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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 350

Chapter 350 - Grade 6 Artifact Armour

So Murong Yu had integrated with a Saint Blood Draconic Falcon!

Forcing Murong Yu to integrate with his demon spirit, Nie Li already had full grasp of Murong Yu’s strength!

Murong Yu’s 6-fate cultivation, plus his Saint Blood Draconic Falcon, was actually quite a force. Even if Nie Li was confident that he’d win, he knew that it’d be after a bitter struggle. Maybe Nie Li would even have to reveal his own Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit.

However, now was still not the time!

Why would Nie Li need to engage in a harsh battle anyways? Before he challenged Murong Yu, he’d already made all the preparations.

The corner of Nie Li’s mouth curled into a trace of a smile. Murong Yu was miserable to encounter him. With a wave of his right hand, Nie Li brought out the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. Bolts of thick lightning gathered on it, giving it a spectacular appearance. The sword’s lightning energy collided with Murong Yu’s intense energy in a series of explosions.

The two energies weren’t inferior to one another as they collided on the battlefield. The spectators were utterly shocked.

Nie Li was able to match the Saint Blood Draconic Falcon with a weapon?

That would meant that Nie Li’s weapon was probably a Grade 7 or 8 artifact!

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai bitterly smiled as they exchanged looks. There weren’t any restrictions on artifacts in this battle, since artifacts were also considered part of a person’s strength. However, in most cases, the artifacts wield by the senior disciples of the East District were much better than those wielded by the newcomers.

However, Nie Li had become an exception.

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai had no idea what level Nie Li’s battle armour artifact was, but they were certain that it was at least Grade 4. That’s why Murong Yu’s energy fist couldn’t penetrate it.

On top of that, Nie Li brought out another one. An offensive artifact that should be Grade 7, or maybe even Grade 8!

Murong Yu had no idea what kind of artifact Nie Li was wielding. Just what kind of powerful artifact could match his energy? However, with a weapon alone, it should be impossible to win against Murong Yu! A chilly trace flashed through Murong Yu’s eyes. He issued a long whistle, lifted his sharp claws, and clawed at Nie Li.

The razor sharp claws swept through the air with boundless energy. The dispersed shockwaves caused the barrier to tremble violently.

Murong Yu’s raging attack contained boundless fire energy, like a storm raining down from the horizon.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Some of the stray flames landed on the ground and instantly caused spiderweb cracks.

Murong Yu’s powerful display of strength utterly shocked the spectators. They never expected him to be so powerful.

“Nie Li is definitely done for!”

The spectators discussed in soft voice.

They never thought that Nie Li would actually be able to force Murong Yu to go all out. They didn’t think that Nie Li, as a newcomer, could still confront Murong Yu under that kind of situation.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

A few flame pillars landed on Nie Li and burned several holes in his clothes, revealing the faint silvery glow of his battle armour.

Just as Nie Li was going to be devoured by those frightening flames, a surge of formless energy spread out from Nie Li’s body and formed a protective barrier.

The blazing flames continued to explode, but they were repelled by the protective barrier, unable to even scratch Nie Li.


The Saint Blood Draconic Falcon’s claws landed on the protective barrier. A powerful rebound caused it to stagger.

‘That’s impossible!’ Murong Yu roared inwardly. Now that he’d merged with the Saint Blood Draconic Falcon, even a 7-fate expert shouldn’t be able to endure his attack. But when he attacked Nie Li, it hadn’t even caused the slightest bit of damage!

The moment Murong Yu’s attack landed on the barrier, the corner of Nie Li’s mouth curled into a light smile. He waved the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, gathering lightning onto it.

With a wave of the sword, a pillar of lightning descended.

*Boom!* That pillar of lightning landed on the Saint Blood Draconic Falcon.

Murong Yu instantly felt the powerful current circulate through him, spreading sensations of numbness and intense pain throughout his body.

Although that lightning pillar couldn’t kill him, it still caused him heavy injuries.

“I’ll kill you!” Even though Murong Yu had suffered heavy injuries, he brandished his sharp claws like a madman and slashed at Nie Li.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Murong Yu rained blows down on Nie Li.

However, he still couldn’t break through Nie Li’s defense; Nie Li was completely ignoring Murong Yu’s attacks. He brandished the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword again and shot another pillar of lightning at Murong Yu.

“Urghhh! Arghh! Uwaggh!”

Every time a lightning pillar struck Murong Yu, he issued a miserable shriek. Based off of how hoarse his screams were, everyone knew that Murong Yu was definitely suffering an unimaginable pain.

The spectators were all confused. Fire spurts and lightning sparks flew everywhere on the battle stage, so they couldn’t see the situation clearly. The battle looked extremely intense. But why was Murong Yu always the one screaming?

Could it be that Murong Yu was being dominated?

But that shouldn’t be possible! Murong Yu was a 6-fate expert and he’d integrated with a Saint Blood Draconic Falcon!

Bue even so, he couldn’t win against Nie Li? Then how strong was Nie Li?

However, the facts had been placed before them.

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai dumbfoundedly watched the dense storm of lightning pillars attack Murong Yu.


This was a little too shameless!

Who would’ve thought that Nie Li’s battle armour wasn’t a Grade 4 artifact, but actually a Grade 6 instead? Not only that, it was an entire set!

It’d already be impressive if an ordinary person got their hands on a Grade 4 artifact battle armour, but this Nie Li kid had actually gotten himself an entire set of Grade 6 ones!

Even a Heavenly Axis Realm expert might not be able to penetrate a Grade 6 artifact battle armour!

And Murong Yu was just a 6-fate!

Because Grade 6 artifact battle armours were so rare, most people had never seen one before. The same went for Murong Yu; he had no idea what was going on, so he continued his attacks on Nie Li. He had no idea that his attacks were having no effect.

Aside from Nie Li’s Grade 6 artifact battle armour, his Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword was something special too. The lightning pillars that it generated were extremely powerful.

Not to mention that Nie Li was only at 4-fate. Even if he were only a 1-fate, he could totally play Murong Yu to death, just with his luxurious equipment.

However, the most sinister thing was that Nie Li intended to thoroughly defeat Murong Yu. He continuously sent lightning pillars through Murong Yu, making him scream as he suffered terribly.

That was too evil!

Huang Yu felt his scalp tingling. He’d heard that some time ago, Murong Yu had trampled over Nie Li. This should be Nie Li’s revenge against Murong Yu.

“This is too...shameless!” Nanmen Tianhai was speechless. In the past, no one had encountered such a situation before. A newcomer wearing a set of Grade 6 Artifact bashing his senior of the East District.

There wasn’t any precedence for this; therefore, there weren’t any rules regarding this matter.

After this incident, they’d probably need to rewrite the rules and ban high grade artifacts from the field!

Murong Yu’s miserable screams were endless. As the spectators heard it, they could more or less tell what was happening inside the clouds of fire and lightning. Gu Bei and Lu Piao were secretly laughing as they imagined the miserable state that Murong Yu must be in right now.

Even Li Xingyun couldn’t help laughing. Nie Li had played Murong Yu miserably!