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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 311

Chapter 311 - Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting

Nie Li had been guiding Long Yuyin recently, which had eased their relationship. However, he was still a little hesitant towards this female tyrannosaurus.

Therefore, he found it rather difficult to interact with Long Yuyin.

For example, Long Yuyin currently sat there like a block of wood, not interacting with others. She had a deterring facial expression for strangers. Who knew what she was thinking about?

Fortunately, the current Long Yuyin was already restraining herself, so other people no longer hated her as much.

On the other hand, Gu Bei continued to buy many things. Neither Ye Xuan nor Murong Yu felt any more light on their faces; all the limelight had been snatched by Gu Bei.

The auction continued for another half an hour, after which the accounts were settled. After the calculations had finished, Gu Bei had spent around one hundred and seventy-eighty thousand spiritual stones. Of course, he still had quite a bit of money left over. He placed all of his new purchases and the remaining spiritual stones into the interspatial ring, then secretly passed the ring to Nie Li.

Qin Yue smiled sweetly as she said, “I’m sure everyone can’t wait to see the main event for this auction. This item is extremely extraordinary, a treasure from ancient times. However, we have not determined its uses, till this day. As far as we’re aware, it can increase your cultivating speed. However, no one can deny its value. A mysterious and unnamed higher up from one of the major sects has placed it in this auction, so that it may find its fated owner!”

Qin Yue’s words greatly piqued everyone’s curiosity. Just what kind of item was it? Was it really that mysterious?

Even Long Tianming, Mingyue Wushuang, and Yan Yang shifted their gaze onto Qin Yue.

An unusual treasure from the ancient times? The name itself already attracted the attention of countless people.

The remaining disciples of the three major sects were all anxiously waiting for it.

“Miss Qin Yue, please bring it out quickly!”

Qin Yue seemed very pleased with the effect that her words had produced on the crowd. She smiled and said, “Since everyone is so curious about this item, let’s bring it out!”

Two girls slowly carried in a tray, which was covered by a red cloth.

This had also aroused Nie Li’s curiosity as he never thought that it’d be such a serious matter. He wondered just which ancient treasure was it?

A sweet smile appeared on Qin Yue’s face as she removed the cloth, revealing a scroll-like item. She held it up and slowly unfurled it. “Even till this day, we cannot determine exactly what this item is. The only thing we know is that this item is definitely extraordinary.”

Everyone fixed their eyes on the item Qin Yue held in her hands. What she held wasn’t a text scroll, but actually a painting. The paper depicted a spacious land that had distant mountains, and a river flowing in between. Four vigorous ancient letters were written there: Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains.

Upon seeing those four letters, all the viewers felt a strong shaking sensation, as though their hearts had been struck by lightning. Those four letters contained some kind of powerful intent.

This was definitely an extraordinary object!

That was the first thought that appeared in everyone’s mind.

Nie Li was the most shocked among them. Others didn’t know the uses of this treasure and could only feel mind-blown upon seeing this painting. However, Nie Li was well aware of it’s uses!

According to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s records, this painting was drawn by a supreme existence from ancient times. That expert had used all of his intent to create this this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, thereby exhausting all energy. This item wasn’t simply supposed to be a cultivation aid!

Its aura could be absorbed for cultivation, but using it that way was simply a huge waste of a priceless treasure! That was only a tiny trace of the Heavenly Energy that it dispersed!

Nie Li sensed that there were definitely strings attached. Otherwise, there was no way that such a shocking treasure would simply be brought out for auction. However, he definitely wouldn’t let such a treasure go! If he could tap into all of the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting’s abilities, it would definitely become one of his cornerstones in his fight against the Sage Emperor!

The Sage Emperor dominated everything and had sealed both time and space. If Nie Li wanted to break through the Space-Time seal, he’d definitely require extraordinary methods.

Nie Li definitely couldn’t allow this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting fall into the hands of others!

“Gu Bei, no matter what, buy this painting for me!” Nie Li transmitted his voice to Gu Bei. “As for money, I’ll pay for it!”

“Alright!” Gu Bei nodded. Although he didn’t know of the painting’s uses, he was aware that it definitely wasn’t a simple object. And that was enough for him!

After all, isn’t money supposed to be spent?

Gu Bei was quite eager now!

Qin Yue lightly smiled at everyone, “I’ll bet that everyone knows that this definitely isn’t a simple item. Under normal circumstances, this item definitely wouldn’t appear in this auction. However, we have been mystified over it. Since we don’t know its uses, it only serves as a decoration for us. Even the mysterious higher-up who took this painting out doesn’t know of its uses as well!”

Everyone exchanged glances.

Everyone was well aware that such a treasure definitely had numerous uses. However, that higher-up who was willing to sell this treasure couldn’t discover its uses? People like themselves could just forget about it! Since this item was the finale of the show, it definitely wouldn’t be cheap. If they spent a fortune buying such a useless item, that’d be too much of a loss!

Qin Ye lightly smiled. “The higher-up who is selling this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting said that regardless of who it is, if someone can discover even one use of this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, he will be willing to buy it back for two hundred thousand spiritual stones. If no one knows of its uses, then he will sell the painting. The starting price is one hundred thousand spiritual stones!”

Nie Li furrowed his brows briefly. It looked like this higher-up was really stumped. He didn’t seem to actually want to sell the painting, but he couldn’t figure out any of its uses. Therefore, he really didn’t have much of a choice.

Even this mysterious higher up couldn’t break the myriad of inscription patterns on the painting. So what was the use of having the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting anyways?

Nie Li was probably the only one who could unlock its secrets!

The starting bid was one hundred thousand spiritual stones!

Many people were utterly stupefied at the price.

That price itself could easily remove the majority of the competition. Amongst those gathered here, only a few could even participate. One hundred thousand spiritual stones. That wasn’t something ordinary people could afford.

The entire side chamber was covered by a long silence. Who would be daring enough to raise that price?

“One hundred ten thousand spiritual stones!” Long Tianming casually said.

Someone finally made a bid!

The silence had been broken. Everyone exchanged looks and bitter smiles. Probably only someone of Long Tianming’s level could afford to take part in this competition.

The amount of money transacted in this year’s auction greatly surpassed that of previous years. Furthermore, the price of this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting was simply too overwhelming.

“One hundred twenty thousand spiritual stones!” Yan Yang casually said.

Throughout this long auction, Yan Yang hadn’t made a single bid. The number of items that could catch his attention was nearly zero. However, he’d finally started to bid for this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Long Tianming couldn’t help furrowing his brows briefly when he heard Yan Yang’s bid. Once Yan Yang joined the competition, Long Tianming would no longer be a decent competitor for the painting. Therefore, he could only hope that Yan Yang wasn’t terribly interested in the painting.

“One hundred thirty thousand!”

“One hundred forty thousand!”

One hundred fifty thousand!”


The price steadily rose as the two of them continued the bidding war. When Yan Yang raised it to one hundred sixty thousand, Long Tianming was forced to back out from the fight with a bitter smile.

“Senior Brother Yan Yang has made a bid of one hundred sixty thousand. Is anyone willing to go higher?” Qin Yue lightly smiled as she looked out at the crowd.

Suddenly, Mingyue Wushuang’s clear voice rang out as she lightly smiled. “I’ll offer one hundred ninety thousand. If anyone raises the price past that, then I’ll back out!”

Yan Yang went silent for a moment as he spoke, “By right, if Senior Sister Mingyue is interested, I should let Senior Sister Mingyue have it. Unfortunately, I’m also quite interested in this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Furthermore, this item seems to compliment my cultivation technique, so I don’t want to miss it. I hope that Senior Sister Mingyue won’t be offended!” Yan Yang wasn’t on good terms with Long Tianming but he was obviously more polite towards Mingyue Wushuang.

Mingyue Wushuang smiled, “Don’t worry about it. Junior Brother Yan Yang should do as you like!” After all, she was only casually raising the price.

“Two hundred thousand spiritual stones!” Yan Yang continued bidding.

The painting’s price had reached two hundred thousand spiritual stones! That was simply too shocking a sum. Even if people like Ye Xuan and Murong Ye emptied their entire fortunes, they still wouldn’t be able to gather so many spiritual stones!

Yan Yang was truly the Holy Son of the Skyblaze Sect. He was way too rich!

With Yan Yang’s frightening wealth, the others were probably too scared to compete. Just when everyone believed that the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting would fall into Yan Yang’s hands, Gu Bei’s voice sounded. “I heard from an Elder that this Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting has been laid with the Myriad Spiritual Lock. Even a Martial Ancestor Realm expert wouldn’t be able to solve it. So even if Young Master Yan Yang gets it, you probably won’t find too many uses for it. I’ll bid two hundred ten thousand spiritual stones!”

The observers couldn’t help finding the situation rather funny. On one hand, Gu Bei had just said that the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting had been laid with the Myriad Spiritual Lock; therefore, it definitely wasn’t worth getting. On the other hand, he’d also raised the price. It was an unavoidably a little too hilarious. Gu Bei was probably trying to tell Yan Yan that he wasn’t trying to provoke him. At the same time, not making Yan Yang look bad.

After all, no one wanted to provoke someone like Yan Yang! Yan Yang represented the entire Skyblaze Sect as the sect’s future leader!

Yan Yang turned in Gu Bei’s direction and considered him briefly. He never expected that Gu Bei would still have the wealth to compete against him, especially after buying so many other things. Yan Yang causally said, “This gathering of the three major sects is meant for us to interact. Harmony is prized. Everyone can bid as they wish, and the higher bid wins. There is no need to be bothered by status. Junior Brother Gu, please go ahead!”

The crowd couldn’t help sighing inwardly at those words. With such extraordinary manners, Yan Yang truly lived up to his title as the Holy Son of the Skyblaze Sect.