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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 355

Chapter 355 - Suppressing with power

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai were stunned at Venerable Flameless’s words as they stared at him.

At first, both elders thought that Venerable Flameless was just trying to test Nie Li’s strength. They never thought that Ye Chong would actually want to kill Nie Li. It was a little too much. However, neither of them were in a position to expose the matter. Although they were Elders of the Divine Feathers Sect, Venerable Flameless was still Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple. In terms of position, Venerable Flameless ranked higher than the two of them.

No matter what, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai couldn’t just stand by and witness Nie Li being killed before their eyes!

Venerable Flameless coldly snorted and said in a loud voice, “Ye Chong acted by himself and was too heavy with his attacks during the battle. Someone, drag him down and lock him up. He’ll be handled by the Enforcement Hall!”

Several people jumped up onto the stage like wolves and tigers. They detained Ye Chong and took him away.

Huang Yu immediately tried to stop Venerable Flameless. “Venerable Flameless, this situation doesn’t seem too good. Although Ye Chong was a little heavy with his attacks, he didn’t injure Nie Li very much!” Huang Yu vaguely guessed Venerable Flameless’s intentions; this man was trying to destroy the bridge after he’d crossed the river. Venerable Flameless’s methods were indeed ruthless!

“Ye Chong disobeyed orders and took his own initiatives. Luckily, Nie Li wasn’t hurt too badly. If that’d happened, his offence would be simply unforgivable!” Venerable Flameless coldly snorted in raged.

“Since we’ve already come this far, let this test come to an end!” Nanmen Tianhai said. Even if they had to sacrifice Ye Chong, they absolutely couldn’t sacrifice Nie Li!

“How is this acceptable?” Venerable Flameless overruled him on the spot. “Earlier on, the two Elders already said that you’d arrange two tests for Nie Li. How could you go back on your word?”

Gu Bei, Lu Piao, and the rest all heard their conversation and understood what was going on. So this Venerable Flameless was trying to harm Nie Li!

They had no idea how Nie Li had offended Venerable Flameless!

Li Xingyun stood out and said in a loud voice, “Venerable Flameless, according to the rules, newcomer disciples can pick their own opponents. There has never been a case like this, where their opponents were arranged for them! Even if it’s allowed, isn’t arranging an opponent like Ye Chong at the get-go a little too much?”

Venerable Flameless coldly snorted at Li Xingyun’s words. “Ignorant kid. I’m talking to Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai, the two Elders. How is there any room for you to interrupt?’

Venerable Flameless was being overbearing as Li Xingyun said indignantly, “Is Venerable Flameless going to suppress others with power?”

“As a member of the East District, you’re disrespecting your elders? How dare you say that I’m suppressing others with power?! I wonder what your teachers are teaching you?” Venerable Flameless’s cold and severe expression swept over the few teachers of the East District. Those teachers all shifted their eyes away.

Venerable Flameless was Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple. How could they dare to say anything?

Li Xingyun felt indignant within his heart. There was no way he could say anything more. He racked his brains for a way to save Nie Li.

By now, all the students of the East District understood what was going on. So everything had been arranged by Venerable Flameless. Every one of them was extremely intelligent; therefore, they could tell that Venerable Flameless was definitely trying to suppress Nie Li! It seemed that Nie Li have somehow offended Venerable Flameless!

Since Ye Chong had been dragged away, they could tell that Venerable Flameless wasn’t trying to teach Nie Li a lesson; he was trying to kill Nie Li and push all the blame onto Ye Chong! They all sighed in their hearts. Venerable Flameless was simply too ruthless.

Luckily, Nie Li possessed the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon. Otherwise, he would’ve died in grievance on the stage!

Some of the East District’s students weren’t too bothered about it, since it was none of their business, while some students felt indignant; after all, with Venerable Flameless’s identity, suppressing a newcomer genius was too inappropriate.

However, with Venerable Flameless’s identity and status, the others couldn’t say anything. Even if they did, it’d be useless.

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai were both a little enraged. Venerable Flameless was suppressing others with his power, but even as Elders, there was nothing they could do. Venerable Flameless had already claimed that he wasn’t the one who ordered Ye Chong to kill Nie Li; therefore, there was nothing they could do. However, they absolutely wouldn’t allow Nie Li to suffer another round. If they allowed that to happen, Venerable Flameless would definitely arrange an opponent that Nie Li would be unable to win against.

Nie Li looked at Venerable Flameless, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai, who were arguing with one another. Venerable Flameless’s intentions were very obvious. Nie Li felt rather touched that the two elders, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai, were speaking up on his behalf. He glanced at Venerable Flameless. Since he’d already displayed his Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, Venerable Flameless was probably even more desperate to get rid of him!

However, even if Hierarch Skycloud didn’t know of the situation right now, he’d still learn about it sooner or later. When that time came, it’d be even harder for Venerable Flameless to obtain Hierarch Skycloud’s trust!

Nie Li knew everything about Venerable Flameless from Venerable Redsoul. Venerable Flameless’s father had once saved Hierarch Skycloud’s life. Perhaps Hierarch Skycloud probably would not do anything to Venerable Flameless; however, what Venerable Flameless sought would probably move even further from his grasp.

As for the [Skycloud] cultivation technique, Nie Li wasn’t interested in it in the slightest. Although the [Skycloud] cultivation technique was indeed powerful, it was still inferior to his [Heavenly God] cultivation technique!

Although Nie Li knew that he’d have even more enemies in the future and that one of his trump cards, the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, was already revealed, his only options was to battle!

He couldn’t back down now!

He wanted to charge into the Central District and become one of the Sect Master’s successor candidates. Only then would he have more time. Therefore, he had to charge forward!

The next battle was probably unavoidable. Nie Li immediately consumed several elixirs, readjusted his cultivation, and recovered his injuries. After experiencing that huge battle, his cultivation seemed to have improved and was approaching 5-fate. The fifth fate soul was also slowly being formed.

If he could reach 5-fate, then he’d have an even better chance of winning!

Nie Li madly mobilised the Heavenly Energy within his body and as the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting continued revolving within his soul realm. An endless river of Heavenly Energy flowed out from it. It only took a brief moment to fill up Nie Li’s soul realm. He felt the wounds on his body recover and his strength had also increased.

However, trying to break through to 5-fate was still too difficult.

Venerable Flameless glanced at Nie Li, who was focusing on healing while seated, and snorted. He looked at Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai, and said, “ Nie Li is my Junior Brother. As his Senior Brother, it’s absolutely normal for me to try and understand his strength. I’ve already chosen an opponent for him. There’s no need for more words!”

“Venerable Flameless, aren’t you being a little too much?” Huang Yu said with his brows furrowed.

“Too much? This is part of our Skycloud Hall’s internal matters. Isn’t it beyond the control of the two elders?” Venerable Flameless coldly snorted.

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai couldn’t be certain if Nie Li’s test really was arranged by Hierarch Skycloud. However, they could guarantee that Hierarch Skycloud definitely wouldn’t lay a hand on Nie Li! They had to stop Venerable Flameless!

Nanmen Tianhai solemnly said, “Venerable Flameless, if you insist on doing so, why don’t we go speak with Hierarch Skycloud?”

Venerable Flameless coldly swept an eye over Haung Yu and Nanmen Tianhai. These two old farts really were pissing him off quite a bit. He contemptuously snorted, “These two elders don’t need to speak any further in my matters!” He glanced at a East District student and said, “Guo Huai, go up and test Nie Li’s strength. Remember to be lenient!”