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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 290

Chapter 290 - The farther the better!

In Nie Li’s heart, there was no difference between the current Long Yuyin and the vicious woman from his previous life!

If they weren’t in the Skysoul Institute, Nie Li might’ve already engaged Long Yuyin in a life-and-death battle.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked between Nie Li and Long Yuyin.

This situation was too explosive. No one thought that Long Yuyin, who possessed the Blood Dragon lineage, would actually end up getting so miserably bullied by Nie Li. It seemed that Long Yuyin really had met her match this time!

It’s just that the scene earlier was a little...

Lu Piao couldn’t helping winking at Nie Li when he saw their strange posture. The things that just happened were indeed...a little...too fiery!

However, he had also noticed that Nie Li’s face was ashen and contained killing intent, so much that it even caused Lu Piao to tremble unconsciously. What was going on with Nie Li? It’d been a long time since Lu Piao had met Nie Li, but Nie Li rarely ever acted so angrily. Lu Piao felt that there was some sort of unresolvable bad blood between the two of them.

The girls in the class all exchanged glances. They never thought that Long Yuyin would actually throw away her own safety to try and take down Nie Li. It was even more unexpected that Nie Li would be strong enough to beat Long Yuyin.

He Yinyin pursed her lips and said, “Long Yuyin, that woman asked for it. She thought that her Blood Dragon lineage was very powerful, but in the end she still lost to Senior Brother Nie Li! That woman can’t be trying to attract Senior Brother Nie Li’s attention, right?!”

The more He Yinyin thought about it, the more convinced she became that there was something wrong with Long Yuyin’s head. Why would she purposely seek out Nie Li?

One of the girls couldn’t help asking in a mesmerised voice, “Yinyin, what do you think Senior Brother Nie Li is like?” Nie Li’s dazzling talent had moved her heart a little.

He Yinyin said in disdain, “Don’t think about it. With so many people eyeing Senior Brother Nie Li, it’ll never be your turn!”

Hearing He Yinyin’s words, that girl said in annoyance, “Who knows? I don’t see Senior Brother Nie Li being interested in you either!”

Jin Yan looked at Nie Li and tightly clenched his fist as annoyance filled his heart. In terms of physical strength, which Long Yuyin supposedly excel at, Nie Li had actually defeated her. That talent was simply too heaven-defying! No wonder Nie Li had entirely disregarded Jin Yan earlier. So it turned out that he had no place in Nie Li’s eyes!

Long Yuyin’s presence alone already made Jin Yan unhappy. Now that Nie Li had been added on top, he was even more unhappy.

Han Jing and his group stood some distance away, utterly shocked. Previously, they were thinking of how to make trouble for Nie Li; but now, such thoughts were totally banished from their minds. No one would want to provoke someone like Nie Li, who had so much natural talent. Not to mention the fact that if a fight did break out, they were definitely not in Nie Li’s league.

Wang Yang looked at Nie Li as his eyes filled with maliciousness and jealousy.

Venerable Redsoul lowly coughed and said, “Since you’ve found your partners, you should often train together to enhance your physical strength. Today’s lesson will end here, but you may continue with your training. The third lesson will be in three days.”

Venerable Redsoul then left the grounds.

Nie Li glanced at Lu Piao and Gu Bei and said, “Let’s go!”

Just when Nie Li was about to leave, Long Yuyin suddenly popped out from the side and stopped him. “You’re not allowed to leave!”

Nie Li coldly looked at her. What more did this woman want?

“I want you to stay behind and continue training with me!” Long Yuyin bit her teeth and looked at Nie Li stubbornly. She wanted to become even stronger and she knew that Nie Li’s strength could ignite the fighting spirit within her heart.

Nie Li glanced at her with loathing. “Get lost! I don’t have the time for it!” This woman was endless!

At the sight of this, everyone became dumbfounded.

Long Yuyin had just suffered such a huge loss and was humiliated to such an extent. Why did she want Nie Li to train with her? Did she have some loose screws in her brain? Was this woman a masochist, so that the more that she was humiliated, the more she wanted to present herself at his front doorstep? Or could it be that this girl had fallen for Nie Li?

He Yinyin furrowed her brows and said, “Long Yuyin, aren’t you a little too thick-skinned? Senior Brother Nie Li doesn’t want to deal with you anymore, and yet you still want to bother him!”

Long Yuyin glanced at He Yinyin and coldly rebuked, “This is none of your business. Get lost! If you dare say another word, I’ll throw you out!”

“You...” In her heart, He Yinyin was extremely infuriated. ‘This crazy woman!’ However, she didn’t respond to Long Yuyin and could only leave in frustration.

Nie Li coldly stared at her. “Long Yuyin, are you looking for humiliation?”

Long Yuyin’s gaze met Nie Li’s as she said, “I did not lose earlier, nor do I admit defeat. Unless you can win against me, we’ll continue to fight! If you managed to win, then regardless of what you ask of me, if I ever frown for a second, then my name is not Long Yuyin! If I win, I’ll return those three lashes back to you!”

Nie Li snorted. “Get lost! I don’t have any more time to waste with you!” He was prepared to move around Long Yuyin.

“You’re not allowed to leave!” Long Yuyin stretched her hand out to block Nie Li and kicked him with her left leg.

Nie Li immediately dodged. He was utterly enraged by this woman.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Another intense battle broke out as energy shot from their fists. Both Nie Lie and Long Yuyin’s speed were raised to the limits and only afterimages were left behind.

The two of them were like a buckets of gunpowder, exploding upon ignition. In just that short moment, they ended up fighting again.

Everyone was dumbfoundedly staring at the intense battle going on between the two of them.

Long Yuyin was maxing the potential of her Blood Dragon lineage. Regardless of attack speed or strength, everything was several folds stronger than before. Every attack was extremely sharp and precise.


Long Yuyin aimed an attack at Nie Li’s chest, which he blocked with both arms. However, the powerful energy still forced him back several dozens of steps. Without the slightest pause, Long Yuyin jumped in again and rained another barrage of attacks at Nie Li.

Her attacks were like a raging storm.

Gu Bei furrowed his brows for a brief moment as he couldn’t help worrying about Nie Li. “Long Yuyin, that woman is really fighting with her life on the line!” He prepared to jump in at any time. If Long Yuyin really intended to kill Nie Li, then Gu Bei would definitely help him. Right now, he couldn’t care less about revealing his power.

Nie Li could only keep warding off Long Yuyin’s storm-like attacks as his heart became filled with endless rage.

He’d endured it again and again, but this Long Yuyin was simply endless.

“Since that’s the case, then don’t blame me for getting impolite!” Nie Li’s eyes flashed with a chilling light. “Since you’re asking for it, I’ll give you a thorough lesson!”

Nie Li absolutely won’t fear anyone of the same level!

Long Yuyin sent a burst of energy to her leg. Just when it was about to land on Nie Li, he suddenly sidestepped, leaving an afterimage.

“What?” Long Yuyin was sure that her attack was about to land on Nie Li, but then, her vision suddenly blurred and he went missing.

The next moment, Nie Li appeared at Long Yuyin’s right. He grabbed her lower leg with one hand, her thighs with the other. He lifted her into the air, then mercilessly thrashed her onto the ground.


A huge crater instantly appeared in the training room.

Long Yuyin was disoriented from being smashed onto the floor. However, before she could react, Nie Li lifted her again and smashed her on another part of the ground.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Nie Li threw her again and again like a sandbag. After several rounds of smashing her around, he sent a round of concentrated attacks on her.

Unlike Long Yuyin’s attacks which were storm-like and fast, her attacks are filled with flaws. Nie Li’s attacks, however, were continuous and aimed from extremely crafty angles, calculated so Long Yuyin couldn’t block them.

Long Yuyin was smashed onto the ground, then tossed into the sky before she was back down on the ground, yet again. However, to the credit of the Blood Dragon lineage, her body was indeed powerful. Regardless of how Nie Li attacked, Long Yuyin only sustained superficial injuries.

However, since Nie Li began his attacks, Long Yuyin had found it extremely difficult to strike back.

Everyone was completely dazed.

After Long Yuyin ignited her Blood Dragon lineage, she began to stand with the advantage, attacking Nie Li so that he had no way to counterattack. However, after Nie Li managed to find a flaw, he was then the one on the winning side. Furthermore, his attacks prevented Long Yuyin from countering.

Everyone watched as the powerful and fierce Long Yuyin was beaten to the point that she couldn’t strike back!


No one could find the words to describe their current state of mind.


Long Yuyin landed on the ground. Although Nie Li’s attacks couldn’t penetrate her Blood Dragon’s physique, they still caused heavy damage. The bones in her entire body felt as though they’d shatter to dust. She bewilderedly stared at the ceiling, trying to figure out why she was so inferior to Nie Li.

Regardless of what they’d competed in, she’d utterly lost to Nie Li.

A deep sense of defeat welled up in her heart and two rows of tears flowed down.

She’d spent so many years being the strongest of her age, training like mad, and idolising strength. Today, her most prideful physique had been thoroughly defeated. She suddenly felt like crying.

So it turned out that her hard work and pride were nothing more than empty air!

“Heaven and earth are vast; countless experts roam between them. The likes of you wants to be proud and arrogant? Long Yuyin, today, I gave you a small lesson. Keep that prideful character of yours in check. Otherwise, even if I don’t take action, eventually there’ll be someone who comes along and teaches you a lesson!” Finishing his words, Nie Li couldn’t be bothered say more as he turned and exited the training grounds.

Long Yuyin sat up, wiped the tears from face, and bit her lips. “One must admit defeat when one’s lost. As I said earlier, regardless of what request you have of me, I definitely won’t frown for a second!”

Nie Li paused his steps and said, “Stay away from me! The farther the better!”

Finishing his words, Nie Li walked out.

As Nie Li moved further away, tears blurred Long Yuyin’s vision. Nie Li couldn’t even be bothered to give her a glance. In Nie Li’s eyes, was she worth less than dust? It was all just so funny. She’d always been a very proud girl, but in the eyes of Nie Li, she was nothing.