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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 330

Chapter 330 - Opening of the Demon League

In reality, the people from the Heavenly Path League also had some complaints stored in their hearts. Two hundred people had been sent to deal with the likes of Hua Ling. That was far too many than needed. It was just a waste of their time! However, since it was Li Xingyun who’d sent them, they didn’t dare to voice their complaints.

And when Li Hu split the spiritual stones that Nie Li had given him, all their pent-up complaints evaporated entirely.

Nie Li was indeed generous to give so many spiritual stones at once. When the stones were split among them, each person actually received fifty spiritual stones. Such a simple trip had earned them so much, so of course they were happy about it. Such a sum was actually even more than their monthly allowance. For just one trip, Young Master Nie Li had actually given out ten thousand spiritual stones!

Great heavens! Such wealth was simply too shocking!

Li Xingyun had sent two hundred people just to help Nie Li deal with Hua Ling and his men. Now, they were starting to see why Li Xingyun treated Nie Li with such value. This Young Master Nie Li definitely wasn’t a simple man! These people had spent years in the Draconic Ruins Realm and knew that such fortune was almost unheard of. All of them immediately withdrew their contempt and dissatisfied thoughts.

When they saw Nie Li fly over to the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake, Li Hu and the rest looked at Nie Li in confusion. What was he going to the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake for?

Although the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake did produce spiritual stones, it was only a few thousand, annually. Nie Li was able to shell out tens of thousands of spiritual stones in one go, so why would he bother with such a paltry sum of spiritual stones?

Xiao Yu and Lu Piao wanted to follow him, but Nie Li stopped them. They stood and watched as Nie Li reached the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake.

The Ling Jade Deity’s Lake.

Nie Li’s calves were submerged in water as he quickly wrote inscription patterns.

The inscription patterns fell, one after another.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The patterns blasted into the depths of the Deity’s Lake and caused the water to splash around. Nie Li’s mysterious inscription pattern arrays quickly gathered at the bottom of the Deity’s Lake. The entire lake started to shake intensely.

The inscription pattern array emitted a dazzling light. Then, in the depth of the lakes, a black shadow slowly floated up. Though the shadow was a little snake-like, it definitely wasn’t a snake.

This was the origin of the Deity’s Lake, the legendary Deity Root!

Mysterious things were born in the depths of the Draconic Ruins Realm, and this Deity Root was one of them. It’s said to possess intelligence and is deep underground, absorbing the essences between Heaven and Earth. After being nurtured that way for thousands of years, it would gradually amass a mountain of earth and slowly float into the sky, forming a Deity’s Lake. Then, it would produce spiritual stones and it grew from absorbing the ambient Heavenly Energy.

No one else knew about the existences of the Deity Roots, since they concealed themselves deep inside the earth and made themselves hard to find. When a Deity’s Lake dried up, the Deity Root would also disappear. The only way to remove a Deity Root from the earth was to use special inscription pattern arrays.

Nie Li extended his hand and grabbed the Deity Root. The root struggled, trying to escape.

Trying to run? Not so easy!

With a flick of his right hand, Nie Li threw it into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

The first Deity Root, captured!

The captured Deity Root would be nurtured within the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Although the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake was nearly dried up, it was still better than nothing!

Nie Li flew back.

Li Hu saw Nie Li take something from the Deity’s Lake, but he couldn’t tell what it was.

Nie Li smiled as he arrived back. “Let’s go!”

The group returned.

After Nie Li and his group left, the floating Ling Jade Deity’s Lake began crumbling and rapidly fell from the sky.

The Ling Jade Deity’s Lake thoroughly disappeared.

Several days later, Hua Ling led a huge group of people and returned to that place. At this moment, where was the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake? When Hua Ling saw it, he roared furiously and veins popped out all over his body. “Nie Li! Li Xingyun! Killing me wasn’t enough?! You actually destroyed my Deity’s Lake?! I will definitely seek revenge!”

Hua Ling couldn’t understand it. Just killing them should’ve been enough, so why did they destroy the Deity’s Lake? Who the hell would destroy a Deity’s Lake after killing its occupants? Weren’t they taking this grudge too far? The Ling Jade Deity’s Lake only produced a few thousand spiritual stones per year. Was there really a need for them to be so ruthless?

In the outside world, fighting over and stealing others’ Deity’s Lakes was a common occurrence. But no one had ever destroyed a Deity’s Lake after killing its owners.

Just what was going on?!

Hua Ling was so angry that his lips were trembling. This was utterly heartless!

Without the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake, it’d be hard for Hua Ling to provide for all of his men with just his own earnings. He didn’t have the strength to fight for a new Deity’s Lake either. Destroying Deity’s Lake, this grudge is absolutely irreconcilable! As he thought about his destroyed Deity’s Lake, Hua Ling had the urge to vomit blood.

Xiao Yu’s courtyard.

Nie Li was quietly cultivating in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. The Deity Root that he’d previously captured had already formed another floating mountain with a small Deity’s Lake at the bottom.

Furthermore, Nie Li sensed that this Deity Root was receiving an extremely large amount of nourishment in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. The quantity of Heavenly Energy in the Draconic Ruins Realm was extremely thin; therefore, there was a limit to how much Heavenly Energy a Deity Root could absorb. However, the amount of Heavenly Energy in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting was simply endless.

The Heavenly Energy flowed like a tidal wave into the Deity’s Lake.

Once nourished by Heavenly Energy, Deity Roots would start to flourish as they matured.

The Deity’s Lake was producing more spiritual stones than it ever had before.

Indeed, the interior of the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting was the most suitable place to nurture a Deity’s Lake! Nie Li didn’t know why, but none of the previous owners of the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting did not nurture Deity’s Lakes within the painting. What Nie Li didn’t know was that the scenery of the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting didn’t always look like it did now. After enduring many great battles, the landscape within the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting returned to its original state.

Nie Li concentrated on his cultivation. By coincidence, the Skysoul Institute’s League Hall was hosting an event that helped leagues recruit new members.

Gu Bei and Lu Piao were yelling loudly.

“The Demon League is recruiting! Twenty spiritual stones a month and all kinds of bonuses! Those with Earth Spiritual Roots get thirty spiritual stones a month. Those with Heaven Spiritual Roots get forty spiritual stones a month!”

“No deadline, those who sign the league contract get an allowance of thirty spiritual stones immediately!”

Once an expert signed a contract, they would be bound to it. Despite that, the majority of the newcomers still joined various large forces. When an expert reached 2-fate, they’d head for the outside world. However, a person’s strength is insufficient! In order to obtain more resources, it was a must for them to be part of a larger force.

Gu Bei and Lu Piao’s loud yelling attracted attention.

Many people crowded in their direction. Usually, a newcomer would only receive an extremely low allowance upon joining a large force; ten spiritual stones a month was already pretty good. But Gu Bei and Lu Piao were offering several times that amount, per month!

However, many people were still hesitant. Before these newcomers joined a force, they’d make sure that their potential boss had prospects. After all, once the contract was signed, its effects would always be in place, unless special circumstances occurred. If they broke their league contracts, it’d be hard for them to gain a foothold within the Divine Feathers Sect. They’d become objects of disdain.

The newcomers stood in groups, discussing it amongst themselves.

“Where are these two from?”

“Don’t you know? That youth is Gu Bei! It’s confirmed that he had integrated with a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit and promoted to the first-in-line successor’s seat of the Gu Clan!”

When the newcomers heard that, their eyes lit up. The first-in-line successor of the Gu Clan. Who knows, he might become the Gu Clan’s Patriarch in the future! Furthermore, Gu Bei had yet to establish any forces of his own in the outside world. If they joined now, once Gu Bei became the Patriarch of the Gu Clan, they’d become honorable subordinates who helped raise the dragon!

This was definitely a great temptation!

Furthermore, Gu Bei was also giving such shocking and tempting conditions.

Soon, one after another, the newcomers started signing the league contract with Gu Bei.

However, these newcomers quickly realised that the boss of the Demon League wasn’t Gu Bei, but actually someone else. Curiosity arouse within them for this mysterious person. Just who was this person? To make someone like Gu Bei serve him willingly?

The other recruiters all dumbfoundedly watched the flood of newcomers moving towards Gu Bei and Lu Piao. Only a few headed in their own direction.

After all, the difference in salary was too much!

They looked at the salary that they themselves were offering and looked at the salary that Gu Bei was offering. No one spoke a word. Even some of the recruiters felt the urge to join the Demon League.

“Take it easy, take it easy!” Lu Piao immediately shouted after he realised that too many people were crowding over. However, his face still betrayed his excitement.

He never thought that so many people would be willing to join Demon League, especially since they’d just formed it. As Lu Piao looked down on the crowd, he couldn’t help imagining them conquering the world. With just a wave of his hand, thousands or tens of thousands of experts would flood the sky and ground. He became even more excited at the thought of it.

Gu Bei proudly announced what Nie Li had told him. “As long as you spare no effort for the Demon League, we’ll definitely treat you fairly. As long as you come to our Demon League, we’ll give each of you a suitable cultivation technique that could help you reach the Martial Ancestor Realm. If you reach the Heavenly Star Realm, we’ll give you a Grade 3 Artifact. If you reach the Heavenly Axis Realm, we’ll give you a Dragon Bloodline demon spirit with an Excellent or even Extraordinary Level growth rate! Mark my words, the words of Gu Bei!”

When everyone heard Gu Bei’s announcement, the excitement bubbled up to another level.

This kind of treatment was simply too shocking! Not to mention one Martial Ancestor Realm cultivation technique for everyone! He was actually giving artifacts and distributing Dragon Bloodline Excellent and Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirits?! Great heavens!

Everyone felt their blood boiling. Finally, some of the hesitating geniuses made up their minds to follow Gu Bei!

The recruiters from other factions gloomily looked at their empty areas. The boiling voices of the Demon League recruiters depressed them even further. Just what was going on? This was simply defying the rules! Wasn’t Gu Bei afraid of plunging the Gu Clan into poverty?