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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 35

Chapter 35 - Luring the trouble

The accuracy of Nie Li’s archery was extremely high. The Giant Blue Armed Apes that were shot by him shrieked miserably.

The Giant Blue Armed Apes couldn’t resist the toxins from the Purple Haze Grass. After raising the weapons on their hands, Chen Linjian and his Silver ranked underlings slashed towards that Giant Blue Armed Apes.

Psh psh psh!

Blood was spurted all around, drenching Chen Linjian and his men blood red.

Nie Li knows that this particular Giant Blue Armed Ape was used to being probed by the Spiritual graded Giant Blue Armed Ape. The intellect of Spiritual ape type demon beasts were very shocking. Furthermore, their fighting strength was very frightening.

In his previous life, when Ye Ziyun and the rest came to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, they did not encounter any spiritual grade demon beast. Therefore, the appearance of this spiritual grade demon beast that they are meeting now caused Nie Li to feel a little unease. Nie Li desperately refined the soul force in his dantian that he got from Chu Yuan. If he’s able to reach 2-star bronze rank, then it will be much safer.

"We’ll lure it towards the fort area!" Nie Li raised his voice. The defensive measure of that fort was tighter, therefore, they can use it to deal with that Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape.


That Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape leaped, charging towards their direction. He raised his thick arms and smashed them towards one of Chen Linjian’s men.


The Giant Blue Armed Ape slapped that person on his abdomen. The person shrieked, flew out and smacked into a huge tree. His blood spouted out as he fell.

That person was a 2-star Silver rank. The Giant Blue Armed Ape’s strength is too frightening. With just a slap, he killed a 2-star Silver rank expert. No one has ever experienced such a battle before, hence, after seeing that, their faces paled.

After killing one, the Giant Blue Armed Ape wasn’t in a hurry to attack. The Giant Blue Armed Ape were waiting outside, like a tiger preying on it’s prey, finding chance to launch a surprise attack.

"Shit, that fella is too strong! Moreover, he’s the leader of the Giant Blue Armed Apes population. His roar would attract even more Giant Blue Armed Apes!" Nie Li said while frowning, "We are too big of a target, we need to disperse!"

Chen Linjian slightly knitted his brows, lowered his voice and said, "Okay, we’ll split into 6 teams and meet in that fort!"

The group hastily dispersed.

Huyan Lanruo and Ye Ziyun followed Nie Li, with two other servants and one girl who has a rather good relationship with Ye Ziyun.

*Sou Sou Sou* six teams of people ran out into six different directions.

The Giant Blue Armed Ape was just planning to kill the group slowly one by one. However, it never thought that they would split into six teams, and run in different directions. It paused for a moment then chased after Nie Li’s group.

Nie Li bitterly smiled, why is his luck so terrible. Out of the six teams, why did that Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape chase after them?!

"You guys go first, hurry up!" Nie Li shouted, retrieving a few bottles of medicine agent made from Purple Haze Grass from his interspartial ring.

Ye Ziyun’s step slightly paused. Seeing the back of Nie Li who was facing the Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape, made heart tremble.

Huyan Lanruo’s eyes reddend, at this dangerous moment, Nie Li did not think about his own escape, but decided to cover their backs. She was deeply touched by Nie Li’s action in her heart.

"Hurry up! Don’t dawdle! Don’t worry about me, I have my own way!" Nie Li snarled, "Split up and run, otherwise you won’t be able to make it out alive!"

Ye Ziyun and Huyan Lanruo gritted their teeth with tears slightly flickering in their eyes. They hesitated for a moment, but decided to run into the forest.


That Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape swung its hand and slammed it towards Nie Li.

Just when the Giant Blue Armed Ape’s arm that was about to slam onto his body, Nie Li suddenly dropped to the ground and rolled.


The huge palm of that Giant Blue Armed Ape slammed into Nie Li’s original position. Cracks appeared on the ground and the crushed rocks flew all over the place. *pu pu* Two crushed rocks scraped Nie Li’s arm, causing the blood to spurt out from his arm.

The Giant Blue Armed Ape hammered his chest and stamped the ground. Once again, it swung its arm towards Nie Li and slammed it down.

Nie Li’s brow slightly twitched. He knows where the weakness of the Giant Blue Armed Apes are. Soul force was released from his body, and he could immediately feel the spirit deep in this Giant Blue Armed Ape’s mind. The Giant Blue Armed Ape’s soul force was like a hemispherical membrane enveloping its head.

"Break!" Nie Li thundered. All his soul force gathered into one spot, and punctured into the mind of the Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape.


The spirit within the mind of the Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape trembled non-stop. Its movements were also stunned.

Nie Li clearly knows that he is not the opponent of this Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape, after all, he had just become a 2-star Bronze rank. Not even a sword could cut open the flesh of this Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape. Therefore, he can only use soul force attacks. Taking advantage of the pause of the Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape, Nie Li leaped, and bolted towards the forest.

The Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape was unprepared, hence this allowed Nie Li’s soul force to bombard into the spirit within its mind. This caused its mind to be in chaos. The Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape shook his head non-stop, and, gradually, the confused eyes began to clear up.

When it could see clearly, Nie Li had already fled.

The Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape roared furiously and strode towards the direction of Nie Li. The Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape was like lightning. All the trees that blocked its way were smashed and were sent flying.

Madly running, seeing the distance between him and the Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape getting closer, Nie Li’s heart grew anxious. He tried his best to hide in dense forest areas. Just when Nie Li was about to run out of the forest, a group of people appeared into his view.

This group wore black robes. Their faces were completely covered, only a little bit of their chin was exposed. The black demon design on their back was sinisterly terrifying.

Their eyes fell on Nie Li, and were slightly surprised. What is a little kid like Nie Li doing here, moreover, how did a kid even manage to get here? They were attracted here by the roars of the Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape and have been searching for the tracks of Chen Linjian’s group. However, they never thought that they would run into Nie Li here.

Seeing their dress up, a chill flashed across Nie Li’s eye. He naturally recognized these black robes. They are Glory City’s most despicable, darkest group of people, the Dark Guild!

"This brat could be a child of nobility, capture him!" the leader, Yun Hua Deacon shouted. The other two black robed people went to surround Nie Li. Seeing this scene, Nie Li exposed a hint of a weird smile.


The ground violently trembled. The Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape came out of the dense forest, roared and charged towards Nie Li.

Nie Li immediately ran. He bolted towards the direction of the black robed men.

Seeing the Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape charging, the black robed men immediately set up a formation, and were preparing to withstand the impact of the Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape.

The Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape roared. It noticed these people and thought that they were the gang with Nie Li. The Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape leaped, and pounced towards Nie Li. Seeing the Giant Blue Armed Ape about to reach him, Nie Li hastily leaped towards the side. The palm of the Giant Blue Arm Ape grazed Nie Li’s back. He could feel his back burning from the whistling strong air.

Fortunately Nie Li’s reaction was fast enough, so he wasn’t pounced on. Otherwise, Nie Li would have been seriously injured.

The Giant Blue Arm Ape rolled towards the black robed men after failing to get Nie Li.

"Kill it!" Yun Hua Deacon coldly shouted. The black robed men swung their swords towards the Giant Blue Armed Ape.

Bang bang bang! An intense confrontation started.

Seeing that the battle between the Giant Blue Arm Ape and those black robed people has begun, Nie Li took a deep breath and a smile formed on his mouth, "I’ll gift this Giant Blue Armed Ape to you! I’ll take a step first!"

While ignoring the injuries on his body, Nie Li leaped towards the forest.

The strength of the Giant Blue Armed Ape is very powerful. Those people from the Dark Guild won’t be able to kill it in a short time and can only see Nie Li as he ran away from them.

Yun Hua Deacon’s face ashened. He was actually tricked by a kid. It was simply intolerable!

At this moment, Nie Li suddenly saw a figure appearing from the bush. If it wasn’t Ye Ziyun, then who was it?

"Why are you still here?" Nie Li asked, frowning. Ye Ziyun did not listen to his words and left.

"I was worried that you would be in trouble, so I was on the side ready to reinforce you!"

She looked at the bloody wounds on Nie Li’s body, and her face showed expressions of concerns.

Nie Li knew, at this moment, Ye Ziyun doesn’t have any romantic feelings for him. However, when he met danger, she came back and did not leave. This allowed Nie Li to recall what had happened in his previous life. After Glory City was destroyed, he followed the large force moving out. Nie Li at that time was still very weak and he had gotten lost. It was Ye Ziyun who went back and saved him.

Ye Ziyun’s noble character, at that moment, impressed Nie Li.

After that, the two of them came in contact more and more often. Although, the difference of strength between them was very large, the both of them still fell in love with each other.

Nie Li was touched in his heart, but did not say too much.

"We have to leave immediately, otherwise those people will catch up!"

"Those people?" Ye Ziyun froze for a moment.

"It’s the Dark Guild, they are intercepting that Giant Blue Armed Ape!" Nie Li said as he pulled Ye Ziyun’s hand and ran.

The two of them were running in the forest. Having her hands held onto by Nie Li, Ye Ziyun’s cheeks blushed. She tried to struggle but was unable to break free, and could only let Nie Li do as he pleased. Ye Ziyun raised her head to look at Nie Li’s face, not knowing if Nie Li was being intentional or unintentional. Since young, this is the first time that her hands were pulled by a man. The warmth from Nie Li’s palm gave her a thick sense of security.

The two continued to run and headed towards the appointed location. As the sky grew dark, roars of beasts could occasionally be heard from the depths of the forest, giving this place a little awe-inspiring atmosphere.

At this moment, within the distant forest, Huyan Lanruo’s tears fell down. She turned back to look for Nie Li and searched for a few hours, however she wasn’t able to find any trace of him. As the sky darkened, she could only follow the people that were heading towards the appointed location.

Earlier on, when she announced that she wanted to chase Nie Li, it was simply because she wasn’t convinced and didn’t like losing. She even thought of throwing Nie Li away after getting him, to leave him to cry and beg her. Until, Nie Li sacrificed himself to cover her back. She, then, realised that she no longer had any of those intentions anymore. She only wants Nie Li to be fine.

However, Nie Li sacrificed himself to cover the back of not only her, but also Ye Ziyun. But Huyan Lanruo, naturally, ignored Ye Ziyun in her heart.