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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 31

Chapter 31 - Snow Sakura Demon Spirit

Chu Yuan frantically tried to pull his soul force out from Nie Li’s soul realm. However, the speed of Nie Li’ soul realm closing was too fast. Chu Yuan only had the time to pull out half of his soul force.

Chu Yuan felt his soul force tear a little, at first, but soon felt it tear in half. Half of it was left in Nie Li’s soul realm forever. His face paled and his steps were unsteady, almost making him fall down. Having his soul force torn in half caused him serious injuries. His whole body felt as though all of his strength had been drained from him. Blood began to leak from the corner of his mouth.

Seeing this scene, the surrounding people looked at each other.

It’s very hard for others to clearly see the confrontation of soul force. Therefore, they didn’t know that half of Chu Yuan’s soul force was left in Nie Li’s soul realm forever. They only saw the painful and fearful expression on Chu Yuan’s face , while Nie Li looked energetic. This implied that in the confrontation earlier on, Chu Yuan was inferior to Nie Li.

What they couldn’t understand was that Nie Li, who was clearly not even a 1-star Bronze rank, was able to beat Chu Yuan, who’s a 3-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritist!

Why did Chu Yuan suffer from the battle?

Nie Li felt the surging power within his soul realm. His eyes flashed with light, although the soul force’s level of integration within his body isn’t very high, he still managed to fuse a portion of it. His soul realm just bursted out with dazzling cyan light. The light became more and more flourished.

Nie Li can clearly feel that he is already very close to 1-star Bronze rank. At this moment, if he were to test his soul force, he believes that it would already be above 95.

Within his soul realm, the cracks that surfaced on the barrier to 1-star Bronze rank soon burst

The soul force continues to fuse.


Nie Li heard a booming sound in his head. Ripples were set off in his soul realm and the faint roaring sound of a dragon can be heard. It would seem that the thing that is hiding within his soul realm got stronger.

1-star Bronze rank!

Lights flashed within Nie Li’s eyes. He doesn’t know what is hiding within his soul realm. In his previous life, when he practiced, he didn’t feel that there was anything hidden within his soul realm. However, in this life, his soul realm seems to be a little different. Could this be related to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

With the breakthrough of his cultivation, although Nie Li had his previous life experiences, he still couldn’t refrain from being excited. Because this means that he has made an important first step onto the road of cultivation. He had embarked on a different road of fate compared to his previous life!

Nie Li was only able to refined a portion of Chu Yuan’s soul force, but by spending a little more time, he would be able to refine all of the soul force and make it his own. Once it has been refined, Nie Li might be able to reach 2-star Bronze rank.

What would Shen Xiu think if she knew that Nie Li’s cultivation is being enhanced so fast?

"Chu Yuan was actually defeated?" someone stated in an astonished voice.

"I never imagined this outcome!" said another.

"If he didn’t have any means to counter, Nie Li probably wouldn’t have even challenged Chu Yuan! I originally thought that Nie Li was too proud, but I never thought that he would have such strength!"

Everyone was shocked by the outcome and began their own discussions.

This kind of outcome, no matter if it’s Ye Ziyun, Chen Linjian, Huyan Lanruo, or even Shen Yue, everyone couldn’t help being surprised.

"It seems that I have underestimated him too much!" Chen Linjian murmured. Challenging 3 levels above himself, this can only be done by a super genius! Does Nie Li really only have a red soul realm? Chen Linjian wasn’t quite convinced of that. If someone were to say that Nie Li has an extremely rare azure soul realm, it’s even more believable than saying that he only has a red soul realm.

Ye Ziyun’s eyes were flashing in astonishment. Although she doesn’t like Nie Li, and feels indignant towards Nie Li’s glib, that doesn’t prevent her from worrying for Nie Li. When Nie Li challenged Chu Yuan, she was also a little nervous. She never thought that Nie Li would actually win. This was a little out of her expectation.

Shen Yue fixedly stared at Nie Li’s back, gritting his teeth. He always thought that Nie Li was lucky to be able to win against him, and never expected that Nie Li has been playing with him this whole time. No wonder that when three of his 2-star Bronze rank underlings surrounded and tried to beat Nie Li, they weren’t able to harm him. Not only did he wear bronze armour, he also far surpassed 2-star Bronze rank. That pain expression that Nie Li had on his face that day was all an act! Thinking of himself being wronged by so many people, the anger within his chest was overflowing, simply ready to blow up.

Nie Li, that treacherous wretch!

The towering chest of Huyan Lanruo’s began to heave violently. Someone who’s not even 1-star Bronze rank was actually able to leap level and challenged a 3-star Bronze rank expert. This surprise that Nie Li gave her was too much. How many more secrets are there in Nie Li’s body?

"This sister has to find some time to dig everything out of you and see what else are you hiding!" Huyan Lanruo stated, with her cheeks flushed red and her eyes flashing with the thought of love.

At this moment, Chu Yuan, who fought with Nie Li, was drenched in sweat and was panting for air. Such serious injuries to his soul force had caused a serious impact to his strength. He would need, at least, half a year to recover.

"Today’s matter will not end here!" Chu Yuan declared, staring at Nie Li with hatred.

"Anytime!" Nie Li announced, his brows twitching slightly. He didn’t even place Chu Yuan into his eyes. After his rebirth, Nie Li had a bigger goal. Therefore, he did not even consider these kinds of people to be his opponent. The injuries that Chu Yuan sustained would need at least half a year or longer to recover. In these few months, Chu Yuan will realise that he could only look at Nie Li from afar.

Would a soaring eagle place the dust on the ground into it’s eye?

Chu Yuan turned around, looking somewhat awkward and ran.

Nie Li’s and Chu Yuan’s battle soon became the focus topic and discussion among everyone. And no one would underestimate Nie Li anymore just because he hadn’t reached 1-star Bronze rank yet.

They aren’t aware of is that after the battle from earlier, Nie Li had already reached 1-star Bronze rank!

After reaching 1-star bronze rank, Nie Li’s strength was raised even further. At this moment, he wouldn’t be inferior to anyone else if a fight were to begin.

After this incident, the group continued walking on the narrow rugged mountain road.

"Little brother, you really made your sister surprised. Yesterday, I saw you setting up your tent alone in a corner. Why don’t you set your tent beside sister’s tonight and we can discuss the aspects of cultivation?" suggested Huyan Lanruo, walking to the front of Nie Li. At this moment, the distance between Nie Li and her is extremely close.

Looking down, Huyan Lanruo’s towering peaks were almost attached onto Nie Li’s body. One can vaguely see the deep rich ravine, especially the two raised points, which made it even more seductive.

He could smell the fragrance of orchid from her. He has to admit, Huyan Lanruo is still very charming.

In his previous life, Nie Li was only an ordinary boy. Naturally, none of the girls would give him any favours. It wasn’t until the destruction of Glory City when he had the chance to come in contact with Ye Ziyun. Having the goddess in his heart, he never thought that in this life, he would come to know Xiao Ning’er, and now, Huyan Lanruo who was taking the initiative to seduce him. It seems that his romance is a little too much.

It’s a pity that Nie Li was no longer the ordinary boy from his past. He can’t be seduced so easily by beauty alone. In his heart, there was only Ye Ziyun. After all,t was Ye Ziyun that was in love with the ordinary Nie Li in his previous life, which caused Nie Li’s life to change. Soon after that, Ye Ziyun left the world with regrets. Therefore, after his rebirth, one of Nie Li’s important purposes was to guard Ye Ziyun.

Huyan Lanruo thought that she could seduce Nie Li base on beauty alone. She really thought Nie Li would be so simple.

Seeing Huyan Lanruo luring Nie Li with her seductive body, Ye Ziyun pouted. She doesn’t like this woman because Huyan Lanruo is too seductive, which caused her to be unable to stand it. Ye Ziyun took a glance at Nie Li. With Huyan Lanruo seducing a brat like this, this brat will probably throw himself onto her.

’Heck care, isn’t my problem to begin with,’ Ye Ziyun thought, turning herself around.

"I thank Miss Huyan’s good intentions, but Miss Huyan is already a Silver rank. I’m afraid that I don’t have anything to discuss with Miss Huyan. Let’s forget about it!" Nie Li said, softly refusing her seductive invite.

Ye Ziyun paused for a moment and looked at Nie Li in astonishment. She never thought that Nie Li would actually refuse.

Huyan Lanruo’s charming eyes were all written with misbelief. Although she hasn’t slept with any man, she clearly knows her own impressive capital. She would often mess with many men that would approach her. In her view, seducing a small boy like Nie Li was an easy thing to do. She never thought, since she first had contact with Nie Li, his eyes have always been lucid. She never expected him to flatly refuse her request in resolution.

She couldn’t help feeling ashamed and resentful at the same time. Her eyes suddenly turned sharp, bursting with charm, and spoke in a soft and shy voice, "Doesn’t little brother Nie Li want to get closer with sister?"

Nie Li’s eye contracted, waves of fragrance penetrated his nose. The Huyan Lanruo in front of him had her skin emitted a moist light, her towering peaks, her curvy waist, she was without a doubt completely filled with seductive charm. Any other man that sees this would want to press her under them and merciless ravage her.

Huyan Lanruo maintained a step distance with Nie Li. However, Nie Li’s mind was filled with all kinds of imagination. The chest of Huyan Lanruo closely attached to his and that soft touch, she proudly hugged her chest while looking at Nie Li with great interest.

’After you take my art of charm, we’ll see how long you can continue to pretend!’ she pridefully thought.

Huyan Lanruo felt that Nie Li only refused her to put up a show in front of Ye Ziyun. Nie Li’s heart is definitely filled with lust! As long as she cast her art of charm, Nie Li will be completely attached to her.

Nie Li’s heart shook, a light flashed across his eyes, and his pupils immediately become clear, ridding himself of those illusions.

Wanting to control Nie Li with a little charming technique, she is underestimating Nie Li a little too much. That charming technique could only work on those whom lack willpower. Nie Li had lived two lives. His heart has already solidified. How could he be tempted so easily?

"Snow Sakura Demon Spirit. I never thought that Miss Huyan would have such a rare demon spirit!" Nie Li exclaimed, looking at Huyan Lanruo in an interesting manner.

Huyan Lanruo stared at Nie Li at this moment, feeling like she was struck by lightning.