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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 253

Chapter 253 - Master of the Nether Realm

Yu Yan instantly showed a pained expression on her face, as though she was engaged in an intense struggle.

Sensing that something wasn’t right, Nie Li immediately held Yu Yan in his hands. Her body was still as small as it used to be and her exquisite skin was coloured with endless temptation. Her thin silk clothes felt as though they were nothing.

However, the current Nie Li didn’t pay any attention to such matters. He pressed his thumb to her chest and sent a trace of his soul force into her soul realm.

“Ugh...” Yu Yan groaned as her body twisted in discomfort.

A strange sensation travelled through Nie Li’s thumb. He could see that Yu Yan was currently experiencing intense pain, probably due to an intense battle that was happening in her soul realm. Nie Li exerted more pressure through his thumb, sending his intent directly into her soul realm.

Within her soul realm, the invading soul was engaged in an intense confrontation with Yu Yan.

“I never thought that I would fall so far, to have to resort to snatching a woman’s body!” The soul named Kong Yan said miserably. If that vine in Nie Li’s soul realm hadn’t inflicted such heavy damage on him, he definitely wouldn’t have shown any interest in Yu Yan’s body.

However, since he’d suffered such heavy damage, he had no choice but to search for a new body. Otherwise, his soul might disperse. Compelled by the circumstances, he chose Yu Yan.

However, he never expected that Yu Yan’s resistance was even more intense than he could’ve possibly imagined.

The two souls battled fiercely in Yu Yan’s soul realm.

However, Yu Yan’s soul gradually fell at a disadvantage. Ever since she reformed her Divine Spark, her current soul still remained shattered. Therefore, her weakest point was her soul. As the two souls fought, Yu Yan’s soul suffered forceful attacks.

After Nie Li wound his soul force into Yu Yan’s soul realm, he immediately began a barrage of intense attacks towards the invading soul. However, he could only provide limited assistance to Yu Yan, now that they were inside her body.

With Nie Li’s aid, Yu Yan also began to unleash attacks towards that soul.

“Damned bastard, always getting in my way! If I manage to come back to life, I’ll definitely tear your body into shreds and crush your bones!” The invading soul had developed a deep hatred towards Nie Li. If it hadn’t been for Nie Li’s interference, he would’ve already devoured Yu Yan’s soul! “But trying to defeat me won’t be that easy!”

The invading soul suddenly turned into a thin needle, dodged Nie Li’s obstructions, and shot itself directly into Yu Yan’s soul.

The soul issued a wild laugh, “Hahaha! It’s impossible for you to get in my way now!”

Not good! Nie Li’s expression drastically changed. Now that the enemy soul entered Yu Yan’s soul, the battle could only be fought between the two of them. Nie Li couldn’t provide help anymore.

The aura of the invading soul instantly strengthened as it began to devour Yu Yan’s soul.

At the sight of this, Nie Li’s heart beat frantically in anticipation. He could sense Yu Yan’s soul aura getting weaker and weaker, almost to the point of being extinguished.

Nie Li’s heart boiled with deep sadness. After all, Yu Yan had followed him for so long and could already be considered an irreplaceable friend within Nie Li’s party. If her soul was seized, then she would be utterly destroyed.

Yu Yan’s brows tightly furrowed from the deep pain that came from her soul. Some time ago, her human emotions gradually faded away and disappeared from her. Distant memories had also dulled in her mind. However, now that she stood before the doors of death, those countless memories suddenly poured into her head.

She could still see herself as a child, running through a grassy plain with her father and mother nearby. She seemed so happy as she played around.

She saw her young self, secretly in love with a boy even though she didn’t even dare to raise her head to look at his face.

All kinds of human emotions resurrected themselves in her mind once more.

A savage laugh burst from Kong Yan as he continued to devour Yu Yan’s soul. “Human emotions are indeed useless! You’re about to die, what’s the point of remembering them?”

Just when her soul was about to be extinguished, a golden flame suddenly ignited itself in her soul realm. This golden flame was small at first, but immediately swelled and became an inferno.

“Argh!” Kong Yan issued a wretched shriek. These golden flames weren’t something he could resist as they burned his soul.

Yu Yan’s soul aura suddenly transformed from a tiny weak trace to something much stronger.

Kong Yan was seized by fear as he trembled. “You...you’re...” He turned and tried to run, but Yu Yan’s golden flames had already covered him. He issued a miserable shriek before he quickly burned to nothingness.

When Nie Li sensed the blazing energy in Yu Yan’s soul realm, he immediately withdrew his soul force from her body.

“Just what’s going on?” Nie Li was also puzzled and had no idea what had just happened.

Yu Yan’s soul aura finally recovered and she abruptly opened her eyes, while gasping for air. Her clothes had also been thoroughly drenched in sweat.

Although the current Yu Yan was tiny, her translucent clothes still couldn’t fully cover her impressive figure. A deep ravine could be seen through her loose collar and her slender legs seemed even purer, as if they had been made of white jade.

Nie Li and Yu Yan’s eyes met. When he realised that Yu Yan had awoken, he was stunned. With his currently cultivation, Nie Li couldn’t tell who was occupying Yu Yan’s body.

A split second later, an embarrassed expression appeared on Yu Yan’s face. “Let go of me already!”

Nie Li was currently holding her with his thumb pressed to her chest. Her well developed chest were pressed under Nie Li’s thumb, making them seem even more tempting.

At the sight of Yu Yan’s expression and posture, Nie Li remained briefly stunned before he released his hands, still recovering from his dumbfoundedness.

The current Yu Yan wasn’t the same as the previous one!

However, this person should still, without a doubt, be the real Yu Yan. If Kong Yan had been occupying her body, he wouldn’t have shown such a reaction. Nie Li scratched his head as he still couldn’t understand what was going on.

Yu Yan flew up and landed on Nie Li’s shoulders. That red flush in her cheeks had yet to subside as she said, “That soul was burned away by my flames of life.”

However, she didn’t tell Nie Li that her heart had been slightly changed in the process.

“Oh.” Nie Li had already sensed that the enemy soul had been burned away. However, Yu Yan’s expression was still a little weird. He thought about it a little, but then tossed the question aside and was determined not to be bothered by it anymore.

Nie Li continued to cultivate while seated with his legs crossed.

Yu Yan calmly sat on Nie Li’s shoulders, but her thoughts were unable to calm themselves for a long period time. Eventually, she raised her head and looked at the resolute outline of Nie Li’s cheek. Her gaze flickered. She then turned her head towards a different direction with a light sigh. She saw it in the depths of her soul: the truth that she was not from this world. She wondered what the circumstances of her birth were. Where did she come from?

Yu Yan decided that once her strength returned to its pinnacle state, she would leave this world in search of her origins.

However, if she had any reserves about it, it would be due to this youth by her side. She wondered as to what heights this youth would grow to.

Nie Li calmly sat for three days straight as he gradually enter into the anatta mental state. His cultivation rose at an extremely fast pace, from 1-star to 2-star.

Seventh floor of the Black Infernal Tower

In this very narrow space, the Demon Lord calmly sat alone. He had already reached the anatta mental state. As he sat on the seventh floor of the Black Infernal Tower, a mysterious energy entered his body and something formed in his soul realm.

The thing that formed was a fate soul. Only those who have managed to form a fate soul have truly stepped into the Heavenly Fate Realm.

He had already come into contact with the door to the Heavenly Fate Realm. He abruptly opened his mouth and inhaled, swallowing an endless river of black flames. Like a frog, his abdomen swelled an inflated. The speed at which he devoured the seventh floor’s black flames was even faster than Jindan’s.

Upon entering the anatta mental state, time seemed to fly. Several days passed in the blink of an eye.

Tenth day.

After the test ended, the experts from various races within the Black Infernal Tower turned into streaks of light and disappeared.

The exquisite garden on the ninth floor of the Nine-Layered Deathlands

Nie Li and his party and a few add-ons suddenly materialised from thin air and landed in the garden.

“Where is this?” Nie Li swept his eyes around his surroundings and found Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Duan Jian, and the rest all present. As far as his eyes could see, the garden was gorgeously designed, with flowers blossoming in every corner. The entire scene was extremely aesthetic, and at the sight, they all wondered whether they were still in the Nine-Layered Deathlands or not.

“Brother Nie Li and sister Ning’er, we meet again!” Xiao Yu lightly smiled as he greeted them.

“Xiao Yu, why are you here?” Xiao Ning’er was stunned.

Nie Li’s gaze swept pass Xiao Yu and fell onto the seven people who stood behind him. These seven experts all emitted terrifyingly powerful auras. At the sight of this, Nie Li’s heart jumped. The cultivation of these experts were at least of the Heavenly Fate Realm!

He never thought that there would be so many powerful experts gathered in the Nether Realm!

Upon seeing Xiao Yu together with this group of people, Nie Li’s heart trembled. From among these experts, one must be the Master of the Nether Realm!

Cang Ming, Mu Ye, Hua Huo, and the others who had been teleported along with them were staring in astonishment. The Demon Lord looked very calm. His gaze swept past these experts and an almost unnoticeable smile escaped from the corner of his mouth. He had been waiting for so long for this moment. Now, he could finally head towards the Draconic Ruins Realm!

The one black robed expert from among the seven glanced over Nie Li and the others. “It’s nice to meet you all. I am the Master of the Nether Realm that you all have no doubt heard of...”