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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 258

Chapter 258 - Hostage

Very little could be seen through the sky filled with dust, as the particles slowly landed, except for the two figures who stood high in the sky. One was a bony individual with a shock of white hair and a beard. The citizens of Glory City beheld him as their war god, Ye Mo. The other person wore white clothes while shrouded in a terrifying storm. He is the one who Nie Li had engaged with before: the Demon Lord!

The Demon Lord stood proudly in the sky as a majestic storm composed of the Law of Hell rotated around him. The energy occasionally formed itself into images of all kinds of demons.

“Ye Mo, it’s been a long time since we’ve met. I never thought that you’d still be able to find me despite the fact that I’ve gone to such lengths to conceal myself.” The Demon Lord coldly smiled. Even though he was facing entire city alone, he was still calm and composed.

“After so long, I never thought the Demon Lord would once again dare to show his esteemed presence in my Glory City. I wonder what guidances the Demon Lord has brought back?” Ye Mo’s hair fluttered in the wind as the Law of Snow Wind revolved around him and occasionally condense into icicles.

“It seems that Glory City doesn’t welcome me very much. But either way, I was still born in Glory City!” The Demon Lord casually smiled as his majestic aura pressured Ye Mo.

“You betrayed Glory City and was exiled long ago.” Ye Mo furrowed his brows for a brief moment. He could sense that the Demon Lord’s Law Energy was far stronger than before, to the point where Ye Mo could no longer suppress him.

A suffocating pressure made Ye Mo feel as though all the bones in his body were being crushed.

The Demon Lord laughed contentedly as his gaze turned cold, “You’re just a bunch of opinionated bigots! Is it really I who betrayed Glory City or did Glory City betray me? Either way, you lot ought to rejoice; I no longer care to pursue old stories.”

“Since you no longer have interests in them anymore, then why have you come to Glory City?” Ye Mo coldly stared at the Demon Lord.

“There’s something that I want in Glory City. As long as you bring it to me, all matters between us will be written off. Otherwise, I will cause havoc here!” The Demon Lord had trace of insanity in his expression.

Ye Mo frowned as an inkling thought flashed through his heart. “What do you want?”

The Demon Lord coldly snorted, “You’re asking when you have already know the answer! As long as you hand over the Demon Spirit Stone that contains that demon beast, I will let bygones be bygones. Otherwise, I might just start a massacre!”

Nie Li frowned his brows for a brief moment. The Demon Spirit Stone that contained that demon spirit? Just what was he talking about?

So the Demon Lord came for a demon spirit. However, Nie Li has absolutely no idea as to which demon beast could tempt the Demon Lord so much, despite the fact that he already has the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend Demon?

The aura coming from the Demon Lord became more and more powerful and Ye Mo was gradually caving under the pressure. Nie Li soared into the sky, and stood by Ye Mo. He coldly glared at the Demon Lord and attacked with his three Law Energies.

The Demon Lord glared at Nie Li as his slender eyes slightly narrowed.

“You again!” He snorted, “If it wasn’t for you, Glory City would’ve already been mine. If you still insist on getting in my way, don’t blame me for killing you!”

“Demon Lord, it’s not like we haven’t fought before. If you’re capable of killing me, then come!” A stern pressure erupted from Nie Li.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Yu Yan, Duan Jian, Du Ze, Lu Piao, Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Ye Zong, and the rest flew into the air and surrounded the Demon Lord.

Dozens of different types of Law Energy were released at the Demon Lord.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Intense explosions of Law Energy broke out in the sky.

Although the Demon Lord’s Law of Hell is very powerful, it still couldn’t withstand all of their attacks. The Demon Lord furiously snarled and roared as he rapidly merged with his Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend.

The Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend was scarlet red in colour and issued another furious roar as it waved its arms and bombarded attacks towards them.

Nie Li coldly growled as he mobilised his soul force and merged with his Fanged Panda. He widened his mouth and spat a Yin-Yang Blast towards the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend.

An intense fight broke out in the sky as the group joined forces against the Demon Lord. The Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend wielded a sharp blade in one hand as it fought with the group.

Nie Li furrowed his brows. Although the Supreme Body was powerful, through their current confrontation, he could tell that the Demon Lord himself has risen in strength by another level. The Demon Lord would probably form his first fate soul soon. Inside this Tiny World, any expert who forms a fate soul was extremely powerful. No matter how many Demigod rank experts attack, they would never prove an even match.

Faced with so many people attacking from all sides, the Demon Lord was at a disadvantage. However, because of his powerful physical body, he showed no signs of losing for the time being.

It looks like Nie Li would have to use some secret techniques, if he wanted to defeat the Demon Lord. Nie Li suddenly took out his Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. Instantly, lightning bolts gathered towards his blade.

The Demon Lord’s pupils slightly shrank when he recognised the weapon in Nie Li’s hand. Indeed, Nie Li had quite a few methods up his sleeve. The Demon Lord sensed a destructive aura from the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword.

This Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword is a very frightening weapon. When Nie Li was still at Gold rank, it was already capable of exhibiting a terrifying might; now that he had reached Legend rank, the power unleashed would become even more frightful. An endless torrent of lightning bolts gathered at the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. Nie Li furiously howled and slashed towards the Demon Lord.

A bolt of lightning the length of several hundred meters shot towards the Demon Lord.

The lightning bolt contained such devastating energy that the allies who stood nearby were forced to back off.

As he sensed the terrifying lightning flying towards him, even the Demon Lord couldn’t help changing his expression. He howled in rage as two huge maces appeared in two of his hands and smashed them together. A boundless energy shot towards the lightning bolt that Nie Li had unleashed.


The two energies collided as though they were trying to split the sky open. The dispelled energy released from the collision instantly turned a number of buildings into ashes.

Nie Li’s lightning bolt slowly won out as it cleaved the opposing energy in two and continued on its path towards the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord never imagined that the might of the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword would be so terrifying!

Knowing the lightning bolt was about to land onto him, the Demon Lord curled the corner of his mouth into a cold smile as he suddenly disappeared from his place and reappeared a hundred meters away. He then proceeded to charge in their direction.

The lightning bolt had missed. As Nie Li watched the Demon Lord charge towards them, he felt a bad premonition and immediately waved the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword towards the Demon Lord. Ye Mo and the others also sent their attacks towards the Demon Lord.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The Demon Lord charged into the crowd and sent Du Ze flying with a fist. That terrifying energy of his sent Du Ze flying back by dozens of meters and made him spit out blood.

The Demon Lord mowed down everything that stood before him; even Nie Li couldn’t withstand the attack entirely, not to mention the others. Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er were also sent flying. Duan Jian and Yu Yan also met the same fate. Then, a frightening aura burst forth from the Demon Lord’s body, like a violent spectre.

As he watched the Demon Lord charge towards them, Ye Zong coldly snorted and merged with his Snow Wind Great Ape. A golden light was released from his body as he slashed his sword towards the Demon Lord.

At the same time, Nie Li also slashed his sword towards the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord coldy snorted and disappeared once again. This time, he reappeared behind Ye Zong and sent Ye Zong’s sword flying before he grabbed the man’s neck with one hand.

The Law of Hell trapped Ye Zong and even shattered his armour. Suppressed by the Law of Hell, Ye Zong’s demon spirit rapidly vanished, returning him to his human form.

Under the pressure of this terrifying energy, Ye Zong painfully groaned.

Just as Nie Li’s sword was about to strike, it stopped in midair.

“Ye Zong!” Ye Mo had been prepared to charge, but out of fear that the Demon Lord would hurt Ye Zong, he halted in midair.

“Father!” At the sight of this, Ye Ziyun instantly had anxiety plastered across her face.

The Demon Lord stared at Nie Li and coldly laughed, “The sword in your hands is indeed powerful! If we were to fight, I wouldn’t be able to do a thing to you. However, you have too many weaknesses! Everyone present right now is your weakness. Aside from you, I can kill anyone else here!”

Nie Li tightly gripped the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword until veins popped from his arm. What the Demon Lord had said was correct. Everyone present was his weakness! Because all of them were important in his life!

He stared at the Demon Lord, and said in a voice that was like eternal frost, “Let him go and I will let you leave. We will mind our own business from now on. But if you hurt any of them here, even if I have to pursue you to the Draconic Ruins Realm, I will utterly slaughter you!”

At Nie Li’s words, the Demon Lord savagely laughed. “You’re threatening me? In all of my hundreds of years, it has always been me threatening others and not others threatening me!”

Right now, Ye Zong was in the hands of the Demon Lord; therefore, Nie Li didn’t dare make any unnecessary movements.

Ye Zong’s neck was gripped by a huge hand that injected Law of Hell into his body, causing his own Law Energy inside to collapse. Only with great difficulty could he even utter a word; Ye Zong’s strength was simply too far from the Demon Lord’s.

“Don’t worry about me, just kill him!” Ye Zong painfully yelled as he gathered what remained of his Law Energy and attacked the Demon Lord.

“Still struggling with the strength of an ant?” The Demon Lord coldly laughed and grabbed Ye Zong’s right arm. With a pull, he ripped Ye Zong’s entire arm off. Blood splatted in all directions. Ye Zong painfully groaned, but a moment later, he forcefully endured it. His expression was twisted from intense pain.

“Father!” At the sight of Ye Zong’s miserable state, Ye Ziyun cried out. She formed icicles, but just as she was about to cast them, she was stopped by Ye Mo.

If she were to charge in right now, not only would she not save Ye Zong, but she would also land herself in danger. Ye Mo took a step forward and unleashed his Law of Snow Wind towards the Demon Lord. “Demon Lord, let Ye Zong go. Otherwise, you can dream of leaving Glory City alive today! Even if I must give my life, I will see you killed!”

“Ye Mo, do you really think your threat will mean anything to me? Leaving me here? Laughable! I will soon form my fate soul. You lot are nothing more than ants in my eyes!” A terrifying killing aura emitted from the Demon Lord’s body as his Law of Hell surged like a tidal wave. “Do you really think that you all can touch me?”