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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 325

Chapter 325 - Brother and Sister

There were fifty to sixty stages on the martial field, each surrounded by its own observers. One could call this a “distinguished” gathering.

The Ashen Flames Family, Gu Clan, Dragonseal Family, as well as some of the larger families were all present and occupying their own stages. You could say that this was a meeting where they tested their newcomers’ strengths against each other.

“Let’s go over there!” Gu Lan glanced at Gu Bei and lightly smiled.

“Okay.” Gu Bei nodded. Although his expression was calm, his emotions moved like waves within his heart.

The party turned to look in Gu Heng’s direction. Gu Bei gathered a surge of energy, then lightly lifted Gu Lan from her chair.

When they saw Gu Lan and Gu Bei approach, all the Gu Clan clansmen backed away and broke out in soft discussions.

“The brother and sister Gu Lan and Gu Bei are also here!”

“Ever since Gu Lan’s meridians were clogged, she’s been living in seclusion. She’s finally come out!”

Those from the Gu Clan also sighed in sorrow. There were many factions within the Gu Clan and among the younger generations, there were many who’d supported Gu Lan. Back before Gu Lan was crippled, her prestige in the Gu Clan was extremely high and had far surpassed Gu Heng’s. Although her meridians were clogged and her cultivation was crippled, many people still respected Gu Lan very much.

“Have you guys heard? Gu Bei gained large amount of limelight yesterday when he was at the auction. After a rough calculation, he seems to have spent over four hundred thousand spiritual stones. That’s absolutely shocking! I wonder where did all that money come from?”

“Gu Bei hasn’t gone to the outside world to establish his own forces yet, nor has he participated in any competitions over a Deity’s Lake. How could he get so many spiritual stones?”

“I’m not sure, but spending money alone isn’t a capability! It could be his sister Gu Lan’s money!”

The clansmen of the discussed in soft voices. After Gu Lan’s meridians were clogged, they actually expected something from Gu Bei; however, Gu Bei was a disappointment to everyone, a complete good-for-nothing. At such a young age, he already had more than twenty wives. Although his talent was a shocking 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root, his cultivation didn’t rise in expectation.

Gu Bei had always been treated like trash, even by those at the bottom of the Earth Fate Realm.

However, yesterday’s performance caused everyone to feel a little surprised. After all, such shocking wealth wasn’t something that an ordinary person could take out from nowhere. Therefore, some of them have started to re-evaluate Gu Bei.

Today, Gu Bei and Gu Lan had appeared. Who knows what kind of plans they might have?

Gu Heng’s gaze fell onto Gu Bei and Gu Lan and he couldn’t help laughing, “Gu Lan, Gu Bei, the two of you have also come to join the gathering?”

Finishing his words, his eyes flashed with an untraceable chill. He was well aware of Gu Bei’s limelight yesterday.

Gu Bei’s little display placed Gu Heng on alert. This pair of brother and sister: one was crippled and the other one was not content with his own place!

However, no matter how uncontent the both of you are, I’ll let you suffer a ruthless setback.

Gu Bei laughed, showing a sloppy manner. “Good day to you, Elder Cousin Gu Heng. We’re only here to stroll around. Tonight’s atmosphere is pretty good!”

A few elders had their gazes fixed on Gu Lan.

“Gu Lan, how are you doing?” One of the gold robed elders kindly smiled. He was the first elder of the Gu Clan, Gu Ya.

“Thanks to First Elder fortune, I’ve been feeling much better.” Gu Lan nodded. Right now, she was using a special method to conceal her strength that even Gu Ya couldn’t sense her true strength.

“Alright.” Gu Ya nodded as he sighed inwardly. Gu Lan’s clogged meridians basically made her a cripple. The heavens really hadn’t blessed the Gu Clan. Her talent was the most outstanding he’d seen in over a hundred years; the current first successor, Gu Heng, was far from her by comparison.

Gu Heng sighed, “Pity, Gu Lan’s complexion seems much better compared to before. It’s too bad that the clogged meridians aren’t able to recover.”

Although Gu Heng appeared to be heartfelt, Gu Lan could hear the ridicule in his words. If she’d heard such words before, she’d definitely have been heartbroken. But now, she was calm and tranquil. If Gu Heng found out that her cultivation had already been restored to her pinnacle state, and that she’d even improved her cultivation, who knows what kind of expression he’d have on his face?

Gu Bei changed the topic. “Today is so lively. I heard that the younger generations of the Gu Clan are sparring here, so I came to join the fun.” Although he wasn’t happy with Gu Heng, he still had to endure it for the time being, so he wasn’t harsh with his words.

Right now, Gu Heng was the first successor of the Gu Clan. Although Gu Bei wanted to pull Gu Heng down, since they were in front of all the elders, he still had to put up an act.

Nie Li and his group stood to the side. Nie Li observed everyone’s expression and captured some of the internal relationships of Gu Clan. It seemed like everyone was still rather concerned about Gu Lan and Gu Bei.

“Oh? Younger Cousin Gu Bei is also interested? Our Gu Clan’s younger generation happens to be sparing right now on the lookout for some fine and fresh saplings. Why doesn’t Younger Cousin Gu Bei go up for a try?” Gu Heng said with a light smile.

Gu Ya and the others were all looking at Gu Bei. This was the famed good-for-nothing of the clan. He’d always been slacking off in his cultivation. However, yesterday’s matter caused them some confusion. After all, four hundred thousand spiritual stones wasn’t something anyone could bring out on whim. Even elders like them wouldn’t dare say that they’d be able to take out four hundred thousand spiritual stones in one go! That event made them take note of this youngster. After all, he was still Gu Lan’s brother!

Gu Bei’s talent was still pretty good. If he could work hard in his cultivation, he might be able to gain some achievements and become one of the pillars of the Gu Clan.

Gu Ya and the rest all wanted to take a look at Gu Bei’s strength. However, Gu Bei seemed to have remained at the pinnacle of Earth Fate Realm, and was yet to step into 1-fate. They couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed at that. Long Yuyin, who was from the same generation as Gu Bei, had already reached Heavenly Fate Realm.

Gu Heng saw the change of expressions in Gu Ya and the rest, and a trace of viciousness flashed through his eyes. Was this kid, Gu Bei, finally going to show himself? It seemed that he had to find someone to suppress Gu Bei a little!

“Since Younger Cousin Gu Bei is interested, why don’t I have Gu Kuan play with you a little?” Gu Heng looked at Gu Bei as he chuckled, “After all, Gu Kuan is also at the pinnacle of Earth Fate Realm!”

Gu Bei hesitated for a moment, then said with a little difficulty, “That doesn’t seem too good, right?”

Gu Heng thought that Gu Bei was afraid, so he smiled. “Since it’s just sparring between members of the younger generations, Younger Cousin Gu Bei doesn’t have to worry about it. I’ll have Gu Kuan set some limits!”

Gu Bei pondered for a brief moment, as though he was making a difficult decision, before he said, “Okay then.”

Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help smiling and covering her mouth. Although she didn’t know how strong this friend of Nie Li’s was, she could tell that dealing with a pinnacle Earth Fate Realm person shouldn’t be a problem for him. However, Gu Bei pretended that this would be very difficult, just like when Nie Li pretended to be the prey while preying on the predator. Indeed, “birds of a feather flock together”.

When they heard that Gu Bei was going to participate in the competition, the entire Gu Clan immediately became energetic.

“Have you heard? That good-for-nothing that has over twenty wives is going to compete!”

“I heard that his cultivation is at the pit bottom of the Earth Fate Realm! Because he hasn’t been training his combat abilities, he’s always lost terribly against those of the same realm as him! He’s simply rubbish!”

“But he has a 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root!”

“What’s the use of having a 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root?”

“But I still don’t want that Gu Bei to be trash; after all, he’s Gu Lan’s brother!”

“The difference between this sister and brother is too huge! Are they really blood siblings?”

Those from the Gu Clan discussed as they prepared to pay attention to this battle.

Hearing the discussions, Gu Heng transmitted his voice over to Gu Kuan and coldly snorted, “Gu Kuan, beat him up mercilessly until he no longer has any confidence to cultivate!” The moment Gu Bei had any thoughts of emerging, he had to mercilessly suppress him!

Gu Kuan gave Gu Bei a glance as his eye flashed with a trace of contempt. Teaching a lesson to trash like Gu Bei was going to be too easy. He leapt onto the stage.

Gu Bei had also jumped up with steps as light as a feather, as though he wasn’t exerting any strength.

The surrounding disciples couldn’t help shaking their heads upon seeing that. Gu Bei was probably emptied by girls. With such light steps, how was he going to fight? It’s a problem if Gu Bei know any combat abilities.

Nie Li smiled. Gu Bei was simply too good at acting. Wasn’t he afraid of being struck by lightning[1. Chinese superstition says “if you do bad things, you’ll get struck by lightning”.]?

Xiao Ning’er smiled as she transmitted her voice over to Nie Li, “Nie Li, Gu Bei learned it from you, right?”

Nie Li rubbed his nose as he awkwardly chuckled, “He learned from me? Do I do that?”

Xiao Yu couldn’t help smiling as he pursed his lips. He was well aware of Gu Bei’s strength. With that God Level growth rate demon spirit alone, he could leap levels and challenge stronger opponents and that he was actually acting scared of.

Those of the Gu Clan were cheering from below.

“Gu Kuan, go at it! Smash that good-for-nothing!”

“Gu Bei, go at it!”

The cheering continued to rise in volume.

“Gu Bei, I look down on good-for-nothings like you. Trash like you don’t have any qualifications to remain in our Gu Clan. That 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root of yours is wasted on you! Today, I’ll represent the family and teach you a lesson!” Gu Kuan coldly snorted as he strode wide steps towards Gu Bei. A majestic aura surged toward the skies.

Like a ferocious tiger that had just stepped out of the mountains, Gu Kuan roared and pounced towards Gu Bei. When he was in the air, his body transformed as he merged with an Iron Back Goshawk[2. A type of hawk with short wings.] with claws like steel.

Even though Gu Kuan had underestimated Gu Bei, he didn’t hold back even a little in his attack.

Gu Kuan was exerting all his strength. Gu Bei would probably have a hard time withstanding them. Several elders sighed and couldn’t help shaking their heads. After all, they were well aware of Gu Bei’s strength. As a good-for-nothing; that kid usually didn’t put any effort towards his cultivation.

With a terrifying manner, Gu Kuan aimed those iron-like claws at Gu Bei’s head.