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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 256

Chapter 256 - Desert Palace

After Ye Ziyun arrived to the Endless Desert, she discovered fragments of memories from her previous life.

Furthermore, Xiao Ning’er had said that in her dreams, there were scenes of her entering the Black Devil Forest!

These events were definitely not coincidental!

Just what is going on?

Nie Li could vaguely sense that the matter regarding his rebirth was definitely much more complex than he’d originally thought! The more he thought about it, the more it frightened him. Just who was capable creating such a situation?

He could sense that in order to unveil the entire mystery, the first step would be to find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and head for the Draconic Ruins Realm. He would never find the answers if he stayed in the Tiny World.

As he watched Xiao Ning’er’s pained expression, Nie Li suddenly understood that meeting her was definitely not a coincidence. Xiao Ning’er’s fate is the same as Ye Ziyun’s: destiny had tied the two girls to him. No matter what, he decided to bring Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er along in his search for answers.

The group continued their search for days throughout the vast barren wasteland.

According to his memory, the Desert Palace should be somewhere nearby.

Lu Piao, who was standing next to him, said dispiritedly, “Nie Li, are you sure that this Desert Palace is nearby? Duan Jian’s been flying in the sky for so long, searching for days, yet we still haven’t found that Desert Palace!”

“The Desert Palace is definitely nearby! Let’s continue our search for it!” Nie Li solemnly said after a brief moment.

When Lu Piao saw Nie Li’s confidence, he said, “Fine then, we’ll continue the search!”

The group searched the surroundings without rest.

Nie Li’s brows were furrowed tightly. According to his memories, the Desert Palace should be nearby. But why couldn’t they find even a shadow of it after searching for so many days? It made no sense that they couldn’t find such an enormous and majestic structure after searching for so long.

Nie Li slowly walked through the yellow sands as he recalled his memories. Gradually, he entered into a profound state.

As he walked, memories from his previous life flashed through his head.

In that life, he walked alone through the barren lands as the people at his side fell one after another. He entered an unconscious state as though he was swimming in a dream. Under the distant blazing sun, a vast palace appeared on the horizon.

He was so shocked by the appearance of the palace that he thought he had actually reached heaven, the legendary palace of the gods.

Step by step, he moved closer to the Desert Palace. His entire body was enveloped in a golden luster, until he reached the entrance of the Desert Palace. He then pushed those giant golden doors open and a dazzling glow nearly blinded him, making him unable to open his eyes. With great difficulty, he forced his eyes open and saw vast sculptures sitting in the palace. Each sculpture was different from the others; there was a golden armoured giant, a poverty looking girl, and all other sorts of fantastical creatures. Under the feet of these giant sculptures was a path that led ahead.

Nie Li followed the path and reached a strange altar, placed with all kinds of scrolls written with powerfully dense words. At the very center of this altar was the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

A strange energy spread throughout the mysterious book as Nie Li reached his hand out towards it. From that point on, his life had been irreversibly changed.

Nie Li stayed in his profound within the profound state as a multitude of scenes continued to flash through his mind. He continued to walk ahead with a blank look on his face.

Sensing that Nie Li was acting strange, Du Ze and the others followed him, though they were confused as to what was going on.

Lu Piao reached out and intended to give Nie Li a shake to wake him, but was stopped by Du Ze. Nie Li’s state seemed as though he were training.

Nie Li walked for another thousand meters, then suddenly seemed woke up. He opened his eyes and stared at the empty space before him and froze to the spot as if in shock!

Everyone turned in the direction Nie Li was looking. Only an endless desert stretched before them; there was no hint of a Desert Palace. There were however, many ancient and badly damaged sculptures scattered around in the sands.

These sculptures looked as if they were thousands of years old. Their original features were already indistinguishable.

Only a sense of bleakness could be seen in their eyes.

The wind whistled as it scraped up clouds of sand, as if it wanted to tell them something.

“How could this be?”Nie Li stared dumbfoundedly at the scene before him. When he visited the Desert Palace in his previous life, it had been a vast and majestic structure, as though it had been built by the gods, indestructible and timeless. But now, when he returned in this life, the same place had already become ruins.

Lu Piao looked at Nie Li in confusion. “Nie Li, what’s wrong? Is this the Desert Palace that you’ve been talking about? Didn’t you say that it was supposed to be a majestic palace? Why did it turn into ruins?”

Du Ze and the others were also very puzzled. Before they’d arrived, Nie Li had described several times that the Desert Palace was a very majestic place, like a palace of the ancient gods.

However, now that they’d reached it, it wasn’t at all as Nie Li had described.

It’s very likely that Nie Li had learned of the Desert Palace’s existence from some treasure map or ancient record. However, now that they’d reached it and observed it in its current state, the Desert Palace had already been destroyed. It was very likely the work of demon beasts, right?

However, he doesn’t know the answer to that right now. Nie Li is currently experiencing headache as he couldn’t wrap his head around. He walked forward in accordance to his memories, and a short while later he more or less reached the spot where the altar was supposed to be. But aside from some broken fragments, nothing else was there! The other scriptures couldn’t even be found, not to mention the Temporal Demon Spirit Book!

Where could the Temporal Demon Spirit Book have gone to?

Could it have vanished?

Nie Li felt an intense pain in his head, as though he was being torn apart. The scenes before his eyes constantly twisted. The images of Lu Piao, Du Ze and the rest twisted with it. Everything became surreal.

“Arghh!” Nie Li issued a miserable howl and felt as though his brain was about to be torn apart.

“Nie Li, what’s going on?”

“Nie Li!” Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and the rest all anxiously called out his name.

However, Nie Li’s hearing gradually faded away as his consciousness slowly blurred and he fell to the ground.

The Desert Palace was no longer here.

Temporal Demon Spirit Book was also gone.

Just what was going on? Through the intense pain, Nie Li’s consciousness entered into a silent darkness.

One month later, Glory City.

Everything flourished and bustled as it had been before. The various families from the Abyss Prison Realm and Heavenly Fate Plateau have already made themselves home, making Glory City even livelier. The walls of Glory City have also been raised by several meters and a surging energy clouded above the city.

The defenses of Glory City had tightened, with a total of five Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Arrays laid around the city, in addition to tons of other defensive methods. Even if it was invaded by a massive demon beast horde, Glory City could withstand it in its entirety.

At the martial field of the Holy Orchid Institute, a large number of youths are currently training.

Every move the youths made was filled with vigor. The tree that stood by the side of the field whistled in the wind.

These youths were all practising powerful cultivation techniques. There are already quite a few of them who have reached Silver rank Demon Spiritualist.

They are the future of Glory City. One day, when they become adults, they will become the power that protects Glory City. Not far from the field was a group of three to four-year-old children laughing and playing about.

Close to the martial field, atop a tree, sat a huge bird created entirely of metal. Anyone who saw it wouldn’t be able to resist a satisfied smile, as the bird’s expression looked almost human.

After staying for a brief moment, the bird took off as a streak of light across the sky.

City Lord’s Mansion

Ye Ziyun was currently bathing in her yard of the mansion with a look of deep gloom and sadness written on her face. One month has already passed, but Nie Li still hadn’t regained consciousness. During this period of time, she and Xiao Ning’er took turns watching over him. Right now was Xiao Ning’er’s shift so Ye Ziyun returned home to bathe.

She quietly sat as the water reflected her beautiful face. The outline of her perfect figure could also be seen in the water.

Two tears fell from her face. She wanted to let that person know how much she yearned for him; however, it was already too late for some words to be said.

Her heart was filled with pain as she prayed to the heavens. As long as Nie Li could regain his conscious, she would be willing to give anything, even her life!

Suddenly, a knocking sound came from outside as Xiao Xue’s voice sounded, “Ye Ziyun, Nie Li seems to have regained a little of his consciousness! Ning’er is calling you to go quickly!”

“Nie Li regained consciousness?” Ye Ziyun was stunned for a brief moment, then she immediately stood up from the water. There was no time to spare on caring for little things. Droplets of water dripped from her jade white skin as she quickly tidy up and left her room after putting on her clothes.

After exiting her room, she immediately stepped into another yard of the City Lord’s Mansion.

In another yard in the City Lord’s Mansion, Nie Li was lying on a bed with his eyes closed. Occasionally, a trace of a pained expression would flash across his face.

Since Ye Ziyun left, Xiao Ning’er had been standing guard at Nie Li’s side. Throughout the entire month, she hadn’t taken a single break nor gotten a good rest. Her face was haggard and her eyes were red, betraying the fact that she had been crying. Her jade white hands were tightly clasped onto Nie Li’s as she tried to send her own soul force into his body. When she sensed a slight movement in Nie Li’s hand, she immediately sent Xiao Xue to fetch Ye Ziyun.

Earlier, it was as though the energy in Nie Li’s body had been sucked dry. No matter what they tried, nothing worked. But now, she could sense the strength returning slowly to him. She immediately wiped the tears off her face as she sent more soul force into his body.