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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 260

Chapter 260 - Hope

Nie Li brought out his soul mirror and searched for remnants of Ye Zong’s soul. Strands of light flew into the soul mirror; however, they were only traces of Ye Zong’s soul aura. With soul aura alone, it would be impossible to revive Ye Zong.

A deep pain slashed through Nie Li’s heart.

“This grievance is absolutely irreconcilable! Demon Lord, if I don’t tear your body to shreds, then I, Nie Li am not human!” Nie Li tightly clutched the soul mirror in his hands until veins popped from his arm. When he thought of how from today on, Ye Ziyun would be without a father, Nie Li was filled with a sense of shame and guilt towards her. Even though he had come back to life, he still failed to protect her father.

The dust gradually settled.

The intense battle had destroyed half of the City Lord’s Mansion. Even the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Arrays were thoroughly destroyed. For a confrontation of this level, even the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Arrays were useless.

Ye Ziyun tightly clung onto the things Ye Zong had left behind and cried in grief. As she recalled the times with her father, her pain cut into her soul.

Ye Mo looked as though he had instantly aged by several years. His son had died right in front of him and he was totally helpless against it. His heart was filled with hatred for the Demon Lord.

However, with their current strength, they weren’t capable of killing the Demon Lord. Nie Li’s attack had destroyed the Demon Lord’s head and limbs, but he still managed to escape!

Seeing how broken-hearted Ye Ziyun was, Nie Li hugged her tightly and said to her in a pained voice, “Ziyun, I’m so sorry.”

Earlier, when he had used the [Heavenly God]’s secret technique, his soul realm had nearly burst. However, even then, he had been unable to prevent the Demon Lord from leaving. With Nie Li’s current strength, he could rival the Demon Lord; however, he wouldn’t be able to protect others at the same time and prevent the Demon Lord from killing them.

As he thought of how Ye Zong had died, Nie Li clenched his fist. “Father-in-law used the Snow Wind Family’s secret technique. Now, even his soul has been extinguished. However, if there’s any chance of reviving father-in-law, I will definitely find it! I won’t give up! But aside from that...” Nie Li’s gaze turned chilling cold as he continued, “I swear that once I reach the Demonic Ruins Realm, I will personally catch and annihilate the Demon Lord! I won’t allow him to reincarnate for the rest of eternity!”

“Revive? Nie Li, is there really a way to revive my father?” Ye Ziyun’s eyes carried a trace of hope.

Although Nie Li actually has no idea, when he saw Ye Ziyun’s eyes flickering with hope, he couldn’t bear to hurt her again. He nodded his head, “As long as we head for the Draconic Ruins Realm and our cultivation has reached a certain level, we’ll be able to find a way to revive Ye Zong!”

He thought about the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, it was that book that allowed him to be reborn. Therefore, it should be able to revive Ye Zong as well, right? However, Nie Li has no idea as to where the Temporal Demon Spirit Book might have gone to.

Ye Ziyun wiped her tears away. Although her heart was filled with pain, her voice was still firm and determined as she said, “Nie Li, I will head for the Draconic Ruins Realm and become stronger, to revive my father!”

The entire City Lord’s Mansion are in a mess. Everyone’s faces reflected deep grief and pain. To them, Ye Zong was someone who deserved absolute respect; everyone had respected the City Lord!

Ye Zong’s death caused the entire city to fall into grief.

Ye Zong strived for the sake of Glory City, all the way up until his death. Every evening, the citizens would see a figure standing on the city walls, looking into the distance and they would feel a strong sense of ease and security. But this God of War who everyone had respected had now left them; therefore, everyone was filled with hatred for the Demon Lord.

The battle’s aftermath ceaselessly tormented Glory City.

The night darkened and rain fell from the sky. This precipitation was a mix of water with hail that caused a bone-piercing chill as it fell onto the faces of people below.

Nie Li stared into the sky as the rain fell on his face. Upon returning to life, many things have gone as he’d expected; however, there were still many things that had occurred entirely out of his expectations. The disappearance of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and Ye Zong’s death. Although he has the soul mirror, Ye Zong executed a secret technique before dying; because of it, even his soul was destroyed. Only a trace of his soul aura was left behind.

‘I thought that I could control destiny, but it turns out that I’m deeply tied by destiny itself.’ As he thought of Ye Zong again, Nie Li felt an aching pain in his heart.

Ye Zong’s study room in the City Lord’s Mansion

Ye Mo was quietly seated at a table still piled with files that Ye Zong had been reading earlier. This room still contained remnants of Ye Zong’s aura. His eyes turned fuzzy from tears. As the Guardian of Glory City, even when his wife had died, he didn’t cry. But now, to see his child die before him, his muddy eyes couldn’t help letting out his tears.

The sound of footsteps came and Ye Mo immediately wiped the tears away.

Ye Ziyun appeared in the entrance of the room and raised her head to look at Ye Mo. She paused for a slight moment, then walked in with her head lowered. Her father had stayed in this room for large amounts of time. She could still vaguely feel the lingering and warm presence of her father.

The two did not speak for a length of time.

“Yun’er, your father is gone and your grandfather has also aged. You’ll have to take good care of yourself from now on.” Ye Mo sighed as he appeared lonely and griefed.

At Ye Mo’s words, Ye Ziyun’s tears fell uncontrollably.

“Grandfather... father he...” Ye Ziyun said halfway as she choked on her tears.

“Your father died for Glory City. It wasn’t a disgrace to our ancestors. I am extremely proud of him,” Ye Mo said solemnly. His aged hand had slowly brushed across the table. Everything in here had been used by his son. From now on, he would only be able to see Ye Zong in his memories. He raised his head and looked at Ye Ziyun and continued, “Yun’er, you guys will be leaving Glory City soon?”

Ye Ziyun pondered for a brief moment, then she nodded her head, “Yes, grandfather! I will head for the Draconic Ruins Realm. I want to kill the Demon Lord and take vengeance for father! I will definitely become stronger and find a way to revive him!”

Ye Mo let out a long sigh as he replied, “Throughout my life, I’ve constantly been away with business and spent little time with you children. Now that Ye Zong is gone, I will guard Glory City for the time being. When the day comes when your grandfather can no longer move, I will leave Glory City to you all.”

“Yes.” Ye Ziyun’s vision was fuzzy from tears as she looked into her grandfather’s face.

Once, she pictured her grandfather’s back to be upright and tall. But now, she realised that her grandfather was already getting on in years...

This trip to the Draconic Ruins Realm would take at least five years. However, she had no other choice. Only by heading towards the Draconic Ruins Realm, could she find the chance of reviving her father and taking vengeance for him. No matter where the Demon Lord escaped to, she would still seek him out.

The rain continued to fall.

Nie Li stood in the rain and felt its chill. In just a little while more, he would head for the Draconic Ruins Realm. He wondered what kind of path awaited him. However, Nie Li had reaffirmed his conviction; he must become stronger as soon as possible. He must not allow the things from his previous life occur again. He must not allow his families, friends, and lovers to leave him one by one.

Even without the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, so what? I will definitely gain control of my own destiny!

Xiao Ning’er was holding onto an umbrella as she walked beside Nie Li, shielding him from the falling rain.

She quietly stood there and stared at the empty space in front of her before she sadly said, “Before, I envied Ye Ziyun that her father was the City Lord. As long she had any wants, her father would definitely be able to fulfill it for her. There wasn’t anyone who could force her to do anything and I felt that she was very blessed, unable to understand my pain...”

“It wasn’t until later that I understood. The Snow Wind Family had shouldered far too much for Glory City.” Xiao Ning’er let out a long sigh filled with pity for Ye Ziyun, “Her mother died early and although her father was there, she was still always alone. However, she still lived on strongly and continued her cultivation, intending to share her father’s burdens.”

Xiao Ning’er’s tone then turned serious. “When I was little, I was really headstrong and would often compete with Ye Ziyun. However, I was never able to win. She is someone who has earned my admiration!”

Ni Li looked at Xiao Ning’er and understood her intentions. Ning’er was the same as Ye Ziyun; both were extremely kindhearted people. After they entered the Draconic Ruins Realm, Ning’er would be together with Ziyun. With that, Nie Li would be able to feel more at ease.

Nie Li stared in front of him. After today, they will leave their hometown. Although they had no idea what kind of paths awaited them, no matter how uncertain or thorny the road may be, they will still rely on each other and move forward hand in hand.

The night gradually deepened.

Glory City had sunk into the deep night. Only a few lights, constantly flickered like stars in the dark sky.

For Glory City, this tranquility was a rare occurrence. Who knows when the dark cloud of war will shroud over them? However, there was one thing for certain; each and every person here was willing to exhaust their lives to protect Glory City, for this was their last refuge.