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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 304

Chapter 304 - Ningers Visit

Nie Li had finally reached Heavenly Fate Realm!

However, he still concealed his aura, so that others wouldn’t be able to tell that he’d reached the Heavenly Fate Realm. Recently, everything had been rather calm and Nie Li didn’t want to disrupt the ongoing tranquility. Aside from attending lessons, he spent his time cultivating and sensing the power changes wrought within him by the newly integrated demon spirit.

The 1-fate Heavenly Fate Realm was still too low. He had to reach at least 2-fate in order qualify for heading into the outside world.

Upon reaching the Heavenly Fate Realm, a person’s cultivation speed would be extremely fast, given they had enough spiritual stones. Therefore, Nie Li’s cultivation soared madly, day by day.

Today, the sun shined brightly, the breeze was gentle, and fresh flowers bloomed abundantly.

Nie Li was training in Xiao Yu’s courtyard, as usual, when Gu Bei excitedly rushed in.

“Nie Li, big news! Some disciples from the Heavenly Note and Skyblaze Sects have come to visit. It’s said that all the Heavenly Note Sect members are women, many of whom are fairy-like beauties. Shall we take a look?” As Gu Bei spoke, the expression on his face had a trace of excitement as his gaze changed.

Nie Li was stunned for a brief moment. Disciples from the Heavenly Note and Skyblaze Sects have come to the Skysoul Institute?

Upon mentioning the Heavenly Note Sect, Nie Li thought of Ziyun and Ning’er and wondered if they’d come. It’d been a few months since he’d seen them and Nie Li’s heart was filled with yearning for the two of them.

Nie Li nodded. “Sure, let’s go have a look.”

“Disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect and the Skyblaze Sect usually visit the Divine Feathers Sect once a year. It’s to help the geniuses learn by interacting with each other, as well as for business. The Heavenly Note Sect is different from the Divine Feathers Sect in that all their disciples are female. Only a small number of them have contact with the outside world, other than getting what they need. Therefore, their sect is extremely united and is getting stronger and stronger. As for the Skyblaze Sect, their strength has been leaping in soars and bounds in the recent years and have even become the head of the six sects!” Gu Bei explained as they walked.

Nie Li and Gu Bei called Lu Piao to go with them, and the three of them headed to the main hall of the Skysoul Institute.

Xiao Yu was nowhere found; recently, he’d been busy with his own matters, so Nie Li and Lu Piao didn’t bother much about it.

The main hall of the Skysoul Institute was bustling with activity, as heads bobbed up and down. Nie Li and his party couldn’t squeeze through, no matter how hard they tried.

After they heard that people from the Heavenly Note and Skyblaze Sects were here, the disciples of the Skysoul Institute’s various districts all gathered. Everyone was curious as to why they’d come.

Gu Bei clearly had his own methods around the crowd. He brought Nie Li and Lu Piao to the side entrance. When the guards recognised Gu Bei, they let the group through.

Gu Bei smiled and explained, “Those people gathered out there are ordinary disciples. Recognised geniuses and descendants of the Divine Feathers Sect’s members usually gather in this side chamber.”

Indeed, there were fewer people in this side chamber. They numbered only a few hundred.

Gu Bei whispered in a low voice, “Every time the various sects interact, each sect’s family descendents and geniuses brings out precious items for an auction. Those twenty Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirits that you asked me to sell are all going to be in this auction as well. This is definitely a good chance to sell them.”

At Gu Bei’s words, Nie Li couldn’t help smiling. It was true. Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirits with Dragon Bloodlines were normally rather hard to sell. First of all, buyers were difficult to find; second, such goods would easily attract attention. However, if they were placed in an auction, it would attract much less attention.

However, Nie Li didn’t pay much attention to the auction as he swept his gaze around his surroundings, searching for two silhouettes. He was wondering if Ziyun and Ning’er had come.

The side chamber bustled as geniuses and family descendants of the sects exchanged mutual greetings.

Right now, the six major righteous sects were allied as they fought the three demonic sects for rights over the Deity’s Lakes. In order for the alliance to continue, interactions between the younger generations were absolutely necessary. It would prevent them from fighting between themselves in the outside world.

That was why the various sects held these exchanges every year.

In the corner of the side chamber, sat a quiet and beautiful silhouette. Her beauty was simple and elegant, like a lotus flower breaking the surface of a pond. She attracted the attention of many of the surrounding disciples. They couldn’t help inwardly sighing at such a beautiful girl!

Xiao Xue sat next to her and asked, “Ning’er, do you think Nie Li and Lu Piao are here?”

Xiao Ning’er shook her head as she scanned around for Nie Li’s figure. “I don’t know, either.”

After Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and Xiao Xue reached the Heavenly Note Sect from the Tiny World, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er both displayed shocking talents. The two of them were famed as ‘the Gemini Cosmo’ girls of the new class. Ye Ziyun was then chosen and allowed to enter the secret training grounds to cultivate, while Xiao Ning’er followed her Master and reached the 5-fate realm in cultivation. When Ning’er heard that the Heavenly Note Sect was sending people to the Divine Feathers Sect, she and Xiao Xue immediately went and registered their names. It was a pity that Ye Ziyun was still in the secret training grounds and couldn’t be contacted; otherwise, she definitely would’ve come.

Of course, she was looking forward to this visit to the Divine Feathers Sect so she could look for Nie Li!

The Heavenly Note Sect had sent a total of two hundred disciples to the Divine Feathers Sect. All were women and many had outstanding appearances that attracted attention, especially from the men of the Skyblaze Sect. Their eyes glowed upon seeing the women of the Heavenly Note Sect. And of course, Xiao Ning’er was undoubtedly one of the most dazzling female disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect.

A beautiful and enticing girl sat down next to Xiao Ning’er and chuckled. “Is Junior Sister Ning’er looking for someone?”

Upon seeing that woman, Xiao Xue immediately said in an unfriendly tone, “Shen Ling, I don’t think it’s any of your business as to who we’re looking for!”

Shen Ling gave an enchanting smile. “How is it none of my business? Junior Sister Ning’er is one of the most dazzling geniuses among the newcomers. She’s already reached the 5-fate realm at such a young age. Of course, she’ll be the Heavenly Note Sect’s future pride. If Junior Sister Ning’er is interested in a guy, of course I’ll need to take a look for myself and see just what kind of man can make our beloved fairy fall for him! I wonder, is he someone I know?”

Xiao Ning’er furrowed her brows a little. She didn’t like Shen Ling, either. However, in terms of seniority, Shen Ling was still her Senior Sister. Therefore, even though she was unhappy, she didn’t show it. “Senior Sister Shen doesn’t need to waste your effort on this. Senior Sister Shen wouldn’t know of the person I’m looking for!”

Shen Ning smiled with her lips pursed. “Oh? That’s a pity, I thought that it was Young Master Ye!”

Xiao Ning’er is well aware of this Young Master Ye that Shen Ling mentioned. His name was Ye Xuan, a descendant of the number one family within the Skyblaze Sect. It’s said that he also had extraordinary talent and had reached the 9-fate Heavenly Fate Realm by the age of twenty. Now, he was trying to get into the Heavenly Star Realm. Shen Ling was probably bribed by Ye Xuan; that was why she’d kept talking about him by her side.

If Shen Ling thought that Ye Xuan’s identity would be able to move Ning’er, then she was dead wrong. Xiao Ning’er would never hold much regard for such things. There was only one person she placed in her heart, and that person was Nie Li!

Some distance away, there stood a group of people deep in conversation. One youth among them kept throwing glances towards Xiao Ning’er and Xiao Xue, as the two girls looked around.

That youth was surrounded by many pinnacle geniuses and family descendants of both the Divine Feathers and Skyblaze Sects. Li Xingyun, Murong Yu, and Long Yuyin were among them.

Murong Yu smiled and moved closer to Ye Xuan. “It looks like brother Ye Xuan is rather interested in that girl from the Heavenly Note Sect! With your identity, wouldn’t she already be within your grasp?”

Ye Xuan shook his head. “Brother Murong, you’re wrong to say such words. In this world, everyone has their likes and dislikes. Some are fond of wealth, some are lustful. But how could vulgar girls like that possibly attract my eyes, the eyes of Ye Xuan?”

Murong Yu looked towards the girls in astonishment. “Oh? Then perhaps the girl who you’re interested in has a heart of stone? How could she not be moved by such a genius like yourself? I wonder who she is?”

If wealth and power could not move her, then there was only one possibility: that girl definitely did not have an ordinary identity.

Ye Xuan replied in admiration of her, “I’ve asked around. She’s a newcomer genius of the Heavenly Note Sect, from the Tiny world. She’s already reached the 5-fate realm at such a young age and is famed as one of the ‘Gemini Cosmo’ girls. Her cultivating speed is simply shocking. Furthermore, she has quite the prestige within the Heavenly Note Sect. It’s hard to imagine that she’s so young! After all, she doesn’t have much of a family background!”

The Tiny World? An uneasy feeling arose in Murong Yu’s heart.

Nonetheless, he gave a light smile. “‘A fair and graceful woman is sought by many gentlemen.’ As the proverb goes, ‘an overbearing girl fears a persistent man!’”

Ye Xuan shook his head and said. “That won’t work. She hardly smiles or talks. It was hard to even have a conversation with her. On the way here, I’ve tried countless times!” Ye Xuan looked at the girl from a distance. Perhaps that was why she aroused a conquering desire in his heart.

Because of Ye Xuan, all of the Divine Feathers and Skyblaze Sects’ disciples couldn’t help looking over at Xiao Ning’er, curious to what kind of person could’ve made Ye Xuan constantly think about her. When they saw Xiao Ning’er, they simply had to sigh at her beauty.

However, she was already Ye Xuan’s target, so, of course, they wouldn’t approach her.

The disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect were all female. Not a single male could be seen within that sect. The majority of the female disciples stayed in the sect to cultivate, unwilling to venture outside. Although Xiao Ning’er had a cold character, she was still willing to come out from the Heavenly Note Sect. That implied that her mortal heart[1. Doesn’t literally mean mortal/immortal. Could be interpreted as curiosity, love, general naivety, etc.] was still there.

But even Ye Xuan couldn’t enter her eyes?

Of course, everyone only thought that on the inside. No one dared to say it out loud.

As the boys conversed, Xiao Ning’er suddenly stood up and a smile blossomed on her face. Her dazzling countenance made everyone dazed just by looked at her. They never imagined that the cold and prideful Xiao Ning’er could actually show such a beautiful smile.

That smile clearly announced that she had found her lover!