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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 342

Chapter 342 - Hierarch Skycloud

After Li Xingyun, Gu Bei, and the rest made their preparations, they started to take action.

Things like fate souls are extremely profound. Having a fate soul in the Soul Hall was equivalent to having a false body. Once the body was destroyed, a new one would form from the stored fate soul. Upon reforming, the person would only have eighty to ninety percent of their original strength left. That was also why their cultivations decreased.

Without the fate soul, the human race probably would’ve already been annihilated by the dangerous Draconic Ruins Realm!

Only with fate souls could the human race expand in the outside world.

Because resources, spiritual stones, demon spirits, and ancient treasures were scarce in the outside world, there was constant competition. Only an individual who has established their own force in the outside world and dominating other factions could become a Patriarch of a powerful family, such as the Dragonseal Family, the Gu Clan, or the Ashen Flames Family.

That was also why the various successors of each family always competed against one another in the outside world.

No one would approve of a weak Patriarch!

If the Demon League was being hunted by the Blood Moon League, the family wouldn’t provide any aid; on the contrary, they’d watch from the sidelines. If Gu Bei couldn’t snatch his place back, then it’d be another point in deciding whether Gu Bei had the qualification to become Patriarch.

In a world where the weak are preyed upon by the strong, only the strong could continue living!

The Blood Moon League had gathered dozens of factions to suppress the Demon League and flaunt their strength. If the Demon League wanted to continue existing and gain a foothold, their only option was to attack the Blood Moon League head-on and prove their own strength!

Over five hundred elites from the Demon League and the Heavenly Path League combined set out under Li Xingyun and Gu Bei’s lead. Their targets were the Deity’s Lakes that the Blood Moon League controlled!

As for Nie Li, he’d remain in the Skysoul Institute and continue cultivating.

A short while after they left, a guest visited Nie Li. It was Venerable Redsoul.

“Does the Venerable have any matters to be looking for me?” Nie Li said respectfully.

“Hierarch Skycloud wants to see you.” Venerable Redsoul lightly smiled as he continued, “Are you willing to make a trip with me?”

“Of course.” Nie Li nodded. From his previous life, he already knew what kind of person Hierarch Skycloud was. Nie Li had some positive impressions of him. After all, Hierarch Skycloud was a rather honorable individual in the Divine Feathers Sect.

Nie Li followed Venerable Redsoul along a small path.

Skycloud Hall.

An elder with a dignified expression quietly floated in front of the hall. His clothes fluttered in the wind from his surging majestic energy. The power of the stars endlessly revolved as it surrounded him. The entirety of the Skycloud Hall was within his control.

This elder was Venerable Redsoul’s master, and one of the five major figures of the Divine Feathers Sect: Hierarch Skycloud!

Aside from Hierarch Skycloud were five youths. They stood around and possessing powerful auras that penetrated the skies. These five youths who stood respectively on either side were probably Hierarch Skycloud’s disciples.

When Nie Li and Venerable Redsoul arrived at the Skycloud Hall and looked in front of them, they saw that Hierarch Skycloud had also directed his gaze towards them.

After seeing Hierarch Skycloud, Nie Li’s heart shook. The aura on Hierarch Skycloud stood out from the masses. He thought about it and realised that it was somewhat similar to Ying Yueru’s. Could it be that the Hierarch Skycloud also practised the [Heaven’s Divination] technique?

Nie Li only thought about that inwardly in his heart and didn’t dare ask Hierarch Skycloud about it. After all, knowledge about the [Heaven’s Divination] technique was extremely classified.

Hierarch Skycloud lightly smiled. “You must be Nie Li?’

“Yes, Lord Hierarch.” Nie Li lightly bowed his body, appearing extremely respectful. After all, the other party was one of the five major figures.

The five disciples of the Hierarch Skycloud also directed their eyes onto Nie Li.

They’d obviously known about Nie Li prior to this meeting, since they were just standing to the side, examining Nie Li with various expressions.

Hierarch Skycloud looked at Nie Li and kindly said, “I’ve seen your calligraphy. The intent concealed within those words was so profound that I even I was astonished. You are indeed exceptional, to be able to write such words at your level of cultivation. I heard that you’ve taken Ming from the Tiny World as your master.”

“Indeed.” Nie Li nodded respectfully. He’d indeed taken the Master of the Nether Realm as his master. Of course, what they didn’t know was that he also had another Master: Ying Yueru.

“Speaking of Ming, we have some relation. He’s the disciple of a friend. I wish to take you as my thirty-ninth disciple. I wonder if you’re willing? As for Ming, I’m certain that he won’t refuse!” Hierarch Skycloud revealed a benevolent smile.

Nie Li never imagined that Hierarch Skycloud would actually raise such a request. Even for Nie Li, this was a little unexpected.

To become the disciple of the Hierarch Skycloud, was absolutely beneficial thing for Nie Li. If he could gain Hierarch Skycloud’s support, then he’d be a step closer towards becoming the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect.

A golden-robed youth stood out from the side, coldly glared at Nie Li and said, “Master, I don’t think that this is appropriate!”

Hierarch Skycloud frowned his brows for a brief moment as he asked, “What’s inappropriate?”

“Before each of us became Master’s disciple, we’re rulers among our age group. Each of us had reached the Heavenly Axis Realm, at the very least. Right now, this Nie Li is only in the Heavenly Fate Realm. Not only that, but before he came here, he was Redsoul’s student. If you take him as your disciple, won’t that disturb the seniority rankings?” said the golden-robed youth, as he tried to stop Hierarch Skycloud.

Venerable Redsoul immediately cupped his hands and bitterly smiled, “Lord Master, although Nie Li is my student in name, the truth is that, there isn’t anything I can possibly teach him! He’s always been cultivating on his own!”

“Even so, we still can’t just erase the teacher-student relations!” The gold robed youth said with resolution and decisiveness.

Hierarch Skycloud waved his hand and smiled. “We don’t need to be bothered over such worldly views. As for one’s realm of cultivation, that’s secondary. In terms of comprehension towards Dao intent, Nie Li’s understanding is probably much higher than many Heavenly Axis Realm experts’!”

At Hierarch Skycloud’s words, the five disciples exchanged glances. It seemed that Hierarch Skycloud was determined to have Nie Li as his disciple. The other four disciples didn’t have much of an opinion on the matter; only the gold robed youth appeared unhappy.

Nie Li secretly transmitted his voice to Venerable Redsoul and asked, “Teacher, who is he?”

“He is Venerable Flameless, my master’s eldest disciple. When Master is busy cultivating, he’s left in charge of the Skycloud Hall. It looks like he doesn’t like you,” Venerable Redsoul transmitted his voice back to Nie Li as he helplessly smiled. He was very frank.

Nie Li raised his head, cupped his hands, and said towards Hierarch Skycloud, “Many thanks for Hierarch Skycloud’s favor. I’m very willing to become Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple. However, I’m used to freedom; I won’t be willing to obey the commands of others. If I become the disciple of Hierarch Skycloud, I hope to have freedom in the Skycloud Hall.”

“Impudence!” Venerable Flameless furiously glared at Nie Li as he barked, “The fact that Lord Master is willing to take you as his disciple is already the greatest honour for you. Instead of immediately thanking his grace and, you actually spoke of conditions?”

Nie Li frowned his brows for a brief moment at Venerable Flameless’s words. He didn’t have the slightest hint of a good impression from Venerable Flameless. The reason Nie Li had raised such a request was because he was afraid that Venerable Flameless would crowd him out. Although becoming Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple was good for his future developments, it’d be meaningless if he couldn’t remain his freedom for his future plans!

If he couldn’t have control over his own freedom, then Nie Li would rather not become Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple!