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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 333

Chapter 333 - Heavens Divination Technique

Long Yuyin lightly chewed her lip, before asking, “Then, Master, may have a look at your ‘sword’?”

“Sword intent is not suitable for you. I’ll write another one for you to slowly comprehend!” Nie Li smiled. He was well aware that Long Yuyin was hung up on that.

“But I still want to give it a try!” Long Yuyin said. She still felt rather unresigned in her heart. Why could Gu Bei comprehend it, but not her?

“Alright then. But there are thousands of paths on the Martial Dao, everyone has something that they’re good at. Comparing your shortcomings against the strengths of others is a silly thing to do,” Nie Li lectured sincerely. “Once it takes the form of obsession, one could become stuck that realm, forever unable to take a step forward.”

Long Yuyin’s heart shook at Nie Li’s words. She nodded, “Yes.”

Seeing how serious Long Yuyin was, Nie Li smiled and couldn’t help thinking that the current Long Yuyin was just an ignorant young lady. What did she encounter in his previous life that’d change her into that vicious woman? However, there was no way that Nie Li could investigate those past events.

After his rebirth, it’s pretty good if he could reform Long Yuyin.

Next, he’d have to get Long Yuyin to participate in the competition for the Dragonseal Family’s Patriarch’s seat.

Nie Li looked into the sky, showed a solemn look and sighed. “In this universe, there are many things that you’re unaware of.”

“What is Master speaking of?” Long Yuyin asked in puzzlement.

“Aren’t you at all curious? Even though I’m the same age as you, my insight in intent has greatly surpass yours? That’s because I know many things that many people in this world don’t. Martial Ancestor Realm isn’t the limit to the Martial Dao. In this world, there’s an absolute existence called the Sage Emperor. He’s sealed the once endless space and time and controls the three worlds within the Draconic Ruins Realm. Once someone emerges to go against his absolute authority, he’ll ensure them a miserable death. In the hundreds of thousands of years, there’ve been countless numbers of people who’ve divinated fate and fought against time and space just to confront him.”

Nie Li’s words made Long Yuyin’s eyes widen. What Nie Li was saying was simply unimaginable to her.

Nie Li continued, “There are many things that you’re unaware of. Only those who’ve learned the Heaven’s Divination technique could come in contact with this. Ancestral Master Phaseless, Ancestral Master Profound Sky, and your Master, Venerable Witchfeather of the Divine Feathers Sect, all wielded the Heaven’s Divination technique. The technique constantly evolves within their body. Before it reaches the pinnacle, they’d have to die; otherwise, it’d bring annihilation to the Divine Feathers Sect. That’s because when the technique reaches the pinnacle, the Sage Emperor would be able to divinate their existence! Those who’ve practice the Heaven’s Divination technique are the mortal enemies of the Sage Emperor!”

“In the tens of thousands of years, the number of supreme geniuses who’ve died at the hands of Sage Emperor is simply countless. He wants to maintain his absolute supremacy!”

“Naturally, there are some people who’ve rebelled against him. Many geniuses who wield the Heaven’s Divination technique have tried all sorts of methods in order to reverse the seal on timespace and fight against the Sage Emperor. However, no one has succeeded.”

At Nie Li’s words, Long Yuyin vaguely understood.

Back when her Master, Venerable Witchfeather, died she’d said to her, “Heaven is brutal and humans are destined to break. Millions of souls will not die in vain. Long Yuyin, time will have an end, and the life of each person is just a node to the boundless time and space. You don’t have to mourn me. But no matter what, you must not practise the Heaven’s Divination technique! Only one inheritor for the Heaven’s Divination technique is needed!”

The Heaven’s Divination technique was a powerful cultivation technique that had once aroused Long Yuyin’s strong curiosity. She wanted to learn it. However, it was snatched away by Ying Yueru and she wasn’t able to learn it.

So that was the truth!

Long Yuyin’s heart trembled as tears flickered in her eyes.

Didn’t that mean that her Senior Sister, who’d learned the Heaven’s Divination technique, could die at any time?! Long Yuyin’s misunderstandings towards Ying Yueru were lifted along with her doubts. Now, she couldn’t help worrying for her Senior Sister.

Nie Li looked at Long Yuyin as he said in a low voice, “Long Yuyin, everything that I’m planning to do is meant to confront the Sage Emperor. Are you willing to help me?”

At Nie Li’s words, Long Yuyin looked deeply into his eyes. So it turns out that Nie Li was actually so selfless and great! Fighting the Sage Emperor was a task that no one had ever succeeded. However, Nie Li still didn’t back down. He’d set his heart to it.

“No matter what you ask of me, I’ll listen to you!” Long Yuyin said seriously.

Nie Li looked at Long Yuyin as he said, “Long Yuyin, facing the Sage Emperor alone won’t be enough. I want you to gain control of the Dragonseal Family and become its Patriarch!”

At Nie Li’s words, Long Yuyin’s face went blank, “You want me to become the Patriarch of Dragonseal Family? How could I accomplish that? After all, Long Tianming is so much stronger than me!”

Nie Li looked at Long Yuyin as he seriously said, “Once you’ve set your heart to it, it can definitely be done. Your talent isn’t worse than Long Tianming’s, it’s just that he started cultivation way earlier than you. Furthermore, you also have a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit. Now that you have me to guide your cultivation, you’ll definitely surpass Long Tianming in time! But before that, I need you to form a force in the outside world under your name. I will fully support you with that!”

At Nie Li’s words, Long Yuyin’s blank gaze gradually turned clear and firm as she nodded, “Okay, I’ll listen to you!”

“You have the Blood Dragon Bloodline flowing within your body. There are still some crucial meridians that have yet to unlock. Once those meridians are unlocked and all of your potential is released, your strength will rise to a frightening stage. That kind of power isn’t something that Long Tianming can touch either. Since I’m your Master, I’ll help you open up your meridians! We’ll find a secret location someday to settle this matter for you!” said Nie Li.

Unlock the meridians in her body?

Although she couldn’t quite understand Nie Li’s words, Long Yuyin had a feeling Nie Li’s words weren’t false. Once her meridians opened, what kind of level would her strength reach?

Long Yuyin couldn’t help raising her expectations.

If Long Yuyin could help him take control of the Dragonseal Family, then Nie Li would be a step closer to being Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect.

In order to fight for the Sect Master’s position, there were still many key qualifications that needed to be fulfilled! Even people like Long Tianming had yet to fulfil them. Therefore, Nie Li could afford to take it slowly.

A brief moment later, Li Xingyun returned. When he saw Long Yuyin beside Nie Li, he became stunned, before laughing and giving Nie Li a thumbs up.

Nie Li really was powerful. He just saw Xiao Ning’er off not long ago, and here he’d already made another beauty surrender to him. Furthermore, it was that Long Yuyin, who was renown for her fiery temper. When he how obediently Long Yuyin was, standing beside Nie Li, Li Xingyun was suspected that his eyes were deceiving him.

Indeed, when a vicious woman meets a man who can subdue her completely, she’ll lose her viciousness.

Nie Li knew that Li Xingyun had misunderstood, so he bitterly smiled. “It’s not what you think. She was just asking me to be her master!”

Li Xingyun was stunned for a moment, then he nodded and smiled, “Okay then, I still think that she’s your woman!”

Long Yuyin’s face turned red and she became embarrassed hearing Li Xingyun’s words.

Li Xingyun sure was direct. He didn’t give a second thought about Long Yuyin’s face as a lady.

In reality, Li Xingyun rather admired Nie Li. Whatever the relationship between Long Yuyin and Nie Li was, he was still well aware of her temper. It’s said that she’d even crippled her fiancé. And yet, she stood beside Nie Li so obediently.

“Brother Xingyun, Long Yuyin has decided to fight for the Patriarch’s seat of the Dragonseal Family. If she wants to establish her own force in the future, I’d like to ask Brother Xingyun to help her out.” Nie Li lightly smiled.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Li Xingyun was stunned for a moment. This was even more shocking to him.

Somehow, Gu Bei had become the first-in-line successor to the Gu Clan. Under Nie Li’s instigation, Long Yuyin had also decided to fight for the Patriarch’s position. Without anyone knowing, two families were already inside Nie Li’s pocket. And Li Xingyun as well was was being forced to participate in the competition for the Patriarch’s position of the Ashen Flames Family.

Was this a coincidence?

Or was it all by Nie Li’s intentions?

If this was intended, then it was simply too shocking!

Li Xingyun reasoned it out a little. His business transactions with Nie Li should’ve been purely by coincidence; therefore it couldn’t have been by Nie Li’s intentions.

Li Xingyun recovered from his thoughts and lightly smiled. “Rest assured. Leave this matter to me. Before Gu Bei and Long Yuyin’s forces have fully grown, I’ll definitely do my best to aide them.”

Long Yuyin said, “It’ll be easy to establish a force of my own. Some of my father’s subordinates are all near retiring since I wasn’t fighting for the Dragonseal Family’s Patriarch position. But once I decide to fight for it, they will definitely return at my call.”

This was part of the reason why Long Yuyin’s position within the Dragonseal Family was so special.

She wasn’t the first-in-line successor, but her father could afford to leave behind a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit for her. One could imagine how powerful her father once was.

Since some old subordinates were still loyal to Long Yuyin, no one in the Dragonseal Family dared to touch her. Even if she was only the seventh-in-line successor, she didn’t regard Long Tianming very highly.

Nie Li somehow understood why his Master said that Long Yuyin was a crucial point towards his plan to become the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect!

Once Long Yuyin obtained the Patriarch position of the Dragonseal Family, then it’d be easier for Nie Li to fight for the Sect Master’s position. However, Long Yuyin still had to step over Long Tianming if she wanted to get the Patriarch’s position!

However, Nie Li wasn’t anxious about that. He could take these matters slowly.

After arranging a few more things, he asked Long Yuyin to return ahead of him and her gather her father’s subordinates.

Three days later, Li Xingyun brought Nie Li along and a few of his men to the depths of the outside world.