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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 307

Chapter 307 - Holy Maiden and Holy Son

Li Xingyun had no idea what methods Nie Li could’ve employed to get so many high-grade demon spirits.

Regardless of whether it was an ordinary bloodline God Level growth rate or one a Dragon Bloodline Excellent Level growth rate, both were extremely difficult to find!

Ever since Li Xingyun had acquired these high-grade demon spirits from Nie Li, his forces had been strengthened by quite a bit.

As for Nie Li, Li Xingyun no longer looked at him from high up; instead, he looked at him as an equal. Sooner or later, Murong Yu would probably receive his dues for harboring such contempt for him. Sometimes, you just ‘can’t judge a book by its cover’.

Ye Xuan smiled from his seat next to them. “In this auction, they’re going to sell some sacred items that can be used for cultivation, like the Heavenly Note Sect’s Heavenly Note Dew. There’s probably going to be a lot of people who don’t want to miss that!”

Ye Xuan had quite a bit of wealth, which he was rather proud of. On the road of cultivation, resources were crucial. As a direct descendant of the Ye Clan, the quantity of cultivation resources that he had access to was unimaginable for most ordinary people.

Gu Bei acted as though he’d never heard of Ye Xuan’s words and said, “Although the Heavenly Note Dew really does have some good stuff, it’s not the highlight of the auction. I wonder what the real highlight will be this year?”

Ye Xuan was stunned at Gu Bei’s words. Last year, the highlight of the auction was a Grade 3 Spiritual Beast - Driftcloud Crane that went for over sixty thousand spiritual stones. Probably only people of Long Tianming’s calibre could afford to bid over highlights like that.

Within the six major sects, the younger generations of each family all had their own connections. At the top were people like Long Tianming, who was the first successor to his family and possibly even a competitor for Sect Master. Even if he failed that competition, he’d still have a high rank within the Divine Feathers Sect. To most people, he stood at the pinnacle of everything.

Second came people like Ye Xuan, Long Yuyin, and Li Xingyun. They were direct descendants of major families and also powerful geniuses. Experts like them formed a vital core to their respective families’ forces; sometimes, they might even see a turn of good fortune and fight their way into Long Tianming’s level.

After them came the geniuses from various large cities of the smaller realms. Without a doubt, they were the primary targets for recruitment from the previous two groups mentioned. However, they would find it difficult to form their own independent force within the Divine Feathers Sect.

Ye Xuan, Long Yuyin, and Li Xingyun were all a level beneath Long Tianming; therefore, it was hard for Long Tianming to regard them as equals.

As for Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er, and Lu Piao, they were lucky to even be in this side chamber. If they wanted to gain respect, they would have to depend on their own strength.

Nie Li, naturally, ignored Ye Xuan’s words.

The gathering continued as wine glasses intertwined. After Long Tianming came some apex figures of the Divine Feathers, Skyblaze and Heavenly Note Sects who entered the chamber. Without a doubt, these people had the strongest presence amongst all those gathered in the side chamber. The people who stood by the side were even more cautious in their discussions.

Xiao Ning’er pulled on Nie Li’s shirt. “That’s the Holy Maiden of our Heavenly Note Sect, Mingyue Wushuang!”

Nie Li followed Xiao Ning’er’s line of sight. The girl he saw was as beautiful as the moon and was roughly twenty-six or twenty-seven. She had an unparalleled sense of style and her every movement carried a sense of elegance. One could vaguely see her smooth and fair skin through her muslin-like clothes.

She was barefoot with a silver bell attached to her ankle. As she walked, the clear ringing of the bell resounded.

Celestial Sword Holy Maiden, Mingyue Wushuang?

It was actually her!

Nie Li didn’t know her personally, but he knew her name. In his previous life, Mingyue Wushang was among the top ten experts of the entire Draconic Ruins Realm. She was a pinnacle existence who stood at the top of the six major sects!

Within the six major sects, young geniuses would often appear; within a hundred years’ worth of time, many powerful experts would emerge. And among them, Mingyue Wushuang was undoubtedly one of the most dazzling geniuses. Nie Li had heard of her legend before. It’s said that she once single-handedly slaughtered her way into the Demon God’s Sect. Although she returned with injuries, she managed to kill two of their powerful experts in the awe-inspiring feat. It was difficult to image that the powerful expert, whose very name could strike fear, would actually turn out to be such a beautiful lady.

“That’s Yan Yang of the Skyblaze Sect!” said Xiao Ning’er, pointing at another person.

He was a youth with hair so red it seemed to be burning. However, he had extremely fair skin and a powerful and domineering aura.

The Infernal Emperor?

Nie Li never expected that during this gather, he would get to see so many powerful experts who he’d frequently heard of in his previous life. In one hundred years, the Infernal Emperor would ascend to the position of Skyblaze Sect, Sect Master, and begin the most powerful era that the sect had ever seen. The Skyblaze Sect would become so powerful that they would put a foot down that was so hard on the Demon God’s Sect, that the Demon God’s Sect couldn’t even raise their heads.

However, no matter how powerful the six major sects were, it was impossible for them to defy the heavens and confront the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land. Forget about the Sage Emperor.

As he thought of his powerful nemesis, Nie Li clenched his fists tightly. Since coming back to life, his starting point was much higher than it’d been in his previous life. However, Nie Li still couldn’t ensure success when he faces the powerful Sage Emperor. Even if Nie Li’s cultivation surpasses the Sage Emperor’s, the enemy had controls for millions of years with the entirety of Space-Time under his control. With just Nie Li alone, it was absolutely impossible to break the Sage Emperor’s absolute reign.

In this life, he had to take advantage of everything he could and not relying on just himself!

However, these powerful geniuses that were gathered in this side chamber were all extremely prideful; it would be difficult to approach them. Not to mention that Nie Li was still weak, in terms of strength, so much that he couldn’t attract anyone’s attention.

Among the members of all three sects, Mingyue Wushuang, Yan Yang, and Long Tianming were undoubtedly the most dazzling existences.

Although Long Tianming had an extraordinary position, he was still a little inferior to the Heavenly Note Sect’s Holy Maiden Mingyue Wushuang and the Skyblaze Sect’s Yan Yang. After all, Yan Yang was already the confirmed candidate to be the next Sect Master of the Skyblaze Sect. Even the Holy Maiden wasn’t a candidate; however, her position within the Heavenly Note Sect was still extremely high.

Long Tianming glanced at Mingyue Wushuang and Yan Yang as he cupped his hands in greeting. His face was filled with an elegant and graceful smile. Mingyue Wushuang nodded in acknowledgement. Meanwhile, Yan Yang remained as cold as ever and completely disregarded Long Tianming’s existence, which slightly embarrassed Long Tianming. However, Long Tianming quickly looked away and laughed loudly to the people next to him, acting as if he hadn’t been bothered by it.

Nie Li secretly thought to himself that this trip to the Cultivation Hall was indeed worth it!

Nie Li started making plans on how to approach Mingyue Wushuang and Yan Yang over the next two days. After all, both were authoritative figures of their respective sects! Having contact with them would definitely prove beneficial towards his future plans.

Nie Li transmitted his voice over to Gu Bei. “Gu Bei, do you have any ideas on how to approach Mingyue Wushuang and Yan Yang?”

Gu Bei was stunned for a moment, then immediately showed a bitter smile. “What a difficult question you’ve given me. One of them is the Holy Maiden of the Heavenly Note Sect, while the other is the Holy Son of Skyblaze Sect. What qualifications do I have to meet with them? At most, I’d only be able to find out where they’re staying!”

“Oh?” Nie Li’s heart slightly shook. Knowing where they were going to stay would be plenty!

Due to Nie Li and his party’s identities, now was not the right time to engage in conversation with the targets. However, if Nie Li knew where they were staying, then he would naturally, have a way for them to come to him!

“Nie Li, don’t be rash.. They’re important guests of the Divine Feathers Sect!” Gu Bei reminded him as he didn’t feel reassured.

Nie Li smiled. “I know the limits!”

Gu Bei felt his scalp tingling. After all, those two’s identities were too noble. If he accidentally offended them, no one would be able to cover for him! He could only hope that Nie Li wouldn’t be too rash.

Ye Xuan and Murong Yu were talking one minute, then became quiet the next. Their gazes periodically directed themselves in Xiao Ning’er’s direction. Xiao Ning’er appeared as though she didn’t noticed them; however, Nie Li had already sensed it. This Ye Xuan was probably interested in Xiao Ning’er.

Although Ye Xuan appeared graceful and courteous on the outside, Nie Li had seen plenty of these hypocrites in his previous life.

This Ye Xuan must be the same as many others who’d benefited from their families and was extremely proud of themselves. However, the only thing they could really be proud of was their births. In terms of real ability, Ye Xuan was nothing.

At that moment, a beautiful Heavenly Note Sect disciple stood up in the front of the room, lightly smiled, and addressed the crowd. “To be here in the Divine Feathers Sect today is my honour to receive. I am a disciple of the Heavenly Note Sect named Qin Yue. It is a pleasure to meet everyone. This auction shall be organised as per past events. Many items displayed today are treasures brought by the disciples of of all three major sects, and will be auctioned. Please do lend us your support!”

Everyone stopped their discussions and turned their attention to the front. In every year’s auction, many rare items would appear. Some were submitted by the disciples of the three major sects, while others were courtesy of the higher-ups. Occasionally, one could purchase a high-valued item for an extremely great price; therefore, all the disciples paid much attention to this auction.

“The first item to be auctioned is a Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirit, a Bloodfury Earthen Dragon,” Qin Yue said as she lightly smiled.

Nie Li and Gu Bei exchanged looks as they wondered whether this demon spirit was theirs.

Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirits were priceless and the three major sects’ higher-ups definitely wouldn’t bring them out for sale. Beneath the God Level growth rate, was the Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary growth rate demon spirit.

A Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary growth rate demon spirit was also extremely precious; only people like Li Xingyun and Ye Xuan could obtain one from their families; after all, only powerful families like theirs could obtain such rare demon spirits. Since they were so rare, it was nearly impossible to find one for sale.

As for many from various families, a Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary growth rate demon spirit was a good fortune that would be encountered by luck and not sought.

The price competition instantly turned intense.

“Ten thousand spiritual stones!”

“Eleven thousand!”

“Eleven thousand five-hundred!”

“Twelve thousand!”

All the disciples frantically competed; however people like Long Tianming and Yan Yang were rather uninterested. Of course they wouldn’t need something like that. Ye Xuan and Li Xingyun had received Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary growth rate demon spirits a long time ago; therefore, they did not participate in the betting. After all, such a demon spirit was extremely pricey and they didn’t need another one.

However, there were still a lot of people competing for it and the price was being madly raised, reflecting just how intense the competition truly was.