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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 318

Chapter 318 - Abyss Winged Draconic Falcon

Aside from Yan Yang, many geniuses of the three major sects watched as Nie Li left, not knowing what they were thinking about.

The disciples of the three major sects mutually exchanged greetings with each other before they left.

Ye Xuan wanted greet Xiao Ning’er, but she’d already left with Nie Li without even a glance in his direction. His heart felt like the withered leaves in autumn. Originally, he still felt superior when compared to Nie Li when facing him. He thought that once Xiao Ning’er realised that reality, she’d understand who was more suitable for her. But now, Ye Xuan could only bitterly smile incessantly. What could he do to compete with Nie Li?

“Senior Brother Ye Xuan couldn’t be admitting defeat, right?” Murong Yu said as he looked at the bitterly smiling Ye Xuan.

“What else can I do?” Ye Xuan said after a moment of silence.

“You’re overestimating that kid too much. Think about it. His cultivation hasn’t even reached the Heavenly Fate Realm yet. When he was writing that word, he didn’t use the slightest bit of Dao intent. My guess is, that kid probably obtained an ancient book from somewhere, a book that has words written by some supreme expert. That kid copied it, so naturally, his word would carry Dao intent!” Murong Yu said after pondering for a moment.

Ye Xuan’s heart shook. There is indeed a small possibility in what Murong Yu just said!

“Then what should we do? As long as he’s within the Skysoul Institute, there’s nothing we can do about him!” said Ye Xuan.

“Indeed, within the Skysoul Institute, there’s nothing we can do to him. However, I guarantee that he’ll definitely head out to the outside world. When that time comes, I might need the help of Senior Brother Ye Xuan!” said Murong Yu. Back in the Ghastly Ruins, Murong Yu had already set the enmity between himself and Nie Li. Since that was the case, he might as well go all out. Otherwise, he’d definitely face Nie Li’s angry revenge. “It’s even better that we snatch that ancient book from his hands.”

If he allowed Nie Li to successfully grow in strength, then there would no longer be a place for him within the Divine Feathers Sect!

“As long as you can vent this resentment of mine, I’ll fully support you in the outside world!” Ye Xuan said after pondering a while. He had great interest towards the ancient book that Murong Yu had deduced.

“Then I have Senior Brother Ye Xuan to thank!” Murong Yu said with his hands cupped together. Ye Xuan could still mobilise a portion of the Ye Clan’s forces. With his help, Nie Li would only be able to dream of rising up in the outside world.

The outside world shall be Nie Li’s land of despair!

Although the gathering had dispersed, many of the disciples still continued with their discussions.

Shen Ling walked over and said with a light smile, “Young Master Ye Xuan, it seems that Junior Sister Ning’er’s heart is already taken. Even I can’t do anything about it!”

Shen Ling was charming and alluring, leaving a fragrance behind wherever she walked.

“Even so, I have to thank Elder Sister Shen Ling for the help.” Earlier, Ye Xuan had asked Shen Ling to talk more about him in front of Xiao Ning’er. But it looked like it’d had no effect whatsoever. But even so, how could he take back all the things he’d already given?

Murong Yu couldn’t help looking at Ye Xuan. He never thought that Ye Xuan would’ve been so meticulous with Xiao Ning’er. To actually have used so many methods! The more Ye Xuan was concerned about Xiao Ning’er, the more Murong Yu would be able to make use of Ye Xuan!

The night gradually darkened.

After Gu Bei bid Nie Li farewell, he returned to his room.

Lu Piao and Xiao Xue entered Lu Piao’s room. *Ping* *Pang* Noises started coming from the room, occasionally punctuated by a painful groan. Who knows what’s going on in there.

Xiao Ning’er and Nie Li couldn’t help exchanging glances with smiles. Wherever they went, those two were sure to make a racket with their fighting. But Lu Piao have been made submissive by Xiao Xue, not having the slightest temper to fight back.

When Xiao Ning’er entered Nie Li’s room, she looked around a little dazed. After coming to the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li had been living here and this room, so that the room was now filled with his familiar aura.

“Xiao Yu rented this courtyard. Lu Piao and I are just subletting from him. I have no idea where Xiao Yu is right now; he left earlier today and still hasn’t returned.” Nie Li smiled. When he was with Xiao Ning’er, his heart felt at ease.

Nie Li left to make preparations for refining a God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit for Xiao Ning’er.

A partition screen stood at the center of the room with a huge tub. This was where Nie Li normally took his baths. A thought crossed Xiao Ning’er’s mind and her face turned slightly red.

When he saw Xiao Ning’er looking at the wooden tub, a different thought went through Nie Li’s mind. She’d travelled a long distance to the Divine Feathers Sect, was probably travel-worn, and had yet to take a bath. Nie Li then said, “Why don’t I step out first, while you take a bath.”

“There’s no need.” Xiao Ning’er immediately shook her hands. She didn’t have a lot of time in the Divine Feathers Sect, so she wanted to stay with Nie Li for as long as possible. She was worried that he might disappear. After pondering for a brief moment, she said, “Why don’t I take a bath here, since there’s a screen separating us. It’ll be fine as long as you don’t peek. You can chat with me as well.” Finishing her words, her face started to slightly boil.

Although there was a screen separating them, they would still be in the same room. Therefore, Xiao Ning’er’s heart couldn’’t help jumping wildly. After she recalled the words that Xiao Xue would often whispered in her ears, she gathered up her courage.

After thinking about it, Nie Li had to spend some time refining the God level demon spirit anyways. Refining it in the yard was a little too risky. It’d be a problem if he attracted trouble because of it. Nie Li nodded and said, “Okay, then!”

Nie Li took out the Nightmare Demon Pot and started fusing the demon spirits.

Nie Li started to get busy, and seemed to be focusing all his attention on his task. Xiao Ning’er stomped her feet. She’d finally come to the Divine Feathers Sect with great difficulty, and Nie Li went and got busy with his stuff so quickly.

Xiao Ning’er also busied herself by filling the wooden tub with water. She then gave Nie Li a stealthy glance. Her heart beat wildly as she walked behind the screen and slowly removed her clothes, revealing her smooth shoulders and fantastic figure.

Her skin sparkled like polished jade. Her body was well-proportioned and those jade feet of hers were even more exquisite, like masterpieces created by a god.

She slowly stepped into the wooden tub.

“Ning’er...” Nie Li’s attention returned as he glanced towards the screen. The screen was lit with candlelight, and though it, he could vaguely see Xiao Ning’er’s voluptuous figure. Nie Li couldn’t help rubbing his nose as his room started to fill with a girl’s fragrance.

Xiao Ning’er wasn’t aware that Nie Li had looked in her direction, as she slowly entered the wooden tub after responding to Nie Li and started bathing.

Nie Li retracted his gaze, but he couldn’t stop smiling. He focused his attention on the bottom of the Nightmare Demon Pot, and placed some Ordinary Level Growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirits inside. “Ning’er, how far are you in your [Lightning Dragon] cultivation?”

“My [Lightning Dragon] cultivation technique has reached the Forming Thunder Realm.” Xiao Ning’er’s clear voice sounded from behind the screen, “Every stage of the [Lightning Dragon] cultivation technique raises my cultivation by three stages. I started out in the 2-fate realm, with Calling Thunder. But now that I’ve reached Forming Thunder, I’m a 5-fate!

Nie Li couldn’t help secretly sighing at Xiao Ning’er’s words. The [Lightning Dragon] cultivation technique was indeed a powerful and progressively vigorous pinnacle cultivation technique. It allowed Ning’er’s cultivation speed to reach such frightening height. Nie Li also had to hurry up and work hard on his cultivation.

“Since you’ve reached 5-fate realm, have you gone to the outside world?” Nie Li enquired. Going to the outside world to train could also quickly raise one’s cultivation. Furthermore, shocking treasures would often appear in the outside world.

“I’ve gone to the outside world once. I killed three Dragon Bloodline demon spirits and also gathered some spiritual herbs. But I didn’t dare to go any further by myself.”

With Xiao Ning’er’s character, she probably wasn’t willing to join large hunting groups. After all, the hunting groups were complicated. But alone, she really didn’t dare proceed any further.

The distant outside world was a mysterious place that even a Martial Ancestor Realm expert could only investigate a portion of. If it wasn’t for the fact you could obtain multiple lives upon reaching the Heavenly Fate Realm, no one would dare proceed further.

The various sects only controlled the areas that bordered their sects. In the vast outside world, there were countless powerful Dragon Bloodline demon spirits and powerful demon beast that possessed Ancient Bloodlines. With so many demon spirits, even the pinnacle experts of the various sects wouldn’t dare to touch it so easily.

If the major sects hadn’t laid down their protection arrays, many powerful demon beasts with Ancient Bloodlines would easily destroy the sects.

However, many people would head out to the outside world to train once they reached the Heavenly Fate Realm in order to make a breakthrough. So much so that they’d assembled their own forces in the outside world. According to the rules of the various sects, only those of the younger generations who’d built sufficient forces in the outside world could gain qualifications to fight for the sect successor’s position!

When the various families selected their Patriarchs, they’d also take into account the candidate’s ability to operate their own forces. Flowers in a greenhouse wouldn’t qualify to become the family’s successor.

“I understand.” Nie Li was well aware that with Xiao Ning’er’s character, she liked to be alone. Having her enter a hunting party was too difficult, not to mention forming her own party. Therefore, Nie Li didn’t tell Xiao Ning’er of his decision. All she needed to do was cultivate. As for operating forces, he could handle them alone.

After continuously refining and exhausting a huge amount of Ordinary Level growth rate demon spirits, Nie Li finally produced a God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit. However, it’s a pity that it wasn’t a mutated one. This demon spirit was a Abyss Winged Draconic Falcon, which, unfortunately, wasn’t very compatible with Xiao Ning’er’s cultivation technique.

“What kind of demon spirit are you integrated with right now? Is it still that Heavenly Lightning Sparrow?” Nie Li asked.

“I’ve integrated with an Extraordinary Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit. As for that Heavenly Lightning Sparrow that you gave me, it’s been refined into a lightning gale sword.” Xiao Ning’er said as she pursed her lips. How could she possibly throw away that Heavenly Lightning Sparrow that was given to her by Nie Li?

Nie Li never expected Xiao Ning’er to obtain a Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary growth rate demon spirit as well as a lightning gale sword. It seemed that the Heavenly Note Sect was pretty good to its disciples.

The internal struggles of the Divine Feathers Sect were far from intense, unlike the Heavenly Note Sect’s. Furthermore, they possessed far more resources than the Divine Feathers Sect.