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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 353

Chapter 353 - The Third Demon Spirit


The black and white sphere of light instantly exploded upon collision. A powerful surge of energy were unleashed as it hit the Frost Dragon Beast that nearly sent it flying.

Although Nie Li was still a 4-fate, his Yin-Yang Blast could unleash power that was several times greater.

The Frost Dragon Beast furiously roared and brandished icicles towards Nie Li, who’d merged with the Fanged Panda.


Nie Li once again, disappeared by merging with the Shadow Devil.

The switch was smooth and natural.

Although the Frost Dragon Beast’s combat ability was greater and far surpassed Nie Li’s, it still couldn’t put a scratch on him, for the time being.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Icicles and Yin-Yang Blasts clashed and a frightening shock wave rolled out.

The students of the East District dumbfoundedly stared at the battle between Nie Li and the Frost Dragon Beast.

Before the battle began, they were in extreme doubt of Nie Li’s strength. They felt that once the real fight started, Nie Li would definitely lose within three moves! However, the truth far surpassed their expectations. Although Nie Li didn’t display as much strength as Ye Chong, he responded calmly under the barrage of attacks and didn’t seem to be disadvantaged in the least.

“This kid is actually integrated with two demon spirits at the same time?!”

Both Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai were astonished. They’d never seen anyone capable of such a feat before!

Everyone originally believed that Nie Li had only relied on artifacts to win against the 6-fate Murong Yu. But now, they realised that Nie Li had actually been concealing his strength. If those two Elders hadn’t forced Nie Li to put away his artifacts, then he probably wouldn’t have had to expose his strength to them.

Nie Li’s talent excited them greatly.

They wondered whether Nie Li’s ability to integrate with two demon spirits was due to an abnormal physique.

The battle escalated to its climax.

Two ice dragons circled in the sky, targeting Nie Li. The air instantly froze whenever one of them passed by.

The Frost Dragon Beast tried various powerful moves to catch Nie Li in an icy deathtrap.

The pressure on Nie Li bore down harder and harder. After all, this Frost Dragon Beast had an Extraordinary Level growth rate. Furthermore, Ye Chong himself was a 6-fate. Therefore, Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast only managed to scratch the Frost Dragon Beast; it couldn’t cause any real damage.

Venerable Flameless was focused on Nie Li with an expression on his face that was as cold as ice. No wonder Hierarch Skycloud regarded Nie Li with such importance. So Nie Li really did have shocking talent. Back then, when Venerable Flameless himself was at Nie Li’s age, he’d barely just stepped into the Heavenly Fate Realm!

However, the current Nie Li could steadily confront a 6-fate expert!

Furthermore, Nie Li had integrated with two different demon spirits at the same time!

The more talent Nie Li possessed, the higher Hierarch Skycloud would regard him; therefore, Venerable Flameless had all the more reason to kill him! Venerable Flameless could sense that Nie Li would steal everything that belonged to him!

“Ye Chong, kill him quickly. You have fifteen minutes. Otherwise, you’re on your own!” Venerable Flameless furiously transmitted his voice over to Ye Chong.

Ye Chong felt depress within his heart. He’d already merged with his Frost Dragon Beast, but Nie Li was still as slippery as a mudskipper. It didn’t matter how he attacked, he still couldn’t catch Nie Li.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Several ice dragons circled the sky, continuously launching attacks. Icicles rained down in a storm, but they were still unable to capture Nie Li’s location. Suddenly, an idea formed in Ye Chong’s mind. With a roar, the ice suddenly formed a huge square room, enveloping the entire field.

Ice walls rapidly formed one after another.

Just as Nie Li released his void-form, an ice dragon drilled out from the wall and attacked him.

A huge explosion sounded as that ice dragon hit Nie Li and sent him flying out. Nie Li tasted sweetness in his throat and coughed up some fresh blood.

He tumbled a few times in the air before he landed on the ice. His chest heaved up and down. If he hadn’t guarded his weak point, that attack probably would’ve taken his life. If Nie Li continued to fight with just the Shadow Devil and Fanged Panda, then he’d never win against Ye Chong and his Frost Dragon Beast!

Nie Li looked at the Frost Dragon Beast before him. It looked like he had to show his true abilities now!

Ye Chong, still in his Frost Dragon Beast form, coldly stared down at Nie Li. Although Venerable Flameless had ordered him to kill Nie Li, there was still conflict and hesitation inside his heart. After all, he was going to kill someone inside the Skysoul Institute, so he’d definitely suffer a severe punishment!

However, Ye Chong didn’t dare to disobey Venerable Flameless. Those consequences were even heavier than what he’d suffer by killing Nie Li.

His parents and his wife were in Venerable Flameless’s hands!

“Die!” A blazing killing intent burst forth from Ye Chong. Icicles grew out from the surrounding walls and shot themselves at Nie Li.

At the sight of this, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai were shocked.

“Not good!”

They never expected that Ye Chong would want to kill Nie Li!

Ye Chong’s Profound Frost Icicles was a killing move. Since Nie Li was only a 4-fate , and had suffered injuries on top of that, dodging looked impossible.

Nei Li was a genius who they’d found with great difficulty. How could they let him die in a place like this?

However, there wasn’t any time for them to save him. Ye Chong’s actions had come without warning.

Although Gu Bei, Lu Piao, and the rest were aware that Nie Li still had many cards up his sleeve, even they couldn’t help feeling their hearts tense up. The other party had no other motive but to kill Nie Li! Futhermore, Nie Li still hadn’t placed his fate soul in the Soul Hall. If he died here, there to be too much grief! Their eyes all turned red. If Nie Li was killed here, they’d definitely make some someone pay the price, disregarding all consequences.

The students of the East District also felt that this was rather unexpected. After all, the point of this competition was just to spar. Although the newcomers would always receive awful beatings, no one was ever killed onstage.

What was wrong with Ye Chong? Did he have any deep grudges with Nie Li?

Just as the icicles were about to pierce Nie Li’s body, he roared furiously and merged with his Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon. His body instantly swelled and grew pitch-black scales.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The icicles collided with the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon’s scales and exploded into ice fragments.

Nie Li had estimated the Profound Frost Icicles’ penetration power with extreme accuracy. Although the icicles had caused him a little damage, they were still insufficient to penetrate his scales.

The titanic Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon shattered the surrounding ice walls as it emitted a faint luster from its pitch-black scales. Its huge wings were filled with a surging energy that caused the spectators’ hearts to beat wildly. Those bronze eyes coldly looked down on the Frost Dragon Beast.

It’s actually the...

Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon!

Not to mention that it was one with a God Level growth rate!

Oh Heavens!

All of them, from Huang Yu, to Nanmen Tianhai, to Venerable Flameless, were all shocked. In the distance, Long Tianming abruptly stood up.