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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 34

Chapter 34 - Spirit Grade Demon Beast

There are many uses to the Purple Haze Grass. One of them would be a strong toxic towards ape type demon beasts. Ordinary Silver ranked ape demon beasts wouldn’t be able to withstand its toxicity.In this world, one thing subdues the other.

‘Nie Li only used one bolt to kill a Giant Blue Arm Ape?’

Everyone looked at each other, utterly surprised deep inside their hearts.

Only Huyan Lanruo and Ye Ziyun knew that Nie Li smeared some kind of medicine agent onto the bolt. But even so, to be able to shot the Giant Blue Armed Ape so easily is a superb thing.

Seeing Nie Li kill a Giant Blue Armed Ape with the crossbow arrow, Chen Linjian shouted to the crowd, "Everyone draw your crossbows out!"

Chen Linjian’s men took out their crossbows, knowing that they can use them to annihilate the Giant Blue Armed Ape.

Shen Yue also took out a crossbow. Seeing the delicate crossbow in his hand, he felt grievance in his heart. Based on what he’s witnessed, is Nie Li stronger than him in every aspect? Since the appearance of Nie Li, he felt that Ye Ziyun is getting further and further away from his reach. And now, Ye Ziyun completely ignores his presence. On the other hand, she sees Nie Li in a new light. This made him mad with envy in his heart.

Just shoot and kill the Giant Blue Armed Ape, how hard can it be?

Shen Yue loaded the arrows on the crossbow and slowly crept to the edge of a wall. He pointed the crossbow to a Giant Blue Armed Ape a good distance away. His expressions were exceptionally serious and focused. He aimed the front sight onto the Giant Blue Armed Ape. At this moment, everyone was holding their breath. Their eyes focused on Chen Yue, who’s at the edge of the wall.

"With a big target like the Giant Blue Armed Ape, how hard can it be to shoot it?" declared Shen Yue, pulling the trigger. Just as he pulled the trigger, his hand slightly trembled, unconsciously.

*sou* A cold light pierced the sky. *bang* A moment later, the arrow was nailed into a tree trunk about five to six meters away from the Giant Blue Armed Ape.

At this moment, Shen Yue’s face slightly twitched and became ashened by the scene.

Seeing this, everyone’s expression was weird. They tightly held back their laughter. If they were to laugh out, Chen Yue would have utterly thrown his face away. Everyone knows that Shen Yue wanted to compete with Nie Li. But... competing is fine... but can it not be so funny?

Shen Yue almost went crazy. He clearly felt that he was able to hit the target, but why would the arrow stray when he pulled the trigger?

Seeing the surrounding people strongly holding back their laughters, Shen Yue felt extremely ashamed. He also vaguely saw the laughter in Ye Ziyun’s eye, it’s a kind of contempt!

’Damn it! I don’t believe I can hit it!’ he thought.

Shen Yue immediately took out a second arrow and loaded it onto the crossbow. After scrambling to load the arrow, he immediately aimed the crossbow to a Giant Blue Arm Aped far away.


That arrow cut across a cold light on the air. However, after a moment, the arrow seemed to have lost its strength and fell onto the ground. Shen Yue did not load the arrow properly, which is why the arrow fell after flying for a short distance.

At this moment, all the people couldn’t help laughing out loud. Shen Yue simply doesn’t have the skills. He wanted to copy Nie Li by killing the Giant Blue Armed Ape with arrows, however, his results were the opposite of Nie Li’s. Is Shen Yue’s purpose here is to be funny?

Chen Linjian strongly held back his laughter and walk to the side of Shen Yue. He patted onto his shoulders and said, "Shen Yue bro, forget it. You can’t play with this thing."

Shen Yue’s face grew purple. The crowd’s laughter was exceptionally ear piercing to him. His hatred for Nie Li grew. It was Nie Li’s fault that caused him to embarrass himself in front of all these people!

If Nie Li were to know of Shen Yue’s thoughts at the moment, he would feel very innocent. Because he didn’t even do a thing.

Shen Yue currently held onto the crossbow, not knowing if he should keep it or not. However, he can’t help feeling like he was drilling into the ground in shame.

In his previous life, Shen Yue was extremely proud and would mock Nie Li to the extreme. Thinking of it, the corner of Nie Li’s mouth slowly raised up into a sneer. He faintly said, "Just because there are some things that I can do, doesn’t mean that you can, also, do it!"

Shen Yue’s anger within his heart exploded upon hearing Nie Li’s words, he turned to face Nie Li and yelled, "Everything’s your fault, I will kill you!"

Veins could be seen on Shen Yue’s face. He raised the crossbow in his hand and aiming it at Nie Li. He was on the verge of going crazy. As a direct descendent of Sacred Family, Shen Yue was very proud deep in his heart. Therefore, he was losing his mind under Nie Li’s provocation.

*pa* Chen Linjian smacked the crossbow out of Shen Yue’s hand and shouted, "Enough!"

Shen Yue raised his head and saw the cold expression on Chen Linjian’s face. Upon seeing it, Shen Yue’s spirit dropped. Right now, everyone was standing on Nie Li’s side. He turned around and walked away in resentment. Discussion arose, looking at Shen Yue’s back.

"Never thought that Shen Yue was this kind of person."

"That wasn’t the behaviour that a noble should have."

Nie Li’s gaze turned icy cold as he recalled the Sacred Family fleeing in his previous life and every one of Shen Yue’s doings. Even if such a person and family were to be annihilated, Nie Li wouldn’t feel a bit of pity for them.

Seeing Shen Yue’s lonely back, Ye Ziyun walked to the side of Nie Li and said, "Nie Li, Shen Yue is quite pitiful."

Hearing Ye Ziyun’s words, Nie Li frowned. He never thought that Ye Ziyun would sympathize with Shen Yue. Ye Ziyun is too soft-hearted, in his previous life, Ye Ziyun agreed to Shen Yue’s engagement under his tremendous pleading. But in the end, before they even got married, Shen Yue fled Glory City with his household. He was that kind of person, what is here to sympathize.

Feeling furious in his heart, Nie Li stared at Ye Ziyun and spoke in a severe tone, "What is there to pity him about? From today onwards, don’t come in contact with him! Otherwise, don’t come and see me. A scumbag like him, even if he were to die, he would’ve deserved it!"

Listening the the severe reprimand, Ye Ziyun pouted.

’You’re not my boyfriend. On what basis are you restricting my contact with others?’ although she thought this way in her heart, however she also made her choice to not to come in contact with Shen Yue. Otherwise, there’s the possibility that she wouldn’t be able to be friends with Nie Li. Gradually, she became concerned about Nie Li’s view. However, she doesn’t understand something.

‘Why does Nie Li hate Shen Yue so much? Is there some kind of mortal vengeance between the two of them?’

Nie Li sighed. His emotions were a little too stirred up earlier on. Hence, his tone was a little severe. However, it’s good to warn Ye Ziyun a little.

Chen Linjian’s men began to deal with Giant Blue Armed Ape with crossbows, however, they realised that their arrows couldn’t do anything to them. It’s true that those Giant Blue Armed Apes have a huge body, however, their movements are very agile. They realised that after the arrow were released, the apes are able to dodge it immediately, causing their arrows to miss.

They, now, realised just how skilled Nie Li’s archery was.

After finding out another capability of Nie Li’s, amorous filled Huyan Lanruo’s gaze whenever she looked at Nie Li. She would occasionally reveal a seducing posture beside Nie Li. She demostrated her amazing curves, her towering peaks and the deep ravine.

Nie Li was speechless towards this woman. She can simply go into heat at any moment. When she’s facing other people, she had a face of indifference. However when facing Nie Li, she seemed exceptionally interested.

"Nie Li bro, we’ll have to trouble you!" Chen Linjian sighed. Among the group, only Nie Li is able to kill those Giant Blue Armed Apes.

"Mhm!" Nie Li replied with a slight nod.

Nie Li began to clear the Giant Blue Armed Apes along the way. His aim was so precise that he never missed the target. His archery skill had reached an extreme height in his previous life. Although his cultivation has only just reached 1-star Bronze rank, dealing with ordinary Silver rank demon beasts was more than enough.

Everyone was simply amazed at Nie Li’s archery skills. Although, a Silver rank expert would say that dodging Nie Li’s arrows isn’t a difficult issue. However, no matter how much those Giant Blue Armed Apes tried to dodge, the arrow seemed like a shadow that chased after them and followed them on the back.

Unknowingly, Nie Li had already become a core member of the group.

Just when Nie Li and the group began to slowly close the distance to their destination, the amount of Giant Blue Armed Apes suddenly grew. They amounted to over twenty of them, all eyeing Nie Li and the group.


A deafening roar sounded. The whole ground began to tremble violently. As though their eardrums were destroyed by the deafening roar, everyone looked at each other.

"It’s a Spiritual grade demon beast!" Nie Li said in horror.

Ordinary demon beasts are the same as human beings. They are split into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold and Legend rank. However, among these levels, there are still Normal, Spiritual and Emperor demon beasts. Lets take the Giant Blue Armed Ape for example. An ordinary one wouldn’t be able to form spirit in their mind. However, a Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape would already have formed a spirit in its mind. It, also, has the intellect of an ordinary 10 year old human. Its strength is also a lot stronger than Normal grade Giant Blue Armed Apes. As for Emperor level, the spirit in its mind would be a liquid state and would have the ability to change its physical body into human form. Its strength is also extremely frightening.

"What’s its strength?" Chen Linjian’s face changed, and asked in a frightened voice.

"5-star Silver rank, almost into Gold rank!" Nie Li replied. Nie Li was able to determine its strength by the roar of that Giant Blue Armed Ape.

Nie Li’s brow slightly knitted. Demon beasts of the same level are usually slightly stronger than humans, especially demon beasts like Giant Blue Armed Apes. They are extremely hard to handle, and this Giant Blue Armed Ape’s actual strength might be able to rival a Gold rank expert!

With Nie Li’s current strength, dealing with such a demon beast is too difficult.

As for Chen Linjian’s team, the strongest is only 3-star Silver rank!

5-star Silver rank... Hearing that, Chen Linjian also frowned. He never thought that they would actually meet a Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape here, moreover, it’s a 5-star Silver rank. He was afraid that it would be very hard to deal with. There are also many Giant Blue Armed Apes in the surroundings eyeing them. If a fight were to break out, it’s possible for all of them to be annihilated!


The Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape flew to the top of the walls. His gaze was fierce and was staring at Nie Li and the group.

"Come, follow me!" Nie Li shouted and leaped into the forest beside them.

Everyone looked at each other for awhile and quickly followed Nie Li, hiding in the forest.

Seeing that, the Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape furiously hammered his chest and stomped his feet. The Deafening roar was heard once again. The group of normal Giant Blue Armed Apes, as though hearing the command of the Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape, headed towards the direction where Nie Li and the group fled to.

Entering the dense forest wasn’t convenient for the Giant Blue Armed Apes who’s physical size was big.

"Formation!" Chen Linjian roared in anger. The group of Silver rank experts rapidly relied on the thick trees in the surrounding, formed a circle formation and brought their weapons out.

Sou Sou Sou!

A Giant Blue Armed Apes charged in, Nie Li rose his crossbow and an arrow flew out.