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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 358

Chapter 358 - Probe

“Master Nie Li, please don’t be rash!” Long Yuyin’s brows were tightly knit as the concern on her face expressed itself in speech. This was the first time she’d ever displayed concern for someone.

Xiao Yu glanced at Long Yuyin. He couldn’t help snorting and turning his head away. Nie Li was still claiming that he wasn’t committing adultery with Long Yuyin? As if he’d buy that! However, he didn’t want Nie Li to risk his life either. Although he was worrying in his heart, he didn’t say anything.

Lu Piao and Gu Bei both spoke up after Long Yuyin. “Nie Li, you don’t need to fight with him at all! You’re only a 4-fate and he’s already 9-fate!”

“I have my own plans!” Nie Li lightly smiled in reply.

When everyone saw how calm Nie Li was acting, whether if it’s Lu Piao, Gu Bei, or Li Xingyun, they were all a little puzzled. Was Nie Li really that confident in this?

Venerable Flameless slightly narrowed his eyes. So Nie Li had actually agreed to this. Was he just being egotistic or did he really have the means to back it up? Nie Li’s one-eighty had happened too fast. Venerable Flameless vaguely sensed an abnormality.

Venerable Flameless looked up at the sky with a thoughtful expression. Then, his face turned sullen and he coldly snorted, “Guo Huai, go up and teach him a good lesson!”

“Yes!” Guo Huai’s voice was respectful as he jumped onto the stage.

Nie Li put away his artifacts and jumped onto the stage as well. This time, he was facing a strong opponent like Guo Huai. Nie Li inhaled a deep breath and began mobilising his fate soul. A blazing fighting spirit flashed through his eyes. He didn’t know what his chances of winning were, but he was definitely going to give his best out there.

Guo Huai coldly looked down on Nie Li. An overwhelming aura surged from him.

“I’ll admit that I unestimated you earlier. With your strength at 4-fate, you actually won against Ye Chong. However, you will definitely lose against me!” Guo Huai proudly stared down Nie Li as a surge of powerful aura emanated from him.

“How will we know if we don’t fight?” The corner of Nie Li’s mouth twitched as a chilly light revealed itself in his eyes.

Guo Huai’s brows slightly twitched. He never thought that Nie Li would be so arrogant before him!

“Such arrogant confidence. I hope you won’t lose too quickly!” Guo Huai coldy snorted.

The students of the East District couldn’t shift their eyes from the two people on the stage. Nie Li knew that Guo Huai Didn’t have any good intentions, but he still willingly challenged him. This aroused the interest within their hearts. Nie Li was only a 4-fate. Did he really have any chances of winning against a 9-fate?

Long Yuyin, Gu Bei, Xiao Yu, and the other spectators all anxiously watched the stage. They were worried for Nie Li’s safety. After all, he was just at 4-fate.

Nie Li constantly shifted the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting around in his soul realm and felt the Heavenly Energy nourish him. That vine began to rapidly grow as a surge of powerful aura burst forth from Nie Li’s body.

“Hmph!” Guo Huai sensed the boundless energy that was coming from Nie Li, and a trace of astonishment flashed through his eyes, followed by a cold snort. The Heavenly Energy around Guo Huai gradually formed into a heavy sword, one meter long.

*Ohmnnnn!* *Ohmnnnn!* *Ohmnnnn!*

The heavy sword trembled as countless wind blades formed around it and left deep marks on the ground.

Both of their auras rose rapidly as an invisible wind raged on the stage. The nearby students couldn’t help taking a step back as their faces turned pale.

Who would’ve thought that both their strengths had already reached such frightening heights?

“Let’s see how capable you are!” Guo Huai took a heavy step that left an afterimage, brandished his sword, and slashed towards Nie Li. His sonic winds filled the skies.

*Rumble!* *Rumble!* *Rumble!*

As everyone looked on, Guo Huai pounced towards Nie Li like a bloodthirsty beast.

The compacted gale raged like a waterfall. Whenever one of the sonic blades passed by, it left a long and deep crack on the solid rock of the battle stage.

Even without merging with their demon spirits, they were actually already so strong!

Nie Li sensed the frightening energy heading towards himself, so he immediately merged with his Shadow Devil and disappeared. His sickle-like front limbs turned into chilling rays of light as they slashed towards Guo Huai.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The speed of this battle wasn’t something that could be followed by the naked eye. In just a single moment, they’d already clashed dozens of times.

Energies constantly exploded onstage.

Although Nie Li could make use of Shadow Devil’s frightening speed to match Guo Huai, he still felt a powerful pressure. Within the Heavenly Fate Realm, the difference between each fate soul was extremely large. Not to mention that there was a five fate souls’ worth of difference between them.

Overcoming such a handicap certainly wasn’t easy.

“Die!” The meter long sword in Guo Huai’s hands was aimed at Nie Li’s neck with rapid speed, as he tried to kill Nie Li in one strike.


Nie Li’s body had already disappeared, which made Guo Huai miss. After the attack landed on empty air, Nie Li’s silhouette reappeared.

The moment Nie Li reappeared, Guo Huai revealed a strange smile and kicked towards Nie Li’s chest. As they exchanged blows, Guo Huai had gradually discovered the Shadow Devil’s weakness: it was the instant he reappeared!

Nie Li saw that Guo Huai’s leg was almost upon him, so he furiously roared as his body expanded with rapid speed.

In that hair’s breadth of a moment, Nie Li had chosen to merge with the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon.

With a *boom*, Guo Huai’s leg landed on the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon and was rebounded. The corner of his mouth curled into a light smile. Indeed, Nie Li had chosen to merge with the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon under the pressure! Everything had gone as Guo Huai had expected!

Nie Li’s body rapidly expanded to seven or eight meters in height. His scales were dark scarlet in colour and his massive wings blocked out the sunlight. Nie Li used his claws and attacked Guo Huai.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Nie Li’s front limbs kept smashing into empty ground as Guo Huai kept dodging as he tried to determine Nie Li’s strength. He was inwardly shocked. The God Level Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon was indeed powerful. The corner of Guo Huai’s mouth curled into a cold smile as he continued probing out Nie Li’s strength. Based on what he’d learned so far, Nie Li absolutely wouldn’t be able to win against him!

Nie Li snarled like an enraged tyrannosaurus as he turned the stage into a honeycomb. Although it looked like he was wildly attacking Guo Huai, in reality, his heart was extremely calm. With his vast battle experience, how could he not see what Guo Huai was doing?

If Guo Huai was trying to probe his strength, then Nie Li would put on an act for him!

Nie Li mobilised the power of his Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon and sensed the Dragon Bloodline within.

He could’ve forced the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon to mutate, but didn’t want to, because he still hadn’t to fully grasped its strength. Nie Li felt that this demon spirit held endless potential that had yet to be fully unleashed.

As Nie Li controlled the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, he felt his soul realm surge rapidly. He was only a step away from 5-fate.

If he could form his fifth fate soul, then his strength would receive a huge increase!

Guo Huai blasted Heavenly Energy at Nie Li’s body as he kept sensing the strength of the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon. He believed that he’d already grasped Nie Li’s strength, so he revealed a cold and proud smile on his face. “You have no chances of winning against me! Now, you can die in peace!”