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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 297

Chapter 297 - Reality

The third day was, once again, Venerable Redsoul’s lesson.

Gu Bei, Nie Li, and Lu Piao sat together.

Gu Bei secretly passed an interspatial ring of demon spirits to Nie Li and whispered in his ear, “Nie Li, my underlings have caught another sixty thousand-something demon spirits!”

“Nice! Thanks a lot. Here are six hundred spiritual stones!” Nie Li passed a bag to Gu Bei.

Gu Bei furrowed his brows briefly, then asked in an unhappy tone, “What are you doing?” He wasn’t helping Nie Li for a reward. Furthermore, those ordinary demon spirits weren’t worth much. This was just a small favor between friends. By giving him money, Nie Li wasn’t treating him like a friend!

Nie Li patted Gu Bei on the shoulder and smiled. “I wanted you to help me acquire some demon spirits with Dragon Bloodlines. Ordinary growth rates are fine.”

At Nie Li’s words, Gu Bei’s brows relaxed as he straightforwardly agreed. “Easy, no problem!”

Nie Li had exhausted another two hundred spiritual stones the night before. That speed was simply too frightening! In order to continue cultivating smoothly, he had to think of other ways to obtain more spiritual stones!

Simply selling God Level growth rate demon spirits was still far from enough, so Nie Li decided to aim for demon spirits with Dragon Bloodlines. However, he needed Gu Bei to secretly acquire the demon spirits first. He could only begin refining after he’d received enough materials.

In this lesson, the Venerable Redsoul was lecturing on cultivating combat abilities. He explained in simple terms as almost all of the students listened attentively.

Nie Li, on the contrary, was thinking about other things.

Everyone in the class had heard of the recent incidents through the grapevine gossip. Nie Li had undoubtedly become the most extraordinary person within the class. However, since Nie Li had defeated Long Yuyin, no one else dared to provoke him. Furthermore, Nie Li had also become the focus for all the girls.

Long Yuyin quietly sat in a corner, watching Nie Li. She knew that she wasn’t Nie Li’s match, since she’d been defeated so thoroughly last time. However, she couldn’t call up the slightest bit of hatred for him. Instead, it was strong curiosity and the desire to challenge him.

She wanted to know how Nie Li cultivated. That man was filled with all kinds of mysteries.

She understood that if she bothered Nie Li any more, she’d only succeed in making him hate her even more. The only way she could gain the qualifications to talk to him was by becoming stronger. Since she was young, Nie Li had been the only person of her age who’d beaten her. He was the only one among their generation who’d gained her recognition in terms of strength! In addition, Nie Li’s actions had also made her to re-examine her past actions, and allowed her to change and grow as a person.

As Venerable Redsoul continued to explain the lesson, the class remained abnormally quiet.

Nie Li’s thoughts drifted off into the distance. He hadn’t seen his Master since that unexpected meeting in the Saint Soul Grounds. He couldn’t help wondering if his Master was still living in that valley. Nie Li recalled the memories from his previous life and was filled with longing towards his Master. He briefly entertained the thought of visiting her in that valley, then made the decision to do so.

The Venerable Redsoul smiled. “Demon spirits are the most important factor in cultivating combat abilities. As of now, the demon spirits that you guys are integrated with aren’t that strong. Only after you’ve reached the Heavenly Fate Realm will you be able to integrate with better demon spirits, especially ones with Dragon Bloodlines.”

“As geniuses with Heaven Spiritual Roots, I hope that you’ll integrate with a Dragon Bloodline demon spirit with at least an Extraordinary Level growth rate. That will also greatly benefit your future development!”

At Venerable Redsoul’s words, many of the disciples from smaller realms sighed. Dragon Bloodline demon spirits were already extremely expensive. One with an Ordinary growth rate would cost one to two spiritual stones, but one with a Good growth rate would cost seventy to eighty spiritual stones. Those with Excellent growth rates might even price in the thousands. Generally, Extraordinary Level demon spirits were only obtainable for disciples with good family backgrounds! Ordinary families wouldn’t do either; only those with deep backgrounds would be capable.

Where would students like them get an Extraordinary Level Dragon Bloodline from?

Compared to that, it’d be much smarter to get an ordinary God Level demon spirit.

The price of an ordinary God Level demon spirit was more or less the same as a Good Level Dragon Bloodline demon spirit, or maybe even slightly higher. However, the price itself wasn’t that bad, and the quality-price ratio was still pretty high. Therefore, ordinary God Levels were best-sellers among ordinary disciples.

As for God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirits, those were simply priceless. Even the three major families only had a few hundred experts integrated with God Level Dragon Bloodline demon spirits.

That was strategic power!

The central pillar of the Divine Feathers Sect!

In the recent years, there’d been many deaths among pinnacle experts with God Level Dragon Bloodline demon spirits. That was part of the reason why the Divine Feathers Sect had declined. However, since the Divine Feathers Sect was once a powerful sect, it still had a solid foundation. As long as the sect could produce more powerful experts with God Level Dragon Bloodline demon spirits, it’d only be a matter of time until the sect returns to its glory days.

That was why Nie Li’s Nightmare Demon Pot was an absolutely priceless treasure! It was also why he was so cautious every time he refined demon spirits.

Venerable Redsoul swept an eye over the murmuring students and smiled. “Naturally, you’ll only come across an Extraordinary Level Dragon Bloodline by extremely sheer luck. So if you can’t find an Extraordinary Level demon spirits with a Dragon Bloodline, an Excellent Level one will do. You should wait until you’ve reached the Heavenly Fate Realm. When that time comes, you’ll be allowed into the outside world to hunt for Dragon Bloodlines yourselves. You’ll be able to take your time and search carefully!”

For those without family backgrounds, trying to obtain an Extraordinary or God Level demon spirit would be nearly impossible!

Jin Yan glanced at Nie Li and a smile of disdain leaked from the corner of his mouth. Right now, Nie Li’s talent was stronger and surpassed his own, but so what? Jin Yan’s family had already prepared an Extraordinary Level Dragon Bloodline demon spirit for him. Just wait until he reached the Heavenly Fate Realm, then he’d start integrating with it!

As for Nie Li, he’d be lucky if he could find even an Excellent Level Dragon Bloodline. Or he might not even be able to accomplish that much!

That was the gap between their social statuses. Even if Nie Li joined a family, that family might not be willing to provide Nie Li with an Extraordinary demon spirit. If he joined a family, he’d only end up being a lapdog. There’d always be a distinct difference between him and the family’s blood members!

This was the case in all the sects, not just the Divine Feathers Sect. Geniuses from the smaller realms were usually tamed by the larger families and turned into underlings, forever at the mercy of their respective families. Although, of course, there were some astonishing geniuses who could shape their own fates. However, throughout history, there were only a few such people and all had become distant legends.

The blood members of the families enjoyed eternal riches and the family’s protection. Even if they committed a wrong, as long the punishment wasn’t something akin to a death sentence, they’d still walk out fine. This was far different from the geniuses of smaller realms whose fates were already decided by the heavens. If a smaller realm genius wound up dead, there wouldn’t even be anyone to mourn them.

This was the Draconic Ruins Realm, a sect-family that had progressed to the peak.

At first, geniuses of the smaller realms all believed that the world was a fair place; but sooner or later, they’d all get smoothed out. The majority of them would join families and exchange their loyalty for other benefits.

Since Nie Li had displayed such shocking talent, he’d attracted the attentions of many higher-ups. These higher-ups would definitely do their best to protect Nie Li’s life; however, as far as they were concerned, students with such shocking talent really should suffer some bullying, so that they won’t let their strength get to their heads. That would also make them easier to control in the future!

The corner of Jin Yan’s mouth curled into a cold smile. Those who’d come from smaller realms all wanted to climb to the top; however, they didn’t realise that sometimes, there was an unbridgeable gap! And Nie Li was the same as them!

He wanted to see what heights Nie Li would reach without joining a family!

During the lesson, Venerable Redsoul explained many things about demon spirits, as well as his own understandings towards integrating with them. The students greatly benefitted from the lecture. Soon, the lesson was over.

“Go back and revise on what you’ve learned. If there are any questions or something that you’re unsure about, please ask about it in the next lesson.” Venerable Redsoul casually smiled. “Class ends here!”

Nie Li walked out with Lu Piao and Gu Bei in tow.

Gu Bei looked at Nie Li and said, “Nie Li, I heard that you sold a ton of God Level demon spirits?”

“That’s right.” Nie Li knew that Gu Bei would definitely enquire about it; furthermore, Gu Bei was certain to link it to Nie Li’s requests for ordinary demon spirits. Gu Bei might look like a stupid playboy, but he was actually a really smart guy.

Gu Bei laughed, “If you have so many ordinary God Level demon spirits, ‘don’t let the good water flow into someone else’s field’[1. Chinese idiom meaning “keep the good stuff for yourself and your family”.]. A few of my cousins have some men who’ve got more men under them. Those guys have been looking for some good stuff to win people’s hearts over, in terms of recruiting. Other possibilities aside, several hundred God Level demon spirits would work perfectly fine. Of course, if there’re any Dragon Bloodlines with an Excellent Level growth rate or above, that’d be even better! As for pricing, we definitely won’t pay anything lower than Li Xingyun!”

The Gu Clan was extremely large and their power reached into all parts of the Divine Feathers Sect. So it was natural that they’d need lots of God Level demon spirits.

Nie Li said, “Please forgive me for not being so thoughtful!” It never crossed his mind that Gu Bei might also need some God Level demon spirits. He looked at Gu Bei and continued, “You’re not going to ask how I got those God Level demon spirits?”

Gu Bei gave Nie Li a meaningful look and winked. “That’s your secret. What right do I have to pry?”

Only Lu Piao couldn’t understand what they were talking about. “Even if you can pay for so many God Level demon spirits, where are we supposed to find them?”

Lu Piao had always been frank and outspoken; he wasn’t someone who hid his thoughts. Nie Li wasn’t going to let Lu Piao know about the Nightmare Demon Pot, in case Lu Piao leaked it out by accident.

On the other hand, Gu Bei had probably guessed it. However, he was a pretty loyal guy, and Nie Li was rather grateful for that. “Thanks! Once I get more God Level demon spirits, I’ll make sure to find you in your courtyard!” Doing business with Gu Bei would be much safer than doing business with others. However, Nie Li planned to sell a massive amount that not even Gu Bei would be able to take. Therefore, he also had to maintain a relationship with Li Xingyun.