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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 365

Chapter 365 - Wait!

It’s useless even with Xiao Yu in the room. Long Shuyun was a 9-stage Dao of Dragon Realm expert, whereas Xiao Yu was just a Heavenly Fate Realm. It was impossible for Xiao Yu to save him!

“Thank you, Big Sister. Big Sister has worked hard!” Although he was depressed in his heart, Nie Li still managed to pay lip service.

Xiao Yu’s face turned black as he scolded Nie Li. “Nie Li, you’re filthy! Earlier, it was Long Yuyin and now, it’s another woman! You’re simply shameless!” He slammed the door shut with a loud bang.

Long Shuyun watched Xiao Yu make his exit, patted Nie Li between the thighs, and chuckled, “Not bad! You’re still rather tactful.”

Nie Li bitterly smiled as he couldn’t figure this woman out. Was Long Shuyun really Long Yuyin’s mother? Why were the personalities of mother and daughter so different? Although Long Yuyin did have a fiery temper, she still managed to restrain it. In the eyes of others, Long Yuyin was a cold iceberg. However her mother was bold and unrestrained.

Xiao Yu probably thought that he was having an illicit relationship with Long Shuyun!

“However, that boy said something about ‘earlier, it was Long Yuyin.’ What was he talking about?” Long Shuyun looked at Nie Li with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

Nie Li was inwardly depressed. He didn’t expect Xiao Yu to save him anyways, but why did he have to throw stones at someone who’d already fallen down a well [1. Chinese idiom, something along the lines of “kicking a guy when he’s already down”.]? Nie Li really had been too reckless with picking his friends!

“Brat! You think you can just eat the cookie, wipe your mouth, and intend to deny what you did? My daughter might be a little weak, but if you think we’re that easy to push around... Hmph, hmph!” Long Shuyun snorted.

What was she talking about? Long Shuyun seemed convinced that there was something going on between Nie Li and Long Yuyin. However, Nie Li was innocent! At most, they only had a master-disciple relationship. Everything they did was according to the rules. The one who Nie Li loved most was still Ye Ziyun. However, now that he knew that Xiao Ning’er was also bound to him by his previous life, there’d, more or less, been space for her growing inside his heart as well. But as for Long Yuyin, they only had a master-disciple relationship between them. Furthermore, just how long had Nie Li known Long Yuyin anyways? How could any affection manage to engrave itself upon his heart in such a short time?

As for what Long Shuyun had said, “don’t think that they’re easy to bully”. What was that based on? Who dared to bully Long Shuyun anyways? That, by itself, meant that they were looking to die.

“Auntie, I think it’s better if you ask for Long Yuyin’s opinion on this matter, don’t you think?” Nie Li bitterly he looked at Long Shuyun and said, “I don’t want to insult her innocence!”

“So, you want to see my daughter. Well, I’ve just happened to bring her with me!” Long Shuyun looked at Nie Li with that “smile” again. She waved her right hand and a figure appeared. Long Yuyin quietly stood a few meters away from him.

Long Yuyin was looking at Nie Li with a complicated expression.

Nie Li was stunned. So Long Shuyun had brought Long Yuyin along. It’s just that she’d used some method to conceal Long Yuyin’s presence so that he couldn’t see her.

He had to admit that mother and daughter looked quite similar. Long Yuyin possessed ninety percent of Long Shuyun’s attractiveness, at least. However, Long Shuyun was a little more charming, whereas Long Yuyin appeared more indifferent of her beauty. Furthermore, Long Yuyin’s figure wasn’t as fiery as Long Shuyun’s. However, Long Yuyin wasn’t fully grown, yet; therefore, she wasn’t necessarily inferior to Long Shuyun’s looks. At least, that’s what happened in his previous life.

That also meant that, since the beginning, Long Yuyin had heard the conversation between Nie Li and Long Shuyun!

What was that all about? Long Shuyun was dealing with Nie Li. But as his disciple, Long Yuyin didn’t help her Master out?

“Mother, please don’t force him anymore. There was nothing between us! Last time, he only used acupuncture needles to open up my meridians!” a dull look crossed Long Yuyin’s eyes. She hadn’t shown herself because she wanted to see Nie Li’s reply. However, Nie Li’s intentions were obvious in the way he evaded her mother’s questions. Long Yuyin didn’t know why, but she felt terrible in her heart.

In the past, even if men approached her with ulterior motives, she didn’t place them with much regard, nor would their actions have the slightest effect on her mood. Hu Yong included. However, when she heard Nie Li come up with all sorts of excuses to decline her mother’s offer, she felt a pain in her heart.

Could it be that Nie Li thought she was a terrible woman? Even if her mother forced him, Nie Li was still unwilling to marry her?

However, if she thought about it rationally, it all made sense. She’d only known Nie Li for a few months, and the impression that she’d given him at the beginning was an overbearing and rude person. However, Nie Li had always been the one giving to her, and she didn’t have anything that she could give back to him. Nie Li had taken her in as a disciple and released the power that was in her bloodline. He’d already shown her extreme benevolence. How could she possibly be deserving of his affection?

“Master Nie Li, my mother was joking with you. Please don’t be too bothered by it!” Long Yuyin apologised.

Nie Li felt relieved. It’s good that it was a joke. He had been miserably joked by Nie Li.

Long Shuyun nearly lost it when she saw Nie Li’s expression, as if he was being released from a burden. She understood her daughter very well. Nie Li obviously had a place Long Yuyin’s heart; she was just cowering.

“Yin’er, are we going to let this brat go, just like that? Absolutely not! Since we’re already here, how can we return empty-handed? That’s not my style, the style of Long Shuyun!” She coldly snorted as she continued, “Yin’er, since you’re fond of this kid, then go ahead and get pregnant with his child. If he doesn’t admit that the child is his, then I’ll slaughter him. Back then, I also used this method with your father! In the past, your father also flirted around, but I was the one who subdued and collared him. Too bad that man was rather unlucky and wound up dead at the hands of the Demon God’s Sect. Well, anyways, it just so happens that I’m here. I’ll teach you everything, hands-on!”

Nie Li stared at Long Shuyun, speechlessly. Of all the people living under the heavens, who teaches their own daughter like that? How was her brain wired?

Hearing Long Shuyun’s words, Long Yuyin bashfully stomped her feet and anxiously said, “Mother, what are you saying?!”

Long Shuyun firmly said, “Yin’er, all men are hateful wretches. Listen to your mother’s advice!”

“Enough!” Long Yuyin yelled with anger and total embarrassment.

Long Yuyin’s furious voice made Long Shuyun silent. Her daughter had never spoken to her like that before.

“What happens between me and him is our business. You don’t have to get involved!” Long Yuyin scowled. She really was a litthe angry. Long Shuyun had never cared about how her heart felt!

Long Shuyun looked at her daughter and lightly sighed. “Fine. If that’s the case, then forget about it!” Somehow, Long Shuyun felt like she’d let her daughter down. Since Long Yuyin was about to get violent on the subject, the only thing she could do was let it go.

Long Shuyun glanced at Nie Li and coldly snorted, “I’ll let you go, for now. If I hear that you’ve bullied Long Yuyin again, then don’t blame me for being impolite to you!” With a twitch of her right hand, she released him.

Finally freed from his bonds, Ni Li landed on the ground and sucked in heavy breaths. He couldn’t understand Long Shuyun at all. Well, at least, he wasn’t being threatened anymore by her dagger. He finally felt some relief.

“I’m leaving!” Long Shuyun turned and started walking out. Her expression was a little desolate.

“Wait!” Nie Li called out.

“What do you want?” Long Shuyun turned her head as she looked at Nie Li. Hadn’t he been through enough of her “lesson”?