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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 299

Chapter 299 - Face to Face on a Narrow Path

The Divine Feathers Sect has many factions, all embroiled in an intense battle with each other. In one hundred years, the sect would thoroughly collapse. What Nie Li intended to do was become the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect within those one hundred years and obtain absolute authority. It was the only way to reorganize the Divine Feathers Sect.

Gaining control of the entire Divine Feathers Sect was Nie Li’s first step in confronting the Sage Emperor!

Once he returned from this trip, he had to work on reaching the Heavenly Fate Realm as fast as possible. It was one of the crucial points to cultivation!

As Nie Li walked along the zigzagged path, he met a girl who was walking from the opposite direction. She halted her steps when she saw Nie Li.

This road was the only way to get to that valley!

Nie Li raised his head with a stunned expression. He never imagined that he’d run into Long Yuyin right here. Was she looking for his Master? Then again, his Master and Long Yuyin were fellow disciples.

Long Yuyin also never expected to encounter Nie Li here. Upon seeing Nie Li, she felt like someone had seized her heart. She didn’t know what to do with her her hands, nor did she dare approach and greet him. Originally, with her character, she’d never look at someone with much regard. However, her heart had changed a little ever since Nie Li had utterly defeated her.

Even she couldn’t figure out why she felt so nervous upon seeing him. This wasn’t like her at all!

No one else was here except for the two of them!

A surge of uncertainty left her at a loss as to what to do.

Nie Li stayed in place as he looked at her and asked, “Why are you here?”

Although he couldn’t help being reminded of the overbearing Long Yuyin from his previous life, he still remembered his Master’s words. For all the past and present vengeances, the solution starts with himself.

Although the current Long Yuyin was a little arrogant and tyrannical, she hadn’t reached the wicked-beyond-redemption point yet.

Since he’d come back to life, he had the power to resolve this vengeance before it became deeper.

Long Yuyin’s voice trembled. “I’m here to...I’m looking for someone.”

Nie Li was puzzled. Who was this girl standing in front of him who showed this blushing red face? Was she really that overbearing Long Yuyin from his previous life? Was she really that unreasonably tyrannical woman?

The two were standing some distance apart. Nie Li found it was an uncomfortable distance for a conversation, so he took a step forward.

Long Yuyin’s body immediately stiffened and she took a step back. Her voice trembled. “What are you trying to do?”

Her face boiled as she thought back to the incidents when Nie Li humiliated her. He wasn’t going to be unforgiving again, was he? Right here, right now? There were only the two of them here and she was clearly not his match. Even her physical strength, which she had been the most prideful of, had been defeated by him. Faced with him, she no longer had the slightest fighting spirit.

Nie Li was a little dazed. Since when had Long Yuyin become so timid?

Nie Li stayed in place, but couldn’t help finding the situation rather funny. “Don’t worry. I can’t do anything to you since we’re inside the Skysoul Institute!” Nie Li really was trying to follow his Master’s instructions to resolve his hatred for her. But now that they were face-to-face, he had no idea where to start.

In his heart, Nie Li still held a grudge towards Long Yuyin. However, this was no longer his previous life; the situation was entirely different. After listening to his Master’s teachings, he’d already decided to let it go.

Nie Li never thought that their clash would make the tyrannical Long Yuyin cower so timidly. She was totally different from the Long Yuyin who he’d known. Nie Li pieced it together. In his previous life, Long Yuyin had been extraordinarily talented since she was young and everyone had flattered her. Little by little, it got to her head and shaped her overbearing character. As time passed, and she became stronger, she became more and more despotic and arrogant. She viewed nothing as worthwhile. In the end, she forced the death of his Master.

However, the Long Yuyin of this life was still young! She could still be reformed!

She’d changed ever since Nie Li had thoroughly defeated her. She was still as strong as she’d been before, but now, she’ve restrained that overbearing character of hers at the very least!

However, the current Long Yuying would only yield to Nie Li. She definitely wouldn’t be so timid towards others, like she currently was towards him.

It seemed that the Long Yuyin of his previous life had lacked such teachings. That was why she grew up to become such a terrible person.

An immoral smile leaked from Nie Li’s mouth as he looked at the nervous Long Yuyin. ‘Now that I’ve found the source of the problem, I’ll make sure to thoroughly reform you! I’ll turn you into a better person for the future!’

Nie Li moved towards Long Yuyin until he was only a step away from her. His thoughts drifted off into the distance. Before, his wrath and hatred for Long Yuyin had clouded his eyes. His Master’s words had allowed him to re-examine his actions in this life. In reality, the solution was not necessarily ‘a tooth for a tooth’. He could take advantage of the situation. While his opponent was still young; he could make her thoroughly lose her fighting strength or even convert her onto his side. Wouldn’t that be clever?

Some people have lusted for blood since they were young, growing up to become ungrateful wretches. Such people aren’t worthy of being reformed. However, people like Long Yuyin were different. Even if she was arrogant and overbearing, her character itself wasn’t so bad. All she needed was a little smacking and lecturing. There was still space for reforming.

Every hair on Long Yuyin’s body stood on end as Nie Li stepped closer and closer. She felt like a sheared sheep, naked under his gaze, suffocating under the pressure.

If it were anyone else, Long Yuyin would never feel such fear. Even if the opponent was an expert several times stronger than herself, she knew that they’d still fear the power of her Dragonseal Family. Therefore, they wouldn’t dare do anything to her. However, that didn’t apply to Nie Li. He’d been the first person to ever scold her, then he’d used a whip to lash her. After that, he used his own physical strength to give her a good beating. But even after all that, even after she’d been provoked by Nie Li’s words, she still wanted to fight him properly. She didn’t want to take advantage of her family’s power.

She realised that without her family, she was nothing to Nie Li.

Even though Nie Li only was a little taller than her, he was like a mountain, pressuring her so that she couldn’t breathe.

Long Yuyin’s heart thumped around wildly. She took heavy breaths as her chest heaved up and down. Under Nie Li’s invasive gaze, she couldn’t help covering her chest with both of her hands. Her voice trembled, “You...what are you trying to do?”

It should be mentioned that Long Yuyin was actually really pretty. Compared to Nie Li’s Master, each had her own merits. Both were of goddess-level beauties. Right now, Long Yuyin was wearing a tight-fitting outfit that outlined the curves of her figure.

Nie Li couldn’t help finding Long Yuyin’s edgy behaviour rather funny. This girl was too much of a narcissist. Did she think that he’d outrage her modesty? He’d heard somewhere before that overbearing women are often only strong on the outside. Under that outward appearance is actually a weak heart. He’d heard that Long Yuyin had been raised by a single-mother, who’d later remarried. Was that why she’d acted so rude and unreasonable, so that no one could get close to her?

Perhaps, Long Yuyin was just lonely. Her overbearing character was just a mask.

As these thoughts crossed his mind, the hatred he’d held for Long Yuyin from his previous life finally dissolved. The corner of his mouth curled as he looked at Long Yuyin, who was acting like a frightened rabbit. Being the ‘bad guy’ in this life felt pretty good.

Nie Li patted her on the shoulders. “Long Yuyin, Ying Yueru is my Master. I don’t know what kind of grudges you have between the two of you, but I want you to know that she’s a kind-hearted person. She definitely wouldn’t hurt others. I hope you can put down your feelings and think things over again. Maybe there was a misunderstanding somewhere?”

When Nie Li’s hand touched her shoulder, all the muscles in her body immediately tensed up. She was so nervous that she couldn’t even think anymore. This was a wilderness where no one else was around. Would Nie Li let her go?

Long Yuyin wasn’t thinking about Ying Yueru anymore. She could only reply with a trembling voice, “Oh.”

Nie Li blankly stared at her for a moment. Why was Long Yuyin being so easy to handle today? Her fingers were almost white from how hard she was clenching them. Her face was also blushed. He couldn’t help finding the scene rather amusing. If he had improper thoughts and tried to take liberties right now, she probably wouldn’t even be able to retaliate, right?

Perhaps this girl before him was the real Long Yuyin!

The difference between the previous and current Long Yuyin was so large that Nie Li couldn’t help finding it a little funny. However, he stopped teasing her when he saw that she was about to bury her head into her chest.

Nie Li looked at Long Yuyin again. “Go back and think about what I said. If you have any problems, please do come to me!”

He couldn’t stop internally laughing. What a gentle sheep she was! However, he didn’t push her any further, as he wanted Long Yuyin to carefully consider his words first. He then brushed past her and walked away.

Nie Li had only taken a few steps before Long Yuyin’s voice suddenly called, “Wait!” She felt as though she’d used all the strength in her body just to say that word.

Nie Li turned around to face her. “What’s the matter?”

“Didn’t you tell me to stay as far away as possible...?” Long Yuyin’s voice died towards the end of her sentence, until it was as soft a mosquito’s buzz.

However, Nie Li still heard it clearly. He smiled, “Even if I explained those matters earlier on, you probably wouldn’t understand. However, after listening to my Master’s teachings, I’ve decided to put down my hatred for you. Long Yuyin, I also hope that you’ll let go of your hatred for my Master. After that, maybe we could still become friends...”

“We have class in three days. I’ll be waiting for your answer.” Nie Li finished his words, smiled, then turned around and left.

Long Yuyin was at a loss as she watched Nie Li’s silhouette shrink away. Why did Nie Li hate her? Was it because of Ying Yueru? How did Ying Yueru become Nie Li’s Master? Long Yuyin’s thoughts were in a tangled mess. Her stiffened body finally began to ease up as Nie Li moved further and further away. Her entire body felt weak, like she’d been drained of all her energy.

It was only a simple encounter with Nie Li, but she felt as though she’d experienced a huge battle.