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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 339

Chapter 339 - Surrounded

The inside Nie Li’s Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting was dotted with Deity’s Lakes. Every low grade Deity’s Lake could produce close to ten thousand spiritual stones a month. The lone medium grade Deity’s Lake produced an even more shocking quantity. In a single month, it could produce fifty to sixty thousand spiritual stones and hundreds of spiritual stone essences.

Just some scraps from these lakes was already more than sufficient to support the three thousand plus Demon League members.

Therefore, Nie Li had told Gu Bei to take in more underlings. The more, the better, since he could easily accommodate all of them.

Although the strength of Gu Bei’s three thousand plus didn’t amount to much, with the large amount of spiritual stones provided by Nie Li, their cultivations would rise much faster than those of ordinary Divine Feathers Sect disciples.

As far as other were concerned, the fact that Gu Bei’s faction had already grown to such an extent in a single month was indeed quite frightening.

Several people were gathered together in a courtyard of the Skysoul Institute.

Among them were Gu Heng, Murong Yu, and a few dozen other bosses of their own factions.

Gu Heng swept an eye over the gathering and said, “By now, you all should know my aim, why I’ve gathered you all here today. The faction that Gu Bei has established has already recruited over three thousand members in such a short amount of time. If we don’t stop its expansion now, then one day, we might not even have the power to speak freely anymore.”

“Boss Gu Heng, we’ve calculated their spendings. As of right now, that kid has to pay hundreds of thousands of spiritual stones every month. It’ll probably be hard for him to expand any more! If he were to continue expanding, how many spiritual stones would he have to exhaust every month? Before long, they’ll probably have to disband, right?”

“That’s what I feel as well. Hundreds of thousands of spiritual stones every month isn’t a small amount! How is that kid, Gu Bei, able to keep it up?”

These factions all felt that if Gu Bei continued to play around like that, then there’d be a day when he could no longer continue on. When that time came, the Demon League would automatically be disbanded, even if they didn’t do anything.

Gu Heng coldly swept his gaze at everyone as he said with a solemn voice, “You guys are making a huge mistake in thinking like that. I’ve heard that not only is the Demon League not putting a halt to their recruitment, they’ll take anyone who’s above 2-fate.”

“How is that possible?” Several bosses furrowed their brows.

“I’ve investigated and found out that it’s true!” Murong Yu continued on with a solemn voice, “I’ve no idea where they’re getting so many spiritual stones from. But right now, their supply of spiritual stones doesn’t look like it’s depleting. That kid spent nearly four hundred thousand spiritual stones on the auction! I’m guessing that he’s obtained some ancient supreme’s treasure. That’s why he dares to be so extravagant!”

An ancient almighty’s treasure?

Hearing Murong Yu’s words, the eyes of the bosses all lit up.

It’s a pity. Even if Gu Bei and his group had obtained some ancient almighty’s treasure, it was absolutely impossible to expect them to bring it to the outside world. Therefore, trying to snatch it was basically impossible.

Murong Yu swept an eye over everyone’s expressions. The corner of his mouth raised into a smile, and said, “What if they really do have an endless supply of spiritual stones? With such high-quality treatment being offered from the Demon League, your subordinates would definitely be shaken as well. If that happens, would they still be as willing to work as hard as before? Can you guys offer the same treatment as the Demon League?”

Gu Heng spoke up. “What Murong Yu just said is correct. The Demon League is breaking regulations. If they keep this up, then along with Gu Bei’s extraordinary talent, they’ll be stealing the Gu Clan’s Patriarch seat one day. If that happens, then we’re all finished!” Gu Heng said with a solemn voice as he looked at everyone, with a ferocious look flashing through his eyes. “Some of my thoughts received support from a certain person. The Demon League won’t make it far; however, I’ll need the help of everyone gathered here!”

“Boss Gu Heng, pray tell!” The bosses all cupped their hands.

Although they didn’t know who Gu Heng was speaking of, the knew that that person definitely wasn’t a simple individual. After all, Gu Heng was treating them with such esteem.

“If we join forces, the number of people that we’ll be able to mobilise will be almost fifteen thousand. We can absolutely crush the Demon League with that. If we take the initiative before the Demon League has developed to a real threat, then we’ll be able to thoroughly destroy them while they’re still young!” Gu Heng’s face was smeared with a sinister smile.

All the bosses had hesitation on their faces.

“Boss Gu Heng, right now, Gu Bei is the first-in-line successor to the Gu Clan. We can understand your thoughts; however, we’re not like you, who has no worries. We don’t dare to offend the Gu Clan’s successor!”

Everyone gathered here was capable of commanding a faction in the outside world; that proved that they were smart people. They understood that Gu Heng wanted them to lend their strengths to deal with Gu Bei, so that Gu Bei couldn’t compete for the Gu Clan’s Patriarch seat anymore. However, Gu Heng was currently out of favor in the Gu Clan; the gathered faction bosses didn’t want to get dragged into the whirlpool either.

A trace of chilling light flashed through Gu Heng’s eyes. He understood that these people wouldn’t do anything without profit, so he said in a solemn voice, “This matter isn’t for my interest alone. If the Demon League continues to develop, none of you will have a good time in the future, either. Everyone present is one of us. As long as you aid me in removing the threat of the Demon League, I’ll make a copy of the [Dharani] technique for you!”

At Gu Heng’s words, the hearts of these bosses shook.

“Is Boss Gu Heng serious about this?”

“That’s right.” Gu Heng nodded, “Since I’ve said as much, not even four horses can drag it back!”

“Okay! I’ll do it!”

“Me too!” the bosses agreed.

The [Dharani] cultivation technique was a secret of the Gu Clan. Rumors said that only the truly talented younger generations were capable of learning it. Once the [Dharani] technique was leaked, the Gu Clan would definitely dispose of him. These bosses never imagined that Gu Heng would actually be willing to use it as a bargaining chip!

A chilling light flashed through Gu Heng’s eyes again. In order to make these people move for him, he had to use his trump card. As for the [Dharani] technique, what a joke! How could he, Gu Heng, possibly give out the genuine one? When the time comes, he’d just give them a fake one, since they wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s genuine or not.

Asking Gu Heng to fork out money was simply impossible. This method didn’t require him to hand over a single stone. At the same, he could accomplish his greatest goal.

“Boss Gu Heng, write a contract so we can have confidence in your words!” someone suggested.

“I can write a contract; however, I’ll seal it with an inscription pattern array. When the time comes, bring the sealed contract to me and we’ll unseal it together!” Gu Heng said after he thought a bit. Of course, he’d already made plans in his heart.

“Okay!” The bosses exchanged glances and nodded in agreement. As long as they held the contract, they could use it against Gu Heng. That way, they wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

In reality, they also understood that the Demon League was a great threat. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gathered at Gu Heng’s place. After Murong Yu discussed the countermeasures, they all feigned indifference so that they could wheedle some benefits out of Gu Heng.

As for the possibility that Gu Heng might double cross them, they had their own countermeasures. If Gu Heng burned the bridge after he crossed the river[1. Abandoning one’s benefactor upon achieving one’s goal.] they could band together to cause a disturbance for him. There were so many of them gathered here; if they used their numbers to do something, then Gu Heng’s seat as a successor candidate would probably become unstable.

Gu Heng will deal with it when the time comes. For now, he had to find a way to suppress Gu Bei. He couldn’t be bothered about anything else.

Quickly, Gu Heng started gathering experts from various factions and planning out how they’d deal with the Demon League. Fifteen thousand experts would be sufficient to wipe the Demon League’s existence from the Skysoul Institute.

A group of experts left the Skysoul Institute and headed for the outside world.

On a floating Deity’s Lake.

This Deity’s Lake was also nearly dried up. However, Nie Li hadn’t found a chance to remove its Deity Root yet. Therefore, it became the perfect gathering point for the Demon League. Thousands of men were stationed here. The others were out hunting for demon beasts.

Gu Bei and Lu Piao were presently training the newcomers who’d just joined. Nothing could be accomplished without routines and standards. Only with strict and impartial discipline can there be fighting strength. As for how to be impartial, Li Xingyun had taught them a lot.

Suddenly, Heng Yan flew back with wounds covering his body. It was as though he’d experienced an intense battle.

“Master Bei, we were ambushed! Hundreds are dead!” Heng Yan gasped as a pained expression was displayed on his face. His wounds were still dripping with fresh blood.

“This is a spiritual medicine for healing wounds. Take it quick!” Gu Bei tossed him an elixir, then asked in a solemn voice, “Speak clearly about what just happened!”

Heng Yan swallowed the healing elixir, caught his breath, then reported, “We were ambushed by a group of experts. The other party had nothing but Heavenly Star Realm experts. We couldn’t win against them. Only I managed to escape.”

A group of Heavenly Star Realm experts?

Gu Bei frowned his brows for a brief moment. The only people they weren’t on good terms with were people like Gu Heng and Murong Yu. And the one with the greatest motive to suppress the Demon League was definitely Gu Heng!

Gu Heng finally couldn’t hold back anymore and had decided to take action!

“Recall the remaining people! We must return to the Skysoul Institute!” Gu Bei said after pondering it over. With their current strength, trying to fight against Gu Heng would be too hard.

Just when Gu Bei was about to lead his army in evacuation, the sky at a distance began filling with black dots. A surge of powerful auras rolled over them.

Over ten thousand people had surrounded the Demon League. The one leading them was Gu Heng.

“Younger Cousin Gu Bei, it’s been a long time.” Gu Heng flew towards Gu Bei, then stopped once there was about a hundred meters of space between them. He looked at Gu Bei.

Gu Bei calmly returned the look as he said, “I trust that you’ve been well since we last met, Elder Cousin Gu Heng. You’ve brought so many people to visit me; however, this doesn’t seem like it’s just for a simple greeting, right?”

“I came over to discuss some matters with Younger Cousin Gu Bei.” Gu Heng’s eyes flashed with cold and proud look.

“What matters? I’d like to hear the details!” Gu Bei swept any eye over the surrounding area. The number of people that Gu Heng had brought was too great. It wouldn’t be easy to leave. Today, the entire Demon League probably wouldn’t be able to leave.

Gu Heng’s eyes slightly narrowed as he looked at Gu Bei. “If Younger Cousin Gu Bei is willing to withdraw from the competition for the Patriarch’s seat and disband the Demon League, then I’ll let our past enmity be bygones. I’ll allow Young Cousin Gu Bei to control the Gu Clan with me in the future. What do you say?”