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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 331

Chapter 331 - Medium Grade Deitys Lake

After one entire day, Gu Bei had recruited a total of six hundred people. The majority of them were of the Heavenly Fate Realm and three of them were Heavenly Star Realm experts. For various reasons, those three Heavenly Star Realm experts hadn’t joined a faction before. However, after seeing the generous terms of the Demon League, they decided to join.

The other factions only recruited about a dozen people in a day.

But just in one day, the size of the Demon League had swelled to over six hundred people. It was about time that they moved out and occupied a Deity’s Lake or two.

Gu Bei’s newly established force attracted the attention of various other factions. However, due to Gu Bei’s status, no one dared to start a conflict with the Demon League. Are you joking? Gu Bei was the first-in-line successor to the Gu Clan! If they provoked him now, what would happen when he became the Gu Clan’s Patriarch? Wouldn’t they be inviting a storm-like revenge?

Nie Li had taken that into consideration, which was why he’d asked Gu Bei to help him recruit. As for those whom they aren’t on good terms with, like Gu Heng and Murong Yu, it didn’t matter what they did. Those people would still go against them. Only the forces that had no conflicts with them would take care not to offend Gu Bei. On the contrary, they might even send some people to establish good connections.

Once the Demon League finally started its mad expansion, it’d be huge. People like Gu Heng, Hua Ling, and Murong Yu had their eyes turning red. The Demon League had formed only recently and they’d already expanded such a degree. If this continues, would people like themselves have a place left in the future of the Divine Feathers Sect? Their hearts would be extremely down.

Xiao Yu’s courtyard.

After the Deity Root is placed into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Certain thoughts proceeded to cross his mind. One Deity Root wasn’t enough. He needed several more, at the very least. That way, they’d continue to produce lots of spiritual stones which he could use to support an enormous force!

After experiencing defeat in his previous life, Nie Li understood something. Fighting alone wasn’t the way to win. If he wanted to win against the Sage Emperor, Nie Li would have to establish his own enormous force that could contend against him! Only then, would he be able to destroy the seal that the Sage Emperor had imposed on the endless time and space.

The Sage Emperor had control over the space inside the Draconic Ruins Realm. He was the true ruler of the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land.

In his previous life, only the inhabitants of the mysterious Ancestral God Land had the power to confront the Sage Emperor. However, the Holy Maiden of the Ancestral God Land suddenly disappeared and the entire Ancestral God Land was burned to the ground by golden flames. Only then did the Sage Emperor become the most domineering existence.

Before the Ancestral God Land was destroyed and the darkness descended, Nie Li had to establish his own power that could confront the Sage Emperor!

The first step was to ascend to the Sect Master’s position of the Divine Feathers Sect!

Over the next month, Nie Li, Gu Bei, and Lu Piao reorganized the entire Demon League and imparted Martial Ancestor Realm cultivation techniques to the members. After that, they picked out members with decent characters who were worth being groomed, and prepared to turn them into true elites and the backbone of the Demon League.

The entire Demon League entered into intense training.

During this period, Li Xingyun visited several times to teach Gu Bei and Lu Piao how to lead their underlings, how to be impartial with reward and punishments, and when to retreat or advance as an army. Gu Bei and Lu Piao to grew quite a bit from these lessons.

Although the Demon League hadn’t truly stepped into the outside world, they’d stirred the attention of the Skysoul Institute and became the focus of attention for many people.

Gu Bei looked at Nie Li as he bitterly smiled, “Nie Li, the Yin League released a notice stating that if we dare to head to the outside world, they’ll hunt us!”

“The Yin League?” Nie Li furrowed his brows for a brief moment, “What kind of force is that?”

“It belongs to the Yin Clan. Their existence is second to the three major families. The one leading is called Yin Wufeng, and he’s the first successor of the Yin Clan. He’s roughly in the Heavenly Axis Realm and has close connections with Gu Heng. Since Gu Heng belongs to the Gu Clan, it isn’t a good idea for him to show his face. That’s why he’s borrowing the hands of the Yin League to suppress our Demon League,” said Gu Bei.

“I understand. But this isn’t much. Quite a fights are a given if we want to gain a foothold in the outside world. Right now, it’d be too hard for us to deal with the Yin Clan head on. Therefore, we need to rely on Li Xingyun’s hand to help us slowly expand. I’ve already spoken with him, and his underlings will bring ours into the outside world!”

“What about you?” Gu Bei curiously asked.

Nie Li mysteriously smiled. “I have other matters to attend to.”

Gu Bei was a little curious, since he had no idea what Nie Li was planning to do. However, he didn’t ask.

The day gradually darkened. Nie Li paid a visit to Li Xingyun’s courtyard. Together with Li Xingyun, they headed to the outside world.

“Brother Nie Li, I’ve already contacted a seller for you. Why would you want to buy almost dried up Deity Lakes?” Li Xingyun asked out of curiosity.

An almost dried up Deity’s Lake could only produce a few thousand of spiritual stones a year, not to mention the fact that they’d have to send some people to look after it. There wasn’t much profit there.

However, that was because Li Xingyun is rich and wealthy. For people like Hua Ling, an almost dried up Deity’s Lake was extremely important to them.

“Of course have a use for it, but I wish for Brother Li to keep it a secret!” Nie Li lightly smiled. Since he’d placed the Deity Root into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, it formed itself a new Deity’s Lake and was producing two to three thousand spiritual stones per month.

And it wasn’t just spiritual stones!

Nie Li was shocked. Usually, it was rare for a Deity’s Lake to produce something like spiritual stone essence. Even high grade Deity’s Lakes had a one in a thousand chance of it. However, the Deity’s Lake within his Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting actually produced three spiritual stone essences in a month!

One spiritual stone essence was equivalent to a thousand spiritual stones!

After the numbers were crunched, the sheer quantity of spiritual stones that the Deity’s Lake produced was shocking.

Even the most pricy dried up Deity’s Lake would take only about six or seven thousand spiritual stone to purchase. All Nie Li needed was two months to earn it back. And he’d still gain a profit on top of that!

Under Li Xingyun’s lead, Nie Li met a blue-robed youth. This youth pointed at the mountain in the distance and said, “That’s the Fiery Rain Deity’s Lake. Since you’re a friend of Boss Xingyun, I’ll go ahead and warn you. This Deity’s Lake doesn’t have much prospects. It only produces two thousand spiritual stones a year. If you want it, five thousand spiritual stones will do!”

This blue robed youth, guarded this Deity’s Lake along with seven others. They depended on it to gain some spiritual stones.

Li Xingyun looked at that blue robed youth and said, “Teng Ze, Nie Li is my brother. Three thousand five hundred spiritual stones, no second price!”

Hearing Li Xingyun’s words, Teng Ze pondered for a brief moment. Then he bitterly smiled and said, “Alright then. Since Boss Li Xingyun said so!”

Nie Li paid three thousand five hundred spiritual stones to Teng Ze and completed the transaction.

Teng Ze’s group left.

“Those guys have been guarding this Deity’s Lake. Although it’s nearly dried up, there are still people trying to snatch it. Who knows when it’ll land in the hands of others? They should be happy with three thousand five hundred spiritual stones in their pocket. They probably couldn’t ask for better!” Li Xingyun smiled, “Although we could’ve snatched it from them, your methods are more just. Those who’re just deserve help; those who’re unjust deserve to be neglected. We can’t bully and humiliate others just because they’re weak.”

“Yeah.” Nie Li smiled as he nodded. Then, he went up high into the sky before landing on the Deity’s Lake and began to scribbling inscription patterns on it.

Li Xingyun’s eyes widened as he looked at Nie Li. Just what was Nie Li planning to do?

Then, Li Xingyun saw Nie Li grab the Deity Root of the Fiery Rain Deity’s Lake and quickly store it. He asked in shock, “What was that?”

He never expected that there’d be such a thing in the Deity’s Lake.

“This is the Deity Root. Without it, the Deity’s Lake will crumble very quickly. You absolutely cannot tell this secret to a second person. Otherwise, the consequences will be extremely severe!” Nie Li warned in a serious tone.

“Understood!” Li Xingyun couldn’t help feeling a little surprised as he nodded his head seriously.

Another Deity Root acquired! Not only that, but it was through a transaction instead of force. It was a faster method and didn’t offend anyone.

Next, with Li Xingyun’s help, Nie Li acquired another seven Deity Roots. Added the two previous ones, Nie Li had a total of nine Deity Roots. These Deity Roots would be nourished and grow in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. In the future, they’d produce an endless amount of spiritual stones!

Of course, Nie Li didn’t plan to end it at that. He planned to take in more Deity Roots!

Nie Li thought for awhile before he said to Li Xingyun, “Brother Li, do you have any Deity Lakes to sell me?”

Li Xingyun made a difficult expression as he said, “I won’t hide it from Brother Nie Li. I control a total of three low grade Deity Lakes. These they’re all pretty decent and produce twenty to thirty thousand spiritual stones a year. They’re the foundation to the huge force I control. But if Brother Nie Li wants them, I can give one to you!”

Nie Li had given him a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit. How could a low grade Deity’s Lake compared?

“There’s no need to gift it. I’ll buy from Brother Xingyun. Price-wise, how about a hundred thousand spiritual stones?” Nie Li said as he lightly smiled. He’d been wondering just how many spiritual stones a Deity’s Lake that wasn’t nearly drying up could produce?

“No need for that. I insist on gifting it. Brother Nie Li has given me a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit. If I, Li Xingyun couldn’t even take out one low grade Deity’s Lake, I’d be too petty. Luckily, I’ve discovered an unmanned medium grade Deity’s Lake in the depths of the outside world! The only problem is that the Deity’s Lake is guarded by Dragon Bloodline Demon Beasts and I couldn’t make up my mind to attack it. It just so happens that I can make use of this chance to lead my men to attack that medium grade Deity’s Lake!” Li Xingyun smiled.

Although Li Xingyun appeared relaxed, Nie Li understood that since Li Xingyun wasn’t willing to attack that medium grade Deity’s Lake. This meant that the Dragon Bloodline Demon Beast guarding wasn’t a small matter.

Nie Li thought awhile, then opened his mouth and said, “I’m interested in that medium grade Deity’s Lake. Could Brother Li bring me to it and let me have a look?”

Li Xingyun was slightly shocked when he heard that. He immediately replied, “Brother Nie Li, it’s best if you don’t go. That place is too dangerous!”