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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 315

Chapter 315 - Supreme Sword Intent

When others had looked at Nie Li’s “sword”, they couldn’t feel any profundity concealed within. They couldn’t even sense a trace of Dao intent.

Although the majority of them had some self-restraint, there was still some mockery.

Indeed, Nie Li had gone up to make a joke of himself.

Suddenly, Gu Bei seemed to have sensed something as his eyes glowed. “Nie Li is indeed a genius. His comprehension towards the Dao has far surpassed that of people like Yan Yang!”

As Gu Bei focused his attention on that “sword”, he sensed a surging sword intent bearing down on him. This word wasn’t written with any Dao intent; however, boundless Dao intent could still be sensed from it.

That was the most shocking thing!

The “sword” that Nie Li had written was meant for Gu Bei, since Gu Bei’s insight towards swordplay was far stronger than other people’s. After all, in Nie Li’s previous life, Gu Bei had become a Martial Ancestor Realm expert by relying on sword intent! This word contained boundless Dao intent and the essence of sword intent. As long as Gu Bei could comprehend the word, it would be extremely helpful to his cultivation.

Listening to Gu Bei’s words, Murong Yu disapprovingly sneered. “Far surpassing Yan Yang? Your boasting is a little too much. It doesn’t matter how much you two flatter each other, no one’s going to believe you guys! Or maybe it’s that among the geniuses of the three major sects all gathered in this side chamber, only you can comprehend the Dao intent that’s hidden within?”

Li Xingyun had attentively studied the “sword” written by Nie Li. However, he still couldn’t sense anything, and neither could Xiao Ning’er. The only thing they could do was remain silent and not refute Murong Yu’s words. They only felt that Gu Bei definitely wouldn’t speak without thinking. Therefore, they focused their attention even harder on the “sword”, trying to glean something from it.

Gu Bei sneered in disdain. “You can say whatever you want. I don’t care. Either way, if you guys can’t comprehend the supreme sword intent contained in that word, then it’s your loss!”

Long Yuyin knitted her brows slightly. Could this “sword” written by Nie Li really contain supreme sword intent? If so, why couldn’t she sense the slightest Dao intent no matter how she looked at it? Maybe she was just stupid? This was something that Gu Bei could sense, but she couldn’t?!

Just what kind of sword intent was hidden in this “sword”? The seed of curiosity had been planted in Long Yuyin’s heart, and she was dying to unravel it!

Ye Xuan also studied the word for a long time, but he couldn’t sense the slightest sword intent either. Just what was that damned thing? Like he’d believe Gu Bei. There were so many experts gathered in the side chamber, but only a good-for-nothing like Gu Bei could sense it? When not even Yan Yang and the rest could sense it?

A variety of discussions continued throughout the hall. Many only had words of ridicule.

Everyone’s eyes fell onto Yan Yang, Mingyue Wushuang, and Long Tianming. Ultimately, it was up to the three of them to evaluate this word. If the three of them couldn’t even sense any Dao intent from it, then Nie Li really would be a laughing stock.

Long Tianming lightly smiled, “Junior Brother Nie Li’s word is indeed very well-written. In terms of calligraphy, it has reached great heights. However, I couldn’t sense any traces of Dao intent from it. In that regard, the “love” written earlier was better.”

After Long Tianming’s words, the crowd couldn’t help inwardly thinking that Nie Li was deliberately trying to be mysterious. Even Long Tianming couldn’t sense any Dao intent. That proved that it was just an ordinary word.

Nie Li never wanted Long Tianming to comprehend the supreme sword intent from his word. When he heard Long Tianming’s words, he breathed out a sigh of relief from his heart and smiled. “Indeed, this is just ordinary calligraphy. Since Senior Brother Long and everyone else couldn’t sense anything from it, then forget about it. I’ll take this word of mine away!”

Nie Li took the word from Qin Yue. He was worried that if he allowed Long Tianming a little more time, Long Tianming might start comprehending something out of it.

The only reason Gu Bei could comprehend it was because he’d been in contact with Nie Li for a while now, and he’d been subconsciously affected by Nie Li’s aura. Furthermore, Gu Bei’s insights towards the sword had surpassed Long Tianming’s.

Everyone had something they specialised in. But there weren’t many people who could surpass Gu Bei in terms of the way of swords.

Just when Nie Li took the word from Qin Yue, Yan Yang’s voice suddenly stopped him. “Wait!”

Everyone in the side chamber looked at Yan Yang in puzzlement. He looked a little dazed. What was wrong with him? Yan Yang had been rather uncommunicative ever since he entered this side chamber; he hadn’t spoken many words. To suddenly call out to Nie Li was rather unexpected for everyone.

His brows were knitted tightly.

When Yan Yang first looked at that “sword”, he had a peculiar feeling. When he concentrated, he realised that the word contained boundless profundity. Only after a long while of brow-knitting and pondering could he sense the overflowing Dao intent raging at him, trying to devour him whole.

The more Yan Yang pondered over this word, the more shocked he became. To think a youth could have such insight on sword intent! Compared to this supreme Dao intent, his Go piece earlier was far too inferior!

Yan Yang was immersed in that boundless sword intent. The more he thought on it, the more potential he found in the word’s sword intent. He was a tiny drop of seawater in the vast ocean of the universe.

Under the bewildered eyes of the crowd, Yan Yang deeply inhaled and looked at Nie Li. Originally, he thought that his own Dao was enough to completely suppress any expert of his own generation. But now that he looked upon this word, he realised that there was always another sky beyond the sky. There would always be someone stronger!

Nie Li was so young, but he already had such frighteningly deep insights towards sword intent.

After Yan Yang called out to Nie Li, he fixed his gaze on that word.

Long Tianming couldn’t help frowning at Yan Yang’s expression. Could that word in Nie Li’s hand really contain some profundity? Long Tianming turned towards the stage and wrinkled his brows, also trying to glean something from it.

Mingyue Wushuang’s eyes were also fixed on the word in Nie Li’s hands. She couldn’t comprehend as much as Yan Yang could, but she also realised that this word contained some profundity. She sensed that this word contained sword intent that was deep like the sea; but when she tried to take a closer look, she couldn’t enter it.

The geniuses gathered in the side chamber noticed the expressions of those three, and were shocked as they turned back to the word in Nie Li’s hands. Could there really be something profound within it? Otherwise, those three wouldn’t show such expressions.

Yan Yang blankly stared at the calligraphy in silence.

At this, Nie Li understood that Yan Yang was already immersed in the word’s profound sword intent.

The character that Nie Li had written originates from an ancient and supreme expert’s Ten Thousand Heavenly Book of True Intent. The very structure of this word contains that expert’s boundless intent. The “sword” that Nie Li had written was only a representation of the underlying basics, but it was enough for experts like Yan Yang to comprehend for several days and nights.

From this one word, each person could comprehend their own version of intent. Some people could even comprehend different profound sword techniques from it.

If Yan Yang wanted to continue comprehending it, it’d be endless. It would take more than a few days at least.

Furthermore, Nie Li didn’t want Long Tianming to comprehend anything from it!

“This word’s true intents can be written without Dao intent. It’s only a word, after all. I wrote it today so everyone could have a look. For those who could comprehend something from it, you can be considered to be fated with it.” Nie Li lightly smiled and rolled up the paper. “However, let’s end it here!”

Yan Yang felt rather disappointed as he watched Nie Li store the word away. If only he could have several days worth of time, he believed that he could definitely comprehend its true intent and it’d definitely be a great benefit for his cultivation!

Regardless, Yan Yang was still shocked by the display. He stood up straight and said in a respectful voice, “Thanks for the lesson!”

At Yan Yang’s words, the entire side chamber fell into a deathly silence. Those who’d mocked Nie Li just a little while ago couldn’t help gaping. They still couldn’t figure out what was going on, since they couldn’t sense anything from that word. However, Yan Yang shouldn’t be lying. Could that word really contain an intent that the rest of them couldn’t comprehend?

Gu Bei glanced at Ye Xuan and Murong Yu in disdain. “I already told you! The intent in Nie Li’s word is far greater than the performances by those three!”

Ye Xuan and Murong Yu were dumbfounded.

Ye Xuan was in extreme puzzlement. This was simply too unbelievable. In his view, Nie Li hadn’t even reached the Heavenly Fate Realm so how could he have such powerful Dao intent? To the point that it surpassed Yan Yang’s? Not only that, there hadn’t been even the slightest ripple of Dao intent when Nie Li wrote that word.

However, even Yan Yang had admitted defeat. People of his level definitely wouldn’t lie just to help a nameless guy like Nie Li. Just what was going on?

Murong Yu’s brows were knitted tightly. Like the rest of the crowd, he couldn’t make heads or tails of the situation. However, he was even more upset because he couldn’t sense any of the profundity contained in Nie Li’s word! The feeling of being inferior to Nie Li infuriated him.

Xiao Ning’er, however, only pursed her lips and revealed a trace of a smile. Although she couldn’t sense the profundity contained in Nie Li’s word, she couldn’t help feeling proud of him. Even amongst the experts of the Draconic Ruins Realm, Nie Li was still unique and unmatched. No one could stand on par with him!

Long Yuyin sat nearby, her right fist tightly clenched on the table. Even Gu Bei could sense the intent in Nie Li’s word but not her. Did that mean that she was inferior to Gu Bei? Just what kind of intent was hidden in Nie Li’s word? To someone like herself who was obsessed with the Martial Dao, such a thing was filled with endless allure.

She yearned to know the profundity contained in that word!

She couldn’t contain the curiosity and urge within her heart! She already decided that regardless of everything, even if she had to pay a price, she’d grasp that profundity from Nie Li’s word!