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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 326

Chapter 326 - Dragon Bone Winged Tiger

Gu Bei was slow with his cultivation; in reality, that was what he deliberately showed others.

Actually, Gu Bei had spent the majority of his time cultivating sword intent under Gu Lan’s tutelage. His sword intent had already reached a frightening degree; if he didn’t intentionally suppress his cultivation, he’d immediately display his Heavenly Fate Realm strength. That was also why he could integrate with a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit.

Just as Gu Kuan’s sharp claws were about to land on Gu Bei’s head, Gu Bei slightly shifted his body and dodged the attack. Simultaneously, he used both his hands to grab Gu Kuan’s claws and slammed him into the ground with thunder-like momentum.


Gu Kuan’s head smashed heavily into the ground and the inscription patterns on the stage started to glow. If it wasn’t for the inscription pattern arrays that’d been laid down beforehand, the impact probably would’ve shattered the entire stage. However, thanks to the inscription patterns arrays, the ground became extremely firm; therefore, Gu Kuan suffered heavier injuries.

Gu Kuan’s demon spirit transformation slowly vanished, leaving him lying on the ground, unconscious.

This was a thorough defeat in terms of strength!

Upon seeing this scene, a light lit up in the eyes several elders, including Gu Ya. Gu Bei’s strength had already reached the Heavenly Fate Realm! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat Gu Kuan in one strike. Gu Kuan had been integrated with the Iron Black Goshawk!

The clansmen were all stunned. They never expected Gu Bei to take care of Gu Kuan in just one strike. Didn’t that kid have light feet when he got up there?

The entire area was silent. They felt like they’d just met Gu Bei for the first time.

“It seems like that kid has been concealing his strength!” Gu Ya couldn’t help lightly smiling. He felt gratified now that he knew that this youth of his family wasn’t actually the good-for-nothing that everyone believed he was. Gu Kuan wasn’t able to test out the true potential of Gu Bei. Gu Ya glanced at Gu Heng and said, “Gu Heng, send a Heavenly Fate Realm up to test that kid.”

Gu Heng nearly lost himself with anger. He originally thought that sending Gu Kuan was enough to get Gu Bei beaten up. However, he never expected that this kid would’ve actually pretended to be prey while preying on the predator, and defeat Gu Kuan in just one strike. He could sense the appreciation contained in Gu Ya’s tone.

Although Gu Bei’s strength wasn’t very outstanding, but he was still young. Once Gu Bei exhibited sufficient talent, the family would definitely pay closer attention to him. In one or two decades, when it came time to find a new Patriarch, Gu Bei might be the one threatening Gu Heng!

Gu Bei was Gu Lan’s brother; therefore, Gu Heng didn’t dare underestimate him again. Furthermore, Gu Heng could not tolerate it!

“Gu Yun, you go!” Gu Heng coldly snorted. Gu Yun belonged to the pinnacle of the 1-fate Heavenly Fate Realm.

“Yes!” Gu Yun nodded as he leapt onto the stage.

Someone removed the fainted Gu Kuan from the stage.

Gu Yun eyed Gu Bei and softly snorted, “I never expected trash like you to still have some ability. However, you have no chance of beating me!”

“What do you mean ‘some ability’? Didn’t you see me smash him into the ground with one strike?” Gu Bei mimicked a falling posture, which looked extremely odd. “Don’t you admire me even a little for that?”

Towards Gu Bei, who was acting like an idiot, Gu Yun twitched his lips and said, “I’ll take a look at how capable you are!” Gu Yun bounced up and swung both hands towards Gu Bei. Those fists burst forth with blazing light as they grazed the air their with intense energy.

Gu Yun looked as though he didn’t plan to merge with his demon spirit. He was only a step away from 2-fate and could crush Gu Bei entirely!

As Gu Yun took action, Gu Bei stood straight up and his expression turned serious. He positioned his right hand in front of his chest with two fingers pointing outwards.

Right now, Gu Bei was being enveloped by the sword intent.

His finger was a unsheathed sword. Ever since he’d received Nie Li’s ‘sword’, he’d gleaned an entirely new comprehension towards sword intent, so much that he’d reached a new level.

The instant Gu Yun attacked him.


Gu Bei’s body turned into a streak of light and shot past Gu Yun. He ran his opponent through with just the sword intent concentrated in his two fingers.

Originally, Gu Yun thought that he’d definitely be able to smash Gu Bei down. After all, he stood at the pinnacle of 1-fate. Therefore, he didn’t bother to merge with his demon spirit. He never thought that once they engaged in combat, he wouldn’t even be able to tell how Gu Bei had attacked him.

Gu Bei didn’t even turn his head around to face Gu Yuan as he said in a deep voice, “Get off the stage. If this had been a real battle, you’d already be dead!”

A faint breeze blew through Gu Bei’s long hair. His expression was faintly chilly and prideful.

Exclamations of excitement and admiration sounded from the girls standing below the stage. That move from Gu Bei was just too cool. They couldn’t tell how Gu Bei had done it either.

Gu Ya’s eyes lit up when he saw Gu Bei’s attack. He never thought that Gu Bei’s sword intent would’ve reached such a level already. With sword intent alone, even a 2-fate expert might not make a proper opponent!

Cultivations are easily raised, but things like sword intent were extremely difficult to bring up. But once it was achieved, Gu Bei’s cultivation would leap in soars and bounds!

It seemed like they’d underestimated Gu Bei far too much, thinking that he was a good-for-nothing. In reality, while they were unaware, Gu Bei had already cultivated a powerful sword intent!

With just that sword intent alone, a spot had opened up for Gu Bei among the Patriarch’s successors.

However, Gu Yun was still unresigned; he still hadn’t figured how Gu Bei had attacked him. He turned around, intending to continue the battle with Gu Bei.

“Gu Yu, come back. You’re not his match!” Gu Ya said, as a trace of joy permeated his voice.

The elders exchanged glances and noticed the joy reflected in each other’s eyes. They felt like they’d just found a new genius who was rising to fame. And that person was Gu Bei, the good-for-nothing they’d never held any expectations towards.

Gu Heng tightly gripped the chair until veins popped from his arm. Only now did he realise that he’d seriously underestimated Gu Bei. It turned out that Gu Bei had been working hard all along, training his sword intent. Cultivating sword intent was most time-consuming. But once you succeeded in it, the results would be extremely shocking.

Once Gu Bei successfully cultivated his sword intent, he would be able to challenge opponents of even higher ranks.

Although Gu Bei’s sword intent had yet to reach such great heights, it was already extremely shocking for his age.

In that instant, Gu Heng felt threatened. If Gu Bei continued to show more of his powerful talent, he would definitely become a successor candidate. It’d be a problem if Gu Bei could pull Gu Heng, the current first successor, down from his seat.

Nie Li lightly smiled. All of this was within his expectations. Gu Bei’s sword intent had also progressed further than before.

Currently, Long Yuyin was quietly watching the stage from the part of the crowd where outsiders were allowed. When Long Yuyin saw Nie Li walking on the other side of the arena, she went over to observe and saw the scene of Gu Bei defeating Gu Yun.

She could easily confirm that Gu Bei’s strength had already surpassed her own. But earlier on, Gu Bei’s strength was obviously far from her’s. Was that sword intent comprehended from that ‘sword’ word of Nie Li’s? Both her hands clenched into fists. She wanted to see what kind of sword intent was hidden in that ‘sword’ word. However, Nie Li had already rejected her, which made her extremely depressed.

However, the price of Nie Li’s ‘sword’ word was one hundred fifty thousand spiritual stones. How could she just go up ask for one from him?

She was extremely depressed in her heart. She really wanted to get her hands on one of Nie Li’s words.

Gu Ya revealed a gratified smile at the corner of his mouth as he waved his hand. “Gu Bing, go up and spar with Gu Bei!”

Gu Ya called up another of Gu Heng’s underlings. This Gu Bing was a 3-fate Heavenly Fate Realm expert.

An unwavering determination flashed through Gu Bei’s eyes as he moved around the stage. He was actually really excited inside. Ever since his sister had been disabled, he’d been pretending to be weak. Every time he sparred, he’d accept an awful beating. Now that he no longer had to suppress his strength, all the pent-up emotions burst forth. He wanted to mercilessly crush Gu Heng’s underlings beneath his feet!

Gu Bing leapt onto the stage. Unlike the two before him, he didn’t dare to underestimate Gu Bei.

Gu Bei’s sword intent made him feel fear.

“I’ll admit that we’ve underestimated you. Your strength has surpassed all of our expectations. Since Elder Gu Ya sent me up here, I definitely won’t go easy on you!” Gu Bing said in a solemn voice.

“Suit yourself.” Gu Bei shrugged as he quietly looked at Gu Bing.

Gu Bing didn’t know why, but he felt a little more nervous at Gu Bei’s tranquil disposition. However, he coldly snorted the feeling away and merged with his demon spirit. He’d integrated with a God Level growth rate demon spirit, but it was one with an ordinary bloodline. It was only a 3-fate Scarlet-Titanic Flame Bear. His merged form was three meters tall and bursting with blazing flames.

An overwhelming heatwave rolled over, accompanied by a terrifying aura. Gu Bing began pressuring Gu Bei.

Finally, Gu Bei felt some pressure from the strength of this 3-fate expert before him. However, his heart was boiling as his fighting spirit soared into the sky. He no longer had to conceal his own strength, allowing his power to shoot towards the pinnacle of the 1-fate realm. However, Gu Bei’s aura didn’t stop there. Pressured by the 3-fate aura, the barrier within Gu Bei’s soul realm finally broke.

Gu Bei issued a painfully deep howl as the energy inside his body surged. His cultivation had reached the 2-fate stage as the second fate soul slowly formed within his soul realm.

He’d finally obtained the opportunity for a breakthrough!

A light flashed through Gu Bei’s eyes and he suddenly merged with his demon spirit. His body rapidly grew larger, turning into the shape of a gigantic Dragon Bone Winged Tiger. The tiger was five meters tall with a huge pair of skeletal wings protruding from its back, burning with black soul flames and emitted heavy pressure.

A Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit: the Dragon Bone Winged Tiger. Gu Bei’s cultivation had just now reached 2-fate level and the Scarlet Titanic Flame Bear was still a stage above him. However, with that kind of demon spirit in his possession, Gu Bei had the absolute advantage.


The Dragon Bone Winged Tiger’s furious roar made the Scarlet Titanic Flame Bear look like a child!

They were of two completely different strengths!