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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 356

Chapter 356 - I Quit

Although Venerable Flameless had told him to be lenient, how could Guo Huai not understand Venerable Flameless’s real meaning behind those words?

“Yes!” Guo Huai respectfully replied. He looked at Nie Li, who was standing afar. A trace of ruthlessness flashed across his eyes.

Compared to Ye Chong, Guo Huai was clearly trusted more by Venerable Flameless. Guo Huai was directly under his command. Even if he asked Guo Huai to go kill himself, Guo Huai definitely wouldn’t furrow his brows!

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai were shocked when they heard Venerable Flameless’s words. Guo Huai had already reached 9-fate. Even if Nie Li had a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit, he was still only a 4-fate. How could he possibly defeat a 9-fate? Not to mention that Guo Huai had been meticulously nurtured by Venerable Flameless. Therefore, he was stronger than an ordinary 9-fate.

“Absolutely not!” Huang Yu immediately sounded out. He couldn’t figure out why Venerable Flameless was so desperate to deal with Nie Li, but he was doing it without any sense of restraint.

Huang Yu didn’t know that Venerable Flameless had already sensed Nie Li’s shocking potential. He was afraid that Hierarch Skycloud would soon place heavy regards on Nie Li and focus his attention to nurturing the boy. Since the fact that he’d already ordered Ye Chong to kill Nie Li was already exposed, he’d rather go all out. If he missed this chance, he wouldn’t have another opportunity!

That’s why Venerable Flameless was being so hard on this and was ignoring both Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai’s arguments against him.

Venerable Flameless released a powerful aura that pressured Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai. After all, Venerable Flameless was a Dao of Dragon Realm expert.

Both Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai were enraged at Venerable Flameless’s overbearing and unreasonable behaviour. However, they couldn’t stop him either; the difference in their strengths was too huge.

Nie Li overheard the dispute between Venerable Flameless, Huang Yu, and Nanmen Tianhai. He nimbly jumped off the stage, put on his Grade 6 Artifacts, and twisted his mouth in disdain. “I refuse this battle! I quit!”

At Nie Li’s words, all the students of the East District were stunned. A few of them couldn’t help laughing out loud.

In fact, everyone’s attention had been focused on Venerable Flameless, Huang Yu, and Nanmen Tianhai. They all understood that the two elders couldn’t win against the Venerable Flameless and they believed that Nie Li was doomed. However, they never expected Nie Li to say such shameless words.

That’s right! If he knew that this battle was just a deathmatch, then why couldn’t he reject it?

This match wasn’t fair to begin; even if Nie Li rejected it, what could they do to Nie Li? Both Elder Huang Yu and Elder Nanmen Tianhai definitely wouldn’t punish Nie Li.

“Venerable Flameless, since the student himself doesn’t want to participate in it, then we should just let this matter go!” Huang Yu said.

Venerable Flameless’s expression turned dull. This Nie Li was even harder to deal with than he’d expected. In the first battle, Venerable Flameless had wanted to use Ye Chong to deal with Nie Li; that wouldn’t have caused too big of a wave. However, he never expected Nie Li to have integrated with a God Level Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon!

In the entire Divine Feathers Sect, how many people had integrated with a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit? If Venerable Flameless had known of this earlier, he would’ve sent Guo Huai up for the first match!

But now that he wanted to send Guo Huai up for the second match, he never expected Nie Li to quit!

“But I’m also willing to go up and fight him!” Nie Li pointed at Guo Huai as he continued, “But I want to wear my artifacts! Why shouldn’t I be allowed to use my own artifacts? What kind of stupid rule is that?”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, students of the East District exchanged glances. They’d all heard through whispers and private discussions that Nie Li’s armour was a set of Grade 6 artifacts!

If he went on stage with his artifacts, there’d be no fight at all!

Even if Nie Li stood there and allowed Guo Huai to hit him, Gu Huai still wouldn’t be able to penetrate a set of Grade 6 artifact armour! Even a Heavenly Axis Realm expert might not be able to break through that armour, forget about a Heavenly Fate Realm!

“If I’m not allowed to wear my artifacts, then I quit. At most, I’ll just give up going to the East District and return to the West!” Nie Li shrugged. He was like a dead pig — stubborn and unafraid of the boiling water.

Lu Piao, Gu Bei, and the others all laughed when they heard Nie Li’s words. That’s right! Since Venerable Flameless was shamelessly trying to suppress Nie Li with his power, then why couldn’t Nie Li play shameless as well?

Venerable Flameless was extremely enraged; however, there was nothing he could do to Nie Li. What could he do? Forcefully drag Nie Li onto the stage?

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai exchanged glances and smiled. That Nie Li kid was quite quick-witted. If they could manage to send Venerable Flameless away today, then the two of them would definitely wouldn’t punish Nie Li for his refusal. After all, Venerable Flameless had gone a little too far.

From a distance away, Situ Beiyan laughed. “I like that kid’s personality. Long Tianming, that boy might not have any power, but I’m afraid that it won’t be easy for you to suppress him!”

Long Tianming glanced at Nie Li with a deep expression as he coldly laughed. “Not necessarily. That kid has a sharp, but petty mind! A true expert would never play such methods!”

“Expert?” Situ Beiyan lightly smiled, “How could you call Nie Li any sort of expert? He arrived at the Skysoul Institute only a year ago, and is only at the Heavenly Fate Realm, but he could still render you in such a state. Long Tianming, somehow, I feel that you won’t be able to win against him!”

Long Tianming coldly looked at Situ Beiyan, who was clearly rejoicing at his misfortune. But it was as he’d said — that Nie Li was full of surprises.

Venerable Flameless glanced back at Nie Li in contempt and said, “You’re showing such fear in a match between newcomers? How can a coward like you be fit to become Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple?”

“So what? Hierarch Skycloud wanted to accept me as a disciple. It’s none of Venerable Flameless’s business! Furthermore, I want Venerable Flameless to know that I’m only a 4-fate; yet, you arranged a 9-fate for me. Who’s the scoundrel now? You should be in the Dao of Dragon Realm right now, so why don’t I arrange a Martial Ancestor Realm opponent for you? If you can beat them, then you’re capable!” Nie Li sneered.

The students of the East District couldn’t help laughing at Nie Li’s words.

The laughter was peeling away at Venerable Flameless’s face. As Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple, he usually lived like a prince. Who among his own generation wouldn’t dare to give him any face? Who dared to speak such words to him? But today, Nie Li’s words had left him without much face.

“If you like playing around, then go play with yourself. I’m not staying!” Nie Li walked towards Gu Bei, Lu Piao, and the rest with light steps.

“How can the East District be a place where you can come and go as freely as you want?” Venerable Flameless’s eyes narrowed as a ferocious light flashed through his eyes. He pointed at Nie Li and spoke in a loud voice, “Recently, I’ve found out that Nie Li is a spy from the Demon God’s Sect. You might be able to hide it from Hierarch Skycloud, but don’t even dream about hiding it from me! I’ll definitely expose you sooner or later!”

Everyone was slightly stunned at Venerable Flameless’s words.

He was simply extremely vicious. At the same time, he’d thoroughly dragged Nie Li into the heart of the struggle.

“That’s why I’m aiming at Nie Li! I’ve realised his intentions, so I’m trying to get rid of the spy. My actions may have been a little overboard, but my loyalty towards the Divine Feathers Sect is known by the Heavens and the Earth!” Venerable Flameless proudly puffed his chest and said with self-righteousness.

When Gu Bei, Lu Piao, Li Xingyun, and the rest all heard Venerable Flameless’s words, rage was displayed on their faces. Venerable Flameless was obviously making stuff up! This was just venomous slandering!