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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 314

Chapter 314 - Sword

If anyone went up onstage now, they’d only get mocked by the crowd.

Since it looked like no one else wanted to volunteer, Qin Yue was about to end the event. However, Nie Li suddenly stood up, casually smiled, and said, “May I give it a try?”

Dead silence filled the side chamber. Everyone dumbfoundedly started at Nie Li.

What was going on?

Who was this kid?

There was someone who dared to go up after Yan Yang, Mingyue Wushuang, and Long Tianming?

“Just who is that guy? He must be an idiot who doesn’t know the height of the sky or the depth of the earth[1. Hasn’t seen the vastness of the world, thinks he himself is everything.]!.

“I know who he is! He’s the number one genius from the Divine Feathers Sect’s youngest generation!”

But even if he was the number one genius among the youngest generation, he was still being too arrogant to try and pit his own Dao intent against those three!

Yan Yang, Mingyue Wushuang, and Long Tianming all looked in Nie Li’s direction. This was an unexpected for them. However, they calmly observed as they tried to see what Nie Li was planning.

Ye Xuan looked at Nie Li with disdain. ‘He’s just displaying his pitiful skills before experts! Even if Nie Li has some ability, he should’ve showed it before those three. That way, no one would mock him. But he actually want to go after them. He’s thinking too highly of himself! It doesn’t matter how well he does, the audience will just keep comparing him to those three!’

These thoughts went through Ye Xuan’s head. Nie Li probably wanted to display his skills in front of Xiao Ning’er; that was probably why he couldn’t back down from this!

Ye Xuan looked at Xiao Ning’er. She doesn’t seem to have a very good eyesight, to actually have found such a moron. Even if Nie Li was trying to compete with him, he should at least find a better time.

Murong Yu sneered in disdain. Did Nie Li really think that he could challenge people of Yan Yang’s level? He was grossly overestimating his own abilities!

Li Xingyun sat to the side, staring at Nie Li in astonishment. Why did Nie Li chose to stand out now? Li Xingyun knew that Nie Li always had a reason behind his actions. He shouldn’t be going up there just to humiliate himself. So what was he planning? Li Xingyun couldn’t see through Nie Li anymore.

Gu Bei was also stunned for a brief moment. Of course, he didn’t believe that Nie Li’s Dao intent could surpass those three’s. So what was he going up for?

However, Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao, and Xiao Xue weren’t shocked in the slightest. They’d been with Nie Li for too long and were well aware that he wouldn’t make shots without an aim. Therefore, they weren’t worried about Nie Li humiliating himself.

On the other hand, Long Yuyin was one of the people who were staring at Nie Li in astonishment. Ever since Nie Li started guiding her, she sensed that his cultivation in Dao intent was deep and unmeasurable. But even still, she didn’t think that Nie Li could win against those three. Just a little while ago, she’d witnessed their frightening strength and deep attainment on Dao intent. So why did Nie Li chose this timing? An intense curiosity rose within Long Yuyin’s heart!

Nie Li patted Gu Bei on the shoulder and said, “Watch carefully with all your heart and sense the intent within. It’ll be a great help to your cultivation.”

“Yes.” Gu Bei nodded in reply, even though his expression was still a little blank.

Long Yuyin’s heart slightly shook at Nie Lie’s words as she sat upright and still. Her expression turned serious. She wanted to take a good look at what Nie Li was going to do. If it was something that Gu Bei could comprehend, then why couldn’t she?

Ye Xuan and Murong Yu snorted disdainfully. Did Nie Li really consider himself a master with that imprudent manner of his?

Li Xingyun looked at Nie Li in astonishment as his expectations rose.

Nie Li turned and walked to the front with Xiao Ning’er and everyone else’s attention focused on him.

Every pair of eyes in that side chamber were on Nie Li, including the eyes of the previous trio. They couldn’t help laughing to themselves when they realised that Nie Lie didn’t seem to have even reached the Heavenly Fate Realm. What kind of understanding towards the Heavenly Dao could someone of his level possibly have?

Qin Yue looked at Nie Li with a sweet smile. “This Junior Brother seems rather young. But since you’re willing to show us your skills, your courage is commendable! We can’t be too demanding either.”

A burst of laughter came from below the stage. It was obvious that Qin Yue was trying to leave Nie Li with a route for retreat.

Nie Li didn’t have a single trace of stage fright as he calmly replied. “Earlier, someone wrote the word ‘love’. I’m untalented, but I can also offer to write a word and make a fool of myself.”

An expression of understanding crossed Ye Xuan’s face. Nie Li was definitely aiming at him! That moron! Even if Nie Li wanted to compete with him, he should do it before Yan Yang and the other two. It didn’t matter how good he was. The fact that he was going after them ensured that he’d be mocked.

Even if Nie Li was intending to compete with Ye Xuan, instead of those three, that was also wishful thinking!

Nie Li scanned the crowd below with a casual smile. “This word of mine is a gift to those who’re fated with it!”

Everyone within the side chamber exchanged glances. Did Nie Li really think of himself to be a figure? Among the people gathered in this side chamber, who wasn’t a powerful genius of one of the three major sects? Who would need his guidance? The crowd was just waiting to laugh at the joke that was Nie Li.

Nie Li approached the table, picked up the brush, and started writing.

Not a single ripple of Dao intent emanated from Nie Li’s body. He was just like an ordinary person, but at least you could say he was focusing on his strokes.

Everyone dumbfounded exchanged glances.

The point of this event wasn’t to show your calligraphy skills. It was to display comprehension towards Dao intent! Nie Li didn’t have the slightest ripple of aura as he casually wrote his word. There was no way his word would contain any Dao intent!

“Is that guy a moron?”

“I’m really speechless. Where did such a moron come from?”

The crowd conversed amongst themselves. At first, they were worried that their perceptions about Nie Li were actually wrong. But now that they were concentrating onto Nie Li, he was standing there peacefully writing without any Dao intent coming from him. Not even the slightest ripple.

Was he really up there just to display his calligraphy skills? Was he trying to make a joke?

Murong Yu’s face was red from holding back his laughter. “That kid’s brain must be soggy. This competition is about one’s insight towards Dao intent. What is he trying to accomplish just by writing a word?”

Ye Xuan also lightly smiled without speaking. Nie Li was indeed a joke, far inferior compared to Ye Xuan himself!

The others at the same table calmly glanced at Murong Yu before turning back to the stage. No one batted an eye twice in his direction, Xiao Ning’er included. They all wanted to know what Nie Li’s word was. What did he mean by ‘this word is meant for those who’re fated with it’?

Even Long Yuyin was a little fidgety. She couldn’t hold back in her heart as curiosity constantly urged her to take a look. Was he really up there just to show his calligraphy skills? She knew Nie Li well enough to understand that he wouldn’t pull something like that, right?

As for Gu Bei, his eyes were glued on Nie Li onstage. Thanks to Nie Li’s words earlier, he was filled with expectations.

Qin Yue couldn’t bear seeing Nie Li make such a fool out of himself, so she reminded him, “Junior Brother, in this event, we’re competing Dao intent by injecting our comprehension into calligraphy. Not just calligraphy skills!”

However, Nie Li didn’t even raise his head. His expression was serious and his aura calm and even as his wrist made precise movements. Stroke by stroke, a complex and ancient character appeared on the page. With one last forceful hook from the brush, he pull away from the paper and smiled. “My word is complete!”

Qin Yue looked at the page and saw an extremely complicated ancient word. Although she’d never seen it before, but judging from its shape, the word was “sword”[1. Because Chinese characters are picture-based, you can guess some ancient words based on their shape or compare them to modern characters.]. In terms of calligraphy skills, it was magnificent, composed of vigorous slashes and fine strokes, upright and strong. However, it was only an ordinary “sword” that contained no Dao intent.

Qin Yue couldn’t help shaking her head with a sigh. She originally thought that Nie Li might give her some surprises.

Nie Li’s brain couldn’t have actually gone soggy, right? Did he really go up there just to make a fool of himself?

However, Qin Yue kept her manners, so she still lifted the word and displayed it to the crowd. Qin Yue felt the situation rather funny. What was there to show anyways? Plain calligraphy skills?

Even though Nie Li had completed his word, it had no Dao intent. What was there for others to evaluate?

The disciples sitting below exchanged glances with each other, a little speechless. This was just ordinary calligraphy. If they didn’t have any self-restraint, they would’ve already burst into laughter.

When Long Tianming saw that word, the corner of his mouth twitch upwards. He originally thought that an extraordinary genius had appeared among the newcomers. He never thought that this “genius” would actually turn out to be a moron. At such an occasion, Nie Li was throwing the Divine Feathers Sect’s face!

Long Tianming looked at it once, then turned away without a second glance.

Ye Xuan laughed. “I think Junior Brother Nie Li must be confused! I’ll admit that my calligraphy skills aren’t as good as his, but what’s the use of just calligraphy?” Ye Xuan’s words only contained mockery.

“Even Senior Brother Ye Xuan admits defeat. Junior Brother Nie Li’s calligraphy skills have indeed reached a high level!” Murong Yu laughed loudly. In his heart, he was insulting Nie Li. What a moron!

Long Yuyin attentively studied the word in Qin Yue’s hand, but no matter how she observed it, it looked like an ordinary word to her. She couldn’t help furrowing her brows. Did Nie Li’s word really not have any Dao intent?

Gu Bei’s eyes were fixed on that word. His brows were locked together.

The majority of the disciples were discussing amongst themselves, mocking Nie Li for being ridiculous.

Nie Li calmly swept an eye over the crowd. Based on everyone’s expression, they were all looking down on him. However, Nie Li paid special attention the expression of Yan Yang and Mingyue Wushuang.

Mingyue Wushuang was no longer as calm and tranquil as she had been. Her brows were locked together, as though she was pondering over an extremely difficult question.

Yan Yang’s eyes flashed with traces of astonishment, admiration, and confusion. His brows momentarily locked, then smoothed out, then locked again.