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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 310

Chapter 310 - Arrangement

Many families used the hands-off approach to raising their descendents, which usually led to the younger generations competing amongst themselves. Like a growing venomous insect, the moment an absolute genius managed to beat down their peers, the family would turn their attention and nurture them to succeed the family’s power and position. As for the others who couldn’t make it to the top, they would be forced to give up on the competition and seek other suitable positions within their families.

In the Divine Feathers Sect, Long Tianming was a good example! Although there were others who qualified to succeed his family, none of them could compete against him.

Gu Heng’s talent was rather decent among the younger generations of the Gu Clan, but he couldn’t beat down all of the others with absolute certainty. As for Gu Lan, every member of the Gu Clan’s younger generation considered it to be a pity. Only her talent was qualified enough to become leader of the Gu Clan!

However, Gu Lan had encountered a problem in her cultivation. After her accident, her younger brother had been placed with high hopes; after all, the two of them were siblings, so in terms of talent, they should be somewhat close to each other. However, it was a pity that reality didn’t turn out that way. Gu Bei was a lousy good-for-nothing. Although he possessed a Heaven Spiritual Root, he had an unrestrained lifestyle, and already had over twenty wives at such a young age. Not to mention that his cultivation wasn’t improving either, so, everyone was forced to turn away from Gu Bei.

But now, these people vaguely sensed that the matter probably wasn’t as simple as it seemed. There was a high chance that Gu Bei was concealing himself!

Long Tianming also couldn’t help glancing over in their direction. He remembered that the youth called Gu Bei was someone from the Gu Clan. But there was no way Gu Bei should be able to pull out so much money with just his family alone. Was Gu Bei managing some businesses?

Aside from Gu Heng, the talents of the rest of the younger generations of the Gu Clan weren’t that good. But Long Tianming wasn’t terribly bothered by Gu Heng either. Within the entirety of the Divine Feathers Sect, there were very few that Long Tianming would treat as equals.

There was Li Yufeng of the Ashen Flames Family, and also that person! A chilling light flashed through Long Tianming’s eyes. That person was his greatest rival over the Sect Master’s seat!

As for Gu Bei, Long Tianming was only slightly shocked at the display, but he didn’t bother too much over it. He quickly turned his head back and continued his conversation.

Another Extraordinary Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit made its appearance on the stage.

“There’re so many Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirits being auctioned this year!” someone exclaimed from the sidelines.

In past auctions, it was already good to have just one or two Dragon bloodline Extraordinary Level growth rates; this year, there were already tens of those and it looked like there might still be more to come! This was indeed a shocking display.

Upon hearing the exclaims from the crowd, Gu Bei and Nie Li exchanged looks and smiled. Gu Bei had submitted twenty Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirits into the auction all at once. To them, it’d be strange if there aren’t many of them appearing in the auction.

Li Xingyun dejectedly drained his wine cup in one go. “They’re just Extraordinary Level growth rate Dragon Bloodlines! What’s the point?” His talent was a bit inferior to Long Tianming’s and Li Yufeng’s, but he wasn’t terribly far off either. However, since he was an illegitimate child, the Ashen Flames Family didn’t regard him very highly. Without a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit, he’d always be a step behind his competitors!

It was too difficult for his family to provide him with such a demon spirit; so, of course, he was rather upset.

In addition to Li Xingyun, even people like Murong Yu and Ye Xuan couldn’t gain the qualifications for a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit. They were all a little dispirited over this fact. But once they got their hands on one, their position within their families, and the sect, would instantly change.

Nie Li glanced at Li Xingyun. In his previous life, Li Xingyun had become an authoritative figure, so of course he’d gotten a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit in the end. However, he was currently stewing in the sour loss of hope. Li Xingyun knew that Nie Li could get him an ordinary God Level growth rate, but he didn’t believe that Nie Li could get him one with a Dragon Bloodline. Therefore, he’d never spoken of this matter to Nie Li.

Nie Li transmitted his voice to Li Xingyun, “Brother Li, I have a deal for you. I wonder if you’re interested?”

Li Xingyun couldn’t help raising his head towards Nie Li. “What kind of deal?”

“If Brother Li is interested, I might be able to get you a God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit!” Nie Li lightly smiled. During their recent interactions, Nie Li had realised that Li Xingyun still gave off the same impression that he had in his previous life: a man who spoke heavily of loyalty. Therefore, Nie Li came up with an idea.

“You can get a Dragon Blood God Level growth rate demon spirit for me?” Li Xingyun transmitted his voice back to Nie Li. Even the wine cup in his hand couldn’t stop shaking. Although he was excited, he still managed to control himself.

“I’ll need some time, but it’s not impossible!” Nie Li returned.

After a pondering for a moment, Li Xingyun said, “What kind of deal do you want? As long as I can get a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate, feel free to name whatever price you want!” Demon spirits of that level were indeed priceless. If Li Xingyun sold off all his businesses, he could accumulate quite a lot of money, and it still wouldn’t be enough to buy a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit. But it wouldn’t be too far away either.

Nie Li lightly smiled. “As for spiritual stones, a hundred thousand will do. However, I need Brother Li to promise me three requests!”

“No problem, don’t hesitate! Speak!” Li Xingyun’s voice trembled a little. A person with a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit could become the pillar of the entire sect. Even if you had a hundred thousand spiritual stones, you still wouldn’t be able to find another place that would sell it! Even if Nie Li asked for millions of spiritual stones, buyers would still line up like ducks!

However, Nie Li was only asking for a hundred thousand spiritual stones. That was almost like giving it away for free!

“My first request is to form an alliance with you, Brother Li. In the future, no matter what happens in the Divine Feathers Sect, no matter who I have conflicts with, Brother Li must stand by my side!” Nie Li stared at Li Xingyun as he transmitted his voice.

Li Xingyun was slightly stunned as he looked at Nie Li. He only needed a moment to think before a light of determination flashed through his eyes. “Of course! Brother Nie Li is selling me a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate for only a hundred thousand spiritual stones. I, Li Xingyun, am not a man who is disloyal to his friends. If you have any requests, please feel free to voice them. As long as they are within my power, I will do my utmost. As long as it does not betray the sect!”

“Of course I wouldn’t ask Brother Li to betray the sect. That wouldn’t benefit me either.” Nie Li smiled and continued, “As for the other two requests, I still haven’t decided. I’ll let you know when I’ve thought them through. As for your demon spirit, I’ll do my best to acquire it!”

Li Xingyun’s heart was filled with hope at Nie Li’s words.

If Nie Li could get him a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit, regardless of who Nie Li asked him to confront, even if it was Long Tianming, Li Xingyun would never fear. He was a loyal man. To those who’d helped him, he’d definitely return the favor without hesitation. Otherwise, he would never have made so many reliable friends. Even without this deal, Li Xingyun felt that Nie Li was someone worth befriending!

Nie Li had made this deal entirely based off of the impression Li Xingyun had given him in the previous and present life. Nie Li didn’t know if he’d profit from the deal, but it’s fine as long as he didn’t lose anything. A hundred thousand spiritual stones would be enough for Nie Li to make Li Xingyun’s demon spirit.

No one else had any clue about the astonishing deal that Nie Li had just made with Li Xingyun.

Nie Li transmitted his voice over to Gu Bei. “Gu Bei, how’s your influence inside your clan right now?”

Gu Bei scratched his head and bitterly smiled. “I’ve always been a good-for-nothing. What kind of influence could I possibly have? At most, I only have a few of my father’s connections, and can only mobilise some people. Even if I suddenly stood out, I could only attract slight attention. I don’t have very much credit with the others in the clan. However, it’d be a different story if my sister stood up. There would easily be a hundred answers to a single call from her!”

Nie Li thought it over briefly, then said, “It’s better to let your sister focus on her cultivation. Next, I might need your help on some things!”

“What things? As long as they’re within my power!” Gu Bei couldn’t help replying seriously at Nie Li’s serious expression. Nie Li had saved his sister. That little grace, Gu Bei was entirely willing to repay it with his life!

“We’ve bought so much stuff today. That astonishing wealth will definitely attract the Gu Clan’s attention. Just one thing: keep it a secret and don’t let anyone know where all the money came from and keep going like we discussed earlier. Stand out and pull Gu Heng down.” Nie Li continued, “We will initiate our plan, step by step!”

“My sister’s poisoning is definitely related to that Gu Heng guy. However, Gu Heng is deeply rooted in the Gu Clan, and is also the clan’s number one genius. Trying to pull him down is going to be extremely tough!” Gu Bei bitterly smiled as he continued, “It’s not like I’ve been praising others to make myself sound weak. However, my current strength is still inferior to Gu Heng’s!”

Nie Li said, “Of course this problem isn’t going to be solved so quickly. I’ll help guide you in your cultivation. Then, when the time is right, you should display your Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit in front of your clan!” Since Nie Li had decided to fight for the Sect Master’s position, he had to start planning things right now.

Once Gu Bei displayed his demon spirit, his position in the clan would change drastically! When that time came, he’d be able to start shaking Gu Heng from his position bit by bit.

“I also think that it’s about time!” A chilling light flashed through Gu Bei’s eyes. He and Gu Lan had already endured for far too long.

Among the members of the three major families of the Divine Feathers Sect, both Li Xingyun and Gu Bei qualified to fight for the position of Sect Master. All that was left the Dragonseal Family. As these thoughts crossed Nie Li’s mind, his eyes turn to Long Yuyin.

Long Yuyin was also a valid candidate to be the Dragonseal Family Patriarch’s successor. Even though she ranked a little behind, she still had the qualifications. The only problem was that Long Yuyin was obsessed with the Martial Dao, and uninterested in political power. But if there was one good thing about those kinds of people, it was that they’re one-track minded.

If Long Yuyin wanted to compete against Long Tianming, she would require Nie Li’s patient and systematic guidance. However, such things had to be approached slowly.