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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 296

Chapter 296 - Li Xingyun

Nie Li continued to sell God Level growth rate demon spirits in large quantities, raising everyone’s curiosity. Just where could he have gotten so many God Level demon spirits from?

Was the Tiny World really that mysterious? Aside from geniuses, they could even mass produce God Level growth rate demon spirits?

As Nie Li and his group busied themselves with selling demon spirits, a group of people walked up to them.

Their leader was a heroic looking youth who was roughly in his twenties. His cheeks were outlined with a dignified expression as he strode forward in wide and prideful steps. A powerful wave of aura surged as he approached.

The incoming wave hinted at a frightening power.

Nie Li sensed his presence and shifted his eyes to this youth. One look told him that this youth was even stronger than Murong Yu. Furthermore, this man cultivated the [Nine-Transformation Draconic Flames], which was the cultivation technique of the Ashen Flames Family. This technique allowed him to contain the powerful Draconic Flames aura within his body.

If he didn’t suppress his Draconic Flames, he would be roughly an 8 or 9-fate expert.

This youth was from the Ashen Flames Family. That meant that the dozen or so people following him should also be experts from the Ashen Flames Family!

The Ashen Flames Family was one of the three major powers of the Divine Feathers Sect. They were also more neutral in standing and rarely ever participated in the contest for the Sect Master’s position. However, their strength was not to be underestimated, as even previous Sect Masters had often tried to curry favor with them. This was an extremely mysterious family. Even during Nie Li’s previous life, after the Divine Feathers Sect had fallen apart, the Ashen Flames Family still managed to stand strongly as an independent.

The youth gave Nie Li a once-over and lightly smiled. “I heard that you’re selling God Level growth rate demon spirits?”

“That’s right.” Nie Li nodded as he attentively observed this youth’s attitude, trying to guess his intentions.

The youth firmly said, “How many God Level growth rate demon spirits do you have left? We’ll just go with your price and take them all!”

Lu Piao’s eyebrows twitched as excitement revealed itself on his face. He must be a moneybag, if he could afford to buy all their demon spirits.

Nie Li asked in a calm voice as he guessed the identity of the opposite party, “I wonder how I should address this Young Master?”

The youth looked at Nie Li as the trace of a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. “You must be Nie Li, I’ve heard of you before. You and Long Yuyin are the only decent ones among the newcomers. My name is Li Xingyun of the Ashen Flames Family!’

Nie Li recalled the past. In his previous life, there had indeed been such a person within the Divine Feathers Sect. That person seemed to have competed for the Patriarch’s seat of the Ashen Flames Family. However, he failed to acquire it and left. After he left the Divine Feathers Sect, he became a domineering figure. That fellow was a powerful genius. Outside of the Divine Feathers Sect, his reputation was far greater than Master Bei’s or even Long Yuyin’s. However, his character was also somewhat debatable, as he he could not differentiate between good and evil. Despite that, he’d made friendly contacts in every corner of every world and had a bunch of loyal and devoted brothers following him.

Such a prominent figure should still have a positive outlook.

Nie Li said, “We still have twenty-four God Level growth rate demon spirits left.”

At Nie Li’s words, Li Xingyun’s brows twitched in surprise. He never expected Nie Li to have so many God Level growth rate demon spirits. Li Xingyun thought that after selling so many, Nie Li would have at most five or six remaining.

Li Xingyun gave a satisfied smile as he said, “It doesn’t matter how many God Level demon spirits you have, I’ll take all of them. But it’s a pity that among your God Level growth rate demon spirits, there aren’t any with Dragon Bloodlines. It’d be better if you had demon spirits with a Dragon Bloodline and a growth rate of Excellent or above.” Although Li Xingyun was only third in the line of succession to the Ashen Flames Family, he’d already recruited thousands of geniuses under his wing. Furthermore, his wealth was also very frighteningly vast; therefore, he had no problems with taking all the God Level demon spirits.

“In the future, if I ever come across anything of the sort, I’ll make sure to contact Young Master Li!” Nie Li lightly smiled.

“Oh?” Li Xingyun obviously wasn’t expecting Nie Li to say such words. Did Nie Li have some secret method for obtaining God Level demon spirits?

Since Li Xingyun had a large amount of geniuses under his wing, he wasn’t going to be stingy about purchasing items that could enhance his men’s strengths.

Li Xingyun proudly said, “As long as you have God Level growth rate demon spirits, you should contact me. No matter how many you have, I’ll take them all!”

Nie Li didn’t know how deep Li Xingyun’s pockets were; however, since Li Xingyun was a successor to a powerful family, he should possess a lot of capital. If Li Xingyun wanted to buy so many God Level demon spirits so quickly, he was obviously preparing for a power struggle. After Nie Li connected this knowledge with the rumors from his previous life, he instantly understood the whole picture.

There would only be benefits in having a good relationship with such people!

Lu Piao quickly calculated, “Twenty-four God Level growth rate demon spirits. That’s nine hundred spiritual stones, total!”

“Fine by me!” Li Xingyun brought out nine hundred spiritual stones and tossed them over to Lu Piao.

In return, Nie Li passed the remaining twenty-four God Level demon spirits to Li Xingyun.

Li Xingyun received the demon spirits, then patted Nie Li on the shoulder and said, “I like you. If you’re interested in joining me, please look for me anytime. I’ll definitely treat you well! But it’s also fine if you’re unwilling. Either way, if you ever get your hands on some more God Level demon spirits, you can sell them to me anytime!”

Nie Li casually smiled and said, “Many thanks for Young Master Li’s appreciation. If I come across any God Level demon spirits, I’ll definitely look for you.” Nie Li had no interest towards the internal struggle within the Ashen Flames Family. Who knows what would happen this time? Maybe Li Xingyun would win this time. Or perhaps he might lose, same as the previous life.

The Divine Feathers Sect’s internal operations were a complete mess. Those who were loyal to the sect itself could only observe the internal struggles, as they were helpless against it. The fights between the major families could also get extremely intense.

The splitting of the Divine Feathers Sect in one hundred years wasn’t completely unpredictable.

Nie Li didn’t intend to rely on Li Xingyun, and these intentions were reflected in his words. Li Xingyun also didn’t mind it as he said, “Alright then! I’ll be waiting for your good news!”

Li Xingyun turned to an underling behind him and said, “Pass a message to Hua Ling. From now on, I’ll be looking after Nie Li. Get him to keep his hands to himself; otherwise, I’ll take care of both him and his men!”

At Li Xingyun’s words, Nie Li cupped his hands.“Many thanks to Young Master Li!”

In his heart, Nie Li understood what was going on, as clear as day. Li Xingyun had probably conducted a thorough investigation on him; therefore, he was well aware that Hua Ling and Hu Yong were making trouble for Nie Li. However, Li Xingyun had only mentioned Hua Ling and not Hu Yong. He wanted to show Nie Li his goodwill; at the same time, he was hinting at something else. For now, Li Xingyun would help Nie Li with only half his problem. He was implying that as long as Nie Li joined him or at least cooperated with him, then he’d take care of everything else.

Indeed, he lived up to the rumors of a domineering figure. Although he was still in his twenties, he was already experienced in these stuff.

“Then we’ll go ahead and take our leave!” Li Xingyun lightly smiled, then led his entourage away.

The bystanders watched Li Xingyun leave before breaking into soft discussions.

“I wonder what Young Master Li plans to do with so many God Level demon spirits?”

“Are you not aware? Young Master Li has always been very generous to his loyal and devoted underlings. I’ve heard that all of his underlings are paired with a Grade 3 Artifact. He probably bought so many God Level demon spirits for his underlings!”

At those words, the bystanders couldn’t help being moved. Indeed, joining the various large factions could greatly benefit them, especially if they ended up with a generous master.

“This Nie Li sold so many God Level demon spirits and earned one thousand two hundred spiritual stones in such a short while. That supply will probably last him awhile.”

“Yeah, who knows where that kid got so many God Level demon spirits from!”

The students were envying him as they talked. One thousand two hundred spiritual stones was a vast fortune! To the likes of them, it was a sum that could only be admired from afar. They might not even be able to gather so many spiritual stones even if they spent several years gathering them.

Aside from ordinary students, Nie Li also attracted the attentions of a few others. Shortly after Nie Li began selling God Level demon spirits, Hu Yong, Hua Ling, and their men arrived. However, they knew that Li Xingyu had talked to Nie Li, so they didn’t dare approach him.

Soon, news spread that Nie Li had formed a deal with Li Xingyun and that all the God Level demon spirits had been sold for over a thousand spiritual stones.

Hu Yong was extremely infuriated, since Li Xingyun obviously wasn’t placing him with any importance. He was rather upset when the thought about Nie Li’s one thousand plus spiritual stones; Nie Li’s cultivation was due to soar by leaps and bounds. However, he didn’t dare entice Li Xingyun’s trouble. Nanmen Tian and Huang Yu had also warned him before; therefore, he didn’t dare cause any trouble within the Skysoul Institute.

On the other hand, after Hua Ling received the news from his underling, he became angered to the point that he wanted to smash something.

Hua Ling wasn’t alone in bullying Nie Li and co. However, he was the easiest to deal with and was warned directly!

The more he thought about it, the more furious he became. His hatred for Li Xingyun peaked. However, he didn’t dare provoke Li Xingyun with his current strength. Li Xingyun was third in line to succeed the Ashen Flames Family. Among the younger generations of the Ashen Flames Family, he still had a lot of authority!

Not only was he afraid to entice Li Xingyun’s trouble, he needed to prepare a huge apology gift[1. In China, there is a tradition to give gifts for visits, apologize, curry favours etc...], in case Li Xingyun suddenly remembered him!

As for the future, as long as Nie Li and Li Xingyun didn’t have a falling out, he wouldn’t dare provoke Nie Li anymore. After all, Li Xingyun had already warned him. How could he dare to be impudent?

By now, Nie Li and his party had been gone for awhile.

Xiao Yu asked, “Nie Li, did you bring those God Level demon spirits from the Tiny World?” Even within the Tiny World, there couldn’t be so many God Level growth rate demon spirit.

Nie Li replied, “I can’t really tell you right now. I’ll tell you in the future.” After all, the Nightmare Demon Pot was a secret that Nie Li wouldn’t tell even to those closest to him. It was better if fewer people knew about things like that. If news leaked out, it’d stir up huge trouble.

Li Xingyun’s side was capable of purchasing so many God Level growth rate demon spirit, and was still asking for more. However, Nie Li had bigger plans.

Ordinary God Level demon spirits weren’t worth much money. The ones that were worth the most were demon spirits with Dragon Bloodlines!