. He had already passed me the money for buying those Purple Haze Grass, therefore, the Purple Haze Grass is already none of my business!"

"What?" Xiao Yi’s face immediately turned ugly again.

Xiao Yunfeng looked at Xiao Ning’er and asked, " Ning’er, is this true?"

"En." Xiao Ning’er nodded her head and calmly replied, "It’s the truth. Said Purple Haze Grass is already no longer in my hands!"

Xiao Yi’s expression went gloomy, saying "What’s the name of your friend and what is his background?"

"I promised him that I would keep it a secret!" Xiao Ning’er solemnly said, she definitely would not reveal Nie Li’s name to others. She had already decided, no matter how much pressure she suffers, she must secure Nie Li’s secret.