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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 289

Chapter 289 - Confrontation!

Long Yuyin aimed three consecutive kicks that exhausted her strength and energy. It was in that moment that she revealed an opening.

When a person kicks, they exert force through the foot and calf. Since people usually train these parts of the body, it’s extremely tough to attack there. Therefore, the inner thighs are the weak spot.

Nie Li only gave a light punch on her inner thighs, but this caused Long Yuyin to completely lose control and fall.

Even though it was only a light punch, its force directly reverberated through her body.

Long Yuyin groaned as she landed to the side with her face ashen. A soury pain and numbness came from her inner thighs, making her unable to stand steadily. She was also embarrassed by where Nie Li had struck her. However, she was the most surprised by the fact that Nie Li’s strength was obviously below her own; so why did she suffer such heavy damage from such a soft punch?

She possessed the Blood Dragon lineage! An ordinary person’s punch wouldn’t be able to cause any damage to her!

However, the stronger Nie Li proved to be, the more intense her fighting spirit would burn. She was Long Yuyin! She definitely wouldn’t lose!

As soon as she fell, she stood up again and whipped more kicks towards Nie Li.

Nie Li sensed that Long Yuyin was becoming more forceful and was a little enraged by it. This woman really didn’t know when to quit! Did she really think he couldn’t hurt her just because he didn’t go with a heavy attack?

Right now, almost everyone couldn’t help dumbfoundedly watching Nie Li and Long Yuyin. Long Yuyin was someone with the Blood Dragon lineage! All the bystanders originally thought that Nie Li was the one who would’ve been given a beating. However, in this confrontation, it wasn’t Nie Li who had the underhand; it was Long Yuyin who appeared to have suffered damage.

This was too shocking!

Forget defeating Long Yuyin on the Saint Soul Board, that girl was the strongest in physical strength. Was Nie Li also stronger than her in that sense? That talent of his was borderline heaven-defying; was he still going to give others a chance to compete?

However, Venerable Redsoul could see that Nie Li’s physical body was actually inferior to Long Yuyin’s. However, Nie Li’s insights on the Martial Dao surpassed Long Yuyin by far. Nie Li knew how to effectively use his own strength to achieve ‘using weak to win against the strong!’

Long Yuyin’s attacks were very swift and heavily pressured Nie Li. After all, she was also talented in the Martial Dao. She immediately readjusted herself after receiving the small attack from Nie Li.

Long Yuyin continuously struck out with such speed that her attacks left afterimages.

Nie Li’s eyes were slightly narrowed as he backed off without taking any action. Just as Long Yuyin prepared to change attacks, he suddenly moved his right hand and grabbed Long Yuyin’s calf.

Long Yuyin tried to pull back, but she was too late and was grabbed by Nie Li. She could no longer pull away.

“Let me go!” Long Yuyin said in embarrassment. “Otherwise, don’t blame me for being heavy with my attacks!”

Since this was only a combat drill, Long Yuyin didn’t exert the power of her Blood Dragon lineage. She originally thought that she could defeat Nie Li without using the Blood Dragon lineage; however, his strength greatly surpassed her imagination. The moment they clashed, she suffered a small loss. Now, he was holding onto her leg.

“Hmph, let you go? Why should I? Aren’t you supposed to be very powerful?” Nie Li’s anger still hadn’t subsided. Not only did he not release her, he even took a step towards Long Yuyin, lifting her leg higher.

“Let go right now! Otherwise, I won’t hold back!” Long Yuyin’s leg was raised until it almost touched her chest, forcing her to hop a step back. Her heart quaked from the embarrassing position she’d been put in. Her face paled as there were many people watching.

“Long Yuyin, you think that your Blood Dragon lineage is very powerful? It’s just so-so! What methods do you still have up your sleeve? Why don’t you take them all out and let me see just how much ability you have!” Nie Li took several steps forward as his right hand gripped the meridians in her calf. His grip weakened Long Yuyin and she couldn’t help hopping several steps backwards.

Long Yuyin kept backing away as Nie Li forced her closer and closer to the boundary, until finally there was nowhere else to back up to.

Long Yuyin’s face turned pale and she bit her lips at Nie Li’s words. She tried to pull her leg back again, but failed.

Long Yuyin’s struggle didn’t soften Nie Li’s heart. From his previous life, he was well aware of what kind of person she was. Just like how earlier, when Nie Li had come out from the Saint Soul Grounds, Long Yuyin had impatiently sent people from her family to deal with him.

A woman like Long Yuyin would return a tooth for a tooth. He had to crush her entirely, and make her shrink back in fear. Only that way, she wouldn’t be a threat to his master anymore!

Nie Li definitely wouldn’t be gentle when faced with an enemy. He had to let Long Yuyin sense fear so she wouldn’t dare to be so impudent anymore!

Nie Li put his face near Long Yuyin’s ear and coldly laughed, “You’re just a piece of trash that knows how to use your family’s influence. Your family aside, you’re nothing! What Blood Dragon lineage? They’re all just jokes that only you would think are important!”

Long Yuyin’s eyes flickered with tears as Nie Li humiliated her in front of so many people. She look at him. Since when had she felt such humiliation before?

“Nie Li, you’re too much!” Long Yuyin instantly burst forth with powerful energy as her other leg shot up and clamped onto Nie Li’s neck. With a 360° turn, she flipped Nie Li onto the ground.

Nie Li never imagined that Long Yuyin would actually be able to call forth such powerful energy. He was intended to break away from her calf, but it was already too late. The only option was to counterattack.


Nie Li landed heavily on the ground. Although his neck was in her grip, he managed to flip over, pinning Long Yuyin under himself and grabbing her neck.

The two of them were deadlocked in that strange position. Both of Long Yuyin’s tight thighs were clamped around Nie Li’s neck. However, she was pinned down by Nie Li with her body arched and her neck in Nie Li’s hands.

Everyone else stupidly exchanged looks.

Lu Piao and Gu Bei were dumbfounded as well. Just what were the two of them doing? It couldn’t be. Were they going to...

The other girls in the class cried out as their faces blushed red. Nie Li and Long Yuyin’s actions were indeed a little too...

Nie Li coldly barked as his right hand slowly exerted force on Long Yuyin’s neck. “Let go of me, otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

Long Yuyin’s face was a little pale, but she didn’t give up. She furiously glared at Nie Li as tears flickered within her eyes. “Then I’ll take you with me!”

Nie Li scowled and coldly cursed, “You crazy woman! Release me this instant!” He hated how Long Yuyin kept bothering him like this. He already couldn’t be bothered to pursue the grudges from his previous life. But now, this woman was coming after him again and again, insisting on making trouble for him. Nie Li was rather furious.

Nie Li realised that Long Yuyin was about to suffocate him with her thighs, so he pressed down harder on her.

“Let go!” Nie Li deeply snarled. He didn’t wanted to die with this crazy woman. Furthermore, if he couldn’t kill Long Yuyin now, that meant that the current him was still too weak to confront the Dragonseal Family.

Long Yuyin’s face was pale as she coughed. She’d finally calmed down her rage and began to slowly lessen the force between her legs. “You let go of your hands first!”

Nie Li rebuked as his left palm smacked her butt with a crisp sound. “If you won’t let go, then don’t blame me for getting rude!”

Long Yuyin paused as she sensed the burning pain on her rear end. Her face turned red as her voice trembled, “Nie Li, how dare you humiliate me!”

“So what if I humiliate you? Let go now. If you won’t let go, then will you believe me when I say that I’ll tear your clothes off and let everyone have a good look?!” Nie Li coldly growled.

“You...” Long Yuyin’s voice trembled at Nie Li’s cold voice. She was afraid. If Nie Li really stripped her, then there’d be no way she could ever face anyone else in her entire life, ever again. She would rather commit suicide and be done with it. She had finally loosened her legs around Nie Li’s neck and released him.

Nie Li had also pulled his hand back, releasing his choke-hold. He also didn’t want to waste any more effort being tangled with her.

The moment Nie Li released his hand, Long Yuyin suddenly pounced and kicked him in the chest. Nie Li was caught off guard, took the kick head-on, and was sent flying before he heavily smashed into the barrier. Nie Li tasted something sweet in his throat and nearly vomited blood.

Nie Li never thought that Long Yuyin would actually use a sneak attack on him!

“You deserved it!” Long Yuyin’s eyes still flickered with tears. She’d been humiliated by Nie Li in front of so many people. She thoroughly hated him.

Energy and blood raged through Nie Li’s body. When he raised his his head to look at Long Yuyin, his expression frosted over, entirely devoid of emotion. Indeed, he should never go easy on people like Long Yuyin! Once goes easy, that woman will strike back severely!

Long Yuyin’s heart trembled when she saw that Nie Li’s expression was like unmelting ice, looking at her like a corpse. She vaguely realised that she’d been wrong to kick Nie Li when had released her. However, Nie Li had bullied her so badly, so why shouldn’t she strike back?

Long Yuyin clenched both of her fists. Both the incident within the Saint Soul Grounds and this incident today were the greatest shames of her life!

However, it looked like she’d been asking for all of it!

Nie Li held his chest as he stood up. A chill flashed within his eyes. The barrier had already been removed. Nie Li brushed past Long Yuyin without even affording her a single glance as he walked towards Lu Piao and Gu Bei’s direction. No matter what, Nie Li would never go easy on Long Yuyin ever again!

Long Yuyin opened her mouth. She wanted to say something, but in the end, she only swallowed her words. She didn’t know why, but she sensed a terrifying cold in Nie Li’s expression.