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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 282

Chapter 282 - Whos the Trash Now?

When Long Yuyin sensed Nie Li’s violating gaze that swept over her face, waist, and various other spots, she couldn’t help feeling a peculiar sensation, as though she was standing naked before him. She’d never felt anything like it before.

The bystanders were all astonished. None of them imagined that Nie Li would say such things to Long Yuyin.

There was actually someone who dared to provoke a demoness like Long Yuyin!

Xiao Yu couldn’t help worrying that Nie Li would face extremely severe consequences by offending Long Yuyin. He couldn’t understand why Nie Li was so focused Long Yuyin. It’s as though he’d had lots of bad blood with her. Long Yuyin’s background ran deep; if only Nie Li could endure it briefly, soon everything would be over.

As for Lu Piao, he was secretly giving Nie Li a thumbs up. An authoritative woman like Long Yuyin needed to be mercilessly brought down. Otherwise, wouldn’t Long Yuying really start thinking of herself as number one of the entire world?

“You...!” Long Yuyin was filled with rage. Since when had someone dared to be so impudent in front of her? Nie Li’s gaze made her feet as though her entire body was being pricked with needles. “Lecher, I’ll gouge your eyes out!”

“Long Yuyin, do you really think that I’m interested in you? Don’t overestimate yourself! You may be from a prominent family and possess extraordinary talent, but in my eyes, you’re nothing! Even if a woman like you were stripped naked and placed in front of me, I’m sorry, but I won’t have even the slightest interest! You’re a woman with a heart that’s as vicious as a snake. No matter how good looking you are, it still won’t cover the ugliness in your heart!” Nie Li said with extreme contempt.

Nie Li thought about the vicious words that Long Yuyin said to his Master. Right now, he was just returning the favour. As he recalled his persecuted Master of his previous life, his heart filled with wrath.

Long Yuyin tightly clenched her fists as a surge of majestic aura spread out and bore down on Nie Li.

“Lowly peasant, you dare to insult me?! I’ll kill you!” Long Yuyin was on the edge of going berserk. If it hadn’t been Skysoul Institute’s rule forbidding killing, she probably would’ve already taken action.

Nie Li coldly laughed as he looked at Long Yuyin. “Long Yuyin, your superiority only comes from your birth. What talent? Hilarious!” Under the pressure of Long Yuyin’s aura, he still appeared light-footed and perfectly fine. Long Yuyin thought of herself too highly and never looked at anyone with high regard. Ordinary people were just a bunch of lowly peasants to her.

Long Yuyin gradually calmed down, but she still couldn’t understand why she was so easily infuriated by Nie Li. In the past, no one her age was worth a second glance from her. Perhaps it was because the talent that Nie Li displayed threatened her, and that sense of threat is what made her so infuriated?

Bloodlust burst forth from Long Yuyin’s body. “Let’s see how you’ll surpass me today! If you’re unable to surpass me, then I’ll have you dead!”

“Then watch carefully!” Nie Li’s eyes flashed with a chilly trace, “Not only will I surpass you, I still want to let you know that everything you’ve depended on is simply laughable. You think likes of you can to be so arrogant?”

Once Nie Li’s words landed, the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique in his soul realm activated at high speed.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

A powerful explosion of Heavenly Energy surged from Nie Li’s feet, as if it was trying to turn the people nearby on their heads.

The bystanders’ facial expressions all changed upon sensing that terrifying aura.

Xiao Yu and Lu Piao also stared at Nie Li in shock; the rest were terrified as he stood in the center of the aura explosion, his clothes were fluttering in the wind like a deity descending from heaven.

Just what kind of horrifying energy was this?!

Even Long Yuyin couldn’t help being shocked.

Nie Li slowly ascended. One hundred twenty-six steps, one hundred twenty-seven steps. Long Yuyin watched as he approached and felt her breath stop as she sensed the suffocating pressure emanating from him.

This aura was even more powerful than the surrounding Heavenly Energy, causing Long Yuyin to step back before steadying her feet.

How? How could Nie Li pressure her so, when he hasn’t even reached the Heavenly Fate Realm? He was even stronger than a 5-fate Heavenly Fate Realm expert!

What Long Yuyin didn’t know was that, the pressure that she was feeling wasn’t from Nie Li himself; rather, Nie Li had obtained his power from the surrounding Heavenly Energy by communicating with the spiritual well. The ambient Heavenly Energy within the spiritual well was extremely dense. Under Nie Li’s direction, it could burst forth with frightening energy.

One hundred twenty-eighth step, one hundred twenty-ninth step...

Nie Li ascended, one foot in front of the other, to the one hundred thirtieth step, finally standing on the same level as Long Yuyin. He swept a glance at Long Yuyin and coldly smiled, “One hundred thirtieth step. Just so-so!”

Long Yuyin was dumbfounded as she looked at Nie Li. She’d always been proud of her talent. As far as she was concerned, it was impossible for someone of the same age to surpass her. However, the pride that she’d held was now heavily scattered over the ground. Nie Li looked down at her coldly, the loathing look in his eyes making her feel like she was trash on the ground.

Nie Li pulled his gaze away from Long Yuyin and didn’t afford her a second glance as he ascended onto the one hundred thirty-first step.


When Nie Li’s foot landed, a deep and low sound echoed through the hearts of the surrounding disciples.

That was the one hundred thirty-first step!

The area outside the Saint Soul Grounds boiled with voices.

On the Saint Soul Board, Nie Li’s ranking had already replaced Long Yuyin’s at the ninth rank. Everyone stared in disbelief at the Saint Soul Board.

“This is impossible...”

“That Nie Li actually managed to pull Long Yuyin down!”

“This is too unbelievable! Someone from the Tiny World actually won against Long Yuyin, who has the Blood Dragon lineage of the Dragonseal Family!”

No one could believe the results; however the name on the Saint soul Board was clearly displayed, leaving them with no choice but to believe it.

Among the younger generations, Long Yuyin was a legend. And now, another legend has been born.

Furthermore, this legend was far stronger compared to Long Yuyin, making everyone there even more astonished. Long Yuyin was from the Dragonseal Family and had enjoyed an unimaginably vast horde of cultivating resources since she was young. Everything she had was unreachable to others.

But Nie Li had come from the Tiny World without any background, nor had he been provided with a vast supply of cultivating resources.

However, Nie Li still managed to reach such shocking heights.

Long Yuyin looked at Nie Li’s silhouette. At that particular moment, Nie Li wasn’t looking back; instead, he continued to ascend step by step.

One hundred thirty-two, one hundred thirty-three......

His steps were slow but calm, fantastically resonating with the ambient Heavenly Energy.

It wasn’t until he reached the one hundred thirty-sixth step that Nie Li finally felt the irresistible pressure and stopped. He had entered into a profound state and decided that he no longer needed to move any higher.

Long Yuyin dumbfoundedly stared at Nie Li’s silhouette. There were a total of six steps between her and Nie Li. It was like an unbridgeable gap, a realm impossible for her to reach!

All along, she’d believed that she had the strongest talent. Until now. Her pride and dignity had been mercilessly scattered. Faced with Nie Li who’d managed to ascend to the one hundred thirty-sixth step in one go, she’d totally lost her fighting spirit.

This man before her was like a mountain, bearing down on her head, rendering her unable to breath.

She’d always flaunted herself as a genius. But it was just like Nie Li had said: she was nothing. Compared to him, she was far inferior.

She clenched her fists as complicated feelings flooded her heart. Was that a gesture of the unresigned? Even she couldn’t understand her own feelings.

At that moment, Lu Piao and Xiao Yu were observing Nie Li’s silhouette high above them, both in a state of utter dumbfoundedness. They’d never imagined that Nie Li would reach the one hundred thirty-sixth step in one go and utterly crush a woman like Long Yuyin under his feet while he was at it.

Long Yuyin faced the six steps before her without even half an intention to attempt another step up.

The surrounding disciples of the Skysoul Institute also stared dumbfoundedly at Nie Li’s figure. Was the guy before their eyes really a newcomer? He’d actually managed to climb up to the one hundred thirty-sixth step on his first try! This was simply too frightening! Was he going to give anyone a chance?

Some of the students outside the Saint Soul Grounds were flared up in a commotion as others stared blankly at the Saint Soul Board.

On the Saint Soul Board, Nie Li’s name had already reached the third rank.

Nie Li was still a newcomer from this year who’d yet to reach the Heavenly Fate Realm. If his ability to communicate with Heavenly Energy had already reached this current height, how terrifying might he be once he reached the Heavenly Fate Realm?

The stronger one’s ability to communicate with the Heavenly Energy was, the faster their cultivating speed would be. The results were easily predictable. Before Long, Nie Li would reach the Heavenly Fate Realm. Once there, his cultivation would suddenly experience a huge leap and reach an unimaginable height!

Gu Bei and Gu Lan exchanged glances as deep shock filled their eyes. Previously, they’d underestimated Nie Li!

Nie Li’s talent had utterly surpassed Long Yuyin’s, making him the most dazzling genius among the newcomers! Even Gu Bei couldn’t help feeling a little ashamed. Even he might not be able to win against Nie Li.

Gu Heng studied the Saint Soul Board as his gaze flickered. Even he couldn’t help harboring a deep jealousy for Nie Li’s talent.

He definitely must recruit this individual and take him under his wing! A chilly light flashed through Gu Heng’s eyes as those thoughts crossed his mind. If he couldn’t recruit Nie Li, then he had to destroy thoroughly him. Otherwise, Gu Heng won’t be able to feel at ease in his heart!

At that moment, a fairy-like girl, who was some distance away, raised her head and looked at the Saint Soul Board. She couldn’t help the trace of shock that flashed through her eyes. She never imagined that Nie Li’s talent would be so powerful. However, it also made sense, since this was the one person whose destiny she couldn’t see through.

Earlier, when she first met Nie Li and saw his expression, Ying Yueru had a feeling in her heart that their fates would cross in some way.

She took one last glance at the Saint Soul Board, then her figure disappeared into the nearby forest.