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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 362

Chapter 362 - Die While Fully Knowing

Nie Li extended his perceptions, with his senses on full alert.

He still couldn’t sense the other party’s presence!

Traces of sweat beaded on Nie Li’s forehead. He was already a 5-fate and his perceptive abilities had reached a frightening degree. He could sense the slightest movement of anything within fifty meters of himself, even if his opponent was a Heavenly Axis Realm expert. However, the other party could still manage to conceal themselves from his perception!

That meant that his opponent must be of the Dao of Dragon Realm!

He couldn’t sense the other party’s presence. However, thanks to the rich battle experience from his previous life, he felt a strong sense of danger.

The Divine Feathers Sect strictly forbade things such as assassinating students within the Skysoul Institute’s grounds. It didn’t matter how special Venerable Flameless was. If he committed a crime like this, the matter would definitely be investigated. If found guilty, even he’d have to pay for it with his life.

The Divine Feathers Sect’s laws were absolute. No one could break them!

Nie Li couldn’t figure out why Venerable Flameless would try to pull something like this. That is, if he really was the one behind this.

After all, no matter how well Venerable Flameless could try to conceal the deed, it’d still be exposed by the big five. Wasn’t he a disregarding the consequences a little too much?

Nie Li slowed down his breathing and coldly swept his eyes over his surroundings. As long as the other party struck first, he would definitely return with a counterattack!

If the other party was too powerful, then he would have to execute one of the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique’s secret skills to engage in a death battle! All he hoped was the movements and aura ripples of the fight could attract the attention of some higher-ups within the Divine Feathers Sect.

Nie Li paid close attention to his surroundings as he prepared himself to engage at the drop of a hat. Suddenly, a invisible energy locked onto Nie Li.

“Shit!” Nie Li’s heart trembled as he waved the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword in his hand and slashed in front of himself.

Bolts of lightning shot towards that energy.

However, the lightning pillars were destroyed as quickly as they were released.

How was that possible? Nie Li’s pupils shrank. The other party possessed such powerful strength!

The invisible energy continue honing in on him.

Nie Li furiously roared and prepared to merge with the Shadow Devil. However, just as Nie Li mobilised the energy within his soul realm, a peculiar energy hit his soul realm, causing it to shake. Instantly, the merging with his demon spirit halted halfway.

Immediately following that move, the unseen intent tangled itself around Nie Li’s right leg and lifted him into the air.

His opponent’s attack was simply too fast. Nie Li was extremely shocked. He stiffened his body and tried to use the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword to slash that invisible energy.

The moment Nie Li moved, two other invisible energies wrapped themselves around both of Nie Li’s hands. A surge of energy pounded on his wrists, sending a sharp pain. The Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword fell from his hand.

His limbs were tightly bound by that invisible energy.

Nie Li didn’t have the slightest power to resist his enemy, nor did he know where in the room his opponent was currently hiding themselves. His opponent’s strength must have reached the Dao of Dragon Realm, at the very least! Nie Li slightly frowned his brows. He must’ve been overthinking it. There’s no way that Venerable Flameless could’ve sent such a person.

Venerable Flameless probably couldn’t even mobilise such a powerful expert.

Nie Li knew that his opponent possessed powerful strength, but he wasn’t going to let himself and be caught without putting up a fight. If he had anything with him that could deal with this strange energy, it’d be that mysterious vine!

Nie Li immediately mobilised the vine within his soul realm and felt a majestic energy surging into his limbs.

The vine within his soul realm rapidly grew and absorbed the energy that bound Nie Li. The absorbed energy was quickly devoured by the vine.

The energy that bound Nie Li instantly collapsed. He landed and pounced towards the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, trying to get it in his hands again.

Nie Li’s opponent seemed to be a little surprised that he could actually break free. A small sound of surprise came from somewhere above.

Nie Li’s opponent realised that he was about to grab the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, the sword was knocked away with some kind of energy. The blade was sent skittering, stuck itself into the ground, some distance away, and vibrated back and forth from the shock. Nie Li sensed countless invisible threads tighten around him and lift him into the air once again.

He immediately mobilised the vine within his soul realm a second time, but his soul realm suddenly emitted a bright golden light as a mysterious inscription patterns array thoroughly sealed the vine within Nie Li’s soul realm.

Even the vine had been rendered totally useless!

Nie Li was bound by that invisible energy, lifted into the air, and had his limbs pulled in all four directions, until he was spread-eagled.

Nie Li smiled bitterly. His opponent’s strength wasn’t something he could match. He didn’t even have the chance to merge with his demon spirit! Even a straight-on fight would be useless. Even if she managed to execute some of the [Heavenly God]’s secret techniques, he probably still wouldn’t be able to fight against his opponent.

Nie Li started guessing at his opponent’s identity. Was there really a need to send such a powerful expert to deal with the likes of himself?

Suddenly, a figure materialised and landed on the ground.

The figure wore a black tight-fitting ninja outfit. Even their face was concealed under the cloak. This person’s aura felt as though it’d been concealed in a void — entirely undetectable. It felt like the Shadow Devil’s void-form!

That person slowly walked towards Nie Li. Although she wore a ninja outfit, Nie Li could still see her fiery figure through her clothes. She had a perky, plump butt with beautifully long and slender legs. The fullness of her chest displayed extreme temptation.

In every steps she took, her beautiful figure gave off an astonishing charm. A strongly fragrant scent wafted over.

Her fiery figure alone was enough to mesmerise countless men, until they were head over heels for her.

Although Nie Li couldn’t see her face, her knew that she was definitely devastatingly beautiful.

She slowly moved towards Nie Li, step by step, as she penetrated his heart with faint traces of killing intent. Nie Li felt the blood in his body solidify. She gradually walked in front of him. He was displayed right in front of her with his limbs stretched in all four directions, like a naked lamb on the cooking rack.

With a twitch of her right hand, a sharp dagger appeared that shined with chilling light.

“Someone asked me to take your life. However... killing you just like that would be such a waste of a good leather purse. So, I’ve decided to play with you a bit. if you serve me well, then who knows? I might even grant you an easy death!” Her voice was sharp and carried traces of seductiveness. She positioned the dagger between his thighs and cut apart his pants, revealing the skin beneath. The blade left shallow bloodstains.

Nie Li felt a shiver emanate from his crotch, as the dagger was only an inch away from his important parts. Nie Li felt his scalp tingle.

“Please wait for a moment, Senior. I wonder, who is the one who sent Senior over here? Who have I offended? Even if I must die, at least let me die while fully knowing!” Nie Li shifted his train of thought as he pondered over his opponent’s intentions.