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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 270

Chapter 270 - Venerable Redsoul

He never thought that it’d take effect so quickly.

Nie Li was also a little shocked in his heart, but he soon figured out why. Xiao Yu hadn’t had a breakthrough for so many years. Originally, with Xiao Yu’s 7-grade Heavenly Spiritual Root talent, he should’ve reached Heavenly Fate Realm a long time ago, but due to certain reasons, he was unable to do so. However, the effects from cultivating so long were still present. Stimulated by Nie Li’s acupuncture, the Heavenly Energy burst forth in an instant.

A red light was emitting from Xiao Yu, so that even his skin glowed with a faint rose-scarlet colour. Berserk energy surged up a storm around his body.

“What powerful energy!” Nie Li was jolted by the force and had to take several steps back. As he watched Xiao Yu being enveloped in the storm-like aura, he muttered, “The [Myriad Dragon roars] cultivation technique is indeed powerful. Just where did the Nether Master obtain it from?”

Once Xiao Yu breaks through to Heavenly Fate Realm and forms his Fate Soul, his cultivation would be absolutely shocking.

As Nie Li was thinking those thoughts, Xiao Yu became submerged in his cultivation and the first Fate Soul began to form in his Soul Realm.

Right after this, the second and the third formed. His cultivation only stopped after the third.

When the third Fate Soul formed, Xiao Yu’s heart was utterly astonished. He never imagined that he’d be able to make his breakthrough so fast.

The surge of berserk energy quickly settled down, and became as calm as water. Xiao Yu slowly opened his eyes as an extraordinary splendor flashed through them.

The [Myriad Dragon roars] cultivation technique could conceal one’s cultivation status, making it undetectable by others. There were no longer any ripples of aura emanating from Xiao Yu. He lowered his head and could see that his clothes were messy and had fallen to his chest, fully exposing both shoulders. In that instant, he couldn’t help feeling awkward.

Xiao Yu put his clothes back on, turned to Nie Li, and said in a sincere tone, “Nie Li, thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to make this breakthrough to the Heavenly Fate Realm! If you have any requests for me, just say the word and I’ll do my best to help you!”

Xiao Yu was serious with his words. Because of the fact that he hadn’t been able to reach the Heavenly Fate Realm for so long, even his teacher had lost patience with him. If it hadn’t been for Nie Li, who knows how much longer he would’ve remained in the Earth Fate Realm for?

Nie Li held out his right hand out and said, “I’ve healed you, so pay up. I helped you break through to the Heavenly Fate Realm, so you should at least cough up some spiritual stones, right? Otherwise, tonight would’ve been a waste of time and effort for me!”

At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu raised his head to look at Nie Li and said, “I have roughly ten spiritual stones left. You can have them all.”

“Psh, you’re at least the son of an Enforcer! How could you be so poor? Forget it, I’d feel bad if you gave me all of your spiritual stones. I’ll take five and we’ll call it even. You brought me to the Divine Feathers Sect and I treated you, so we owe each other nothing.” Nie Li waved his hand, took five spiritual stones, and continued with a light smile, “Two silver needles earned me five spiritual stones! This night wasn’t wasted!”

Xiao Yu looked at Nie Li with a complicated expression. Those two needles were definitely not as simple as Nie Li were making them out to be. After all, they’d helped him enter the Heavenly Fate Realm. Xiao Yu had no idea how he could repay him. Was Nie Li just saying those things because he didn’t want Xiao Yu to owe him any favours?

Nie Li just wanted them to be even. Xiao Yu lightly sighed in his heart.

“Hey, Xiao Yu, why’re you looking at me like that? It’s giving me goosebumps.” Nie Li waved his hand, as an uncomfortable expression crossed his face. He continued, “I have no interest in men!”

At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu’s face turned black. Why did he have the sudden urge to bash Nie Li’s face in, even though it was Nie Li who’d helped him just now?

Xiao Yu stood up in annoyance and walked outside. As he headed towards the door, he paused his steps for a moment and couldn’t help saying in a soft voice, “Anyways, thank you.” Ending his words, he walked out and closed the door.

Looking at the door that Xiao Yu had just closed, Nie Li laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. “To think he still insisted on thanking me. Why does it feel like I lost by taking five spiritual stones? I should’ve taken all ten of them!”

The night passed quietly.

Next morning was clear and crisp. The sounds of chirping birds came from the forest like beautiful music.

Morning fog covered the area as fresh air permeated the forest.

Many students had already risen this early in the morning and began training. Nie Li and Lu Piao walked along the zigzagged path. Today they were to report to their teachers and they couldn’t help wondering what kind of people their teachers would be?

Nie Li and Lu Piao followed the map that Xiao Yu had given them and eventually reached a courtyard. At the entrance of this courtyard stood a grey robed expert who barred Nie Li and Lu Piao from entering as he demanded, “Your name plates!”

Nie Li and Lu Piao took out their name plates at the grey robed expert’s request.

“Enter, then!” The expert said as he nodded his head.

Nie Li and Lu Piao entered. Lu Piao looked around with a very curious attitude as he said, “This place is really different from our Holy Orchid Institute!”

“Yeah.” Nie Li nodded in agreement. Upon walking inside, they saw dozens of students who’d gathered in the courtyard, one of which looked a little familiar. It was one of Hua Ling’s underlings who’d tested as a 1-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. That guy was also staring at Nie Li and Lu Piao with a trace of enmity in his eyes.

It seems that all of the students gathered here have Heaven Spiritual Roots!

When Nie Li and Lu Piao walked in, many people turned their attention towards them.

One youth who appeared roughly sixteen or seventeen years old walked over and asked, “Where are the two of you from?”

Nie Li turned his head and glanced at the youth who appeared very conceited in his behaviour.

“The Tiny World.” Nie Li calmly replied.

“Oh? So you two are the geniuses from the Tiny World? A 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Root and 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root.” The eyes of this youth flashed with a peculiar light as he continued, “I’m Jin Yan, member of the Divine Feathers Sect’s Jin Clan! Our family holds geniuses with high regard. If you’re ever free, feel free to come and visit our place.”

Although Jin Yan’s words carried the intention of an invitation, as a member of the Jin Clan, he also wasn’t willing to lower his head too much to Nie Li and Lu Piao.

“We can talk about that later,” said Nie Li as he and Lu Piao walked away.

Upon hearing Nie Li’s words, Jin Yan’s expression darkened. To think these two from the Tiny World were actually being so impudent! Jin Yan had a dark expression on his face as he walked away.

“Nie Li, offending him like that doesn’t seem to be a great idea, right?” Lu Piao said with a little concern.

“Don’t worry about it. Inside the Skysoul Institute, we’re safe. Even if someone tries to make trouble for us, they still wouldn’t dare be too excessive. Since we didn’t join anyone, we’re in the safest place. No faction would easily try to offend a genius standing in the neutral zone. However, if we’d joined a faction, then that’d bring trouble,” said Nie Li. Although the Skysoul Institute was only an institution under the Divine Feathers Sect, the confrontations between fractions could be extremely intense.

Otherwise, the Divine Feathers Sect wouldn’t have broken apart in the previous life. There’s definitely a reason to it.

As they conversed, a white haired elderly man walked in from outside the courtyard, swept his gaze over each student, and said, “Nice to meet you all, I’m your teacher, Venerable Redsoul. From now on, I’ll guide your cultivations. Follow me inside and have a seat!”

Following Venerable Redsoul’s lead, they entered a wide training room and sat with their legs crossed. Venerable Redsoul sat on the raised platform.

“In our class, we have a total of thirty-six students, all from the new year. Every one of you has extraordinary talent and spiritual roots unattainable for ordinary people. However, I have to make myself clear. In here, you must obey my rules. At the end of the year, the five among you with the highest strengths will have a chance to be sent to the East District. Remember, we’re reserving five spots. If you’re unable to obtain a place, then I’m very sorry, but you’ll have to stay a bit longer in the West District.” Venerable Redsoul’s gaze swept over everyone as he continued in an imposing tone, “All of you are geniuses and, therefore, none of you here would want to fall behind anyone else. If you’re a step behind, then you’re behind in every step!”

At Venerable Redsoul’s words, everyone looked at each other with trace of enmity flashing through their eyes.

This was a world that prioritised strength. In a year, only five would be sent to the East District while everyone else would have to wait another year. They couldn’t afford to wait for a year!

On the road towards strength, if you lagged a step behind someone, then they’d step on your head to climb further up. Experts definitely won’t have a trace of pity for the weak!

Venerable Redsoul’s gaze swept over all thirty-six students. Among these thirty-six were people from various cities and the smaller realms. Roughly half of them were from various families within the Divine Feathers Sect, descendents of various clans. There were also some with other considerable backgrounds as well.

However, in this class, Venerable Redsoul still held the absolute authority. Even if he were to punish a few students, the families behind those students wouldn’t be able to touch him. As a teacher of the Skysoul Institute, his position was rather high up. His gaze fell on a girl clothed in light blue and was suddenly stunned for a brief moment. He never thought that this girl would also be here.

This girl was extremely beautiful, to the point where she could attract the gaze of others and fix them on herself. However, the expression on her face was very cold and she appeared to carry a faint trace of bloodlust that prevented others from approaching her.

Venerable Redsoul retracted his gaze and slowly said, “All of you are geniuses. Although you’ve just stepped into the realm of cultivation, all of you possess uncommon talent. The Skysoul Institute forbids internal fights, which I also would not like to see. If you cause too much trouble and injure someone, that’d be equivalent to ruining your prospects. All of you must think clearly about this!” Venerable Redsoul coldly reminded.

On one hand, they intend to pit geniuses against one another. On the other hand, they forbade internal fights. The Skysoul Institute has indeed put a lot of thought into this.

At that moment, although Nie Li was listening from the side, his mind was already working on how to get more spiritual stones. The five spiritual stones that he’d gotten from Xiao Yu yesterday would be finished soon. Since he practised the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique, his soul realm became a bottomless pit.