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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 33

Chapter 33 - Archery Skills

Before the arrival of Nie Li and the group, every family has already dispatched some people to explore these ancient ruins. It was a pity that there wasn’t much of a discovery. Hence, there aren’t that many people who come here to explore after that. Chen Linjian somehow got his hand on the map of the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, which is why he decided to explore this place.

"Finally, we’ve reached the Ancient Orchid City Ruins! Now, we have two routes that we can take. Here’s the map!" said Chen Linjian, spreading out the map and pointed to the lines on the map.

Everyone began to surround the map and started to discuss which route to take.

"The first route is towards the west gate. By walking along the walls, we can reach the main city quickly. However, what can we find on this route? We’ll definitely want to enter the houses in the city so that we can get some spoils!" said one of Chen Linjian’s underlings.

"I agree to his view!"

"Yeah, we should search around this house area!" Everyone parroted.

Chen Linjian was silent for a moment. He raised his head, looked towards Nie Li and asked "What do you think?"

Everyone got a little surprised. They never thought that Chen Linjian would ask for Nie Li’s opinion at this moment.

Ye Ziyun also looked at Nie Li with her bright eyes. Huyan Lanruo was also unable to take her eyes off Nie Li.

Now, everyone was very concerned about Nie Li’s view.

Nie Li spread his hand out and said, "If you guys came here just to search the houses, then that would be a big mistake! Those that came before have already searched the commoner’s houses. Even if we were to search them again, we wouldn’t get any gains. Generally in a city, who is the wealthiest? Is it the commoners? Of course not. 90% of the wealth of a city are in the hands of the big families.”

"There’s a radius of hundreds of miles in this place. There are so many commoners houses and a lot of the places here have been destroyed. How would we know where these big families are located?" Shen Yue retorted at one side. As long as it’s Nie Li’s words, he must retort.

"Continue speaking." Chen Linjian said, looking at Nie Li in an interesting manner. Apparently, he agrees with Nie Li’s deduction.

"It’s easy to find the inhabitant of big families. Which building in this map is the most sparse? That is the location! Generally, big families would have their own courtyard." Nie Li continued.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the map upon hearing Nie Li’s speech.

"Here!" Huyan Lanruo said, pleasantly surprised.

"Correct. This should be this place. A lot of buildings here are very large!"

Chen Linjian frowned and said, "This area has already been searched. Although some goods were found, it wasn’t much. Some of the people even dug 3 feet down into the place and couldn’t find any chamber related areas!"

"I say, what you are thinking of, couldn’t others have thought of that, too? You think that every big family in Glory City are vegetarians?" Shen Yue snorted.

Nie Li frowned, stared at Shen Yue and said, "When I’m talking, can you shut up? Since you’re so smart, why don’t you take over?"

Just when Shen Yue is about to retort, Chen Linjian stared at Shen Yue and snorted "Shut up!"

Shen Yue opened his mouth, then closed it, feeling depressed. Although he’s a direct descendent of Sacred Family. His position could not be compared to Chen Linjian. Even if he had ten times the amount of guts, he wouldn’t dare to refute Chen Linjian.

"It’s normal for this area to have already been searched. Lets continue to look at the map. This big family’s house is located at the central axis of the city. Because of this, the place would be the most guarded area, as well as the safest." Nie Li pointed to the area behind the house and said, "This area should be where the City Lord Mansion is located!"

Chen Linjian nodded. Up till now, Nie Li’s deduction was correct. However, even this City Lord Mansion has already been searched by those that came here first, including underground, but no one made many discoveries.

"Lets continue looking at the map.A few hundred miles from the City Lord Mansion, there are three areas. Do you know what these three areas are?" Nie Li asked Chen Linjian.

"Within these three areas, one of them is the military ground, which is where the City Lord’s soldiers trained. Another one is a heavily built stone fort. It is empty inside, and made from black marble. Even a chisel couldn’t damage it. As for the last one, I don’t know what it is for. It’s right beside the stone fort and is forested with trees and weeds." Chen Linjian answered. Before coming here, he had already memorized the Ancient Orchid City Ruins area.

Hearing Chen Linjian’s word, Nie Li smiled and said, "Not far from my guesses!"

Chen Linjian’s eye lit up and said, "What you mean is that these three areas are very suspicious? Could it be that stone fort? But... It has already been searched!"

"That stone fort should be a disaster refuge. When a disaster arrives, they probably hid in the stone fort. Therefore, there should be some kind of secret room hiding the treasures. The piece of land near the stone fort is obviously a trap area, which was used to ward off demon beasts. If they come near to investigate, they wouldn’t even know when they died. Furthermore, I find that the most suspicious area is this military ground!" Nie Li said, faintly smiling.

"Why would the military ground be the most suspicious place instead?"

The military ground is a piece of mud land, which is the training ground. Why would it be suspicious?

"The most inconspicuous area would be the safest place! Moreover, this City Lord placed the military ground at the central axis of the city and, with this alone, proves that it isn’t that simple. There should be something important hidden below the military ground!" Nie Li pointed to the map and said, "We’ll search around this area!"

"Okay! So, it’s decided, then!" Chen Linjian picked up the map, and slightly chuckled. Since the direction has been decided, they can save a lot of time and take less detours.

Chen Linjian’s underling’s eyes had traces of admiration in them when they looked at Nie Li. At this moment, no one looked down on Nie Li and felt that it’s proper for Nie Li to choose a piece of treasure first.

Huyan Lanruo lifted her head. Her eyes were filled with splendor. Nie Li’s strict reasoning caused her to admire him with respect. She faintly felt that Nie Li isn’t simple. Otherwise, how would a 1-star Bronze rank be able to break her charming technique?

‘The man that I chose, naturally isn’t simple!’ Huyan Lanruo proudly thought. Although Nie Li completely ignores her, she firmly set her eyes on him.

If Nie Li were to know of Huyan Lanruo’s current thoughts, he would surely burst into tears. Why would he step into the limelight for no reason? After having her stick to him like sticky candy, he would fear that he wouldn’t be able to get rid of her.

Ye Ziyun pursed her lips laughing. That charming expression caused Nie Li to be stunned, it had a kind of familiar feel to it.

Seeing the attracted look on Nie Li’s face, Huyan Lanruo was about to go mad! Such a sexy and charming beauty like her was standing in front of Nie Li, yet Nie Li seemed to be blind. He only has eyes for Ye Ziyun.

‘This is simply too outrageous!’ Huyan Lanruo thought, ‘Nie Li, I hate you!!’

Nie Li can’t even be bothered about Huyan Lanruo’s thoughts. He took out a bolt from his backpack, then took out Purple Haze Grass agent and smear it onto the arrow.

"Nie Li, what are you doing?" said Huyan Lanruo as she and Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li with curiosity.

Nie Li shrugged and said, "It’s nothing."

"Okay, off we go!" Chen Linjian shouted. The group slowly advanced towards the Ancient Orchid City, walking along the edge of the walls and chose a relatively quick and safe route. If they were to move according to the original route, they were afraid that it would be very tough since there were a lot of demon beasts hiding in the complex terrain.

Roars of demon beasts came from the depths of the Ancient Orchid City Ruins. Aside from demon beasts, there would, occasionally, be some groups of people. They were, also, from Glory City. They came here to explore the ruins of the Ancient Orchid City.

Just as Chen Linjian, Nie Li and bunch were moving to the depths of Ancient Orchid City, a group of people appeared at the Ancient Orchid City’s entrance.

The group of people were dressed in black robes, a total of 15 people.

"Are you sure that those kids are from nobility families?" The leading man swept his gaze to the few people by his side and asked. His figure was tall, a head taller than those by his side.

"Yes, Yun Hua Deacon!" One of the black robed men replied.

"Good!" Yun Hua Decon’s face had a grim smile and said, "Go capture three kids with the highest rank. Use them to exchange for ransom with those big families and kill the rest!"

The Dark Guild is a dreadful existence in Glory City. They would often kidnap nobilities kids to exchange for random. They are like a bunch of leeches, living in the shadows of Glory City. They would use all sorts of methods to gather money to provide training resources to the members in the guild. Although many families in Glory City would gather together numerous times to wipe the Dark Guild out, the Dark Guild would suddenly disappear.

It’s said that the Dark Guild’s headquarters was located at a very secretive location in the St. Ancestral Mountains. They are an extremely powerful force which even Lord Ye Mo could not eradicate.

*Sou Sou Sou* The black robed guys all skimmed towards the Ancient Orchid City.

Inside the ruins of Ancient Orchid Ruins

The group was having difficulties moving forward. Occasionally, there would be Giant Blue Armed Apes appearing. These demon beasts have a height of two meters. Their thick arms were like black pillars, but they were very agile and they are generally Silver ranked.

Six Giant Blue Armed Apes were flying across the walls of the ruins, tailing Nie Li and the group.

These Giant Blue Armed Apes have fearsome intelligence. Realizing that there were over 30 people, they didn’t go forward. They only tailed them, waiting for their chance.

"These Giant Blue Armed Apes are really annoying!" Chen Linjian frowned. Although these Giant Blue Armed Apes did not charge at them, they couldn’t do anything to the Giant Blue Armed Apes. And as time passed, more and more Giant Blue Armed Apes would gather together. Once the amount of Giant Blue Armed Apes increased, they will group up to attack them.

At this moment, *sou* a sound was heard. A cold light cut across from the shadows of the corner.

Chen Linjian and bunch soon saw it clearly. It’s an arrow. The arrow had cut through the gap of the branch at an extremely tricky angle and headed for one of the Giant Blue Armed Apes.


That arrow struck the Giant Blue Armed Ape. That Giant Blue Armed Ape wailed and fell from the high wall, landing heavily on the ground and caused the dust to cover the surrounding area. That Giant Blue Armed Ape struggled on the ground but was unable to get back up.

Seeing that, Chen Linjian immediately rushed over, wielded his sword and chop downwards. *Plop* The blood of that Giant Blue Armed Ape splattered with the demon beast dead on the ground.

The group looked backwards in amazement and only saw Nie Li walking out of the shadow.