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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 341

Chapter 341 - Countermeasure

Gu Heng coldly stared at Li Xingyun and said, “Li Xingyun, are you going to stick your neck out for the Demon League?”

Although Gu Heng’s strength couldn’t be compared to Li Xingyun’s, Gu Heng’s mobilized army was still much stronger than Li Xingyun’s Heavenly Path League. There were only two to three thousand people from the Heavenly Path League, whereas there was ten thousand on Gu Heng’s side!

Gu Heng snorted as he said with murderous intent, “If you insist on sticking up for them, I don’t mind destroying you too!”

Li Xingyun brightly laughed. “I, Li Xingyun, only worship one creed: loyalty. I, Li Xingyun, can endure fire and water for my brothers. Some of my brothers are inside the Demon League. Those who want to go against them will also go against my Heavenly Path League!”

Gu Heng sneered, “Li Xingyun, since you want to throw your entire Heavenly Path League into this as well, then don’t blame me!”

At that moment, the dozens of bosses under Gu Heng began to hesitate.

It was fine for them to deal with the Demon League, but they felt unsettled within their hearts at the thought of dealing with the Heavenly Path League as well.

Who was Li Xingyun? Although there were only about three thousand people in the Heavenly Path League, Li Xingyun had many brothers who were bigshots. Once they started a war with the Heavenly Path League, and once it escalated, who knew what scales the war would reach?

However, there’s no turning back once you’ve fired the arrows. Even if the small bosses had their own qualms, they still had to take action! If they were to retreat like this, they’d be left with no reputation once the news spread out. Furthermore, the brothers under them would also think that they were afraid of the Heavenly Path League.

“Since your Heavenly Path League insists on sticking up for the Demon League, then don’t blame me, Gu Heng, for not leaving you with any face!” A ferocious look flashed through Gu Heng’s eyes as he coldly barked, “I don’t care if they’re from the Demon League or the Heavenly Path League! Kill them without regard! Go!”

Gu Heng’s men started intense attacks towards the Heavenly Path League.

A great war exploded.

Three thousand people against ten thousand. It was the same disadvantage as before.

What the Heavenly Path League lacked in numbers, they made up with quality; many of their members were Heavenly Axis and Heavenly Star Realm experts. They weren’t as easy to deal with. Both armies charged. The seam of contact turned into a huge meat-grinding machine as experts from both sides fell, one after another. Both sides suffered quite a bit of loss.

Palm energies and sword auras exploded in the sky as the battle turned more and more intense. Experts from both sides had their visions dyed red from the massacre.

Li Xingyun took the lead and charged to the front, killing dozens of experts who were the same rank as himself. Several Heavenly Axis Realm experts did their best to guard him, killing as they went.

A short distance away, a group of Heavenly Axis Realm and Heavenly Star Realm experts were also escorting Gu Bei and Lu Piao in a charged out.

Although the Heavenly Path League was brave and fierce, in the end, they were still outnumbered. The death count continued to accumulate.

“Boss Xingyun, we’re still not their proper match!” One of the Heavenly Axis Realm experts killed a Heavenly Star Realm expert with a palm of energy, then looked at Li Xingyun.

As the intense siege wore on, their allies started to feel more and more pressure. They watched as their brothers continued to fall. Of course, they’d also make their enemy pay a painful price.

Li Xingyun frowned his brows for a brief moment. Indeed, Gu Heng simply had too many people on his side. They’d gathered a total of twenty forces and had come in a hurry. It was impossible to confront them with just the Heavenly Path League’s strength.

Li Xingyun looked at Gu Heng, who was observing the battle from afar. He coldly snorted, “Since Gu Heng wanted to start a war, then we’ll play with him ‘til the end. We’ll leave for now and look for him next time! Everyone, follow me tightly. We’re charging out!”

In every war that the Heavenly Path League had participated in, Li Xingyun always stood heroically on the frontlines. When his men heard Li Xingyun say that they were going to charge out from the side, everyone followed.

“Block them!” Gu Heng furiously roared. Since Li Xingyun had showed up on this battlefield, why should they let him leave?

Thousands of people surrounded Li Xingyun and his men, trying to cut them down.

“Kill them!”

Although Li Xingyun and his group were outnumbered, their morale was high. Under Li Xingyun’s lead, they charged out of the siege and flew away.

Gu Heng and his group chased after them and killed another five to six hundred people before Li Xingyun managed to escape.

Once the Heavenly Path League and Demon League fled too far, Gu Heng became extremely enraged. However, even though Li Xingyun managed to escape, both the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues still suffered great losses. This was just the beginning. In the future, Gu Heng and his allies would make sure to thoroughly erase the Heavenly Path League and the Demon League from the outside world!

In the Skysoul Institute, Xiao Yu’s courtyard.

A group of people had gathered there.

Nie Li had just finished cultivating. However, since his fate soul was still unstable, he didn’t head for the outside world. Therefore, he only heard about what’d happened after Gu Bei, Lu Piao, and Li Xingyun returned.

“What are our losses?” Nie Li looked at the three of them as he asked. He knew that both the Demon League and the Heavenly Path League had suffered greatly.

“I’ve summarised the information. Because our Demon League was ambushed, only a few hundred survived, out of the original three thousand men.” Lu Piao bitterly smiled, glanced and Li Xingyun, and continued, “The Heavenly Path League also suffered quite a few losses. They have close to two thousand deaths!”

Gu Bei apologised, “Actually, Brother Xingyun didn’t have to come and cause the Heavenly Path League such a great loss for our sake!”

“What are you saying? If the Heavenly Path League knows that our brothers have met trouble in the outside world, how could we hole ourselves up? Although my Heavenly Path League has suffered some losses, Gu Heng’s side has suffered as well. Based on my estimations, we killed at least two thousand of his men!” Li Xingyun said proudly. Although Gu Heng’s side had the advantage of numbers, the Heavenly Path League members had better combat abilities.

Li Xingyun looked at the situation mildly. After all, this wasn’t the Heavenly Path League’s first day out in the real world. They’d experienced countless battles before; to them, today’s skirmish was relatively small-scale.

“Gu Heng’s Blood Moon League has gathered a dozen factions to start a war with you guys. How do you plan to deal with them?” Li Xingyun looked at Nie Li as he asked, “If you’re going to start a war with them, I can contact some brothers of mine to deal with the Blood Moon League! We can easily gather eight or nine thousand people!”

Gu Bei and Lu Piao looked at Nie Li as they awaited his decision.

Nie Li pondered for a moment, looked at Li Xingyun, then said, “I’ll deal with Gu Heng’s Blood Moon League. There’s no need to gather other factions. It doesn’t seem right to bring more people into our problem. However, I’ll still need Brother Xingyun’s help. I wonder if Brother Xingyun is willing?”

“How could I not be willing? As long as Brother Nie Li says the word!” Li Xingyun proudly said as he continued, “You really don’t need me to gather other forces?”

“Not for the time being.” Nie Li lightly smiled.

“You have other plans?” Li Xingyun looked at Nie Li as he curiously asked. With just the Demon and the Heavenly Path Leagues, they were still lacking in manpower.

“Has Brother Xingyun seen how hooligans fight before? An entire group surrounds a single person. How does guy in the middle counterattack?” Nie Li smiled meaningfully.

“He throws everything else aside, grabs the leader and bashes him to death!” Lu Piao immediately said. Upon finishing his words, his eyes lit up. “Yes! Why should we bother with those factions of his? Since they don’t really have grudges with us anyways, we can just bash those guys from the Blood Moon League.”

Li Xingyun was a smart person, so he immediately understand Nie Li’s meaning. The corner of his mouth curled up as he smiled. “That’s a really good method. After we take care of the Blood Moon League, the other factions will probably fear us. Furthermore, Brother Nie Li can also take their Deity Roots. We’ll just take care of all of the Blood Moon League’s Deity’s Lakes! We’ll leave them without a place to even cry in peace!”

Gu Bei added, “Taking their Deity Roots won’t be enough. It’s best if we can bribe some people who are on the inside to closely watch over Gu Heng, and kill him whenever there’s a chance. We can make him so paranoid that he’d fear walking out of his own front door!”

The four birds of a feather exchanged glances and evil smiles.