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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 267

Chapter 267 - Spiritual Stone

Moving from a 7-grade Earth Spiritual Root to an 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root was indeed a huge leap.

Although Nie Li was rather surprised, he wasn’t overwhelmed by joy. Regardless of what the test results were, Nie Li still had absolute confidence in himself. He believed that his strength would achieve heights that were simply unimaginable by ordinary people.

Enforcer Gu’s voice trembled. “8-grade... Heaven Spiritual Realm, to the West District.” He’d tested so many students before, but Nie Li was the only 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root who he’d ever met.

The surrounding students were in an uproar. An 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root! Their expressions carried shock and fear when they looked at Nie Li.

This kind of talent was something others could only admire from afar!

Xiao Yu casually glanced at Hua Ling and said, “Your people from the Little Heaven Realm don’t seem to be very useful.”

Hua Ling snorted and refuted, “I don’t know what you guys are doing to get so many Heaven Spiritual Roots. But either way, you better hope that they don’t turn out like you, as useful in embroidery!”

Hua Ling and his entourage turned and left. His face was dark, without the slightest hint of light. There wasn’t any meaning in staying in this place any longer.

Xiao Yu watched Hua Ling and his crew leave, then pulled his attention to Nie Li and the other two. “Hua Ling’s a really narrow-minded person. In the future, you guys should be careful. Don’t let him plot against you. Inside the Skysoul Institution, no one can do anything to you. But once you’re outside, then it’s an entirely different matter.”

“Understood,” said Nie Li, nodding his head. He hadn’t placed Hua Ling with very much regard. But it’d still be better to have his guard up around such a vile person.

Xiao Yu looked at Nie Li and the other two and said, “Let’s go!”

Together, the four entered the Skysoul Institute.

Enforcer Gu stared at their backs as Xiao Yu and the other three left the area. The corner of his mouth couldn’t help curling into a bitter smile. Nie Li and Lu Piao, one with an 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root and the other with a 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. He must have been possessed when he decided to help Hua Ling earlier. It’d definitely be more troublesome if he accidentally provoked these two future talents. He had to think of something to mend his relationship with Nie Li and Lu Piao.

Enforcer Gu was a slick and sly person, always cautious in everything he did. Even if his cultivation wasn’t very high, he could still stand up straight without falling.

Xiao Yu looked at Guan Yi and said, “Guan Yi, the South District is right in front. We’re only together up till here. Go and report to the two teachers up front and they’ll make arrangements for you. From now on, you’ll be cultivating in the South District.”

Guan Yi went silent for a brief moment, then made a slight bow to Xiao Yu, Nie Li, and Lu Piao before leaving. He was aware that his talent was very lacking compared to those three who stood before him. The three of them had already been very kind to him so far. It’d be shameless of him to continue imposing on them. After all, he still had his own dignity.

After watching Guan Yi enter the South District, Xiao Yu retracted his gaze and said, “Let’s head for the West District now. There’re two residential areas in the West District. The first area is arranged by Skysoul Institution, so you can stay there anytime you want. The other area is private property that requires you to pay a fee. I’ve already rented an entire courtyard, so you guys can stay at my place for the time being.”

Lu Piao was excited. “Private property? That sounds great!”

At Xiao Yu’s words, Nie Li didn’t show any reactions; instead he shifted his gaze elsewhere.

Following Nie Li’s line of sight, Lu Piao stared into the distance. “Is that it over there?”

Xiao Yu gave a glance at the plaza they were staring at. Within the plaza was a large group of students from the institution, who were discussing something. Many also seemed to be holding objects in their hands.

“Oh, that’s the market for Skysoul students. The Skysoul Institution’s Cultivation Hall often distributes all kinds of assignments. Those who complete them earn spiritual stones, which are absolutely essential cultivating materials!” Xiao Yu continued, “In addition to that, students also transact various demon spirits and artifacts.”

“In the Draconic Ruins Realm, a Demon Spirit’s growth rate is classified into Poor, Ordinary, Good, Excellent, Extraordinary, and God Levels. Demons with an Excellent Level growth rate are rarely seen; Extraordinaries are even rarer. As for God Level, those are basically nonexistent.”

At Xiao Yu’s words, Lu Piao’s eyes widened. The demon spirits that he and Nie Li had integrated with were God Level demon spirits. He never imagined that a God Level demon spirit would be so precious that it was even considered rare in the Draconic Ruins Realm.

As if he was aware of Lu Piao’s doubt, Nie Li shook his head and said, “Aside from growth rate, the bloodline of a demon spirit is also extremely important. Let’s take Du Ze for example. Both of his had God Level growth rates, but the Abyss Tiger’s rate is absolutely incomparable to Celestial Qilin’s.”

“Then how are demon spirit’s bloodlines classified?”

Nie Li explained, “There are three kinds of demon spirit bloodlines. The first one is the Ordinary demon beast’s bloodline. The second is the Ancient bloodline, which is rarely seen, like the Celestial Qilin demon beast. The third one is the Primordial bloodline, which is basically impossible to encounter.”

Lu Piao nodded. “No wonder Du Ze gave up on the Abyss Tiger when he integrated with the Celestial Qilin. Although the Abyss Tiger had a God Level growth rate, it was still just a demon beast with an Ordinary bloodline. Compared to one with an Ancient bloodline, the difference is too huge.”

“Under normal circumstances, it’s basically impossible for us to find any demon spirits with Ancient bloodlines. Therefore, the demon spirits that the students usually trade with are just Ordinary bloodline demon spirits,” said Xiao Yu.

Now, Lu Piao understood that it was to their great fortune that Nie Li had given them demon spirits with God Level growth rates. It was difficult for normal students to find a demon spirit with even an Extraordinary growth rate.

“What about those artifacts?” asked Lu Piao.

“Artifacts are somewhat similar to weapons and armour from our Tiny World. It’s just that artifacts harbour Heavenly Energy; therefore, they’re much stronger compared to ordinary weapons and armours. Artifacts are classified from Grade 1 to Grade 9. Above that are Transcendance Artifacts and Overgod Artifacts. It’s already rare enough for an ordinary student to obtain a Grade 3 Artifact. Usually, only Grade 1 Artifacts are traded,” explained Xiao Yu.

“Oh, so that’s the case.” As expectation rose in Lu Piao’s heart, he wondered just how strong the artifacts with Heavenly Energy would be.

“Let’s go and take a look.” Nie Li took the initiative and moved ahead.

Xiao Yu had only hesitated for a moment before following up. Lu Piao also quickened his pace.

There were several thousands of students bartering in the market.

“Does anyone have an Excellent growth rate demon spirit? I’m willing to exchange it for two spiritual stones!”

“Grade 2 Artifact for nine spiritual stones! Who’s willing?”

All kinds of voices rose from here and there.

“If spiritual stones are so precious, I wonder what their uses are towards cultivation?” Lu Piao asked curiously.

“Spiritual stones give huge assists towards cultivation. The higher one’s cultivation becomes, the greater their need would be for spiritual stones.” Xiao Yu continued in a serious tone, “Heavenly Energy is extremely thin in the Draconic Ruins Realm, and is unable to support our cultivation. However, these spiritual stones contain pure Heavenly Energy that greatly supports cultivation,” explained Xiao Yu.

Lu Piao nodded once he gained a rough idea of spiritual stones.

“How much can these elixirs that I’ve brought with me be sold for?” Lu Piao took out a bottle of elixir and enquired.

Xiao Yu smiled as he shook his head, “These elixirs are basically useless in this place.”

“Ah?” Lu Piao said sadly, “If I’d known that, I would’ve brought more demon spirits with me.”

Xiao Yu shook his head and said, “It’s also useless if you bring ordinary demon spirits. In the Draconic Ruins Realm, although demon spirits with Ancient bloodlines are hardly seen, most of the students here are fond of demon spirits with dragon bloodlines. They wouldn’t want an ordinary demon spirit, unless it had a God Level growth rate. But how could one find a God Level growth rate demon spirit so easily?”

“Oh...” Lu Piao was rather dejected at this point. His dream of striking it rich had been utterly shattered.

Demon spirits were already in short supply in Glory City. Therefore, Nie Li didn’t bring any along with him in the Draconic Ruins Realm. The vast majority of the things in his interspatial ring were worthless. That is, aside from several items like the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword and Green Poison Pearl, among a few others.

It was absolutely impossible for him to trade those things; therefore, it’d be rather difficult for him to gather spiritual stones for cultivation.

However, he had one valuable treasure with him: the Nightmare Demon Pot. Within the Draconic Ruins Realm, demon spirits were extremely important. Therefore, the Nightmare Demon Pot that could refine demon spirits naturally had great uses. However, for the time being, Nie Li still didn’t want to reveal the Nightmare Demon Pot.

Xiao Yu lightly smiled. “Aside from exchanging stuff for spiritual stones, Skysoul students also receive five spiritual stones every month.”

Lu Piao had a bitter expression plastered on his face. “Just five?”

Xiao Yu smiled and said, “That’s already a lot.”

Lu Piao was indeed greedy and is insatiable. Ordinary Earth Spiritual Roots could only collect one spiritual stone, while Man Spiritual Roots, were left entirely on their own.

Nie Li briefly strolled through the area. The artifacts, demon spirits, and various other items that these students were bartering were all ordinary things. Although a few items like the seed of the Scarlet Flower and a mysterious purple metal, among a few others, attracted his attention, his pocket was currently empty. He wasn’t in possession of even one spiritual stone, so he couldn’t buy anything.

Nie Li pondered for a while, then spoke. “When can we start receiving assignments from the Cultivation Hall?”

In order to cultivate in the Draconic Ruins Realm, spiritual stones were extremely important. The higher one’s cultivation became, the larger the need would become. Furthermore, spiritual stones could only be produced at a Deity’s Lake. One Deity’s Lake could only produce a few tens of thousands of spiritual stones a year. The number of Deity’s Lakes was extremely limited inside the Draconic Ruins Realm. Furthermore, the number was reducing as the years passed; therefore, the supply of spiritual stones was perpetually unable to meet the demand.

For a sect as large as the Divine Feathers Sect, although they were in control of a large number of Deity’s Lakes, it’s was still impossible for them to support the entire sect’s consumer needs.

Every year, the large sects would fight an intense battle over the Deity’s Lakes.

Following Xiao Yu’s lead, the three of them strolled through the crowd and gradually entered another area of the West District. Tall towers over dozens of meters in height loomed over them. A diverse selection of flora grew beneath these towers, bordering the small paths that criss-crossed through the shaded forest. Many students moved back and forth along the paths.

At the arrival of Xiao Yu and the other two, everyone turned in astonishment as they gossipped in low voices.

“Did you know? They say two people from the Tiny World came. One tested as an 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root and the other has a 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root! There’s going to be two more Heaven Spiritual Roots in our West District!”

“Give it up. Although Xiao Yu has a 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root, he still hasn’t broken through into the Heavenly Fate Realm. The situation of the two newcomers from the Tiny World is still unknown.”

The students walked past them quickly.