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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 298

Chapter 298 - Master and Disciple

Nie Li returned to his courtyard and continued refining God Level growth rate demon spirits like mad.

After absorbing the leftover energy from the demon spirits, the Nightmare Demon Pot’s success rate seemed to have slightly increased. From the sixty thousand demon spirits, Nie Li produced almost a hundred God Level demon spirits.

Nie Li arrived in Gu Bei’s courtyard alone and handed the God Level demon spirits to him. Gu Bei was going to help Nie Li sell them to his cousins before he went out to acquire Dragon Bloodline demon spirits for him.

Nie Li exited Gu Bei’s courtyard, activated the void-form several times to dodge prying eyes, and moved according to his memories.

He followed a crooked path that stretched into the distance, walked past a patch of dense forest, and reached a quiet valley.

Peach blossoms bloomed richly, making the scene appear like a utopia.

It was exactly the same as the scene from his memories.

It was a quiet valley with a small stream that trickled through. Scenes belonging to his previous life appeared in his mind.


“Master, you told me to reach the ‘virtuous like water, for water does not compete’ state. But how do I accomplish this? I was born in a place called Glory City and all of my families, friends, and even my lover were killed. Should I go up to my enemies and tell them to be virtuous like water? I only believe in ‘an eye for an eye’. Given the slightest chance, I would kill every last one of them!”

His Master had only looked at him and smiled, “Stubborn disciple that couldn’t be enlightened.”

“It’s not that I couldn’t be enlightened. Everyone in the Divine Feathers Sect looks at you with disdain. If I was strong enough, I’d make all of them kneel before you as vengeance. What’s wrong with that?”

His Master stared into the endless sky. “In this world, bitter struggles are constant. In an instant, everything will become history. However, water can flow endlessly, nurturing all living things.”


Even now, Nie Li still couldn’t understand his Master’s words. Even in this life, he’d only been following one rule: vengeance for vengeance, an eye for an eye. Even after the danger to Glory City had been dealt with, there was still more vengeance that he’d yet to seek. The Demon Lord and the Sage Emperor still weren’t dead.

As long as his enemies weren’t eliminated, Nie Li would never be able to find peace. Not for even a moment, not even in his sleep.

Was he supposed to correct the Demon Lord and Sage Emperor with a heart of mercy? What an absurd thought.

However, his Master had been genuinely kind to him.

Nie Li continued to walk as he recalled everything from his previous life. His eyes couldn’t help filling up with tears. His Master was a gentle person, someone who Nie Li had respected the most. But as they say, ‘nice guys finish last’; his Master hadn’t lived for very long. Back then, when his Master died, the only thing Nie Li wanted to do was kill everyone in the Divine Feathers Sect.

But, he didn’t go against his Master’s wishes. He didn’t massacre the Divine Feathers Sect; instead, he only caused a huge ruckus and beat all the experts of the Divine Feathers Sect to the ground.

Even so, his Master would never come back to life.

But now, he was back in this new life. Everything in front of him was so familiar.

He quickened his steps towards the straw hut and knocked on the door.

A familiar and pleasant voice sounded, “Come in.”

Nie Li strode in as he saw his Master sitting on the ground. Her expression was so calm, without the slightest ripple. She gave off an ethereal feeling, as if she didn’t really exist. Nie Li looked at his Master and felt an illusory and unreal sensation, as if she would disappear the next second.

Ying Yueru opened her eyes and a faint smile crossed her face. She said, “So it’s you? Have a seat.”

Nie Li vaguely sensed that this Ying Yueru before him was the exact same one from his previous life. His heart was filled with confusion as he sat before her.

The two of them exchanged looks as Nie Li tried to figure out where to start. He quietly remained seated as he looked at his Master. He was satisfied with just this.

Ying Yueru’s clear eyes looked at Nie Li and she lightly smiled. “Now, I will tell you some things. Do not ask me why or how. There are some things that you simply shouldn’t know. Even if you asked, I wouldn’t tell you. If you need to know, then I’ll tell you, even if you don’t ask!”

Nie Li smiled at Ying Yueru’s words. “Then what does Big Sister Ying want to tell me?” Nie Li remembered the past again. Back then, there were several occasions when he’d called his Master ‘Big Sister’. He’d ended up with a huge lump on his head each time.

Ying Yueru smiled and smacked him on the head. “Unfilial disciple! How dare you call me ‘Big Sister Ying’. You’re not showing the proper respect towards your Master.” However, she couldn’t help the smile on her face.

Nie Li was stunned for a moment and stared at Ying Yueru in shock. The words ‘unfilial disciple’ sent his memory drifting back into his previous life. Nie Li felt a strong urge to cry from the familiarity and closeness.

In his previous life, he’d experienced so much sadness. In the end, he was left all alone. The heart that had been tormented had now been slightly healed under his Master’s gaze.

Ying Yueru smiled. “You find it strange that I know these things. It is the result of the [Heaven’s Divination] technique that allows me to see through all illusions and calculate destiny. However, in calculating all this, I’ve exhausted fifty years of my lifespan.”

Nie Li’s heart was pained as he looked at Ying Yueru. “Why would you spend fifty years just to calculate this? You could’ve just asked me and I would’ve told you everything!”

Ying Yueru revealed a beautiful smile. “It wouldn’t have been as clear unless I calculated it for myself. You’re inside the situation. Through my calculations, I am viewing it as a third party.” Her voice was ethereal and peaceful as she continued, “There’s no need to say anything else. According to my calculations, you’re going to compete for the Sect Master’s position of the Divine Feathers Sect.”

His master was indeed like an immortal god, to have seen through the ambitions within his heart. Ever since he’d reached the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li had been aiming for the Sect Master’s position. That was the only way to ensure that no one would ever harm his Master again.

Aside from obtaining cultivating resources, Nie Li had other motives for displaying his shocking talent. He didn’t have time to wait. He needed to start planning now.

As far as others were concerned, becoming the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect was already a lifetime’s greatest accomplishment. However, to Nie Li, it was only the first step to his plan.

Ying Yueru smiled towards Nie Li. “If you want to become the Sect Master, I have a recommendation for you. She can become your greatest aide.” In truth, Ying Yueru’s heart had also been changed. Ever since she’d performed that calculation, she suddenly found herself with a disciple who was deeply connected to her own previous life. However, she still belonged to this life, and couldn’t get used to the idea of having a disciple. She found the experience extremely profound.


Ying Yueru looked at him deeply. “My Junior Sister, Long Yuyin.”

Nie Li immediately refused. “Anyone but her. Every time I see her, murderous intent leaks from my heart.”

“There is a reason why she and the Dragonseal Family forced my death in the previous life. In her eyes, I am the one who killed her Master. And it is the truth; I was the one who killed our Master.” Ying Yueru gazed into the distance as she sighed. “The cause and effect of this world are profound, I cannot explain it to you in such a short time. You hate her, she hates me, and this hatred became a tight knot. Only you can help her resolve the hatred she holds for me.”

At Ying Yueru’s words, Nie Li recalled various things from the past and finally began to understand why Long Yuyin wanted his Master’s death. However, telling him to put down his hatred on such short short notice was still impossible for him. After all, he’d personally witnessed Ying Yueru’s death and had personally seen how overbearing Long Yuyin was. With that kind of mentality, Nie Li’s heart filled with wrath every time he thought of her. Now that he knew, he wanted to put it down, but there were some things that he just couldn’t help.

“If you want her to put down her hatred for me, you’ll have to put down your hatred for her first.” Ying Yueru said as she looked at Nie Li, “This is the ‘virtuous as water’ that I spoke of. Even after experiencing two lives, you’re still not willing to put it down?”

Nie Li still wanted to say something. “But...”

Ying Yueru’s voice was as soothing as spring water as it calmed Nie Li’s heart. “I’m not expecting you to achieve the ‘virtuous as water’ state. However, Long Yuyin can no longer threaten me, so why not put down your hatred?”

“I...” Nie Li thought about it a little and finally nodded. “Alright.”

So it turned out that Long Yuyin and his Master were fellow disciples. Nie Li thought things over again. His Master was vastly knowledgeable and could calculate destinies; therefore, she must have a reason for asking him to do this. Both in his previous and current life, Nie Li had absolute faith in his Master’s words.

Ying Yueru wryly smiled. “The [Heaven’s Divination] technique exhausts a portion of my lifespan for every divination. If you want me to live longer, don’t ask so many questions.”

“Yes.” Nie Li’s mind went blank as he stared at her smile. In their previous life, Ying Yueru didn’t smile very much. But he remembered that the current Ying Yueru was still just a sixteen or seventeen year old girl. No matter how heaven-defying she was, she was still just a young girl.

Ying Yueru looked at Nie Li and said, “Once you leave here, you shouldn’t return for a while. You’ve attracted too much attention by coming here.” Since she performed her divination, she no longer knew how to act around Nie Li. After all, she was still just a sixteen or seventeen year old girl. It felt strange to suddenly have a disciple like Nie Li.

Nie Li vaguely suspected that his Master knew more than she was letting on; however, since she’d already said so much, he didn’t want to enquire further.

He felt at ease, now that he’d seen his Master living peacefully. In his heart, he understood that it would be for the best if he came here as less as possible. After all, he was caught in a whirlpool; it would be best not to disrupt his Master’s life.

A determined expression flashed through Nie Li’s eyes. “In that case, please wait until I become Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect!” Only by becoming the Sect Master, could he protect his Master.

Nie Li slightly curled his back, then stood up and left.

Ying Yueru watched Nie Li’s silhouette as her heart sighed softly. She probably won’t be able to wait until Nie Li became Sect Master. She watched him disappear through the entrance before she looked away.