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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 337

Chapter 337 - Opening the Meridians

Long Yuyin was deeply curious about Nie Li’s mysterious cultivation technique and the Martial Dao intent that he grasped.

This was the Martial Dao realm that she’d never come in contact with before!

Long Yuyin was filled with admiration towards Nie Li.

After Nie Li asked her to start fighting for the Dragonseal Family’s Patriarch position, she sent the news to her father’s old subordinates. They’d probably return before long.

Long Yuyin raised her head to look at Nie Li.

Next on the list, he was supposed to help her open up her meridians. Nie Li removed a set of acupuncture needles from his interspatial ring.

Long Yuyin appeared nervous; her face looked like it was slightly boiling and her state of mind was a mess. After all, this was the first time she’d been alone with a boy in the room.

After Nie Li finished his preparations, he turned to Long Yuyin and said, “Take off your clothes.”

“What?” Long Yuyin cried out in shock.

“If you don’t take off your clothes, how am I supposed to put the needles in?” Nie Li said. As far as he was concerned, she was only a young girl; therefore, he wasn’t too bothered by it.

Long Yuyin’s face started boiling even more, all the way down to her neck. After a brief moment, she grit her teeth and slowly removed her dress. As the silk fell away, it revealed the smooth skin of her shoulders. A white bandage tightly bound her chest, but you could still see that astonishing curve, plump and full.

It was hard to imagine how they’d look once released.

She raised her head, snuck a glanced at him, and ground her teeth in hesitation. Since Nie Li still didn’t say anything else, she extended her hand to the white bandage on her chest.

“Hold on, that’s enough!” Nie Li immediately stopped her. He couldn’t help being drenched in sweat. This was good enough; he didn’t need any more to put the needles in. In fact, if she went any further, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to control the situation anymore.

Long Yuyin retracted her hands, but she was still nervous. Luckily, the bandage on her chest didn’t need to be removed. Otherwise, it’d be way too awkward.

Nie Li walked to her side and. Under the candlelight, her skin looked like smooth gemstone. She used a blue ribbon to tie her hair up into a bun, which added another kind of charm to her.

As Nie Li moved behind her, his gaze fell onto Long Yuyin’s pearly white neck. He took a long, thin needle and slowly pierced the skin in the middle of her spine, a little off to the side.

“En.” Long Yuyin couldn’t help letting out a moan. Under normal circumstances, she shouldn’t feel the pain from just this needle, especially with her Dragon Blood lineage. However, when Nie Li’s needle pierced her, Long Yuyin felt a strong pain circulate through her entire body. It felt like tens of thousands of ants biting her body.

After the pain came a warm current that flowed from her spinal column, which also circulated through her body and ended at her limbs.

What shocking energy!

Long Yuyin couldn’t quite wrap her head around the fact that such powerful energy was actually hidden within her bloodline.

Nie Li took the second needle and placed it in her spinal column.

Third needle, fourth needle, fifth needle...

Very quickly, there were dozens of needles poking out of Long Yuyin. Her skin was slightly blushed. The heavy sweat on her body made her seem as if she was boiling.

“I’ve already placed acupuncture needles in your important meridians. Your Blood Dragon lineage should be slowly awakening. Once it does, it’ll rush to all of your meridians. Concentrate on cultivating!” Nie Li said as he exhaled a mouthful of air. It was finally done.

Nie Li had used quite a bit of energy on Long Yuyin’s acupuncture. He looked at her, who was sitting cross-legged as she cultivated. Then he opened the door, walked out, and softly closed it behind him.

Suddenly a figure appeared beside Nie Li, which startled him. It was Xiao Yu.

“You frightened me. What combat ability did you use? There wasn’t any sound when you appeared?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking. He wasn’t really on guard for Xiao Yu’s aura; therefore, Xiao Yu was able to get so close without him noticing.

Xiao Yu’s face was black with an annoyed expression on his face.

Seeing how furious Xiao Yu was, Nie Li asked, “What’s going on? You couldn’t have been killed by someone else in the outside world again, right?”

Xiao Yu stared at Nie Li as he said in a solemn voice, “Nie Li, how could you be doing these things? Aren’t you letting Ning’er down?”

“What did I do? What’s the matter?” Nie Li was stunned for a moment, before he immediately realised what Xiao Yu was talking about. He smiled, “Is this about Long Yuyin? Hahaha, what are you talking about? How is that letting Ning’er down?”

“You know exactly what you’ve done!” Xiao Yu snorted as he turned around and stalked off.

“Hey, Xiao Yu, you’ve misunderstood!” Nie Li yelled facing Xiao Yu’s back.

However, Xiao Yu wasn’t willing to listen to Nie Li as he quickly returned to his own room and shut the door.

Nie Li was stunned. What was up with Xiao Yu? He didn’t even give him a chance to explain himself! Furthermore, this wasn’t really something that Xiao Yu should care about, right? Could it be that Xiao Yu was interested in Long Yuyin? If that was the case, then it’s reasonable for Xiao Yu to be angry. But how many times had Xiao Yu and Long Yuyin seen each other anyways? Did they even know each other?

That sissy couldn’t be interested in myself, right? Nie Li couldn’t help feeling a chill run down his spine. Could it be that Xiao Yu swung that way? Not interested in only women, but also in men?

Nie Li had once suspected that Xiao Yu was a woman. After all, that fellow was simply too beautiful. However, Nie Li had already confirmed that Xiao Yu wasn’t a woman. That left “sissy” as the only option.

After pondering over it for awhile, Nie Li shook his head and pushed those thoughts away. He must be overthinking it.

Roughly an hour later, a powerful aura surged from within Nie Li’s room.

The Blood Dragon lineage within Long Yuyin’s body had been unleashed. According to this aura, she should be at least 5-fate now; furthermore, her future cultivation would continue to soar in leaps and bounds.

Nie Li knew that Long Yuyin had finished opening her meridians, so he pushed opened the door and walked in.

“Ah!” Long Yuyin shrieked.

Nie Li was stunned as he stared into the room. All of Long Yuyin’s clothes had been burnt to ashes. She’d covered herself from Nie Li’s view, but she couldn’t cover up the radiance of “spring”[1. The Chinese describe life by the four seasons. Spring is youth, summer is adulthood, autumn is old age, and winter is death.]. Nie Li immediately looked away and awkwardly walked out.

A brief moment later, Long Yuyin finished changing into a new set of clothes and walked out with her head lowered and a red face.

The atmosphere was a little weird.

Nie Li scratched his head and changed the topic. “How is it? Have your meridians all opened up?”

“En, they’re all open.” Long Yuyin’s face was faint red as she nodded. Nie Li’s method was powerful. It’d allowed her cultivation to soar by several stages. She felt like she was dreaming.

“That’s good now that they’re all unlocked.” Nie Li gave her a small smile.

Long Yuyin softly nodded in acknowledgement. She was filled with gratitude towards Nie Li. But aside from that, there was also something else in her heart. A weird emotion that she couldn’t figure out.

“When you get home, consolidate your cultivation a little. Your cultivation will definitely continue to soar by leaps and bounds!” Nie Li smiled as he continued, “Your cultivation is already so strong, I’m no longer suitable to be your Master!”

Long Yuyin raised her head as she looked at Nie Li and said in an urgent voice, “No matter what, you’ll always be my Master!”

Nie Li laughed, “I’m just joking. It’s getting late, so you should probably head back soon. If someone sees you at this time of night, who knows what they might think?”

“Okay,” Long Yuyin’s face boiled as she nodded. She took several steps forward before she turned back. “Master, I’ll be back again soon!”

She sprung out the door and was very quick with her steps, as she feared that Nie Li would try to stop her.

Nie Li retracted his gaze and couldn’t help smiling bitterly. This was the first time she’d come here, and Xiao Yu had already misunderstood. If she showed up at night, again, who knows what might happen?

Long Yuyin left Nie Li’s place and started down the small path towards the Skysoul Institute.

A figure suddenly stood out and blocked Long Yuyin. It was Hu Yong. His face was black and his eyes were fixed on Long Yuyin.

“Long Yuyin, where did you go in the middle of the night?” His hands were clenched into fists and veins popped out from his arms. His expression also looked enraged.

“You followed me?” A chill flashed through Long Yuyin’s eyes. She walked to the side and coldly snorted, “It’s none of your business where I go! If you follow me again, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Long Yuyin, I’ve thoroughly seen through you. You’re a slut inside. You actually find other men in the middle of the night! You’re just shameless!” Hu Yong pointed a finger at Long Yuyin as he insulted her. He couldn’t endure it anymore.

“What did you say? Say that again?” Long Yuyin coldly stared at Hu Yong.

Hu Yong pointed at Long Yuyin as he threw more insults. “Long Yuyin, so what if I’ve insulted you? Don’t forget that you’re my fiancée! Since you’re unfaithful, I’ll kill that man of yours sooner or later!”

Long Yuyin’s expression turned ugly, but she wasn’t the kind who’d quarrel with the likes of Hu Yong. Her aura locked onto him as she approached with a face of anger.

Sensing Long Yuyin’s frightening murderous aura, Hu Yong couldn’t help swallowing a large mouthful of saliva. A few moments ago, he was blinded by anger; that’s why he dared to say such things. But now, he felt a trace of fear.

“You trash, how could you possibly be my match? You think that you’re something with your family supporting you. Is a weakling like you suited to be my fiancé?” Long Yuyin walked towards Hu Yong. Her right, slender leg suddenly lashed out, landing on his crotch.

Hu Yong’s mouth turned into an ‘O’ shape, but he couldn’t issue any sound. His face slowly turned ashen white. Both his hands trembled as he held onto his crotch. Both his legs trembled as he fell to the ground and assumed fetal position.

Cold sweat formed on him. Long Yuyin’s leg had landed nicely on his crucial point, just like last time.

The pitiful Hu Yong had been crippled by Long Yuyin before. And it looked like he hadn’t learned his lesson.

“Young Master, are you alright?”

“Young Master!”

Several followers cried out in concern as they appeared from the bushes nearby.

Long Yuyin took one more look at Hu Yong, who was surrounded by his underlings. Then she snorted and flew off.