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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 332

Chapter 332 - Formally Becoming a Disciple

Nie Li looked at Li Xingyun and lightly smiled. “Danger is unavoidable. But right now, I’m already at 2-fate, so what is there to worry about? If Li Xingyun could protect me and help me reach the heart of the Deity’s Lake, it’d be greatly appreciated!”

At Nie Li’s words, Li Xingyun’s heart slightly shook as looked at Nie Li and understood his true meaning.

Since Nie Li had a way to remove the Deity Root, all Li Xingyun needed to do was escort Nie Li to the heart of the Deity’s Lake.

Trying to get that medium grade Deity’s Lake would still be rather difficult, since there were many Heavenly Axis Realm Dragon Bloodline Demon Beasts guarding it, and even one of the Dao of the Dragon Realm. If Li Xingyun wanted to strike down that medium grade Deity’s Lake, his own forces alone were insufficient. He would have to form an alliance with other forces.

But if he did join forces, then the distribution of the rewards from that medium grade Deity’s Lake would no longer be his decision alone. That was also why Li Xingyun couldn’t make up his mind about attacking the medium grade Deity’s Lake.

Compared to take over the Deity’s Lake, just entering the heart of it would be much easier.

Since Nie Li needed his help, how could he refuse?

“Alright! Since Brother Nie Li needs it, I’ll make a trip with my men and help Brother Nie Li capture the Deity Root of that Deity’s Lake!” Li Xingyun nodded, “When will we move out?”

“Two days from now!” Nie Li said after a brief thought. Once placed in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, a medium grade Deity’s Lake would definitely produce a shocking quantity of spiritual stones. Therefore, it was definitely worth the risk!

Li Xingyun nodded. “Alright. I’ll go and gather my men to fight for this success!”

Nie Li followed Li Xingyun and reached a Deity’s Lake that was guarded by five to six hundred people. All of them were Li Xingyun’s underlings. This Deity’s Lake was also one of Li Xingyun’s safehouses in the outside world.

Li Xingyun began gathering his men from the area.

Ever since Nie Li had obtained those Deity Roots, he could feel a trace of energy flowing out from the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and nourishing his soul. Suddenly, he felt some insight, so he sat down in an empty area near the Deity’s Lake and began cultivating the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique.

Among all the cultivation techniques, the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique was one of the most powerful to exist between heaven and earth. As time passed, Nie Li slowly floated into the air as surges of violent and majestic energy rotated around him.

Complicated inscription patterns revolved in his soul realm, around the mysterious vine.

Slowly, the vine’s first flower bud bloomed and released a clear and fresh fragrance that filled his entire soul realm.

After that, his two fate souls also started blazing as the impurities inside were slowly removed, and they were purified. The instant that fragrance was released, Nie Li felt his entire body heating up as though he was engulfed in flame.


His soul realm felt as though it’d exploded. Nie Li’s face turned ashen pale and beads of sweat dripped from his face.

Although he had no idea as to what kind of cultivation path he was walking, Nie Li still relied on his senses to keep refining his fate soul. The third fate soul began forming within his soul realm.

Time passed. One hour, two hours.


Another fate soul ignited in Nie Li’s soul realm. He hadn’t expected himself to enter 3-fate so quickly. Furthermore, this fate soul was actually yellow in colour.

Red, blue, and yellow.

These mystical fate souls baffled Nie Li. He could also sense his own cultivation was getting out of his control. Sometimes, it’d be extremely slow. No matter how many spiritual stones he absorbed, his cultivation wouldn’t budge. Other times, he’d miraculously rank up with no challenges at all.

Was it because of the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting?

However, it’s still a good thing that his cultivation had risen.

Nie Li continued to consolidate his cultivation on 3-fate.

Suddenly, outside the Deity’s Lake, a vigorous figure flew over. A beautiful girl.

“Who are you?” Li Xingyun’s underlings immediately surrounded her.

Long Yuyin stood still as she observed the people surrounding her. Finally she said, “My name is Long Yuyin! I’m here to look for Nie Li! I’m his disciple!”

Everyone exchanged glances. They’d heard that Long Yuyin was from the Dragonseal Family. As to whether she was really Nie Li’s disciple, they had no idea if that was true. However, since Long Yuyin’s cultivation was only at Heavenly Fate Realm. That was entirely within their control.

One of the Heavenly Star Realm experts said, “Young Master Nie Li is currently cultivating. You cannot approach him. You may only sit here to wait for his cultivation to end!”

“Okay,” Long Yuyin nodded in acknowledgement.

Long Yuyin sat on a stone dozens meters away from Nie Li and stared at him as he cultivated. The aura on Nie Li made her feel a powerful pressure.

She had no idea what cultivation technique Nie Li was practising.

Long Yuyin only realised it recently. Everything that’d happened before only gave her confirmation. Nie Li’s comprehension on the Martial Dao had reached an absolutely unimaginable height.

Since the beginning, aside from her original master, he was the only one who she’d accepted!

Only Nie Li could lead her to the pinnacle of the Martial Dao!

Therefore, she’d decided to be Nie Li’s disciple!

Even though Nie Li was Ying Yueru’s disciple, and that’d mess up the seniority between them, Long Yuyin didn’t care. To someone like her who was obsessed with the Martial Dao, something like that was trivial. How could those common views obstruct her determination towards the Martial Dao?

Right now, Nie Li was still in the middle of cultivating; therefore, she could only obediently sit to the side and wait.

Nie Li was still immersed in his cultivation as he constantly operated his newly-formed, third fate soul. The power of the fate soul surged as it decorated itself around the the vine. Nie Li sensed a surge of energy entering the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon. The strength of his demon spirit was rising like crazy. 1-fate, 2-fate, 3-fate. Gradually, it surpassed Nie Li’s own cultivation, only stopping after reaching 5-fate.

Luckily it was bound by the vine; otherwise, the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon would definitely struggle free.

Nie Li quickly condensed his cultivation and withdraw his own power. In order to avoid letting the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon go out of control, he couldn’t let its strength raise any higher.

The strength of a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit was indeed formidable. Although the Fanged Panda and Shadow Devil demon spirits were also around 5-fate, the battle strength of the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon was several folds above them.

After a long while, Nie Li finally opened his eyes. When he did, Long Yuyin’s clear and elegance cheeks entered his line of sight.

“Why are you here?” Nie Li asked in puzzlement.

Long Yuyin stood stiff and straight as she puffed out her chest. “I’ve thought about this for a long time when I got home. I’ve decided that I want you as my master! Please take me as your disciple!”

When Nie Li saw how serious Long Yuyin was being, he was slightly stunned. Finally, he smiled and said, “This is against customs. You’re my Master’s Junior Sister, but you want me to be your master?” Nie Li waved his hand, “Forget it!”

Finishing his words, Nie Li turned around and started to walk away.

“Wait!” Long Yuyin stopped Nie Li. “That’s not a problem. In the path of the Martial Dao, anyone who’s attained understanding of the Martial Dao can be a master! Please, accept me!”

Nie Li turned back and looked at Long Yuyin’s anxious, yet unyielding face. He understood that once Long Yuyin made a decision, even nine bulls couldn’t drag her back. This woman really was too obsessed with the Martial Dao. Long Yuyin should’ve sensed that aside from Nie Li, there wasn’t a second person who could guide her in the Martial Dao.

“Are you joking?” Nie Li smiled as he continued walking. In his heart, he’d actually started to wonder if accepting Long Yuyin as his disciple wasn’t a bad idea.

“I’m not joking. I’m serious about it,” Long Yuyin immediately followed up. “As long as you’re willing to take me as your disciple, I’ll agree to anything you ask of me!”

“Are you sure?” Nie Li turned his head as he looked at Long Yuyin with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile.

“I’m sure!” Long Yuyin nodded, though she hesitated for a brief moment before she continued, “As long as it’s not something that will betray the Divine Feathers Sect or my family!”

“Really?” Nie Li took several steps toward Long Yuyin, until he was only a single step away from her. He was close to being in contact with her chest. The corner of his mouth curled into a sinister smile as he lowered his head to see Long Yuyin’s face, leaving only a tiny distance between them.

As she noticed Nie Li’s posture, Long Yuyin’s chest heaved up and down as her face blushed all the way down to her neck. She lowered her head as her heart pounded wildly. Both her fists were clenched and her breathing seemed to have quickened a little. However, after she thought about it, she still stubbornly raised her head and looked at Nie Li.

Long Yuyin’s skin was pearly white. She was picturesque and he could faintly smell the scent of a woman from her body. Nie Li had to admit that her fiery temper aside, she was definitely a beauty.

Nie Li was just teasing Long Yuyin a little bit. Looking at how nervous she was, he couldn’t help laughing as he retracted his gaze and turned around. “Okay, then!”

Although she had a stubborn and fiery temper, she was still an inexperienced young girl.

“What?” Long Yuyin raised her head and asked in a trembling voice. She never expected Nie Li to actually agree so straightforwardly.

“I can take you as my disciple, but it’ll depend on your performance. If I’m not satisfied, I’ll kick you out!” Nie Li said as he lightly smiled. All the events were progressing as he’d expected. He knew that Long Yuyin would definitely seek him out. He also knew that once she made up her mind, it was simply impossible to make her give up. It was just that Nie Li didn’t expect Long Yuyin to use the method of Master and Disciple.

Long Yuyin gazed at Nie Li’s silhouette for a moment, then happily quickened her steps and followed up.